Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. It has been so spring like for a few days, but a different kind of weather is moving in. It is so good to have you visit and have coffee with me. We are drinking Cracker Barrel today. They had theirs on sale for half price and it is a full pound, so we will be having it for a while.lol BTW have a piece of apple pie too.  I like the changing  of the seasons. Winter can be such a wonderful time for renewal. Everyone needs to be renewed now and again. Lets sit and talk about kindness being renewed.
I, as well as most of you, belong to a few FB decorating groups. They are women like me, (some men belong) who love their homes, like to decorate, and love antiques. For the most part these are fun groups as well as inspirational. I have made some friends, always a plus, gotten some really good ideas, and basically enjoyed seeing other homes. Lately I am seeing a lot of unkind words. It hurts me to see this. I think we should declare a day of kindness! Show something kind someone has done for you. Because of you all I would take up a whole page. Anyway I refuse to be a part of anything unkind. Life is short and everyone has the right to be treated kindly. Do you agree? I said my word this year was to be kind. I hope I am. Now that I have vented,lol, lets move on.
Notice anything? You got it 3!!!!
Can you believe this? I am going to try to go for 5's one day.
Well Miss Crowe has gone to Washington. They took her last weekend and her internship started yesterday. I want to call Sen Corker and say, "Do you know what you have in your office? Do you know how lucky you are to have her?" Well she would get me for sure, and of  course I would never do that.lol (Or would I)lol  She is such an awesome girl. We have a running joke, when we are talking and I tell her she is awesome. I will say you are awesome and I know it is true, "Because the stranger said so". She was rinsing the sand off my feet last summer at the beach, (yes she was) and a lady said to me "Your granddaughter is awesome". So anyway, I  will keep you updated on her activities. (You were afraid of that, huh?")
She and her Aunt Debbie goofing off Christmas.(Deb will get me, but I think this is cute) They were doing the "leg" thing.lol God has blessed me to allow me to see the grandchildren I adored when they were little, become adult Grandchildren, I not only love but like. One day I am going to do a post and tell you about each of them.
This is what I awoke to this morning. I told you the weather was going to change.lol We say in East Tn if you don't like the weather stick it out and it will change in a little while.
I got new dishes for Christmas. I had been looking for red and white transfer ware for a while. Deb and Michael gave me a set for Christmas. Clarice Cliff Tonquin
Anyway I will be adding pieces when I find them. Gives me something to look for when we are antiquing. I love them and you know food just tastes better in them! My oldest son gave me cash and of course, I loved that. lol I have told them all not to buy/give me anything but they don't listen.
I have to admit I don't decorate after Christmas. I enjoy seeing others winter decor, but I love the "barnesss" of nothing out after Christmas. I do however bring out these red tulips.
I like the little white ones too. I know so many of you have snowmen out. I have only the 2 Michael carved.
The other day I came home and had a message on my answering machine. It was from Joy Schulman who has the blog The Olde Farmhouse. 
If you follow her blog you know she is quite an interesting person. Well I misplaced her number and finally called her back. She was having dinner with her granddaughter so she called me when she got home. We visited forever! What fun and we all have so much in common in blogland. Last year Joy moved from California, where she had lived 33 years back to Mn to be near her family. Please hop over and read her blog. I know you will love her like I do.
Well it was kind of you to come Through My Back Door today where life is good. Be kind to someone today
PS: Those of you on the East Coast I am praying for your safety
PSS:Hope you all are staying healthy and the flu hasn't hit your family
PSSS: I noticed it wasn't getting dark as early last night/

Saturday, January 17, 2015

How Do You Decorate?

Hello, it is nice to see you again. This has been such a busy week Through My Back Door. It seems every week is, though, but I am okay with that. Beats sitting alone staring at the walls.lol Not that I know how that feels either, with the exception of a few years ago and I was snowed in. I went stir crazy! Was so glad for the snow to melt. I am seldom bored and when I am I call someone and ask if they want to do something. I can entertain myself for hours with a  good book and a cup of coffee.Which reminds me, get yourself a cup and an apple muffin and come sit down. I am not much of a TV watcher, although there are some shows I don't like to miss. (only a couple)
After you put your Christmas decorations away, do you ever just sit back, look at your house and say"What do I do now?" I have done that this year and as I look at my decor, I see I decorate in "Threes". A friend told me I was a symmetrical decorator and I knew I was "weird" but never was aware that I have a tendency to decorate in threes, until after Christmas and I got my computer back(completely void of pictures) and I wanted to download some for this blog. So I went about the house snapping pictures here and there, and this is what I discovered. I am going to share some of my vignettes. I was shocked when I looked at them after I downloaded.lol
Three pears in a bowl. Three items on the cupboard top.
These are Three angels in a sieve. One is from Trace, one from OLM and one from Amanda and Beth when they were in high school.

