Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun Through My Back Door

Good morning  and come on in. Grab a cup and help yourself to a cup of Kona. Yes, get the redware mug, the others are in the dishwasher. A lot of coffee drinking going on Through My Back Door this week end. What a good time I have had.You know there is nothing like prim friends, coffee/tea and lots of laughter. My friend Jody, who lives in Il. was coming to ET to do a job. (She installs computerized cash registers)  When she googled and found she was only an hour from me,  we were both excited. She came up Fri and stayed until yesterday.On Sat we went to Clinton of course. In the meantime two more prim friends who live almost an hour away, e-mailed me Sat morning to see if we could meet up. I didn't get the e-mail early enough to respond, but Sharon called me when they got to the Hen. You can bet  we got a move on and went to meet them. Jody had never met Lisa and Cindy, Cindy and Lisa had never met Deb, but we are all on the Primitive Pantry forum, and felt they knew one another. So we all descended on the Speckled Hen Saturday.(Sharon did profit from it)lol. We also went to corner Antiques. We had so much fun and I was so happy they all hit it off. I knew they would but it was still nice they did.
This is in front of corner Antiques.
This is at the Hen. That is Sharon the owner at the front. If you are in or near Clinton, go visit her. You will love her as well as the shop. Go on up the street and visit Corner. BTW, tell them I sent you.
After we visited with Sharon, we went to my house for tea(it was hot) and dessert. I had made a big pitcher of Heavenly tea and they all liked it and took the recipe with them. Well the rest of the afternoon was spent rolling on the floor laughing. Cindy had laryngitis and could only whisper, but it didn't stop her from regaling us with stories. I really can't remember when I had laughed so much.
See what prim decorating does. Had it not been for the Hen, I would not have met Cindy. She has no friends who like prim. (Lots of us are in the same situation). Had it not been for the Primitive Pantry forum, I would not have met Jody or Lisa. Lisa and Cindy only live 20 minutes apart. I told Cindy and Lisa about each other and they met up and began an immediate friendship. Prim decorating works for lots of reasons. The Pantry is having its 2nd Gathering in August and all of us are attending, so lots of laughter to look forward to again.
Wednesday of last week I woke up to this.
Someone had put two kitties out at my house. They had to put them out as they are too young to have made it here alone. I am embarrassed to tell you there is an old cat named Boo here, who is scared to death of them. She is absolutely intimidated. Can you believe it? However there is a rottie who loves them. I have tried to get a picture of Dasko rubbing noses with the black and white one, but so far, he stops when he sees me. It is really sweet. Saturday night Jody and I had stayed late at Debs and I went out to check on them around midnight and this is what I found.
Is this not cute? I am trying to find them a home, but they must stay together. There is a no kill cat rescue on the way to the nursing home I may have to check into. I cannot keep them, as I have Boo and Dasko and am just gone too much anymore to take on another animal. Not to mention the expense. They are so sweet and so friendly. HELP!!!
I have changed the shelves over the sink again. Remember what they looked like? Well this is what is on them now. I still am not happy, but will it have to work for now. Any suggestions?
I have thought about removing the crocks and putting more carriers on them. ?
The table set, waiting for food, on Friday when Jody came.
I am going to leave you with just a few more of my favorite things. There are some things you have that makes you smile when you see them. Maybe  it reminds you of the person who gave it to you, where you bought it,whatever the reason.
Anyway here are just a few of mine.
Two pitchers from my maternal grandparents old farm days.
Nantucket Basket, Mothers day gift from Deb.
The old smoke house. I will miss it when I move.

Of course, "The Mirror"
Old Green firkin, purchased in Maine a couple of years ago.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:I so appreciate the new followers as well as the old. Every time you visit it makes me smile.
PSS: Have you noticed lots of bloggers are changing from prim?
PSSS:If you are in the area the 28th is Christmas in July in Clinton. What a fun day that will be. Also in Sept, 14&15. A Simple goods show will be at the Museum of Appalachia. What better time than drive the 3 miles on into town and visit the Hen and Corner.


  1. Hi Betty! It looks like you and the ladies had a great time. It was nice that everyone could meet up and get to know one another while antiquing. The kittens are so cute and your house is very nice. Thank you for sharing the photos.

  2. I love seeing when blogging friends get to meet! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Ms. Sharon really does have a great shop!

