Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can You Take One More Wedding Post?

Come on in this morning, I am still so excited about the wedding I want to show you more pictures. Yes, the coffee is on. You know it is the Bunn, as the Keurig has quit working. I have not had time to exchange it, but hopefully I will this week. I loved it when it was working. Oh well, grab a cup come on in and sit down. Doesn't Dasko smell good? Laura gave him a bath before he left. He loves being groomed and will stand very still letting you brush or bathe him. He is HORRIBLE to have his nails trimmed, though. The worse I have seen. Other than the nail cutting, he is such a sweet boy.
Back to the wedding. I want to show you just a few more pictures. Are you up for it? I won't push them on you after this. Just remember, I am the grandma and it is not only my right to brag, but my job!lol
Beth and Amanda before the lingerie party. They are two peas in a pod.
Four generations at the rehearsal dinner. This was an old building on the Mississippi River. Quite the view.
My guys. Clay, Andrew, Ryan,Curt, and Michael. I think the short one is special. He did so well, being at the church from 1:30 on  to the wedding at 4, and then to the reception.
The girls in their dresses. The one on the right is MaryKate.( She is Mollie, the hair braiders daughter.) I have no idea why Beth is looking to the right and not smiling! Don't you love the dresses?
The ring bearer and the flower girl,Ebby Lee. She is precious. Her Mom and Dad are the nicest people, not only sweet and friendly, but a beautiful couple.
Deb didn't get in this one.
Seth, Olivia, Renda, and Dodd.
Amanda, Andrew, Clay, and Mollie. She wasn't in the wedding, but dressed for the occasion.lol
a little clowning with the groom.
I had looked all summer for turquoise shoes. Apparently Mollie had too, because she wore these all the time at the hotel.lol
I know you have been waiting for this one. They were on a bus and went to some historic places to get some pictures between the wedding and reception.
This has nothing to do with the wedding but Mollie loves hats. She can improvise when she needs too. This made me laugh until I cried. Do you see she is smiling for the camera? She seldom does, but she knew she was being funny. She is only 19 months old, but is already running the show, as far as I am concerned.
Well thanks for dropping by and indulging me this morning. I promise you I will not push the wedding on you anymore.  (Maybe a picture here and there). I always enjoying seeing the family activities from other bloggers and hope you all do too.
Thank you for coming Through My BackDoor where life is good.
PS: Yesterday brought me a wonderful surprise. My blog fairy, Lynn, called me from Wales. I could have listened to her voice all day. She sounded exactly like I thought she would. I met her on a forum and we became friends. She has certainly been a God Send to me for my blog. Also, check out my picture trail up date. Of course Lynne did it. The nice thing about Lynn is she wants no credit. None. So don't tell her I told. Shhhhhhhh
PSS: This Saturday is Christmas in July in Clinton. This is the first time The Speckled Hen has been decorated in the new store. Oh my! It will make you want to start now for Christmas. You must come if you are in the area. Run up to Corner too. There will be lots of goodies to choose from.
PSSS:Just because I have been caught up in all of these parties and celebrations, doesn't mean I am not praying for our fellow bloggers. There are so many right now in need of prayer and some we have been praying for a long time. Let's all continue


  1. The wedding photos are super.I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves.It was wonderful to talk to you.Maybe,one day not far off,we'll talk face to face,but I drink tea not coffee! Hint,hint! Happy Christmas! :)

  2. Never too many pictures for me! Love looking at them....
    Looks like it was a wonderful day for your family... and everyone looked happy and beautiful!
    Wish I could be there for your Christmas in July.... sounds like fun!! Enjoy!

  3. I enjoyed your wedding pictures! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Beautiful Bride and Groom. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  4. Betty~ great photos of wonderful times~ Beautiful memories~Congrats to the families~

  5. Enjoyed all of the wedding pictures! Mollie is such a cutie! Darbee Rae enjoyed looking at the pictures of Mollie and Andrew! :) Have a wonderful afternoon!

  6. Hi, Betty,
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures! I just love the one of you and four generations.

  7. Good afternoon Betty, Sorry I didn't make it for morning coffee. My computer decided it would not let me visit this morning. I have got to get a new one. This one is so OLD. I have so enjoyed the pictures of the activities leading up to the wedding. Please share some of the actual wedding. We all feel like family here and would love to see them. Your dress was beautiful. You made a great choice. Love seeing Amanda looking so well and happy. She and Beth look so cute. And of course Andrew and Mollie were precious. Love the pic. of Mollie in those shoes. Photos like that are priceless. You have such a wonderful family. Truely you are blessed. Have a wonderful evening

  8. Never enough pictures for me, Betty. I enjoyed every single one of them. You looked just as pretty as the bride in you gorgeous dress. Glad it was a wonderful time.

  9. Wonderful pictures, such great memories!

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  11. Hi, such wonderful pictures. The bride and groom look so beautiful. Watch out for Molly, when she's old enough you will have to chase the boys away ; )
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    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Everyone looks so nice. I like the dresses and the flowers in the girl's hair. You are one proud grandma and you should be!

  13. Morning
    Oh I could look at your family pictures all day.
    Such love and happiness on everyone faces.
    Especially sweet little Mollie.
    Beautiful dresses.


  14. I love your pictures. I love seeing your family. And I can definitely understand you being proud!

  15. Enjoyed all the pics, Betty! I feel like I know your family better now!

    The bride and groom were beautiful (and handsome). Amanda is just radiant. It warms my heart to see the pics of her healthy and well and with her pretty smile.


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