Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Heart of the Matter and The New Speckled Hen

Wow! Isn't it a beautiful Sunday afternoon? It is here in E. Tn anyway. Cool but sunny, just the perfect time to drop in and have a cup of coffee. There is no cake. Why, you ask? Well DON"T ask. Okay, I ATE it! The WHOLE thing! From Friday until Tuesday I ate a whole cake with the exception of one piece! Let me tell you it was good. What, you say, you have never done that! Well life is short and I believe we should eat dessert first. What kind of person would I be not to practice what I preach? Well, anyway we are having a new coffee today. Seattles Best cinnamon. It is delicious, don't you agree? I am happy I have found a new coffee. You know coffee is one of lifes pleasures for me.
I know you can't wait to see the pictures of the Hen. It is so pretty and my pictures doesn't do it justice. My battery died before I got them taken, but there will be more.
This next one is my favorite.
Can you see the tumblers? Oh my I see them all right. I want them!lol These are all by Rick Hamelin. There are two little mini plates that are not his. If you are in the Clinton area go by and say hi to Sharon. She would love for you to come visit. This last one is the outside. Sharon will kill me for posting this one, but I like living on the edge.(I let my son in law fill my prescriptions for petes sake) I have no idea what she is looking down at.
You had to see the outside didn't you? How would you know where to go if I didn't show you? lol
Now for the heart of the matter. I will share a few more hearts with you. Just as pineapples are the sign of hospitality, hearts are the symbol of love. We all love our homes and we all have different collectibles. I don't keep hearts out all year, with the exception of the one on my wall of love. remember my wall of love?
All of these have a special meaning to me. I shared this many blogs ago. Do you know what hearts mean the most to me? The heart that beats inside of those I love. So many people have what we call hearts of gold. They are so full of love for others, you just feel it when you are near them. They are happy and generous and caring. Do you know what I have discovered? That some of those with the biggest hearts have had some of the biggest heart aches in life. Is that what makes them the way they are? I am asking myself what kind of heart do I have. Have you asked yourself that question?
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: I am excited! Two of my best friends from high school are coming to my house for lunch on Wednesday. We haven't been together in years and I can't wait. Of course the coffee will be on! Need you ask?
PSS: Amanda had her last "harsh", (they are all harsh) chemo this past Wednesday. We are half way finished. She had two hard days, but is feeling better today. I hope you don't think I am being redundant asking and thanking you for your prayers, but I just have too.
She is still wearing this smile

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Good morning from East Tn and a beautiful morning it is going to be. I am so happy you have come by to have your morning coffee. Of course it is on and you can have a piece of cake with it. Dasko and I love company. He thinks everyone comes to see him. So ignore him and he will lay down, then we can talk. You know I love company, so find a chair you like and lets visit.
I have been reading on some other blogs about favorite things. We all know what our most favorite things are and they aren't things. However this post is about things. I am not a materialistic person as I know you all aren't either. But, prim decorators love things around them that make them and their families happy and comfortable. We can't help it we are nesters and nesting comes out strong if you are a prim lover. Do you agree? Well anyway I am going to share a few of my favorite "things." At the top of the list is this mirror. some of you will remember the blog I did on it. It hung in my grandparents home all their lives and was a gift from my precious Aunt Annie.
My Grandparents, my Daddy and all my aunts and uncles used this mirror. It is at the top of my favorite "thing" list.
 I know I said no people, but I have to share my beautiful Aunt who is 91 and an inspiration to me.
Another of my favorite things is this churn. My Mother gave it to me and I made her sign a contract she wouldn't forget when we got home. We were out of town when she said I could have it.
Just an old crock churn, but so special to me. These old pitchers were used everyday by my maternal grandparents when they lived on "the farm". I love to see them and know that.
Nothing special to anyone but me.
Remember the blog I did about the yellow bowl? It is cracked but a gift of love from an old couple who thought I couldn't afford it at a yard sale. It restores my faith in mankind when I see it. They were so happy to give it to me and it makes me happy everytime I look at it.
Then of course the Dinner Bell. That was blogged about not too long ago.
While we are on bells. This old cow bell has a place on my favorite list too.
Another thing that nobody else would think special, but me.
Added to my favorites is an item that is not prim. I used to collect kerosene lamps and fell in love with this pair of bulls eye lamps at an auction. Curtis paid a lot more than they are worth today, because he knew I wanted them.
They are special. (even not prim)
This coffee grinder was given to me many, many years ago by my cousin Ila. She and I were so close and she taught me so much about cooking and life. Unfortunately she passed away several years ago. Hardly a day goes by, I don't think of her.
We laughed about me grabbing it and running into the house and shutting the door, as long as she lived.
Another favorite thing is this old chair. It was built by my great, great,grandfather for his wife. It had about 10 coats of paint on it and Curtis stripped it and put this bottom in it.
It still has some of the red paint showing through.
Again none of these things are valuable money wise. But to me it is like the commercial says, they are "priceless". I can't end this post without one more of my favorite things. This necklace that I had made from rings that belonged to my grandmother, mother and me. We all loved it and talked about the fact that when they were gone they would always be in my heart.And they are. This was just a tangible reminder, that we all loved.
Well as you have probably already guessed, it was taken when my house was broken into in November. I think this hurt most of all.
I hope you have enjoyed m favorite things as much as I enjoy reading about yours. Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am going to take pictures for the next post at the Hen today! Eye candy next post.
PSS: Amanda has that hard chemo tomorrow. Could you start praying for her today, that it won't be as bad as last time?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loving Life Through My Back Door

