Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring is Coming. Isn't It?

Good morning everyone and it is so nice to have you stop by for coffee. I hope you will have a cup and come sit and visit. Last week it was like Grand Central Station here on Friday, but today promises to be very quiet. I love company. I really do, so it was just a perfect day for me to have so many people come Through My Back Door. It is rainy here today and cool. Going to be a good day for thinking about spring. I know it will be here, it always comes and that makes so many people happy for so many different reasons. Here, I have put out all the spring I am going to. With the house on the market, everything has to be done to a minimum. Anyway I will share a few pictures of my spring. I need some ideas for the table as I haven't done anything with it yet.
If you came through my front door, this is what you would see.
I put spring in my door box. Have I told you how much I love this thin door box? It is perfect for my door. (You can get them at the Speckled Hen, in Clinton, Tn.)
Added this to the mantle. That is a Deb Peterson pin keep.I love pin keeps.
I really like my red ware eggs in my cupboard with my redware. Again the Hen.
Again the Hen. I am really into the blackened wax bunnies and eggs.

Hope you felt a little "springy" after visiting today. I am anxious to visit you and see what you are putting on your table.
I want to share with you all my dream house. If it happens to be someone you know I'd like to know it. It was sent to me by Sandi and I have no idea where she found it. BUT, if my house doesn't sell, the porch is coming off and this is the look I want. It could be done very easily.(Well my boys may not think so easily)lol
Don't you love this look? Again if you know who this belongs to I would love to know.
I am so happy you chose to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Please continue to remember Tamra is your prayers as she starts her chemo. Also my friends Grace and Hubert who are also fighting cancer. I love the fact we have prayers in blogland.
PSS:Some of our own bloggers are having a hard time right now, so please remember them also.
PSSS: Don't you love my header and background?I am not bragging because I can take no credit.My blog fairy struck again. I must say, it makes me happy just to look at it.


  1. Mom, your door box looks wonderful. As for the house thing...don't worry I got your back and have started preparing Mike.

  2. Your door box look wonderful! all of your spring touches do to. I love your dream house. It is exactly the style that I would like to have one day too! I hope you have a great weekend!


  3. I love the front door on your dream home! I also love the color and shape...I love it all! ;)
    Thanks for the Spring inspiration. I now need some redware eggs and chicks to add to my decor.
    I am completely drooling over your pewter egg cup! You have such gorgeous collections!

  4. I have always wanted to paint my house red! You can never have too much red, right? I would love to see the inside of that house!

  5. Love your dream house, too!! The red color is perfect for that style, and the front door is so welcoming! I know your talented family can make your house look just like it!! (Although I hope it sells, too!)
    Your touches of spring are just great... love the vignette with the bunny inside the box, and the bucket of eggs! And the pewter egg cup is just wonderful!!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Beautiful dream house.
    Love the red.
    Also love all your Spring touches.
    Praying too.
    Woolie Hugs from freezing Pa.

  7. Your door box look wonderful...
    I love your house and all the spring touches so much..
    hope you have a great weekend..big hugs x

  8. Love all the spring things... and that cute little red house! I'll include your loved ones in my daily prayers now.

  9. Oh Betty, I do love coming through your back door! Love your new header!!! Love the picture of the home... Now I need to see a picture of the front of your home again... with the porch... will go back and look, cuz, oh so love a front porch too....
    So for the door box, is it thin enough to fit between the door and screen? They are always to big for me... :(.... OLM

  10. Hi Betty! I love busyness, but sometimes it is nice to have quiet reflective time too. I love all your spring goodies...especially your redware eggs. Our Spring will start in a couple weeks with the first show of the season-then it will be a blur until fall. Beautiful simplicity in that pretty red the door. Prayers will continue--so many prayers needed for so many right now. ---Jan

  11. Betty, your door box and all of your spring vignettes look awesome. I love your dream house too - it is one of my favorite styles.

  12. Love your touches of spring Betty. The door box is wonderful, love it! I like the blackened eggs and bunnies too, also like your pin keep... I just love it all! =]

    Very nice house indeed. If you stay, I hope you are able to copy it.

    I noticed your new background and header on my last visit here, it's really neat. Your blog fairy did a great job, hehe. Yes, prayers in blogland are a wonderful thing, will be joining you in prayer~

  13. Hi Betty, I just love, love your new header and background. Just perfect. Your blog fairy does a bang up job!!! Your spring in your house is just wonderful. You have inspired me to get some of my things out tomorrow. (I am so sick of this snow here in the Finger Lakes of western NY)I live in a house something like the picture your showed. Ours is a cape with no dormers upstairs. We love it and I have the best time making the front look good. We always wanted a door like that but it is not feasable ...we put a storm door on to get the air in the house in the blows through there and is delightful. What a nice dream , though. You would enjoy making your place look like that.


  14. Betty, see if you can find two of those houses sitting next door to each other. I will sell out and move to Tennessee. Marshel
    PS Look at On the right under States put in Tennessee and you'll see some of the old houses for sale there.

  15. Hello Betty,

    Love your door box!! It is always nice to stop by for a visit.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  16. Oh my! That could be my dream house too! Everything through your back door looks wonderful. Enjoy, Dawn

  17. Your home is always so fun to see decorated for each season. I still have my Valentine's decorations out. I love them and hate to put them away. I guess I'd better follow your example and get my spring things out.

    I will add Tamra, Grace and Hubert to my prayers. I really do believe in the power of prayers. Stop by my blog if you have a minute. My grandson is in need of prayers too.
    Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

  18. I know who your blog fairy is and she does a wonderful job. All of this spring popping up in people's houses is making me have spring fever. Your's is lovely. I can't wait to get mine out, but there is till snow on the ground and it's not even warm yet. Maybe another week will do it. Until then I will just enjoy spring from my computer:) The house is lovely. I hope you find out who owns it. -Steph-

  19. I missed getting to visit with you on Friday. We have been going to Winchester to the new "old" house on My hubby's two days off...moving stuff...I am so excited! I love the red house...yes, it looks just like you! I hope you can get your home just the way you want it or it sells and you can get just what you want...You deserve it! Love your Easter/Spring decor. Praying for Tamra. Lord, help her through this. Pray for my home in London to sell...only asking 98.0000. We just want to sell it and get on to our new home...Blessings to you Betty!

  20. Oh, I wanted to tell you how much I love the look of your blog...the header, everything...this is my fave.. it is a blessings to have a wonderful blog fairy. Blessings!

  21. Good morning Betty...I'm late visiting here but so is

    Love your sweet touches of Spring/Easter...isn't happening here right now - snow is knee deep and I hear the snowblower just a cranking out there this morning.

    First I want to send out prayers to Tamra and your friends Grace and Hubert...blessings t them during this journey.

    Love the house's similar in style to mine actually - except for the color.
    Mixed feelings about the house??? If it sells good and if you get to stay good too as there are so many wonderful memories there.



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