Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude

It is so nice of you to come Through My Back Door tonight and for that I am grateful. I was sitting here having coffee and thinking of all the things I am grateful for, then here you are. I am so grateful to each of you who visit. I am grateful for Kona coffee and for the beautiful red ware mugs, made by Rick Hamelin.
Don't you just love the way they feel in your hand? To think someone actually made each of them by hand.
I am also grateful for this blog fairy who visits and surprises me.  She is just the best.
Nothing makes me happier than sitting in my reading nook, reading a book or blogs.

I am also grateful for this beautiful old quilt given to me by a friend years ago. I am grateful for this early Tn spinning wheel that was a gift from Curtis. I wonder how many women actually used it. It came from an old horse farm.
I am grateful to have this old mirror that always hung in my grandparents house.
 I am grateful for much more.
Far too many to post pictures of, too much to name. Sometimes I think we get so busy, doing, going, and living, that we forget to be grateful. I know we are all grateful for the love of God, our family and our friends, but don't you think we need to take time just to be grateful? That is what I have done tonight and I feel much better for it. We can't think of being grateful without remembering our loved ones who have helped shape us. Many of us no longer have our parents and grandparents who have helped make us who we are. However we can be grateful for having had them in our lives. I don't know about you but I see my paternal grandparents in my cousins. My grandfather had a wonderful sense of humor and it seems all 10 of us have the same sense of humor. I am grateful for that because my sense of humor has gotten me through some tough times.
I am so grateful for this fellow, who is my constant companion.

I am grateful you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I simply cannot end this grateful post without a picture of this girl. I am grateful for the prayers said for her and our family.Prayers still being said.
This is Amanda with Guilianna, who is on Entertainment TV. Yes Amanda gave her the Jesus Calling devotional book.Guilanna is a breast cancer survivor and was at a function Amanda attended.
PSS: Thank you Lynne, AKA blog fairy. Lynne has helped me so much, but wants no credit for it. I am grateful for her.She is responsible for my new header. Did you notice the coffee stain on the diary?
PSSS: Remember the Clinton Festival is this coming weekend. Streets will be filled with vendors, food, and entertainment. Corner Antiques always has a wonderful selection and a huge sale. The Hen will have so many beautiful things. Johnny has made a wonderful buttery plus lots of other things. Come see for yourself if you can.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tweaking and Retweaking

Gosh it is good to see you on this cool, foggy evening. Coffee is on and you can have a dish of ice cream if you like. I have told you I have an ice cream addiction. It is my food of choice. Ranks right up there with my coffee.Well new blogger is driving me crazy, how about the rest of you? I can't upload any pictures on it, so I am back on the old, which they tell me will be completely phased out soon. How can blogger do this to me? Anyway, I was trying so hard "to get" it, becoming more and more frustrated by the moment, so I stopped and ate ice cream. Not one dish, but two! lol Didn't help at all. Blogger still doesn't care.
Anyway I did a lot of changing around a couple weeks ago. Tweaking, we bloggers call it. didn't like it, so redid it. Want to see? I may not be able to blog on the new blogger dashboard, but I CAN move
I moved the spool chest back to its previous 20+years location. Put the same stuff back on it.
Put the white blanket chest back where I had it, but changed what was on top of it.
Moved the tavern table where the white blanket chest was and I really like it. I have set the lamp on a pantry box, suggestion of my friend Sandi, since I took this picture, and I am happy with it.It may just stay this
Changed the coffee table  display.
See I have been retweaking up a storm. It beats eating another dish of ice cream, for petes sake.
Last week when I did my boxes blog, I didn't show this box/shelf. I love the old treen candlestick, butterstamp, and cordial. The candlestick is very old and has a burn spot on it where the candle got too low. The cordial cup is late 1800's. It came from Ohio.I bought the little box in an antique store in Clinton several years ago. The little carrier I bought from my friend Kim, at Corner Antiques. I think it is cute.

