Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day and Some Tweaks

Good morning and I am so glad you chose to stop by this Special Holiday. Independence Day. I love this day, as I love the flag and the things that go along with the celebration. Lots of you have decorated your homes in red, whites, and blues, to commemorate the Patriotism, we all feel. I don't have a lot, but enjoy what I have. The coffee is ready so come on in and see what changes I have made this week. If it is too hot for coffee, you can have a glass of tea.
This is my heavenly tea, my family loves so much. It is so refreshing.
I'll share what few 4th pictures I have. Being gone so much, I haven't done a lot of decorating, but since I am home for a while, I got into it again.
Uncle Sam is pointing west, because that is the direction of the next trip.
Michael carved this years ago and he is my favorite Uncle Sam.
I used to collect, and still have them all, Sebastian figurines. This Uncle Sam is from that collection. The pinkeep of course, is Deb Petersons. To me nothing says summer more than geraniums and flags. sometimes I think I go overboard.
Another Michael Uncle Sam. More geraniums too,lol.
The house has been ready for the 4th for a while now. I have a new 13 colony flag, but the pole won't fit in my  flag holder. Waiting on one of the guys to come and change it. I love this flag too, just ready for a change.
Guess that does my 4th of July decor! Not much, huh?
I have been tweaking in the house. Remember my step back cupboard filled with Watt Pottery? This is how it looks now. The Watt is packed away.

The redware was on the shelves over the sink, in the kitchen.
 There was a lot more, but you get the idea.
Well this is over the sink now. I wanted these shelves over the sink, to make it look like a piece of furniture. Way too much stuff.
Still not sure, I will leave it like this, but it is okay for now.
I also played with the mantle again. I have a hard time decorating my mantle for some reason. It is a challenge to me.
I removed the bowl from the tavern table and put it on the mantle.
The tavern table with pewter.
I love antiques, as you who have been with me on this blogging journey know.
When I was dusting yesterday, I was thinking about some of this furniture and thinking how someone before me had taken care of it and treasured it. I do my best to do the same for the next generation of owners. One of the things I truly love is chairs. When we started in the antique business I wanted to specialize in chairs, but Curtis wouldn't go for Well, I still love chairs and have them every where. A few years ago, Deb and Michael found a set of four from about 1840. I had to buy them. Curtis said where will you put them and I said here and there. Eventually I added more and they were used around the table. However a year or so ago, I went for sturdy and comfort and bought reproduction chairs, but I digress, however  yesterday while dusting,(I have been doing a lot of that since I can now see dust) I really looked at the rung on this chair and had to share it with you.
See how worn and thin it is? Don't you love it? Don't you wonder whose feet wore it down so thin? It is pre civil war, and I wonder if a young man sat in it and went off to war, came home and took up his special chair again. The others are worn almost as bad as this one. That is what drew me to them in the first place.. They are plank seats and they have been well used.
I wish each of you a wonderful fourth of July, spent with family doing the things you all love to do. God Bless America
I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:I will show you a picture of the McAmis family at breakfast with the stars.
Mollie loved Donald Duck! I'll show a picture next time.
PSS: If you are in the Clinton Area Sat July 28, you may want to come to Christmas in July. I know you will enjoy the Hen and Corner Antiques! What fun and thinking Christmas, may make you feel cooler.
PSSS:Amanda has her last surgery this week. Will you please continue to remember her and all our other blogging friends who need our prayers?


  1. Oh girl! Your Americana is wonderful and you displayed it pefectly! I would love some of that ice tea right now.
    The family pictures are so sweet and the kids will always remember that!
    Enjoy your day today

  2. Betty~ Hope you have a wonderful 4th.We are staying home and having shrimp Po' Boys and enjoying the pool.It is HOT here.LoL..Will send up a little prayer for Amanda so happy how well she is doing.I love the history in the old things and find myself wondering to alot.I don't have many handed down from family but I never understand how the family can so easily let their history slip away.My nieces whom we help raise will get everything when we are gone they are young yet but already say they are keeping it so they can remember Blessings!~Amy

  3. I love everything! Looks so pretty. I love the red geraniums too. Love the picture of Amanda and her family. They all look so happy. Hoping and praying her surgery goes well this week. Would so love to attend the Clinton Christmas in July. Sounds like a good girls trip huh? :) Have a happy holiday.

  4. What fun Betty! Your decor looks great! Will definitely keep Amanda in my prayers : )

  5. You have some fun decor Betty. I love the fact that you pointed your Uncle Sam towards the direction of your next trip. What a fun reminder!!! You have a lovely redware collection there. I like your style of prim. Everyone does it a little different then the next.
    Some people complain about dusting. I love it because I get to pick up each antique and, like you said, wonder about the maker or owner and all the stories this piece could tell. Or I can pick it up and think about the lovely person who sent it to me or who gifted it to me. My home, like so many of our other blogging freinds, is filled with love and stories and meaning. That is what is so amazing about prim decorating. Have a sweet day.

  6. love your americana decor and isn't "tweeking" so much fun..your home is beautiful.;)

  7. Hi, I just found your blog and love reading here. You have such a wonderful home.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Love your home..
    So warm and cozy.
    You have such a talent for decorating. Love red geraniums and flags.
    I've been praying for Amanda all week. Love her family photo.
    Hugs to you Friend


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