Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Foot Prints

No not the kind that tracks mud, dirt, and leaves inside your house. Another kind of footprints. Good afternoon and come on in. Grab a red ware mug and get a cup of coffee. It is plain old DD this afternoon, and you can have a piece of Pepper Ridge farm white cake with it, if you like. (I like)lol I have the fireplace on so even though it is cold outside it is warm and so pleasant in here.
I have been doing some thinking today.(Those of you who really know me, are thinking this is scary!Betty thinking!)lol I have been thinking about footprints and the people who have left their foot prints on my life. Not my family. That is a given. Family influences make us who we are and that is wonderful. (However I sometimes wonder why my parents didn't give me their musical ability.) That is another blog. I am talking about people we have met along our journey. They probably have no idea they have even left their footprints on us. I think about two saints, from my church, who have gone onto Heaven first of all. I loved Trula Wells so much. She was a saint in my opinion long before she entered Heaven. She is the one who gave me the quote,"Betty, Remember, they have to answer for how they treat you, but YOU have to answer for how you treat them." I have tried to live by this. My whole family uses this quote. The other was LaVetta Crawford. She was loved by a whole lot of school children as well as young women(and older) in our church. She was a Sunday School teacher,( as well as an elementary school teacher,) who told me one time that seeing a sermon was as important as hearing one. They have both left deep footprints on my life.
Most of you know I worked many years in Special Education. Oh my, the kids who have left their foot prints on my life. I can look back and laugh and cry too, because I dearly loved those kids. You all have heard about my Danny, who called me a genius. How I loved that boy.
This is Danny and his sister Betsy, whom I still keep in touch with on FB. Danny has been gone a few years too, but his foot prints remain on my life.
Another student I adored was Ben. Ben was brain damaged in a car accident when he was four. I worked with him in middle school. He was my shadow and thought he knew all about me. He was so much fun. One day when he and some other students were at my house, He said," Now don't tell Heidi(my rottie) she is a D-O-G!" He had thrown a fit one time and I had been the heavy. He looked at me and said,"I love you, Betty." He left his foot print. Big time. I still tear up when I remember that day. Another foot print was left by Jon. Loved that boy and still do. He would spin my spinning wheel so hard, and say," come on  big money". There is still a pin in it, where Curtis fixed it so he could spin it and the wheel wouldn't come off. He would also tell me,"You're old Betty, old as dirt". Then he would laugh his head off! He is right too. I am.lol
Another who has left her footprint on my life is Mary. She and I worked as teaching assistants in the same class room for years. She was the mother of two special needs boys, who didn't have to work, but gave of herself every day to other peoples children.She did this even when there were lots of nights she had been up with one of them all night. We worked so well together, and she left  her footprint on my life big time.Believe me there are foot prints left by a lot more students, I just can't write about them all here, as there isn't enough room nor time.
My card group who got me through a really hard time in my life, when I don't know what I would have done with out you. Each of you have left your foot print on my life.(Looking forward to our big get away coming up soon too)lol
My old friend Charlie,(he was in his late 70's and was I am sorry to say, the town drunk, in the little community where we lived at the time, many, many years ago) He knew so much history of the area and we became friends. I would talk to him when I went to the post office every day. He actually cried when we moved. He left his footprints on my life.
My little old friend Mr Whitaker, the furniture maker from Cumberland Gap, Tn. He taught me so much about antiques. He certainly left his footprints on my life.
Foot prints. We leave them everywhere. In the sand where they wash  away. In the dirt where debris soon covers them. The ones we can't wash away are the ones people leave on us. Maybe most importantly, the ones we leave on other people. I never thought about it much before, but what kind of foot prints am I leaving on other people? NOW that SCARES me.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: For all of you touched by Sandy, I have been and still am praying for you.
PSS: I have done so much rearranging and changing things. This is the look Boo gave me today when I walked into the bedroom where she was asleep.
Now that is a look of disgust!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Year Ago and What I Have Learned

Hey everyone, hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. It is cool here in East Tn, but beautiful. Come on in and have a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee and a bowl of banana pudding. I love Pumpkin Spice coffee in the fall. I hope you aren't tired of it, but in case you are soon we'll have some mulled cider. Yum. I just want to do a short blog to comment on what a special day today is. You see it was one year ago today my precious granddaughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have to say it was the darkest day of my life. Even when Curtis had to go into the nursing home, it didn't hurt as much as hearing her diagnosis. (I am not making light of his illness,no way, it about killed me, but she was so young and had 2 small children).However I have learned so much in one year. First I want to share with you what she said herself. she walked in the Susan Komen race for the cure today.

 Deb, Andrew, her mother in law Dawn and sister in law Maleia walked with her. I was supposed to but wasn't able to make it.

