Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sharing Life Through My Back Door

It is so good to see you this afternoon. Come on in have some coffee. Oh yes, it is Kona. I go back and forth with Kona and DD. I like them both. Actually I haven't met many coffees I don't like.lol Can't you just imagine all the serious discussions people have over coffee? Friendships began and sadly romances ended over coffee. My favorite time of the day is in the mornings, just sitting and chatting as I have my first coffee.How about you?
Well Easter decorations are put a way for another year. Due to this,
I wondered, as I put them away, where they would be displayed next year. Maybe in a new house, maybe right here. I don't know. The sign went up and I am ready to follow through if it sells. If it doesn't I will stay put. Lyn Dee, a friend who I have gotten acquainted with in blogland ond on FB, summed it up. She said,"I don't know whether to "like" or not." I don't know either, but I do know that change is inevitable and that God has a plan. I will keep you posted.(Whether you want me to or not.)lol
As I said Easter decor is put away and I did a little tweaking. I bought a new dough bowl with a make do. It is my second one with a make do. The other one isn't old, but I bought it at the Seraph in Delaware, Ohio, and I like it. Here is the new one. It is old.
I didn't put it here. I put it here.
Don't know why that picture is so dark.
This is on the table now.
These are just a few changes. I have some more planned and will share next time. I need to be packing away things, but that will probably not happen.lol.
I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter. We did. Went to Amanda's for a quiet dinner on Saturday and to watch Andrew and Mollie hunt eggs. Mollie is just like her aunt Beth and takes egg hunting serious. We don't have one picture of her smiling at any of the egg hunts she attended!
Andrew had so much fun. He loves holidays.
Mollie got a new big girl bed.(Her crib was recalled) and she loves it.
Amanda is  doing well. We are so thankful and a big celebration party is coming up. I will post pictures.
Gina, over at CatNapInnPrimitives was so sweet and sent Amanda a hat she had crocheted. She also sent some extra goodies and Amanda couldn't believe, that someone would do that. She was excited, but I told her that was blogland. Maybe I can make a blogger out of her.lol
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Even though Amanda is finished with her treatments, a lot of our blogger friend or their family members are going through this right now. Lets remember to pray for them.
PSS:I want to give a shout out to Kim Edwards, from Madisonville, who came in the Hen and reads my blog.
PSSS: BTW the Antique Festival will be May 5th in Clinton. It is such a fun event, if you live close enough, you may want to put it on your calendar.


  1. Great post, Betty! Love all your tweaking!
    Amanda's new at is adorable. :)
    Prayers continue for her and all who are in need of them.


  2. Amanda looks adorable and the kids hunting Easter eggs is precious!
    I love your taftables display..put all my decorations away tonight and tweaked some stuff. Always fun to change around and get a new look.
    Good luck with the sale of your home and enjoy that coffee in the morning...i cherish that peaceful
    time too. Earlene

  3. Betty, You are so smart to put away your Easter alreaady. I will leave mine up until the end of the month and then start my Patriotic for Memorial/July. Andrew and Mollie are so cute. Amanda looks really good. I pray God's will be done with the selling of your home. He knows what is best and what our future holds. Have a good week.

  4. Great post Betty, as far as selling your home goes if its meant to be it will happen. Best of luck!

  5. Amanda's new hat is beautiful and bless Gina's heart for making it for her! I am in awe at the wonderful people in blogland!
    You are in my thoughts with the sale of your home. What is meant to be will be. I had to give away my "control" when I put mine on the market 6 years ago. Everything worked out how it was supposed to. :)
    Have a wonderful night!

  6. Change happens every second of every day. The one who can change with change is successful. It will all work out according to God's plan.

    Continuing to pray for Amanda.

  7. Hey Betty...my easter decor (very minimal this year)..is put away for another year..and I had no idea you were putting your home on the market..my mom passed away last june and we put her home on the market in november and it just closed last month...so someone is going to see your beautiful prim home and scoop it up..love that antique bowl you got..love the color of it..and I love your decor..and I am so happy that Amanda loves her goodies..she deserves nothing but the best..and blogland is awesome..have a great rest of your week.;)

  8. Happy belated Easter Greetings my friend....Sorry, I've been a little sparse the past few days - commitments you know. Love your new bowl I don't have many old bowls and none with a make-do repair like that. So sweet. Love the photo of Mollie with the basket....timeless! And Amanda's warms smile could brighten the chilliest of places, I swear. Sweet hat from Gina! Will be holding you close in prayer and thought as you start the home-selling process. I know your are wise and believing enough to trust His will, but the waiting to find out what that will will be can be worrisome I know.....Smiles & Hugs Coming Attcha!! Robin

  9. I would love to buy your beautiful home:) good luck with all the changes that ma come about. I am glad you spent a lovely Easter. Your rearranging looks nice. I love the old wood bowl.

  10. Betty, I saw on Gina's blog, the photo of Amanda in her new hat! She looks really cute in it. I'm hoping she feels like she is getting stronger--always in my prayers. Love your new bowl ,and ,oh my!! your redware!! LOVE THEM!! Mollie is really a little doll baby isn't she! It looks like Andrew is protective of her. So sweet! Fate will decide if you move--if it's meant to be....--hugs, Jan

  11. Love this post Betty and all your cute "sayings" but the "icing on the cake" is the darling picture of AMANDA...she looke wonderful and she is sooo cute!!!
    I've been out of "blogland' for a while...will post tomorrow.

  12. Hi Betty, Love your new bowls, something I love to collect. I wish you much success in selling your home, someone is going to fall in love with it. Love your new arrangements, tweaking is so much fun. Mollie is just too cute, love her little dress and her holding her basket. Sending you hugs to you and your family. Vicky

  13. Morning Betty
    I love it..God truly knows and has plans for us.
    I lived in Md. all my life and now in Pa. for four years with chickens who would have thought.
    Amanda looks beautiful in her hat from our sweet Pal Gina. Loved all the photos of the Grands on Easter.


  14. Betty, your home looks so cozy and I always love the way you display your treasures.
    The kids are precious. And Amanda looks so good and healthy. Whoever buys your place will be so lucky.
    I have two more treatments to go.......yea!

  15. Enjoyed your post Betty. Darbee Rae enjoyed seeing the pictures of Andrew and Mollie. They both are precious. Amanda looks great! So glad to hear she is doing okay. Hope everything works out for the best as we know it will with your home. Have a great week.

  16. Yep, God has a plan and that's all that matters.

    I love your new old bowl! I also love your simple displays around your home, so wonderfully prim!

    Cute pics of the kids hunting eggs. How sweet of Gina to crochet Amanda a hat, she looks so cute in it! That is a wonderful testimony of the goodness that abounds here in blogland, which is why I love it SO!

    Wish I could go to the antique festival with you, sounds like a grand time! Enjoy the rest of your week, sweet friend~

  17. Hi Betty,

    I agree with the other bloggers. If your home is meant to sell it will and if not you aren't supposed to move maybe? Sounds like you have fun all the time whether it is antiqueing or having tea or coffee. Blessings and have a nice evening!

    1. great post Betty! Love your home and wishing you the best no matter if your home sells or not :) What a nice gift for Amanda, love the cute hat! Glad you had a nice Easter and really like your bowl. Hope you are having a wonderful week!
      hugs, Trish

  18. I always enjoy coming to Clinton antiquing with friends and it was so nice to meet you and find out this Blog is yours. Keep the coffee coming!


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