Monday, July 30, 2012

A Mini Post....Mini Miracles...Mini Favorites

Come on in and have a cup of coffee. I NEED a break. As you know I have been on the go all summer and my house shows it. Apparently so do I. I decided,(after Debs observation remarks.Not pretty) to clean my closet. I have had several calls on the house and will be showing it. The closet was an absolute mess. When Deb and the girls were looking at what I was wearing to the bridal functions, she commented I HAD to get the closet(shoes) organized. So I did. WOW! Why didn't I do that a long time ago? The statement that I showed it too, was because after all of that I was  WORN out. It goes to show I have been doing too much playing and not enough So that is why I need a break. If you don't want coffee,(I do) you can have tea.
I want to share some more of my favorite things. You all know my philosophy, only have the things you love around you, including people. So these are a few of the things I love. Now, I know it isn't about "things" just as you all do, but this a prim blog, so things are okay.
A quilt made by my Mother and Grandmother back in the early thirties.
The last quilt made by Mother in the late nineties.
A quilt, a dear friend gave me to cut up. I just couldn't. Also my Tennessee walking wheel.
This old NC cupboard. It is so heavy and had been stored in a barn. Curtis took it to a car wash and cleaned it good.
My candle stand table made in the 70's by the late Mr. Whitaker, of Cumberland Gap, Tn. I was blessed to have met this old gentleman, who was in his 80's when he made this. His father and grandfather were old furniture builders many generations back. One book says they built more beds than any one else in the state. His home was full of furniture made by them. He taught me a lot.
More quilts made by my Mother and Grandmother, stored in a corner cupboard made by the worlds best s-i-l.
My precious Aunt Annie who will be 92 in September.
See all of my favorite things aren't things? What do you have that makes you happy and gives you a mini blessing?
A mini miracle, I want to share. Friday was Curtis' birthday and we took a birthday cake to the Nursing Home. Michael was pushing him down the hall and he yelled,"Betty, Betty".! Why was that a mini miracle? He hadn't called my name or recognized me in over a year. It is the small things that make life good. If any of you are dealing with dementia/alzheimers with loved ones, you know it is the small things that make you happy. I like what Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happened."
Another of my mini miracles/blessings is those of you who read this little blog. My prayer is you always leave feeling good. I am so grateful to each of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I am so ready to make some bedroom bedding changes. I think I would like to change to red check(sort of plaid)  with a solid red blanket. Or do I want navy? I would keep the same curtains. I really like the curtains in my house and probably won't ever change them. What do you think? Should I do the red or go with navy? This is what I have now. I have had this forever. I don't change things too often.
This is the curtains.
Well I  can't end this mini favorites without showing two of my mini(in reality, my largest) blessings. Andrew and Mollie.
Thank you for coming Though My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: I have decided I am not going on the longest yard sale. I am going to let Deb and Michael look for my goodie. I want a school masters desk. The rest of my week is so full, I just don't want to be gone all day. I'll let you know if they have success
PSS: One of my favorite bloggers has disappeared. Dot Pickett, of Picketts Place. It is an invitation only blog now. Another follower of hers is trying to find her too. Dot was such an inspiration to all of us. If any one knows how to get in touch with her, please let me know.
PSSS: Dasko has recovered nicely from his trauma at the He is still on his antibiotic, so no need to do the chase yet.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back To Normal--------Almost