Two sheep and a picture
Two candle boxes and a carrier on a cupboard. See what I mean. What is with this?lol
That pewter plate is not dirty, don't know how this happened.lol
I am so not believing this.
Even this little shelf above my chair in the reading nook has three items. I like this Sebastian because it is The Family Who Reads. Michael carved the little snowmen years ago. They are the only ones I have out.
I think you see what I mean and there is more. I am just choosing not to show you anymore this time. All of my cupboards have three items on top, except the corner cupboard and it has five.
I will show you my mantle. It is in, yes you guessed it, THREE sections.lol
Can you believe this. Please tell me some of you do quirky things like this too.  Surely I am not the only one.
Today has been a beautiful day and I was blessed to get to go to Chattanooga to Gabes 4th birthday party. Douglas and Anastasia know how to throw a bash. I also got see some of her family I don't get to see anymore and some of their friends.  Had a fun time. Came home and went to Debs for Clays birthday dinner. When I finally got home and relaxed I thought what a wonderful day I have had with my family. I have had time with everyone of my greats today, five of my grands, and 2 of my children.Spent several minutes on the phone with the other one as he drove to DC. It can't get much better than that. I feel that way when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Olivia left for DC today to begin her internship with Sen Corker. Please say a prayer when you think of it for her.
PSS: I hope you and your families have escaped the flu. We have so far
PSSS: Thanks to all of you who have liked my FB page. I appreciate each of you

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It Is Good To Be Back

Hello and welcome Through My Back Door. It is so good to see you again. What a wonderful Christmas and New Year it was here. I had all of my family except Curt and Lindsey here on Christmas. We missed them, but they had to go to Mo to her family. They were here last year. We had a wonderful time and lots of good food. Doug of course had to bring Andrew something extra, so he cooked Gator for him.

Yep, that is Gator frying.lol You never know what he will do.
I was surprised with some wonderful gifts, which I will share a couple. Debbie and Michael got me a set of Clarice Cliff red and white transfer ware dishes. I don't have a picture, but I will take one. I was thrilled as I have wanted red and white transfer ware for a long time. The other thing I had wanted forever was a lift top desk. I bought one I loved, but it was just too big for my house. Dodd and Renda have it. Soooo, for Christmas they bought me one. Found it at an auction in New York and had it shipped. It is perfect. I love it. All my electronics fit in it perfectly. Including my lap top.
Whoever used it for years was right handed. Your middle finger fits this perfectly when you open it with your right had.
The drawers used to lock, but the locks have been cut out. As you can see, it is just perfect for me. It is all pegged and square nailed.
After Christmas Earlene Landis came through on her way to Florida. We had the best visit. We went to Clinton the next morning and I think she really likes my little town.
Here she is coming Through My Back Door. We felt like old friends, as often happens in blog
land. It was just wonderful having her and getting to know more about her and her family. I can't wait until she visits again.Primitive Passion Decorating
As you know President Obama was in Clinton on Friday. I don't care what your politics are, it is a big deal when the president, vice president and members of Congress visit your little town at one time. Amanda took Mollie and Andrew to view the motorcade. It was history in the making and they got to be a  part of it. The newspaper took a picture of them with their signs. Mollie took her coat off for the picture and she was all dressed up for the President. Wearing a tutu and star shaped sunglasses. I cannot get the picture on my blog. Go to my FB timeline and you can see it.
Another big thing going on Through My Back Door is Olivia leaves for Washington. She, if you remember is going to be an intern with Senator Corker at the Capitol. We are so excited for her, yet I am a bit concerned for her safety as DC can be a hard city. She is smart and will be cautious, but as her Grandmother I am expected to worry.
The Maryville Times did a huge story on her, but I can't get it to download either. Again it is on my timeline.
Can you tell I am having picture issues? My grandson Douglas, completely refurbished my computer and I am having problems with my pictures. He is going to have to guide me through,lol. I apologize for not being able to download the newspaper articles.
I have been looking around the house and see I decorate in Three's! Do any f you do that? That will be my next blog post.
For now it is so good to have you come Through My Back Door for the first time in 2015. Lets make it a wonderful year and it is always wonderful when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Lots of bloggers are going through some hard times. Let's remember to pray for them
PSS: Have you considered a healthier lifestyle this year? I am trying.
PSSS: My blog fairy has visited again. She knows I love mustard and red. I am so grateful for her as she makes me look good. Don't you like the new background?