Sunday, October 25, 2015

Crowe-Onial Decor and Other Stuff

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door on this gorgeous morning. It is good to have you and we have fresh ground coffee (Kona) and some Halloween Cookies. It is a bit chilly to sit outside as I have been sick. Beginning to feel almost human again this morning. I checked on my blogger dashboard and saw where a lot of people were checking in and decided I better do a quick up date. This is my back door now.
Quite a change from the old. We still have painting to do and that will be done one day. As you know we go back to the beach in the fall. This year we went later because all of Debs kids went along. I had a lot of greats to entertain I have not felt well since we came home, as I came back with bronchitis. Today I actually feel a little better, so decided to catch up.
Of course we always enjoy going to Seagrove and eating at our favorite places. This year was different as all of Debs kids joined us. Having 3 little girls and one handsome guy just made it more fun
Clay, Andrew Ryan, and Michael. We were at Whiskey Bravo and they put us in a room by ourselves. It was perfect
Four generations of women. Beth is holding Caroline, me with Mollie, Amanda, and Deb with Amelia. We had so many good laughs and just enjoyed one another
Love this place. I always think Dear God, your sea is so vast and my boat is so small. I am always so happy and contented here. A place where you don't have to do anything but be.
I did an antique show with Deb and Dodd this past weekend. What fun just being with my kids and chatting up a storm. I bought a trunk from Dodd, but I don't have a picture of it yet. It was one of the ones used on a stage coach, as it is a small dome top. I have no idea where I will use. I did sell my bucket bench, but this trunk can't go where it was. I t wouldn't work. I will have a picture next post. I had such a good time visiting with the customers too. However it brought back a lot of memories.
I will share a bit of my fall with you. Didn't do a lot, but am enjoying what I did.
I only have one whisk broom and it is one Curtis used doing his furniture. I Have replaced the room deodorizer with a These spoons were my great, great grandmothers as you know.
I had to keep this mirror out somewhere so I took the painting Deb had done many years ago and replaced it with the mirror. This is a walnut one and is pegged together.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I have a beautiful new great granddaughter. Her name is Harper Kristine, after her paternal grandmother. She is Douglas and Anastasia's. Gabe is now a big brother
PSS: I have 2 more trips before Christmas and then I will be home for the winter. I saw we are to have more than usual snow. I may try to do like a bear and hibernate
PSSS:Let's pray hard for our country. There is just so much sadness and turmoil

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Nip In The Air and Some Other Tid Bits

Hello to all of you and welcome Through My Back Door.It has been a while since I have posted and I have missed you. Sometimes I think no one is coming through and then I look on my dash board and I see you have slipped in and left very quietly. I love having you visit and I always hope you leave feeling good for having visited. My blog fairy slipped in and out too as you see. She does such a wonderful job and I never know when she is coming. That is the way of a fairy isn't it?  I am so blessed to have her at all. She never, ever wants any attention drawn to her. Anyway I thank her.
Do help yourself to a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and some cookies. Not home made but good.
There has been a lot going on Through My Back Door.  This is the way my mantle has looked. It is now changed.
A while back I was going through some more of Curtis' things and found a pattern he had made of a whale shelf. He had drawn it out and cut a pattern. I wouldn't or couldn't stand to throw it away so I gave it to Michael, as he is the furniture builder in our family. As you know he has built several things for me, as well as the girls. Of course Deb. Well when I gave it to him I said maybe you can use this one day. He and Curtis were very close. We love Micheal as a son, not a son in law. He took it and I could tell it made him sad to see it. A few months before Doug had taken him some beautiful Tn black walnut boards. Fast forward to this past week when I get a call to come pick out a shelf. He had made 4 of these whales tail shelves from Curtis' pattern and the walnut from Doug. One for me, Deb and the boys. I actually cried. I was so touched. You all know Curtis was in the nursing home and suffered from dementia for 6 years before he died. We actually lost him twice. But now God has given us the good memories and the bad, sad ones have faded.
Here it is all decorated. He came after work last night and hung it. Deb and I decorated it and I just love it. I look at it and think how proud Curtis would be that Micheal had completed a project he wasn't able to.
A couple of weekends ago I was invited by my cousin Gina and her daughter Leah to go to Cincinnati with them to see Rascal Flatts. My cousin Dale and his wife Debbie were going to be there too. Gina is a month older than Deb and her daughter Leah is Olivia's age. Dale is closer to my age, just  not quite as We had the best time. I don't think I have laughed as much in I don't know when. The concert was wonderful and Scotty McCreedy, whom I think is the best new male country singer to come along in ages opened for them. We were actually eating at Steak and Shake at 2:00 am. What fun! I just am so grateful that they invited me. They also took me to IKEA and I was hooked. I had no idea it would be so interesting.
This past weekend I went to Pigeon forge with Regina Matney, Linda Attanasio, and Linda Young. We have been doing this for 8 years. We love the shopping and the eating. Also a lot of laughs and relaxing. They are all still working and just love the quiet weekend. This time we went to Wonderworks and I encourage anyone with children to go. Even I liked it.
My fall decorating is done. I didn't do much outside except mums on the porch and deck, along with pumpkins. I may add pumpkins when I come back from the beach. That will be a while so may not add anything else.
I love this Smokey bottle stopper that Michael made.
You have to be tired of fall pictures so I will leave you and thank you for coming Through My Back door where life is good.
PS: It will soon be 2 years since I lost my Daso. I still mis that dog
PSS: Will you join me in continuing to pray for our people in uniform.
PSSS: I will show what it would look like if you actually came up the deck to come into my Back Door today
Wet and Rainy