Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day "Leapings"

Wow it is good to see you this morning. Come on in, get your coffee, and lets just sit and talk. We can "leap" from one thing to another. After all it is leap day. Leap day is special in our family, as our youngest grandchild was born on leap day.She is having her 5th birthday today. I don't know if being born on leap day had anything to do with it but she has been a delight. First of all, she is the only blonde in our family. All my other grands have dark hair and eyes, except Olivia. She has green eyes like her daddy and her granddaddy. She has always been
wise beyond her years. Even telling a boy Beth was dating once, he should date Amanda."With Beth, we call them the flavor of the month" she told him.She was 4 or 5 at the time. When she started kindergarten she cried everyday. (It didn't help matters, her daddy was the principal.) She called me one evening and told me she didn't cry that day. This went on for a week and I finally asked her what had happened. She  told me,"My mommy had a little talk with me." I said."What did she say?" She said,and I quote,"My mommy told me I had to learn to be flexible." So, I said, "And what does flexible mean?" I heard a deep sigh on the other end and then,"In the beginning I had no idea what flexible meant,EITHER! So my mommy told me I had to learn to bend with the day." I could only think, my granddaughter thinks I am an idiot,that doesn't know what flexible meant.Anyway I want to wish her a happy birthday today.
See what I mean. She is just full of herself and life. She is a sophomore in college now.
Thanks for letting me share Olivia. It is raining here today, but warm.
I went outside and pulled weeds from around my rosemary and lavender.The yard looks horrible right now. I need to clean out around the day lillies as they are coming up. The bank is full of daffodils, but I didn't get a picture.
I have been tweaking again. Haven't taken any pictures. I will.
I am going to show you some of my favorite things. (I told you this post was a leaping one)
The mirror that hung in my paternal grandparents home.
My table, I bought back after we had sold it years ago. Curtis had made booties to make it taller.
A little cupboard, my daddy used in his "shanty" to keep his coffee, lard, salt and pepper. He was a well driller and would pull it to sites in the winter where he could be warm and have his coffee. I inherited my love for coffee.See that envelope in the left hand corner. That is a hand written letter from Gladys Taber. I treasure it. She wrote the Stillmeadow books, you know.
My wick trimmers/candle snuffers
Wouldn't you like to know about the child that wore this? I know it had to
You don't have to wonder about this one. It was
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good and letting me "leap" around today.
PS: I am going to have some exciting news to share next post. company is coming Through My Back Door again.
PSS:Amanda has done exceptionally well this time. It is prayer. Please don't let up, as we have 2 more treatments
PSSS:couldn't not show one of my VERY favorites loves. This was one day he jumped in the car and would NOT get out. I had to go take the trash and give him a ride. Love that dog!
PSSSS: Is this proper?lol Just learned Livvy, who was our local TV, WBIR's leap day baby,the day she was born, and has been featured every leap year since, is going to be on again today at 4:00 pm.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Going On's Through My Back Door

It is Saturday morning and the coffee is so good, grab a cup and come sit down. Guess what? There is "THAT" cake again. I haven't eaten it Deb and Dodd came up this week and they had some too. There is a lot I am happy to see you this morning. It always makes me happy for you to stop by. It is so nice to read your comments and opinions. When you take time to do that, I truly feel we have had a visit.
It has been so warm here this week, until yesterday afternoon and today. I put out some spring things and they "put" a "spring" in my step. Something about decorating for the seasons. All of us"prim" people know that. It just occurred to me what a difference the word "prim" means to us decorators. (The exact opposite of prim and proper.)We do love our prims and we are growing more popular in the decorating world.Do you agree?
Remember the Christmas mouse who bullied me into leaving him out of the blanket chest? If you remember he was seen with valentines? Well this is what I caught him doing this past week! Impersonating  the EASTER BUNNY! He even had an antique Easter card. He certainly is a clever little mouse and is currently causing havoc in this household!
Any way I did do a little more tweaking and will leave it for a while.
My table. It will change again closer to spring.
I love old boxes and have a hard time displaying them.
I am so glad you came to visit this morning. What a good but happy way to start the weekend, Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: I want to give a shout out to Donna Gilreath, from Georgia, who came in the Hen yesterday and recognized me from here. Thanks Donna, and I look forward to seeing you again.
PSS: Amanda's second, non harsh, chemo went MUCH better Wednesday. Isn't it amazing what increased prayer can do? Thank you so much. We have only two more. Only. WOW