This is another box I didn't show. Deb took the back off and it hides my thermostat!
 Redid my stove board too. It is an antique noodle board, (another longest yard sale find,as well as the basket). Do you see the burn circle on the bread board? I bet a cast iron skillet with corn bread was set on it. No, I didn't do it, but it looks to me like that could have happened.BTW, I can make a mean pone of
If blogger and I don't become compatible, there may not be many more trips Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: My friend across the pond is trying very hard to "educate" me with this new blogger thing. Well she sent me a step by step e-mail, and instead of hitting open, I hit delete. She was kind enough to resend it. I think she has a delete Betty button on her Can't blame her. Thank you, my friend.
PSS: Amanda is doing well. Again thank you for the prayers.
PSSS:Next weekend, the 5th of May, is the Spring festival in Clinton. I certainly hope some of you get to come. You wouldn't be disappointed. If you do come by Corner Antiques and say hi.Also stop by the Hen.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why Boxes?

Good morning, and I am so happy you stopped by. The coffee is DD this morning and I still have my pj's on. Don't you just love the morning when you are sitting quietly, drinking coffee in your pj's with family and just visiting? I do. It is one of my favorite times of the day. I like dusk too, when the lights are on and you are relaxing with a good cup of coffee. Sometimes I have tea in the evenings instead of coffee. If you want to make me happy, have a cup of coffee or tea with me.
It looks like it is going to rain here today, but that is okay too. I love all kinds of weather. Not storms, but soft rain, light snows, you get it. I can take rain, but I don't like severe storms or wind. I am surrounded by lots of old trees, so winds make me
I have been cleaning and noticed I have so many boxes. Not counting pantry boxes, just old boxes. I love them! They speak to me. I am not counting knife/cultery boxes, but I have a lot of boxes. I thought I would share just a few today, and see if anyone else likes old boxes. I bet there are lots of us who
 I found this on the Longest yard sale one year. I love going on that.I have found a lot of wonderful things. I always go with Deb and Michael and we come home with hardly room for us to sit. True story. One year they bought a pie safe. The dealer and Michael were trying to get it up on top of the suv. I was sitting in the booth with the dealers Mother when I heard the man say to Michael. I don't think we are going to be able to get it up there. Michaels quick reply was,"We have to. Its either this or my mother in law!" Gotta  love that guy.lolBTW They got it up there. The lady looked at me and I just rolled my knew I was safe)
 All of the above boxes were found on the LYS, over a period of time. The knife box and spice box are two of my favorite things in my collections. I looked for a long time for the "perfect" spice box. I just love it.

The tiger maple carrier and candle box, as well as the above early stenciled candle box, came out of the same house in Ohio many years ago. They are among my favorites.
Well I hope I haven't overloaded you today, but thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I want to give a shout out to Betty Price, who lives in Nashville. She came to the Hen yesterday and reads my blog. she has a blog too and here is the link
Samplings from Spring Creek
PSS:Amanda had her surgery on Tuesday. She has had a rough time but is getting better. Again I want to thank you for your prayers. I also want to remind you of several of our blogging friends who are fighting this battle too. So will you please continue your prayers?
PSSS: Has the new blogger driven any one other than me crazy? I thought I would never blog again, until my friend Libby came to my rescue. Blogging friends are the best!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Faith, Family, and Friends

