Friday, February 1, 2013

You Gotta Have Love

Good Friday morning and hurry in out of the cold. It is so cold here, the wind chill is in the teens. Get your coffee, I am so into drinking from the redware, but you can have cup of choice. Guess what? We have orange cranberry muffins too, and I saved you some.  I am joining in with Cindi over at Cindi's Country Corner,  to do the 14 days of love.
I never joined in these posts until I did the 25 days of Merriment and found to my surprise I enjoyed it. I can't begin with love before mentioning I am glad that Jesus loves me. Without Him I am nothing. He provides my needs and walks beside me on this journey called life that I couldn't make without Him. Now for the love you can see.
I love my family. They are always here for me. I will start today with Debs family.  Deb and I are very close.(you already know that) We just enjoy each other. We talk on the phone several times a day. Let me clarify this. She is NOT a Mama girl. She makes her decisions,maybe asking my opinion, but she is very independent. It is a friendship and we have the same relationship with her girls.We have so much fun when we are together. When the girls  and Curt were younger and in high school they always wanted me to be a part of what they were doing. I have sat for hours watching performances, cheering, baseball, whatever they were doing. Know what? They still want me there and I am thrilled.
Now Beth lives in Illinois, but will be moving back soon as Ryan is finishing his residency, as you know Beth is finished. Curt and Lindsey are in Nashville. We are thankful Amanda and Clay are here. Andrew and Mollie light up my life. They fill my heart with a whole lotta love.
I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.(and where there is a whole lotta love)
PS: Tomorrow I will share one of my sons



  1. What a cute theme. I haven't been on here much and didn't see this chain. Wish I had time for a post, but I'm out the door soon.
    I hope to keep a close relationship with my daughter after she moves out. It's hard to watch them grow up, but so rewarding to see the wonderful people they turn into.

  2. I love this! Maybe I'll jump on tonight and get in on the action. What a beautiful family you have and I can see why your heart is so full. Have a great day and thanks for the coffee! Dawn

  3. aww i love this too..very sweet theme..
    very sweet family you have..
    love for you x

  4. Good morning Betty. Pretty cold here this morning too. Love it. I will pass on the coffee as I was up really early and already had mine for the day. But that muffin sounds wonderful. Such a sweet post. If we have the love in our heart for our Saviour and family, all else falls into place. I have never joined in on a chain, but this one is tugging at my heart. Might just jump in later today. Have a great day and stay warm.

  5. Hello Betty and thanks for the warm welcome but above all else for sharing your love for the Savior.
    There's no doubt that we are blessed with so much love in our families! It is as God intended!
    God bless you and your loved ones!

  6. Oh yum muffins.
    What a beautiful family.
    Loved this post filled with a whole lotta love.
    Woolie hugs and love

  7. Wonderful heartwarming post Betty,this will be so much fun...I am doing it also...Whole lotta love to o around, Francine.

  8. A beautiful family ! Those muffins sound wonderful!

  9. Hi Betty! I know how much you love your family because your posts fairly glow with pride and love. Being close to your children comes from taking time with them when they are tells them they are important to you. When they are grown, if you have that doesn't matter how far away they live..they'll always know.---Jan

  10. Hi Betty, What a cute family. There is no greater love than the Love of God, and then our families next. I am so glad you joined in again. They are quite fun.

  11. Betty, I love this post. We both know that our love for our Lord fuels our love for our family and others in our lives. You have a precious family. What a blessing.


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