It is so good to see you this evening. I promise I won't talk about the wedding anymore. For You will be happy to know the coffee is on and you can have either DD or Kona! Yes I have a new Keurig! Can you believe it? I called the company told them my frustrations and they sent me a new one.
It is just like the old one. I don't know if I have ever had such a quick reaction from a company. I was really impressed.
Well this has been a week. I picked Dasko up from doggy camp on Monday, so my day was shot. I did do laundry. Tuesday I cleaned house because it was awful and I was hosting my card group on Wednesday night and my domino group on Thursday. We had so much fun  both times. I love playing games. Wednesday night we had home made bar be que, baked beans, and coleslaw. I made a strawberry cake that would feed both groups. Thursday we had chipped ham sandwiches, chips & dip,  and cantaloupe.The chipped ham sandwiches are what we used to get years ago at a place called Babe Malloys. They were wonderful. I make mine on the George Foreman. You add sweet mustard and pickle relish after they are grilled a bit. I grill my buns too. Yum they are so good. Do you often remember places you ate when you were dating, or newly married. We used to go one place and get Orange Juliuses, NanDentons was the name, on to Babe Malloys for sandwiches, and then on to another place for onion rings. I guess that was a true progressive
Anyway since I was having company I tweaked a little.You all know what a hard time I have with my mantel. I changed it again. I sent my friend Sandi some pictures, we got on the phone and this is what we ended up with. We do this from time to time, helping each other. Our tastes are alike, yet different. Does that make sense?
I then went to the top of the entertainment center and did this.
I had greenery in this old box. I like this better. For a while
A few posts ago I showed my shelves over the sink and asked for ideas. One of the ideas was more crocks on the shelves. So I shopped around the house and found some I could put on them. What do you think?
I want to leave my coffee grinders, lamps and Nantucket Basket up there, as I have no place else to keep them. Any way I am okay with this. I had crocks all the way across the two shelves, but liked this better for me. My small yellowware bowls were my Mothers. She kept leftovers in them. Let me know what you think.
Well this poor fellow has had a hard week too. A vet visit Friday.
He had to have his toenails cut. He is horrible! Usually takes our vet, a tech, and me to do it. This time there was no way he was going to allow her to touch his feet. Even with a muzzle. He was thrashing around and she felt he was going to hurt himself and be traumatized. She has cared for him, even before he came to me. In fact if you remember she found him for me. To make a long story short, he had to be tranquilized. It was very hard for me, but he had to have them clipped. Anyway, while asleep he peed and had blood in his urine. I watch him carefully as he has had urinary tract infections before. Poor baby is now on antibiotics. Don't you feel bad for him? He is fine now and was fine other than the infection. When she called his prescription into Walmart, Michael says, "Oh that is my dog-in-law!"
Other that this my week has been almost back to normal. That and the fact I am home for several weeks is a good thing. Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Guess what is coming up this week? The Worlds Longest Yard Sale! I am so excited. Can't wait to see what goodies await us. I am looking for only one thing. Hopefully I can post a picture next post.
PSS:Today was Christmas in July in Clinton. Never saw so many people. Lots of neat goodies. The Hen looks spectacular decorated. You will have to hurry in and see.
PSSS:When Dasko is finished with his antibiotics, I have to collect a specimen to take to the vet. I did this once before and it was a circus. People were going up the road very slowly to see what I was doing. I do not look forward to entertaining the neighbors again.(Oh dear I hope this isn't too much information)lol

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can You Take One More Wedding Post?

Come on in this morning, I am still so excited about the wedding I want to show you more pictures. Yes, the coffee is on. You know it is the Bunn, as the Keurig has quit working. I have not had time to exchange it, but hopefully I will this week. I loved it when it was working. Oh well, grab a cup come on in and sit down. Doesn't Dasko smell good? Laura gave him a bath before he left. He loves being groomed and will stand very still letting you brush or bathe him. He is HORRIBLE to have his nails trimmed, though. The worse I have seen. Other than the nail cutting, he is such a sweet boy.
Back to the wedding. I want to show you just a few more pictures. Are you up for it? I won't push them on you after this. Just remember, I am the grandma and it is not only my right to brag, but my job!lol
Beth and Amanda before the lingerie party. They are two peas in a pod.
Four generations at the rehearsal dinner. This was an old building on the Mississippi River. Quite the view.
My guys. Clay, Andrew, Ryan,Curt, and Michael. I think the short one is special. He did so well, being at the church from 1:30 on  to the wedding at 4, and then to the reception.
The girls in their dresses. The one on the right is MaryKate.( She is Mollie, the hair braiders daughter.) I have no idea why Beth is looking to the right and not smiling! Don't you love the dresses?
The ring bearer and the flower girl,Ebby Lee. She is precious. Her Mom and Dad are the nicest people, not only sweet and friendly, but a beautiful couple.
Deb didn't get in this one.
Seth, Olivia, Renda, and Dodd.
Amanda, Andrew, Clay, and Mollie. She wasn't in the wedding, but dressed for the
a little clowning with the groom.
I had looked all summer for turquoise shoes. Apparently Mollie had too, because she wore these all the time at the
I know you have been waiting for this one. They were on a bus and went to some historic places to get some pictures between the wedding and reception.
This has nothing to do with the wedding but Mollie loves hats. She can improvise when she needs too. This made me laugh until I cried. Do you see she is smiling for the camera? She seldom does, but she knew she was being funny. She is only 19 months old, but is already running the show, as far as I am concerned.
Well thanks for dropping by and indulging me this morning. I promise you I will not push the wedding on you anymore.  (Maybe a picture here and there). I always enjoying seeing the family activities from other bloggers and hope you all do too.
Thank you for coming Through My BackDoor where life is good.
PS: Yesterday brought me a wonderful surprise. My blog fairy, Lynn, called me from Wales. I could have listened to her voice all day. She sounded exactly like I thought she would. I met her on a forum and we became friends. She has certainly been a God Send to me for my blog. Also, check out my picture trail up date. Of course Lynne did it. The nice thing about Lynn is she wants no credit. None. So don't tell her I told. Shhhhhhhh
PSS: This Saturday is Christmas in July in Clinton. This is the first time The Speckled Hen has been decorated in the new store. Oh my! It will make you want to start now for Christmas. You must come if you are in the area. Run up to Corner too. There will be lots of goodies to choose from.
PSSS:Just because I have been caught up in all of these parties and celebrations, doesn't mean I am not praying for our fellow bloggers. There are so many right now in need of prayer and some we have been praying for a long time. Let's all continue

Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Good morning everyone, it is wonderful to see you. Lets have a cup of coffee and talk about the wedding! Well, I'll talk and you all listen, okay?lol What fun we had going, during, and coming home. Although coming home was a little quieter than going up. Amanda and the children rode up to Cape Girardeau  with us and we had so much fun. They are good travelers and I love being with them, so you can imagine a lot of laughter. Besides it was nice having a back seat buddy on the trip. It is funny we never run out of things to talk about and we do a lot of laughing. The first pre-wedding party was a work out. Now in Tennessee we don't do pre wedding work outs, but with Lindsey's family it is tradition. They don't play around either, it is WORK!!!!!!! No sireee It went on for an HOUR!!!! Lindseys grandmother Ruth and I were NOT going to be out done.
She kept whispering to me, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, Well I don't know about Ruth, but I was really sore on Saturday! I never told told a soul until now, so  shhhhhh! Don't tell. Friday we had a wonderful lunch at a B&B. I had never had chicken salad presented that way. It had melted cheddar and bacon on it. I will have it again, as I loved it. The topper however, was the Key Lime Pie. The best I ever had. I pride myself on knowing GOOD key lime I will tell you this. I met some of the friendliest people ever in Missouri. Instead of being called the Show Me State, I think they should be called the Friendly Sate. Everyone, everywhere was so friendly. The people at the Holiday Inn Express, went out of their way to accommodate us. Everyone one of them The desk clerks, the house keepers, and the breakfast room employees, were exceptional. If you are ever in the Cape Giradeau Area, I suggest you stay there.(I am getting nothing for this plug)lol
The next step was the rehearsal dinner that was held at Buckners  right on the Mississippi River. What a beautiful view. The tributes to the bride and groom made us all cry.(I do NOT look a bit good when I cry).It was a beautiful evening and I felt truly blessed to be able to be there to represent the Grandparents. (You see, this is the first wedding on Michaels side,since his parents passed away with in three years of one another. Curtis wasn't able to attend Beths, but it was still very hard, as he and Curt were so close. Yes, Curt is named after his Co Co.)
The day of the wedding was beautiful. Everything went off just as they wanted it too. It was beautiful and most importantly, Christ centered. If you want to read more about the wedding, hop over to Whitneys blog.Keeping Up With The Bandermann's.
I will show you just a few pictures  taken during the festivities. The girls wore Guava dresses and the design and color flattered all nine of the attendants. Andrew was ring bearer and Ebby Lee, was flower girl and they were perfect. I have no pictures of them, but Whitney may have on her blog. They were adorable.  One more wedding note. Both Clay and Ryan escorted me down the aisle. As a surprise to Deb, Curt escorted her. OF COURSE she cried!
Here are just a few photos. I hope you will indulge me on this one .
Andrew and Mollie near the end of the reception. He had removed the vest, tie, and jacket by this time. Mollie had worn herself out
Curt, the groom, helping his cousin Seth get ready. It was kind of sad for me to see them doing this. They have tons of pictures taken over the years they were growing up, but this was just poignant to me.
The finished product!
son in law(Ryan) helping father in law.
I like this picture!
Seth, Olivia, Renda, and Dodd.
Me with Dodd and Renda.
This is Michaels sister french braiding Mollies hair.BTW, her name is Molly too and they are big buddies. She had just done Anna's and Mollie wanted hers done.She sat very still during the process.
Another shot so you can see her face. That is Mollies daughter Anna who has a beautiful braid.
Aren't they the cutest? Don't know what we would have done without Mollie and Anna during the festivities to help with Mollie. They love her so much, they didn't mind at all, but it was such a help to Amanda and Clay.
Debbie helping get Andrew ready.That is Clay getting his cuff links in. Amanda was a bridesmaid and she was off doing something else.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good, and letting  me share the wedding with you. This was such a happy time for our family in more ways than one. We all were thanking God for healing Amanda and allowing her to be healthy. She was beautiful and she just glowed.
PS:Thank you so much for all the comments on the Sunporch chat with Tammy. Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed answering.
PSS:One more picture. we go through Metropolis, home of Superman. Here is a picture of my super heroes.
ooop! sorry I cut off supermans head. I'll put one more so you can see the whole statue.
PSSS: I still haven't found the kittens a home!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SunRoom Porch Chat Over At Country Girl At Home