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doesn't Take Much

Good afternoon, I am so happy to see you. Hope you aren't disappointed, but we are having hot mulled cider this afternoon. We have to drink this up, as it is left over from dominoes Not that I am serving you left overs! Oops, I really am. Actually the longer it sets the better it gets, in my opinion. I am happy to have you stop by, as it has been a beautiful day here in East Tn, and I have truly enjoyed it. Like the title of this post it doesn't take much to make me happy. How about you? Give me sunshine or rain and I am contented. A little snow now and again too. I have been home all day. Was going to go to a Games Extravaganza at church, but I have been gone every day for 10 days and needed a stay at home day. Dasko was so happy and has not moved from my side all day. I have gotten a lot done.
Took all the valentine stuff and put it away. I have a bit of spring here and there. Too early for a lot of bunnies, but I have a few out.
I have such a hard time with my mantle. I never get the exact "look" I want. That is okay though, it gives me something to work
My one little peep!Poor thing, it is probably lonely.
Like the gourd eggs from the Bama Planter. This little bunny was a gift from a friend, years ago.
Deb made this little fellow.
Boo is pretending it is spring. Her tail was like that when we found her. The vet thinks she "came" that way. She is mellowing as she ages. I guess we all do. Like I said, it doesn't take much to make me happy, just a few spring touches here and there.
Everyone who blogs, knows how much fun it is to meet fellow bloggers. Angela Phillips, Thru Nana's Window, Her daughter Holly,Hollies Hobbies and Darbees Days, and her granddaughter Darbee Rae came to Pigeon Forge this past week. Angela and I got acquainted over Debs red fireplace wall. We got to be friends as we realized how much we had in common. In November they came to The Hens Christmas open house, but we didn't have a lot of visiting time. Well they came to the Hen yesterday and we along with Deb went out to supper. We went to a local place called Golden Girls. They have down home country cooking at a reasonable price. We had the best visit. Deb hadn't met them but it didn't take long. Darbee Rae is four going on 25 and fit in quite She truly is a sweetheart and you just fall in love with her. Everyone was talking to her or about her last night at supper. Next visit we have to have a Darbee/Andrew play time. Anyway you can get on Angela's blog on my sidebar and from there to Hollys. Check both of them out and tell them I sent you.
 What does it take to make you happy? We all know things isn't what makes us happy, but we are happy when surrounded with things and people we love. I hope you enjoyed our visit today with left over cider, Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: If there is something you can do to make someone happy, please do it. Remember it doesn't take much.
PSS:Several of you have commented on my new blog header. This was done by Prim Doodles, whose button is way down on my side bar. Go check her out, would you?
PSSS: Amanda has had a hard week after that "less harsh" chemo. She gets another one this Wednesday. Will you please continue to pray? We thank you in advance.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts, Home, and Friends