Good Monday morning and welcome Through My Back Door. It is DD coffee this morning and I am glad to see you. I want to share Amanda's "Rejoice, No More chemo" party, as well as some other things. I am sorry, I ate the last piece of pound cake, before I knew you were coming. It is Monday and I am NOT doing laundry. Again. I am so not as  structured as my Mother and Grandmother were. Wash Monday, iron Tuesday, Wed&Thurs, were free days, clean on Friday and cook for Sunday on Saturday? Did any of you grow up with that routine too?
Well even after they had automatic washers and dryers they still stuck to this schedule.
Anyway, the big celebration for Amanda was Saturday night. There were over 100 people there, close to 150. She was thrilled to death and so grateful for everyone who came. They had all done something for her during this troublesome time. The biggest surprise of all was Beth came in.
She was SSSOOOO surprised! They both, as well as those who witnessed it, cried.Happy tears of course. Beth kept telling her she wished she could be there, but it wasn't possible, etc. We all kept a good secret. Curt came from Nashville too, so Amanda had her entire family with her. Deb, Michael, Beth and I went early to decorate the community center. Michaels sister,Molly, and her 2 daughters came to help. Mary Kate and Anna saved the day. They are beautiful young ladies who are always ready to help. Anna, the younger of the two arranged a 24 hour prayer vigil when Amanda was first diagnosed. Any way here are a few pictures of getting ready.
Mary Kate and Molly hanging lanterns.
Anna blowing up all the balloons.
The dessert table. Many desserts arrived later.
The food table. Michaels brother John and his wife Kim, are the bar be que specialists. Michael and John smoked the meat for about 24 hours. The food was delicious,John made potato salad, Debbie baked beans and I made cole slaw. Clays sister made homemade cookies shaped like the pink ribbon, Michaels sisters made desserts, as well as some other people.
Michael out side the community center.
We didn't all wear pink, but we all wore hats.
A table shot. Lots of pink.
Mollie wanted a cupcake before the party started, so I said
A few shots of the crowd.
I said we all wore hats. Clay was brave enough to wear this. We are so thankful for this wonderful young man. God blessed Amanda with a good husband and a wonderful father.
Andrew was so busy welcoming his friends and cousins.
Not a good close up, but the only one I got!
Mollie and her Uncle Curt
Well I hope you enjoyed rejoicing with us. Blogland prayed hard for her, and we wish each of you could have been with us. I know you prayed because I had e-mails & comments, stating you did. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
I have changed things since my last post. couldn't stand some of the changes. SO here are some "re tweaks".lol
Moved the spoon foot table back to the window and put this blanket chest here. I like it better.
Left this. I like it.May do some more changing this week. I am in the Thanks so much for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Faith,family and friends, are what has helped Amanda, as well as the rest of us get through this. We know God is in control and we love each of you for whatever you did.
PSS: I have had some calls on the house. Only God knows what is going to happen. I will accept His will.
PSSS: Amanda has one more surgery this week. Will you continue to pray?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This and That, Mostly That

Evening everyone, it sure is cool here in East Tn. The coffee is waiting and I actually had the fireplace on. Come on in and visit. I was over at Granny Trace,
Granny Trace Scraps & Squares
and she was showing the fence post they were putting up, so she could get some goats. It was deja vu for me. Oh yes I had a goat. He was given to me for Mothers Day by Curtis. Other women get jewelry or flowers, but I got a goat. It wasn't the goat from Curtis that was so bad, but Dodd gave me a collar for him for Mothers Day. See? Any way we named him Bo Jangles and he became quite famous in our circle of acquaintances. He was a Nubian and got very big. For a long time we let him run loose with the dogs. Once he chased me up the driveway, caught his horns on the bumper and I drug him a bit. Not far, but when I stopped he got himself loose shook his head and never chased a car again. He would sit on a chair with his butt on the seat and his feet on the floor. Once Curtis was hooking the race car(he raced stock cars) to the trailer and got out of the truck to see about something and Bo jumped into the passenger seat. Curtis didn't see him until he got back in. The look on his face was priceless. I laugh out loud every time I think about that. Dodd would put a helmet on and butt heads with him. We dearly loved that goat. He was so funny. He didn't like my Mother nor Debbie.
Dodd used to put a pony saddle on him and let my nephew ride him. Once when we were in Florida I called Mother to see how everything was.Instead of saying are you having fun etc, she said"You're going to be sued." When I inquired why, she said,"Dodd let Bo loose and he went up the road to those people who live in the trailer. They had their door open and found him in their bedroom." Fortunately for us, they had a sense of humor and we did not get sued. There are lots  more Bo stories, but I will stop with Sadly he was attacked by a pack of dogs one morning and had to be put down.We had many years with him and lots of funny memories. He is buried here on the farm with lots of other beloved pets. Goats are wonderful pets. I just don't think they are good Mothers Day gifts! However, he was more fun than the lawnmower I got one year, setting in the kitchen with a bow on it.
Living where I do, and if you have been on my picture trail, you see we are rural and on the corner. The creek ells me on two sides and the road on two. There is a bridge below me and no house for a quarter of a mile. Over the 35 years we have lived here we have had more cats, dogs, and other animals abandoned, than I can count. We were blessed that we could find them homes.One of the funniest strays was a black hen. Now most of you are not aware but I am terrified of chickens, or anything with feathers. SO! A hen.
No way. Well anyway, of course she stayed. Curtis or the grandchildren named her Henrietta Cluck Cluck. She and I had an understanding. I didn't bother her and she didn't bother me. If Curtis wasn't home I fed her, but that was it. She was funny too and would crow like a rooster. My Mother said, my dad always said," A no good woman and a crowing hen, always came to a no good end." Well Henrietta lived for years here. We had a rottie and she and Heidi became very close. I have seen her actually pick at Heidi like she saw a flea. That is the truth. She would eat out of Curtis' hand. We had a rescue cat at that time too. Amanda, Beth, and Dustin named her precious.Well you know how cats always rub against you. Well Precious would rub against Henrietta and Henrietta would move. So would Precious. It looked as if they were dancing.I always wanted to video them and set it to music, but I never did. I do have a picture of them looking into the house. Side by side. We, yes even me, missed her when she died.
I have done some changing around, trying to get the house ready to show.
 I moved the tavern table from in front of the sofa to beside the front door. I put my small walnut blanket chest in front of the sofa. I put the stuff that was on the table on it.
Moved the spool chest from beside the door where it has been for years to where the light blanket chest was.Moved the light blanket chest back to the kitchen in front of the window.
Moved the New England shoe foot table to where the small blanket chest was. I have no idea why I thought this looked better. I do like the tavern table where I can put my quill, book, and glasses on it.
Well, I have enjoyed your visit and thank you to Trace for bringing back memories of Bo. I would show some pictures but I don't have them scanned. I'll try to do that at a later date. Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Boo,my cat and Domino were two of the recuses we had.Why do people drop off poor defenseless animals to fend for themselves? It is so cruel.
PSS: The Clinton Festival is May 5th. If you are in the area you might enjoy this. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sharing Life Through My Back Door