This is what she posted on FB after she got home.

"Guess What?!! One year ago, on this very day I was diagnosed with cancer. On that day, I couldn't even think about October 27th 2012. I couldn't imagine my future that far ahead. But I put my trust in God and begged for more time with my kids and He has answered that prayer and given me 365 more days with my family. I have been grateful for everyone of those days and I believe He has healed me. And today, on October 27th 2012, I was healthy enough to walk for the cure! Thank you for praying for me! God has been so good to me and I just want to praise Him all of the time for that!!"
This past year has been a learning experience for me. I have learned what being humbled really means.  I have learned what real strength is. Not mine, but Amanda's. I have learned the meaning of true love. That being when you are are so sick you can't hold your eyes open and are in so much pain you think you can't stand another minute, but you still want your five year old talking to you and your one year old lying in bed with you. You don't want your Mother and Grandmother telling them to be quiet,Mommy is sleeping, or tired. You put everyone first but yourself. I have learned that a young husband wants to do all the caregiving himself, doing the things she needs done himself, even with a doctor in the house.I  have learned that a sister cares so much she will drive a 10 hour trip each way,(several times) to stay 2 or 3 days to be with her sister when she needs her. I have learned  you find strength through prayer and you have friends you don't even know, praying hard for your family. I have learned that God never leaves our side. He is always there, even if we are having a hard time seeing Him. I have learned He uses a beautiful 29 year old to teach me and others strength, faith, and hope. Amanda witnessed to everyone she came in contact with. She shares her faith with all who will listen and continues to be an inspiration to all who know and love her. Amanda through you I have learned what faith really is. You, have taught your grandmother so much.
Amanda,Panda, You are my hero. If I could ever be half the person, half the Christian you are I would be a whole lot better than I am today.Love you and thank you for letting me do this post.
And thank each of you for your prayers and for coming Through My Back Door where life is good. Betty
PS:This is not meant to be a sad post, just the opposite. God is Good. Let us all smile and enjoy each day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life Is Good and I Am Blessed

I am so glad you stopped in tonight. There has been a lot going on Through My Back Door, and I love sharing it with my friends.(or as Dodd used to say when he was in first grade, my buddy pals) That is a blog in itself, and I will share one day. Tonight I want to tell you about my fun week. But, grab yourself a cup and choose the flavor you want. The Keurig is out, as  the Bunn has been unplugged. Sorry there are no sweets, but I have been gone. Next time.
This girl was one of nine teachers in the state of Tennessee honored at a banquet in Nashville last night. Being the kind of daughter in law she is, she took her mother in law  and sister in law with her, along with Dodd of course. We had so much fun and was so proud of her. More about that later.
Well Deb decided she and I would go a day early and visit Curt and Lindsay at their new home. I was so excited, because I had not seen it. It is so cute! They are so happy, it just makes you happy being around them. I am going to show you a few pix inside. Again her decorating style is different from mine, Debs, or Amanda's. More like Beths. I am so pleased she likes to decorate, because she doesn't have a lot of time. Curt is still in Pharmacy school and she is an RN. Anyway here are few pictures. Didn't expect a field trip did you?
We were waiting on the soup to heat. Deb brought Curt his favorite home made chicken noodle soup.
Now isn't this cute?(I ask you not to pay any attention to Curts foot, but wanted you to see the other side of the livingroom, and I don't know how to edit!lol) Don't you agree their apartment is darling? Her mother sure raised her right, as she treated us so well. We do love her. BTW, her Dad is doing great , and she appreciated all of your prayers for him.
Tuesday morning before we were to meet Dodd and Renda at the Opryland Hotel, Deb told me we were going to the Country Music Hall of Fame. I grew up loving country music and still love the old songs today. I like a lot of the new entertainers, but my love is with the old ones. I felt like a kid going to get a new toy.lol I have been wanting to go here for a long time, but we just hadn't been able to work it in, when we were in or passing through Nashville.
Here we are on the balcony ready to go. What fun we had. I enjoyed every minute of it. Have I told you, I love this girl? We always have a good time, where ever we are and this was no exception. I enjoyed seeing the Patsy Cline exhibit, as well as all the other stars who are no longer with us. It brought back so many wonderful memories, for both of us. I thought of my own Daddy so much because he was quite the musician and had even played with Roy Acuff before he became known. It was a blessed day for me. We left there and went to meet Dodd and Renda. We didn't have a lot of down time because we were to be down stairs at 5:15.
Here they are all dressed and ready.Renda, Dodd, and Deb.
Renda, Dodd, and me. I wish I could remember what was so funny.lol
For the second time in 4 years, Renda was one of the top nine teachers in the state of Tennessee. Last time she was nominated for Middle School teacher, where she taught English. This time it was in the High School category, where she teaches theatre. To be chosen two different times in two categories, is quite an honor in my opinion. She did not win Teacher of the Year, but she was voted East Tennessee teacher of the year. There was a winner for all three districts. East Tn, Middle Tn, and West Tn. We are quite proud of her and rightly so, I think.
So that is what has been going on this week. Do you see why I think life is good and I am blessed? There is nothing like family, and mine is so good to me, I don't feel deserving, but I do feel grateful.
Well I have been making more changes. I am trying to open up the  great room to show its size. My sofa is so big, I decided to move it over to the highest point.
Again, pay no attention to the flowers. They are fall colors anyway. Dasko was pretty tired of me moving furniture around by this time.
Lots of changes Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Thanks to each of you who read along with me and leave comments. I feel we are friends and have to share our lives with one another and I love sharing my family and hearing about yours.
PSS: I want to give a shout out to Carol, from Indiana who came by the Hen one day and left her e-mail address for me. Help me pray for her daughter Lynn, too will you?
PSSS:Hey Tammy, A Primitive Place ~ Tammy,
Opry Mills is back open and better than ever, I hear. We didn't have time to go this time, however we did antique a bit in Lebanon though. Didn't buy a thing.Deb did find a bed she loved, but at 6500.00 she left it there.lol