Oh my, please come on in and lets visit this morning. The mugs are out and the coffee is on. Help yourself to a cinnamon doughnut from the Apple Barn, in Pigeon Forge. They are the best. Cinnamon coffee and cinnamon doughnuts! Well cinnamon is good for This is a dreary start to the day, but no snow or icy mixture, so everyone should be happy, here in ET. I am. I had the best weekend. Four of my friends and I went to Pigeon Forge for the weekend. We stayed at the Inn at Christmas. You know I love that place. I think they should give me a frequent visitor Anyway it was bitter cold but we loaded up and went anyway. They were predicting some snow, but it didn't happen.I didn't have to watch the weather, Deb did it for Sometimes we laugh as we have frequent role I love her for it. This is a picture I like.
It was so cold! The wind was horrible. We started with breakfast at the above mentioned apple barn. Fried apple pie and ice cream for breakfast! Life is good. Of course we had the coffee too. One of the non coffee drinkers had hot cider. We then hit the outlet mall. Oh goodness, major damage. My car trunk was stuffed, and it is a big One of the girls, who had gotten married last March, told her husband that every time she missed him she was going to buy something. All I am going to say, is she REALLY missed
We had lunch, of course it is all about eating and then checked in. What fun for those who never been there before. It is just beautiful and the staff goes out of their way to not only accommodate you, but they are so friendly. After a short rest and lots of laughing we went to dinner at the Partridge and the Pear. Here we are.
The piano player
It is always decorated for Christmas too. I encourage any of you, who love Christmas, to stay at The Inn at Christmas Place if you are in the area.
One more thing about the trip and I will move on. Santa is there entertaining on Thursday and Sat nights, so after dinner four of us went down to hear Santa. We met the sweetest young couple, who had gotten married that day and were there in the Honeymoon Suite of course. They were precious. I took a picture and asked if I could put them on my blog. Ticia said, "sure." I wish you could have seen her dress, but she had put her coat on when I took this. They were a delight!
This is my favorite heart. Two hearts that have become one. This couple is Christ centered so they are starting out right. Congratulations Jerrad and Tisha.
I will be putting some of my hearts away after today. Here are a few I haven't shared. (I
Remember these? I had put them away and liked to have never found them. Well I have enjoyed sharing my heart with you today. I hope each of you not only share your heart with others today, but all the year. Life is short and you should enjoy those you love.     The spring stuff will be coming out soon.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Something exciting is happening Through My Back Door. A couple of fellow bloggers are coming to town. I will be back after that with pictures.
PSS: Please continue prayers for Amanda. The less harsh chemo has been extremely hard. Thank you for the prayers, she couldn't have made it this far w/o them.  Also, a fellow blogger, Linda Rebtoy is having some serious issues too. Will you also pray for her?Simply Country Seasons

Friday, February 10, 2012

Here a Tweak, There a Tweak

Good morning and am I glad to see you this morning. It is so cold out but the coffee is on and yes, it is the Seattle Best Cinnamon. Hopefully you like it too. Grab a redware mug and help yourself. Lets sit by the fireplace and just visit. I need some advice. (May not heed it, but I need it)lol My house has the blahs! Does yours? I have always enjoyed using red because it is always so cheery. I have a ton of red in this house. My Grandma Wright did not like red, I think she thought it was too flashy, and she was such a classy lady. I have often wondered what she would think of all my  red decor.
Big Red Couch! I like it though.
Red Pantry box.
Red No, Grandma would not be happy with all of my red. She was a green person herself. She said it never went out of style.
I come from a long line of nesters and tweakers, as my Mother and Grandmother loved their homes. My Mother loved everything floral. I do not do florals. We had them every where. Wall paper, slip covers, floors, drapes, you get the picture don't you? LOTS of florals. It just occurred to me, I am just like her except with red!lol
I just redid what is on my table.Red? Oh
The coffee pot was my very first piece of pewter. It was from my great aunt. I may just have to do a blog about her sometime. She was some what eccentric, but I loved her and loved seeing her come to visit. Her name was Cleona and she was my Grandma's sister.
My pewter collection has grown to this, since that first piece.
 Any way, that one coffee pot caused major damage. Isn't is funny how one particular thing can start a life time collection? Kind of like life isn't it? One particular thing, good or bad, can cause a life time of good or a life time of damage.
I have had these candles from Libby since July. I  didn't know what to do with them, for sure. Oh they smell so good and I wanted to have them near the sitting area of the living room. I came up with this. I have seen others display them on their mantles.
Sure is a lot of red in these pictures. guess my question is, should I tone it down? Is it over whelming?
Don't know if you have noticed, but I have passed the 200 follower count. I am so humbled by your visiting and having coffee with me. Thanks to each of you from the bottom of my heart.
There are some changes coming  Through My Back Door. I will share with you soon, but thanks for the visit today Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Should you ever come in by the front door, which I never expect, this is what you would see.
You know what? We do.(Deb painted this years ago)
PSS" Amanda has 3 more treatments. The first of the less harsh was Wed. She had a horrible reaction. They waited a while and started it again. she had a another reaction. Stopped and started again and she was okay. Today she is in horrible pain. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Three L's,Life, Love, and Laughter