Go over to Tammys, Country Girl at Home and join in our Sun Porch chat.
Country Girl at Home
I was humbled to be her first chat, but delighted to have pie and coffee  and get to visit with her on this beautiful sun porch.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun Through My Back Door

Good morning  and come on in. Grab a cup and help yourself to a cup of Kona. Yes, get the redware mug, the others are in the dishwasher. A lot of coffee drinking going on Through My Back Door this week end. What a good time I have had.You know there is nothing like prim friends, coffee/tea and lots of laughter. My friend Jody, who lives in Il. was coming to ET to do a job. (She installs computerized cash registers)  When she googled and found she was only an hour from me,  we were both excited. She came up Fri and stayed until yesterday.On Sat we went to Clinton of course. In the meantime two more prim friends who live almost an hour away, e-mailed me Sat morning to see if we could meet up. I didn't get the e-mail early enough to respond, but Sharon called me when they got to the Hen. You can bet  we got a move on and went to meet them. Jody had never met Lisa and Cindy, Cindy and Lisa had never met Deb, but we are all on the Primitive Pantry forum, and felt they knew one another. So we all descended on the Speckled Hen Saturday.(Sharon did profit from it)lol. We also went to corner Antiques. We had so much fun and I was so happy they all hit it off. I knew they would but it was still nice they did.
This is in front of corner Antiques.
This is at the Hen. That is Sharon the owner at the front. If you are in or near Clinton, go visit her. You will love her as well as the shop. Go on up the street and visit Corner. BTW, tell them I sent you.
After we visited with Sharon, we went to my house for tea(it was hot) and dessert. I had made a big pitcher of Heavenly tea and they all liked it and took the recipe with them. Well the rest of the afternoon was spent rolling on the floor laughing. Cindy had laryngitis and could only whisper, but it didn't stop her from regaling us with stories. I really can't remember when I had laughed so much.
See what prim decorating does. Had it not been for the Hen, I would not have met Cindy. She has no friends who like prim. (Lots of us are in the same situation). Had it not been for the Primitive Pantry forum, I would not have met Jody or Lisa. Lisa and Cindy only live 20 minutes apart. I told Cindy and Lisa about each other and they met up and began an immediate friendship. Prim decorating works for lots of reasons. The Pantry is having its 2nd Gathering in August and all of us are attending, so lots of laughter to look forward to again.
Wednesday of last week I woke up to this.
Someone had put two kitties out at my house. They had to put them out as they are too young to have made it here alone. I am embarrassed to tell you there is an old cat named Boo here, who is scared to death of them. She is absolutely intimidated. Can you believe it? However there is a rottie who loves them. I have tried to get a picture of Dasko rubbing noses with the black and white one, but so far, he stops when he sees me. It is really sweet. Saturday night Jody and I had stayed late at Debs and I went out to check on them around midnight and this is what I found.
Is this not cute? I am trying to find them a home, but they must stay together. There is a no kill cat rescue on the way to the nursing home I may have to check into. I cannot keep them, as I have Boo and Dasko and am just gone too much anymore to take on another animal. Not to mention the expense. They are so sweet and so friendly. HELP!!!
I have changed the shelves over the sink again. Remember what they looked like? Well this is what is on them now. I still am not happy, but will it have to work for now. Any suggestions?
I have thought about removing the crocks and putting more carriers on them. ?
The table set, waiting for food, on Friday when Jody came.
I am going to leave you with just a few more of my favorite things. There are some things you have that makes you smile when you see them. Maybe  it reminds you of the person who gave it to you, where you bought it,whatever the reason.
Anyway here are just a few of mine.
Two pitchers from my maternal grandparents old farm days.
Nantucket Basket, Mothers day gift from Deb.
The old smoke house. I will miss it when I move.

Of course, "The Mirror"
Old Green firkin, purchased in Maine a couple of years ago.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:I so appreciate the new followers as well as the old. Every time you visit it makes me smile.
PSS: Have you noticed lots of bloggers are changing from prim?
PSSS:If you are in the area the 28th is Christmas in July in Clinton. What a fun day that will be. Also in Sept, 14&15. A Simple goods show will be at the Museum of Appalachia. What better time than drive the 3 miles on into town and visit the Hen and Corner.