The weather is so dreary and cold outside, but it is warm and cozy Through My Back Door. You know on a day like today the coffee is on and the fireplace too. I love days like this every once in a while. Yesterday was my do nothing day. Wore my pj's all day and cleaned up a frenzy. Even made a cake. My mother made the best carmel icing in the world and every now and again I just want it. So yesterday was the day. I use the same icing on my pumpkin squares. So not only can you have a cup of coffee you can have a piece of cake. Remember I told you we were having pizza a post or two back? Well we had so much fun, and even Mollie got into the making.
She knew exactly what to do! The three guys had no trouble either.
Clay, Andrew, and Michael. Can you guess why Clay buzzed his hair? We also revealed to Amanda where we are going to celebrate her cancer free victory. The whole family is going to Disney this summer. Beth came up with this early on to give her something to look forward to. She knew there was a trip, but didn't know where. We are all so excited. I want to show you one more family picture.
This is Gabe who is a year old now, but was 3 months premature.
You wouldn't know it would you.His daddy is my oldest grandchild.
I have been busy this week and loved every minute of it. Played dominoes one day and cards one night with my card group. Went out to dinner with a couple of friends in my card group one night.Had lunch with Amanda, Deb, and Carol one day. We went out to see the Hens new shop. I will get out there this week and have pictures on my next blog. I know a lot of you are planning a trip this way to go and I promise you won't be disappointed. It looks so good.
I haven't done much decorating this week. Have my hearts out and that is it. The doors look pitiful. I do have a new flag coming. What about you? Have you gotten winter decorations out? I am always at a loss this time of year. I will share a few of my baskets.
I love this old tobacco basket.
You know what? I love cultery trays too. Some of you know that already. Have a few that are favorites. I'll share 3 or 4.
You knew there would be a heart somewhere didn't you? lol
This one is my favorite. I have the candle box to go with it.
This one is a miniature. I think it is cute.
Well this has been great having you Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Wednesday is Amanda's last hard chemo. Then she will have 4 less harsh.Will you pray she doesn't get as sick as she did on the last one? I know you will, and when this is over you can all rejoice with us. Thank you.
PSS: Lots of things are going to be going on Through My Back Door. I just can't wait to share it all with you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

From the Heart(s) of My Home

Morning everyone, come on in and have a cup of DD coffee and lets visit for a while. It just makes my day to visit first thing of a morning. Isn't home wonderful? It is apparent all of us love home and we should. To me one of the best things about a vacation is the coming home. I love it when I pull up and everything is just as I left it, waiting on my return to bring it back to life. Anyway, I thought I would share some of the hearts within my home today. I like pillows and have a few. I won't show you all, just my favorites.
Love this one made from an old quilt. I miss the "blues". May have to go back to some. (However you know I LOVE red, and red and hearts just go together)
Deb made this one when I was collecting Heart N Hands.(see the right hand corner chewed off. My old rottie Hillary, did that). Sandi gave me the coverlet one behind it.
This cupboard tuck is a truly special "heart" item. It was made by Deb Peterson, but gifted to me by my blogging friend Shirlee.(Her blog used to be Farmhouse Ponderings, but has a new name now). The heart was made by Dolly Mace, and the settle of course was made by Kathy and Merle Trout.I love it.
This mini pantry box with hearts, was a gift from, and made by, Pam and Frank. It is one of my favorite things.
 These are the coverlet hearts I couldn't find. See why I was in a panic? Linda Stinson made these.
 More of Dollys bowl fillers.
A Deb Peterson pin keep. This little mouse threatened to to gnaw his way out if I put him in the blanket chest until next Christmas. That isn't all, he threatened to tell Santa I wasn't good this year, so here he is, still out. The bully!I just love him!
These little hearts were carved years ago by Gary Falin. Gary is a master carver, traveling all over the US teaching carving. He did my shore birds too, and is a close friend of Deb and & Michaels.
This is my latest and was made by Phil Stevens, Sandi's husband.
Well, I have certainly enjoyed sharing my heart(s) with you today. I hope you will come back soon Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Two more hearts in my home that I adore.
PSS: The Speckled Hen is planning to re open this Thursday at the new location on Market St in downtown Clinton. My friend Jerry at Corner Antiques, says, Historic Downtown Clinton Tn.
PSSS: Amanda had a rough time after her 3rd chemo. Thank you so much for the continued prayer. One more aggressive one to go.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bits N" Pieces Through My Back Door

