Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Three L's,Life, Love, and Laughter

Come on in out of the rain and lets have a cup of coffee. I am so into the Seattles Best Cinnamon, but tonight it is back to plain old DD. The reason for that is it is decaf. The coffee rules here are decaf after 2:00pm. I am so happy you chose to drop by. It has been a rainy day here in East Tn, but that doesn't have to dampen our spirits. If we didn't have some rain we would take the sunshine for granted. You may think the title is strange, but the three L's are as important as the three R's we have heard about all our lives. I don't know about you, but I love to be around people who laugh. That is one thing that makes me happy, laughter. I have so many friends who I can always count on for laughs. My card group, my domino group, my friend Sharon, and my family. They always make me laugh. Andrew is one I can always depend on for a laugh. He says and does the funniest things. Thursday was Red Carpet day at his Mothers Day Out program. He and Mollie both attend 2 days a week. Well Red Carpet Day is a big thing. The children dress up like VIPS and walk the Red Carpet. This is Mollie walking it.
Andrew and Mollie before they left for school.
Are they not "cool"? I thought I had one of them walking it together but I can't find it. But that makes me laugh seeing these pictures. Another thing that makes me laugh is memories. Life is memories you know, because only today is now. Memories sustain us when life is throwing us curve balls. I look at my grandchildren and it seems they have all grown up so quickly. Yet if they hadn't grown up I wouldn't have Clay, Ryan, Lindsay, and Anastasia in my life. I can't imagine life with out my three great grands, Andrew, Mollie, and Gabe. It is true, life is what we make it. Love and laughter play a big part in making life good.
Wednesday two of my friends from high school came to lunch. We haven't spent much time together over the years. Not because we didn't like each other but you know how life does. We all travel different paths and then somehow if it is meant to be you cross paths again. That is us. Patsy has only retired recently, so we have tried since July to get together and we finally did. They came to my house for lunch. This is the table before we ate.
This is it afterwards.

  We triple dated after the prom/banquet in Patsys then boy friend ,now husbands 56 Chev convertible. We about froze but that top was down! BTW we all married those dates and are still married to them! Yes The Class of 57 Had Its Dreams.Do you think there was any laughter that day? You betcha' there was! It is a day we hope to do again soon.
Some of the love in our lives is from being able to live in our homes with things we enjoy. I like being comfortable don't you? I can sit in this chair and put my feet up and drink my coffee and be perfectly contented.Do you have a favorite chair?
Boo likes it too. Can you tell?
Boo was a stray who came here many years, gifted us with kittens, which we found homes for, and has settled in.
Another thing I love is this old spinning wheel. It is a Tennessee wheel and I almost didn't get it.
See more memories, that make me laugh.
The three L's are so important. I hope you are living Life with love and laughter. Life is a gift and we often take it for granted.
Okay, I hope you have noticed my new blog header. I have a wonderful friend I have met on a forum and through blogland who did this for me. She is a private person and wants no attention drawn to herself or no recognition. so I say a big thank you to my friend for this wonderful creation. She knows that Dasko makes me laugh and she has incorporated him into my header. Did you notice it is my screen door too? I love her for this.
Well thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: My favorite daughter had a birthday yesterday.(My only daughter)lol I am so thankful for her, because she gives me love, makes me laugh, and makes life better by being in mine.
Happy birthday, Deb!
Isn't she beautiful? This is Deb, Michael, and me at our favorite place to eat in Destin. Dewey Destins
PSS: Amanda starts a new chemo regiment this Wednesday. As her sister in law Maliea said today, "It is only one calendar page away from being over." Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Will you please continue?


  1. I tooo love to is the best medicine isn't it? great that you got together with your friends from school..nice new memories..have a great rest of your weekend.;)

  2. What a timely 2 sisters and I spent this afternoon with our 3 best friends (also 3 sisters)from childhood. A day of laughing like you can't believe...Lunch is another good "L", too! So many funny things to remember and laugh about. We had such a great time and will be doing it again in the Spring...their Mom comes as well, and it's not as easy for her to get out, so we do it about every 3 months or so. Always something to look forward to for sure.

    So glad your luncheon went well and A belated Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! ♥♥

  3. Betty,

    Love the new header. It is perfect!

    I love the three L's too and the three F's in your header. Without faith I could not live this life I live. I love God so much and am so thankful for the gift of His love and for your friendship.