It is so good to see you this afternoon. Come on in have some coffee. Oh yes, it is Kona. I go back and forth with Kona and DD. I like them both. Actually I haven't met many coffees I don't Can't you just imagine all the serious discussions people have over coffee? Friendships began and sadly romances ended over coffee. My favorite time of the day is in the mornings, just sitting and chatting as I have my first coffee.How about you?
Well Easter decorations are put a way for another year. Due to this,
I wondered, as I put them away, where they would be displayed next year. Maybe in a new house, maybe right here. I don't know. The sign went up and I am ready to follow through if it sells. If it doesn't I will stay put. Lyn Dee, a friend who I have gotten acquainted with in blogland ond on FB, summed it up. She said,"I don't know whether to "like" or not." I don't know either, but I do know that change is inevitable and that God has a plan. I will keep you posted.(Whether you want me to or not.)lol
As I said Easter decor is put away and I did a little tweaking. I bought a new dough bowl with a make do. It is my second one with a make do. The other one isn't old, but I bought it at the Seraph in Delaware, Ohio, and I like it. Here is the new one. It is old.
I didn't put it here. I put it here.
Don't know why that picture is so dark.
This is on the table now.
These are just a few changes. I have some more planned and will share next time. I need to be packing away things, but that will probably not
I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter. We did. Went to Amanda's for a quiet dinner on Saturday and to watch Andrew and Mollie hunt eggs. Mollie is just like her aunt Beth and takes egg hunting serious. We don't have one picture of her smiling at any of the egg hunts she attended!
Andrew had so much fun. He loves holidays.
Mollie got a new big girl bed.(Her crib was recalled) and she loves it.
Amanda is  doing well. We are so thankful and a big celebration party is coming up. I will post pictures.
Gina, over at CatNapInnPrimitives was so sweet and sent Amanda a hat she had crocheted. She also sent some extra goodies and Amanda couldn't believe, that someone would do that. She was excited, but I told her that was blogland. Maybe I can make a blogger out of
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Even though Amanda is finished with her treatments, a lot of our blogger friend or their family members are going through this right now. Lets remember to pray for them.
PSS:I want to give a shout out to Kim Edwards, from Madisonville, who came in the Hen and reads my blog.
PSSS: BTW the Antique Festival will be May 5th in Clinton. It is such a fun event, if you live close enough, you may want to put it on your calendar.