Come on in out of the rain and lets have a cup of coffee. I am so into the Seattles Best Cinnamon, but tonight it is back to plain old DD. The reason for that is it is decaf. The coffee rules here are decaf after 2:00pm. I am so happy you chose to drop by. It has been a rainy day here in East Tn, but that doesn't have to dampen our spirits. If we didn't have some rain we would take the sunshine for granted. You may think the title is strange, but the three L's are as important as the three R's we have heard about all our lives. I don't know about you, but I love to be around people who laugh. That is one thing that makes me happy, laughter. I have so many friends who I can always count on for laughs. My card group, my domino group, my friend Sharon, and my family. They always make me laugh. Andrew is one I can always depend on for a laugh. He says and does the funniest things. Thursday was Red Carpet day at his Mothers Day Out program. He and Mollie both attend 2 days a week. Well Red Carpet Day is a big thing. The children dress up like VIPS and walk the Red Carpet. This is Mollie walking it.
Andrew and Mollie before they left for school.
Are they not "cool"? I thought I had one of them walking it together but I can't find it. But that makes me laugh seeing these pictures. Another thing that makes me laugh is memories. Life is memories you know, because only today is now. Memories sustain us when life is throwing us curve balls. I look at my grandchildren and it seems they have all grown up so quickly. Yet if they hadn't grown up I wouldn't have Clay, Ryan, Lindsay, and Anastasia in my life. I can't imagine life with out my three great grands, Andrew, Mollie, and Gabe. It is true, life is what we make it. Love and laughter play a big part in making life good.
Wednesday two of my friends from high school came to lunch. We haven't spent much time together over the years. Not because we didn't like each other but you know how life does. We all travel different paths and then somehow if it is meant to be you cross paths again. That is us. Patsy has only retired recently, so we have tried since July to get together and we finally did. They came to my house for lunch. This is the table before we ate.
This is it afterwards.

  We triple dated after the prom/banquet in Patsys then boy friend ,now husbands 56 Chev convertible. We about froze but that top was down! BTW we all married those dates and are still married to them! Yes The Class of 57 Had Its Dreams.Do you think there was any laughter that day? You betcha' there was! It is a day we hope to do again soon.
Some of the love in our lives is from being able to live in our homes with things we enjoy. I like being comfortable don't you? I can sit in this chair and put my feet up and drink my coffee and be perfectly contented.Do you have a favorite chair?
Boo likes it too. Can you tell?
Boo was a stray who came here many years, gifted us with kittens, which we found homes for, and has settled in.
Another thing I love is this old spinning wheel. It is a Tennessee wheel and I almost didn't get it.
See more memories, that make me laugh.
The three L's are so important. I hope you are living Life with love and laughter. Life is a gift and we often take it for granted.
Okay, I hope you have noticed my new blog header. I have a wonderful friend I have met on a forum and through blogland who did this for me. She is a private person and wants no attention drawn to herself or no recognition. so I say a big thank you to my friend for this wonderful creation. She knows that Dasko makes me laugh and she has incorporated him into my header. Did you notice it is my screen door too? I love her for this.
Well thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: My favorite daughter had a birthday yesterday.(My only daughter)lol I am so thankful for her, because she gives me love, makes me laugh, and makes life better by being in mine.
Happy birthday, Deb!
Isn't she beautiful? This is Deb, Michael, and me at our favorite place to eat in Destin. Dewey Destins
PSS: Amanda starts a new chemo regiment this Wednesday. As her sister in law Maliea said today, "It is only one calendar page away from being over." Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Will you please continue?