Thursday, April 12, 2012

This and That, Mostly That

Evening everyone, it sure is cool here in East Tn. The coffee is waiting and I actually had the fireplace on. Come on in and visit. I was over at Granny Trace,
Granny Trace Scraps & Squares
and she was showing the fence post they were putting up, so she could get some goats. It was deja vu for me. Oh yes I had a goat. He was given to me for Mothers Day by Curtis. Other women get jewelry or flowers, but I got a goat. It wasn't the goat from Curtis that was so bad, but Dodd gave me a collar for him for Mothers Day. See? Any way we named him Bo Jangles and he became quite famous in our circle of acquaintances. He was a Nubian and got very big. For a long time we let him run loose with the dogs. Once he chased me up the driveway, caught his horns on the bumper and I drug him a bit. Not far, but when I stopped he got himself loose shook his head and never chased a car again. He would sit on a chair with his butt on the seat and his feet on the floor. Once Curtis was hooking the race car(he raced stock cars) to the trailer and got out of the truck to see about something and Bo jumped into the passenger seat. Curtis didn't see him until he got back in. The look on his face was priceless. I laugh out loud every time I think about that. Dodd would put a helmet on and butt heads with him. We dearly loved that goat. He was so funny. He didn't like my Mother nor Debbie.
Dodd used to put a pony saddle on him and let my nephew ride him. Once when we were in Florida I called Mother to see how everything was.Instead of saying are you having fun etc, she said"You're going to be sued." When I inquired why, she said,"Dodd let Bo loose and he went up the road to those people who live in the trailer. They had their door open and found him in their bedroom." Fortunately for us, they had a sense of humor and we did not get sued. There are lots  more Bo stories, but I will stop with Sadly he was attacked by a pack of dogs one morning and had to be put down.We had many years with him and lots of funny memories. He is buried here on the farm with lots of other beloved pets. Goats are wonderful pets. I just don't think they are good Mothers Day gifts! However, he was more fun than the lawnmower I got one year, setting in the kitchen with a bow on it.
Living where I do, and if you have been on my picture trail, you see we are rural and on the corner. The creek ells me on two sides and the road on two. There is a bridge below me and no house for a quarter of a mile. Over the 35 years we have lived here we have had more cats, dogs, and other animals abandoned, than I can count. We were blessed that we could find them homes.One of the funniest strays was a black hen. Now most of you are not aware but I am terrified of chickens, or anything with feathers. SO! A hen.
No way. Well anyway, of course she stayed. Curtis or the grandchildren named her Henrietta Cluck Cluck. She and I had an understanding. I didn't bother her and she didn't bother me. If Curtis wasn't home I fed her, but that was it. She was funny too and would crow like a rooster. My Mother said, my dad always said," A no good woman and a crowing hen, always came to a no good end." Well Henrietta lived for years here. We had a rottie and she and Heidi became very close. I have seen her actually pick at Heidi like she saw a flea. That is the truth. She would eat out of Curtis' hand. We had a rescue cat at that time too. Amanda, Beth, and Dustin named her precious.Well you know how cats always rub against you. Well Precious would rub against Henrietta and Henrietta would move. So would Precious. It looked as if they were dancing.I always wanted to video them and set it to music, but I never did. I do have a picture of them looking into the house. Side by side. We, yes even me, missed her when she died.
I have done some changing around, trying to get the house ready to show.
 I moved the tavern table from in front of the sofa to beside the front door. I put my small walnut blanket chest in front of the sofa. I put the stuff that was on the table on it.
Moved the spool chest from beside the door where it has been for years to where the light blanket chest was.Moved the light blanket chest back to the kitchen in front of the window.
Moved the New England shoe foot table to where the small blanket chest was. I have no idea why I thought this looked better. I do like the tavern table where I can put my quill, book, and glasses on it.
Well, I have enjoyed your visit and thank you to Trace for bringing back memories of Bo. I would show some pictures but I don't have them scanned. I'll try to do that at a later date. Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Boo,my cat and Domino were two of the recuses we had.Why do people drop off poor defenseless animals to fend for themselves? It is so cruel.
PSS: The Clinton Festival is May 5th. If you are in the area you might enjoy this. 


  1. don't like chickens...and u went to Traces? Lol....I love the goat stories. My boys use to want a goat...I always said no. Plus we lived in town! Thanks for sharing your stories...they most certainly made me giggle! Katie

  2. Now that goat sure was a silly one. So glad you were not sued. So nice you feed the hen. You home should sell fast. Visiting your blog & picture trail I have seen just how beautiful your home is. You have made it beautiful. Blessings!