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Making Your Bed

Good evening friends and I am as usual very happy to see you. How about a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee? Guess what! We have homemade brownies too. Not from a mix either.lol They are Susan Branch's recipe, from this cookbook. You make them in one pan,(not a mixing bowl) then pour them into a square pan and bake them. So easy. I don't bake a lot and when I do, I want easy. Michael says to tell people looking at the house, when we are discussing the appliances, that the stove is like new. Only been used 6 times in three years.lol  NOT TRUE!!!!!!lol
 Anyway I am glad you came by. Tennessee is playing football but we are getting beat  and I just couldn't watch it. It isn't that I am a fair weather fan I am just too tired to watch a game that isn't exciting. I decided to visit with you all instead. Now for the title of my post. I am not talking about making this kind of bed.
Nor this old rope bed
I am talking about the decisions you make in life. My Mother always told me when I made a decision I didn't like, "Well you have made your bed, you will just have to lie in it." Did you all ever hear this? I don't know about you but I have made my bed lots of times.lol(didn't always like lying in it either) When we were at the beach, we were talking about my Mother. (Debs grandmother, and Beths great grandmother.) Michael loved my Mother too.She was not only a wonderful Mother, but a fantastic Grandmother. She loved her family more than life itself. She was one of the funniest people ever, and she had a saying for everything. Anyway the kids said you need to post some of them on your blog. I said some of them weren't postable.lol Anyway, back to the bed. I have been clearing out things to make the realtor happy. With all this stuff, I sure have made my bed! What am I going  to do with it all? Why do I have all of it to begin with? Well I made my bed years ago. when I was 12 years old, (and that was YEARS ago) I got my first antique. It was my maternal grandparents pitcher and wash bowl and I carried it on my lap all the way from Coshocton,Ohio, to Knoxville. That was a long way pre interstates.
So, the collecting bug bit and my bed was made.Now I am lying in it! It has been eye opening for me. I removed a couple of tables and I miss them. You laugh, but you know I firmly believe in having things you love around you, so it has been hard for me, but I will continue to do it. Here is my poor living room with out its table.lol
Looks kind of pitiful doesn't it? I did put that particular table over where the round table and chairs were.
It isn't as big as the other set was. I am getting it ready for the agent to list, as you can tell. I have made my bed  and now I will have to lie in it. (telling her I would pack away some stuff)
Oh well enough of that. It is beautiful here in East Tenn right now.
This is looking off my front porch.
The tree at the end of the lower driveway.
Just some of the "Fall" around my house. As you are aware I love fall. We have counted our fall blessings one post and I know most of you feel the way I do about this wonderful season.
I love this picture of my fall visitors.
Well I am so happy you dropped by tonight Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I hope each of you will look around and see what kind of bed you have made. I pray it is one that makes you happy and you enjoy lying in.
PSS: My daughter in law, Renda, is a candidate for the Tennessee teacher of the year. The 9 candidates will be honored at a banquet in Nashville this next week. I am so proud of her, whether she wins or not.
PSSS: Thanks for all of the wonderful comments about Amanda and Clay's vintage home. They enjoyed reading them. We will take another field trip soon. We have got to go see Carols fall.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The House Built of Love, part 2