    Hope you find a home for the kitties. That's how we ended up with our cat. We did have two of them. Someone dropped the mama off and she had her babies in our shed. The mama was killed by a dog nearby and in the end, only two babies survived. With Joy's begging, they ended up in our house! :)

    Love your shelf behind your sink! I like the crocks on it! How about more crocks...a variety....sort of like something you would find in a buttery? Whatever you decide will look awesome because you have the touch!

    Yes, I've noticed many prim decorators changing their style. I love the other styles out there and enjoying looking at them, but I guess when it comes down to it, the prim/rustic/farmhouse style is what makes me happy! I don't see myself changing. :)

    Have a great day! (Sent your questions your way)!


  3. Oops....should have been enjoy, not fingers get too happy sometimes! :)


  4. Those kitties are adorable!
    I love your shelf! It looks great! If you want to play around with gathering them closer together and possibly putting a sprig of green or something to fill in spaces..?
    Yes, I've noticed people going in a different decorating style. I can't do the white look, I need more warmth. But I can appreciate other styles.

  5. What fun to meet up with blog friends! Love the kittens, I sure hope you can find them a loving home. I sure would love to come to Tennessee, again....It has been quite awhile since I have been there. Have a great week. :) Yes,
    I have noticed bloggers changing their decor from prim,
    I sure can't do that!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Everyone love to visit with you Ms Betty....even the You are one special gal! I have missed all my blogging friends. I have been so busy with different ministry opportunities. Your home is lovely as ususal. I always love to stop by and visit with you. Blessings to you! Have a great week.

  7. Hi Betty are those kittens safe to be outside at their size? I know I would be bringing them in and maybe putting them in a bathroom to keep them safe..there is just too much wildlife that could take them..this is from a cat mom that has had this happen and I won't again..just too worried especially because! they are so young and don't have the street smarts yet..

  8. I'm new to your blog, but I plan to return quiet often!! I love Prims myself!!

  9. How nice to get to meet blog friends! Sounds like a great time was had by all. Too bad you couldn't tuck those adorable little kittens in their pockets as they were leaving. Kitties are prim decorations, aren't they?! :)

  10. Hello Betty~

    Love the kitties!! Isn't it great to meet online friends?? I think so.

    Have a beautiful day~Becky

  11. Hi, thank you so much for the wonderful story. It is great to meet up with friends !!
    Those kitties totally make me melt. It's good they didn't turn up on my doorstep. Then I would have had 5 cats ; )
    I love all the prim pictures.
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Oh, what a fun time you had Betty. Prim friends are the best. I beleive that those of us who love prim have some different blood and it bonds us instantly!!! It sounds like you had the mose wonderful time with your girlfriends. Thanks for sharing it with us. The kitties are so cute. At least someone had the mind to set them on the porch instead of in the woods. Happy you are trying to save them. I can see why you picked all those for your favorite things. I have noticed a few are changing from prim. I don't understand it. Sometimes people just need a change I guess. Have a great day. -Steph-

  13. hi, Betty~ happy all you gals met up~ amazing how close you live~Wishing a Happy home for the kitties~I think they ended up at the right home to make sure they would be okay~ I know you will take them to a safe place that will find them a home~Your decorating looks great I wouldn't change a thing~

  14. AFternoon Friend
    Have you shared your recipe here for heavenly tea and I missed it? If not please share.
    What wonderful fun with friends. Nothing like friends and laughter.
    Hugs & JOY

  15. Hi Betty! Sounds like all of you gals had a wonderful, crazy visit! Ohh, I'm a sucker for baby kitties....they are so cute!! I've noticed bloggers changing styles too--that's OK--leaves more prims for the rest of us!! :)--have a happy day!!

  16. Hi, I don't really kknow...perhaps you need just something of a bright colour as contrast?
    It's just so difficult sorting out what you want to keep or lose when yu move...isn't it? Joan

  17. Betty, sounds like you all had a great time - it is always such fun to get together with prim friends. Wish we were going to be in TN on the 28th for Christmas in July - sure enjoyed it last year.

  18. How wonderful you were able to enjoy rime with your friends!

  19. How wonderful you got to meet with the girls Betty! Maybe the next time we are in TN we can meet. I would love that!
    What is Heavenly Tea by the way? Cute kittens...You know I love them....


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