  3. Oh, my gosh--I really enjoyed your hilarious stories of the animals.I've gotten hairdryers (multiple) for birthday presents--because Al's stopped working--but never a goat!! Too funny!! Have a nice night!1--Jan

  4. Women get some strange things for Mother's Day, but I have never heard of anyone getting a goat! I really enjoyed your post!


  5. Just so enjoyed your stories and so glad I came by this morning. I needed it....40 of our neighbours cattle broke into the back field yesterday and some into my garden...they didn't eat stuff but made an awful mess of the lawns! I had scheduled yesterday as a rest day as I had overdone it the day before.... guess what I ended up spending the day doing ...and it wasn't repairing the grass! I so needed to start the day on a lighter note and you provided it! Many many thanks for your stories! Loved your furniture too. Hugs. Joan

  6. Tasha, er, I mean Betty, I love the animal stories. They are friends when your friends are animals. Your furniture is always right on point.


  7. Oh Betty ... I did so enjoy this post! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh & a smile : )

  8. Great post Betty, love how you tell stories. Great pictures too, your home looks wonderful!

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  10. Love reading your blog, Betty. I, TOO, am afraid of chickens and all things with feathers. My fear stems from when I was a little girl watching my Mammaw Loy kill chickens. I was a little too close and a "headless" chicken flopped on me. Not a good thing for a 3-year old to endure. So when I'm around a bird/chicken and it starts flapping its feathers, it really scares me! Also, thanks for jogging my memory with the "rhyme" about the cackling hen. I remember my Pappaw Smith (I think you might have known him), would say, "A whistling woman and a cackling hen, always come to no good end!" Love your blog!! Love, Delores Loy Wood

  11. Good Morning Betty Friend
    Boy I sure enjoyed this post! I so love visiting with you, sipping fresh coffee and all your stories. Im just not sure which story I like best Bo Jangles on Henrietta. I just can't believe you actually had a chicken friend. I would love to get a goat for Mothers Day! hehe
    Your home is so beautiful Im sure it will sell fast.
    Happy Friday to you sweet friend.
    Hugs Trace

  12. I would have to agree with you Ms. Betty. Some of my most wonderful memories are of our pets. I tend to get to attached and always sware I will never havae another one, but, needless to say, I always do. Our pets have always been part of our family. Your house is lovely as usual. Super cold here too. The Freeze got one of my crepe mrytles. I am hoping it will bud back out.... Blessings and I have been Mia. I have just been to busy to blog. Enjoyed the visit. How is Amanda? I pray all is well.

  13. Hi Betty,
    Thank you for the wondeful start to my day.
    Bo sounds like a hoot! :)
    Your story of him sitting in the passages side and going in to visit the neighbors, made me literally LOL.
    Loved all your photos too.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Betty..... This was a great post -- I surely enjoyed it!! Loved your goat stories, and those about Henrietta -- too funny!! My daughter doesn't like feathered friends either....

    I didn't get this for Mother's Day, but I did get it for a birthday present one year from my husband -- a set of jumper cables!! He insisted it was a thoughtful, loving gift.... as he never wanted me to be stranded anywhere and in need of them..... I can laugh now... :)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  15. Love the changes, Betty! I especially like the table by the door and the way you have it decorated. It's cooler here, too! I hope it doesn't stay that way long! Enjoy the weekend. I know you will!

  16. oh I loved reading this post today and hearing about your saddens me that folks leave their dogs to run amuck and kill other animals..I worry about it here where I live with my outdoor cats..folks have no clue when a dog becomes 2 or more they become hunters..period..if you are going to own an animal..educate yourself on this so that others don't have to suffer for your always looks nice..I am currently giving my craftroom the old once was becoming a it looks cute enough to show..will take pictures and blog it.but right now I still have tweaking left to do on it.;)the fining tuning if you will..have a great weekend,;)

  17. Great the stories about Bo Jangles and Henrietta. Also love the tweaking that you did.

  18. The changes look wonderful! You always do such a good job of decorating.

    1. Another great post as always Betty! I would love to get a goat for Mothers Day :) I have been wanting one for awhile now but no such luck,lol. You always have the best stories to tell and they make me smile :) We have numerous pets and farm critters buried on our property too, so many wonderful memories of them. I love how you rearranged your furniture, your home looks wonderful! Hope you have a great weekend!
      hugs, Trish

  19. Goats are great for any occasion! Gotta love them!

  20. Oh, Miss Betty, you made Randy & me laugh right out loud about Bo Jangles. Thank you for all your wit & your wisdom--I enjoy it all.

    Hugs to you!

  21. You get to scanning those photos Miss Betty - I would so love to meet the infamous BJ..... I love, love, goats - and have been tempted (my friend down the lane raises them), and then I come to my senses. Yeah - like I need a GOAT! ;o) Great post!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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