What a beautiful fall afternoon for you to drop in. Dasko and I are so glad to see you and can't wait for you to have a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee. I love it when you visit and I hope you enjoy coming Through My Back Door. It was wonderful reading all the comments after visiting Amanda and Clay's home. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. Are you ready to see the rest of their house? Even we prim lovers enjoy seeing other decor, don't we? Well, lets get on with the visit. The children are waiting for us. Before we tour the house I want to show you where the House of Love began. I am posting this by special request. My friend Sandi,(Daybreak Place) has been to Amanda's house and saw this portrait.She says it is the most beautiful wedding picture she has ever seen and that I needed to show it.
So this is where it all began. I will share this with you. They were married on Deb and Michaels wedding anniversary, by the same minister who married them. 23 years later. (Our family likes to say Jim(Dr. James Robertson) marries us and buries us.lol
On to the house tour. We will visit the children's rooms as promised.
Guess who is behind this door?lol Yes, it is Andrew's room. Done in vintage cowboy, right down to the sign. The chest was a gift from Deb and Michael for his nursery. They knew it could grow with him.
This is his bed. It is an 1835 handmade bed from Greene County, Tn. I don't know why I didn't take pictures of the side rails. They are about 2 in thick. Yes, it used to be in my house. It is a wonderful bed and he loves it. The pillow with his name was made by a friend of his Daddy, who passed away this summer.
Another angle of the bed. The chair was his Mama's and the seat was woven by his  Coco,(Curtis) for her, when she was younger than he is now.
Andrew loves to read, which makes me a happy Mamaw.His Mother and I have always shared this bond, and I am happy he and Mollie love books too. I have to say all of my grands love books and reading. Makes me smile when they give me the credit for that.
More books. Of course Michael made both the book cases.
The clock and watch were Curtis'. The watch was his when he was a little boy. The clock is a reproduction.
His closet doors. See the red tricycle? That was from Deb and Michael, his first Christmas. He was 3 months old!!!lol
Well I hope you have enjoyed your stay in Andrews room. He has quite a lot of stuff for his young years, don't you think?lol I will show you one last picture. The alphabet for life.

On down the hall is the master. Amanda likes color, you have already discovered that. This room isn't as bright as this shows. It is actually a beautiful blue.
Love that picture of Mollie at the beach. This is more the shade of the room.
Can you see the picture over the bed? It was taken this summer at the beach. didn't I tell you this was house built of love? She has pictures of the children all over the house.
She uses jewelry as art. It is so her.
This was her Mamaw and Papaw Jenkins.(Michael's Mom and dad)
The clock was theirs too. Isn't she blessed to have so many family things?
She thinks she is and they certainly do appreciate them. I just had to sneak this one in here. lol
Now we will go back toward the living room to Mollies room.
Looking in the door. Yes, she has a princess room, because she is our princess. The bed was a gift from Deb and Michael.It is a beautiful walnut Victorian bed.(fit for a princess)lol The bedding was the same decor and print as her crib. Again Amanda loves color and it shows through out the house.It is always cheerful. did you note the crystal chandelier?
Her little house of shelves. Can you see the vintage framed paper dolls?
These shoes were Amanda's when she was a little girl.
The little punch bowl set was Amanda's too. There is also one put up for Beth.
The  fiesta tea set is because of Amanda's love for fiesta. The Sebastian figurine of a Mother rocking a baby was a gift from Deb and me when we found out she was pregnant. We both have a collection of Sebastians.
I just love this picture.
Another angle.
This little tea cart filled with toys was also Amanda's when she was a little girl. Mollie loves to push it around. Loaded.lol
Her wardrobe with handmade quilts on top.
This quilt was made by my Mother for Debbie when she was a newborn. Deb has followed my Mom and made a quilt for both Mollie and Andrew.Michael's Mother was also a quilter. She made each of her grands quilts too.
This sign pretty much says it all!lol To us, she is.
 Amanda just loves this vintage doily made by my Mother. A close up.

He is such a good big brother. She adores him and thinks he is so cool.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting this beautiful vintage home. Most of you feel you knew Amanda and now you know her even better. Thanks for coming Through Our Back Doors, where life is good.
PS: I want to thank Amanda and Clay for allowing us to visit. They really are private people.lol Thanks guys, I love you
PSS: I have made some changes here. I will share next post. I know you can hardly wait!lol (just kiddin')  about you not being able to wait!
PSSS: I will share an Andrew story. He thinks his Granddad(Michael) is pretty special, BUT  the other day he was naming to Amanda, all the super heroes named Michael.He had named all he could think of and Amanda said, "I think you have left out the most special super hero, named Michael". He looked at her and said "who?" She replied,"Granddad." To which he said with utmost authority, "He is NO superhero, he fell off the barn!" lol (remember he did fall off the barn last summer and about killed himself)