    Beautiful great grands. We continue to pray for Amanda.


  4. Betty, I love your new header! It's perfect! I enjoyed this post, as always. Still praying for Amanda. Yes, Deb is beautiful, inside and out. She takes after her Momma!

  5. What a lovely post Betty! Definitely still praying for Amanda : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  6. I love stopping by to catch up! Love the new header too. Prayers continue for Amanda.

  7. Oh Betty, I just love your posts, you always make me think. Life is so precious. Love all your pics, the kiddos are so cute.
    Married to the same guys all of these years??!! What an accomplishment, it sure takes work though, doesn't it?? I used to be asked all the time, about my four children- Do they all have the same father??!! Craziness. Have an enjoyable weekend with family and friends. Blessings ~Sara

  8. Hi Betty. I noticed your new header first thing. I really love it. Love the pictures of Andrew and Mollie. They both look adorable. What a fun time. I really enjoyed your post. You always have encouraging words. Have a great Sunday.

  9. I love the three L's! I also have a favorite chair. It's a big cushy flowered chair with ottoman.'s seen better days, lol! I have he arms covered as the fabric is falling apart, but it's soooo cozy. Katie

  10. Betty, Thanks for visit my blog and leave a sweet comment. can't wait to see your antiques too. Love your new blog header. Nice post. The kids are adorable. Hugs, Eve

  11. Another great post Betty! I noticed the blog header right away, its perfect for you, fits you to a "T"! I always look forward to your posts..have a great week!

  12. Hi, Betty ~Great new header~ pretty!!!
    Love this post~ Wonderful~family, joy, friends~ laughter~ Awe~yep love it~
    Happy Birthday to Deb~
    Prayers for Amanda~

  13. Kids look so cute in the outfits, my son used to wear a necktie to preschool all the time that was a long time ago, I too am a Class of '57. Bought a '55 Chev 2 years ago just for the memories.

    BTW love your spinning wheel.

  14. Hi Betty,
    I loved your post today (well, always do!)
    Andrew and Molly are ADORABLE...Molly in those glasses - is that precious!!!
    Great photo of you and Deb and Michael - such a handsome/pretty family you have.
    Saying prayers for Amanda - I love the thought from her SIL - very sweet.
    Blessings to you Betty

  15. Betty, I almost didn't recognize your back door:) What a beautiful remake. How fun to have the three L's in life. And what a blessing too. -Steph-

  16. YAY! It worked! My stepmother was Bettye J. We lost her in June, 2006, but she lived in Nashville and I visited her there often! So nice to meet you and Dasko! What a handsme boy he is!! I'll be following you!

    Lisa, Bart and Ruby

  17. Betty, what a delightful post as always - uplifting and inspiring. I love your new header and background - your friend did a great job. Keeping Amanda in our prayers.

  18. I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!! It is so nice. I also love all the little hearts falling through your post. I am glad that you have many who bring you smiles. Laughter is better than medicine. I found that out.

    How nice that you could get together with your special friends. I bet you laughed away the afternoon.

    I will pray that all will go well with Amanda's last chemo treatments. Please give her my best.

    You post makes me smile.... and you comments always make me smile. Have a good week dear Betty. Hugs, Lura

  19. Oh Betty!
    I love the new header and what a treasure are our precious grands! And Such wonderful longtime friends.
    You are blessed. Praying for Amanda too.
    Love & Hugs Friend

  20. Evening Betty, trying to catch up on my blog reading. Those are two precious babies. Andrew and Mollie would bring a smile and laughter to anyone's face and heart. They are dressed perfectly for the red carpet. Such a cute idea. Glad you had a great time with your friends. So good to play catch up. A very belated Happy Birthday to Deb. We both are so blessed to have a wonderful daughter. Hope you are having a great week.

  21. Hi Betty! I love all of your pics!
    Hope Amanda's treatment went well. Thank you for your kind words about my RA.

  22. And now Amanda has one less...hope she is doing OK! Praying for her! Love so much in this post: the 3 L's, (so true and we should never take 'em for granted), and the picture of your Birthday Girl, Deb...Happy Birthday to her, and of course your new Header. I am in awe of "techies" who can do things like that. I feel like I should go back to college and just take computers! LOL, wouldn't that be a sight! {{HUGS}} Joy


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