Goodness, don't stand outside, come on in, get your coffee and warm up. It is cold outside this morning. We even have a dusting of snow. I won't complain because our winter has been so mild, until now. But, forget the weather come on in, sit down and lets just visit. Don't you love chit chatting with friends on a day like this? I do, so you have warmed my day by coming Through My Back Door. Sorry, but the coffee is plain DD this morning. (You know I only like flavored in the afternoon and evening.) Lots of things have been going on here. Not anything exciting just busy stuff. Today I am going to "just be". You know that is one of my favorite things to do. Laundry is caught up, vacuum was run yesterday, so today is "just be" day. I was supposed to go to a luncheon, at Church, but it was canceled due to the weather.Tuesday, Deb, Margaret,(my sister in law) and I took Amanda to lunch. We went to Lulu's in Powell. She was so sweet and put us upstairs in the "Pink"room, where Amanda didn't have to be around other people. Wasn't that sweet? If you are ever in the area, eat lunch there. The food is delicious and the servers are so gracious. I am going to dig in my library and read a Gladys Taber book. I just finished The Help. Then saw the movie. I loved them both, although it hurt me seeing how the Help was treated in some households. I think it was the younger women who were the rudest. So today is read, drink coffee, and just be. I do have to make pizza dough for Clay's birthday. We love home made pizza and I always make the dough. I do it from scratch and I have to admit it is good. Everyone makes the pizza they like. Andrew gets to make his own too. We have a good time and get full of the best pizza ever. We have made it when there would be 12 or 14 of us.
Wednesday I kept the kids while Amanda had her next to last aggressive chemo. When I got home there was a box on my porch. Now it excites me so, I just tear into them, not taking the pictures most of you do. Anyway it was from Pam and Frank, Civil Folks. They know I love hearts so this is what was in my box.
A heart shaped bandbox, in my favorite color. I LOVE it. These were in the box too.
Those are heart shaped tart melts. I won't melt them, I'll put them in a bowl because they smell so good.
This little celluloid doll was in it too. She is like the ones that were in my doll house, growing up.
Frank and Pam are the most generous people I have ever known. They are always doing for someone.
Do you remember my post about Domino the stray cat? Remember we thought she was a she, and when she was taken to be spayed, found out he was a HE and had already been neutered? Well he was so pitiful when he came. I kept him for a few months, then my friend Janie took him, and look at him now.
He weighs 16 pounds and is wearing his satin "Royalty" cape. They love him and he is beautiful.
It almost made me cry. I remembered how he looked, so thin and no fur from his neck back. He is happy now.
I never know how to decorate this time of the year. I guess I'll put out a few heart things. Some are out all year long. Here are a few.
I love hearts and my favorite heart is the old stove damper that says,"Heart of the Home".
Well speaking of hearts. I bought some beautiful red and white coverlet hearts from Linda Stinson, back in August. I CANNOT find them any where. I have looked every where. Deb said at least I could remember buying them! I took NO comfort in  A few more hearts.
This crockery bowl has hearts all around the bottom of the bowl. A 20.00 Ohio yard sale find.
Here is a close up. Well it is apparent, I love hearts. My friend Sandi and I laugh all the time, she doesn't like hearts and I don't do stars. We have to aggravate one another about it.
To me what makes decorating so much fun is the ideas you get from one another. Granted a lot of people don't like my style. That is okay with me, I do. We are all different and that includes our decorating styles.However most of us bloggers are into almost the same things.We may not decorate the exact way, but we love the same things.Does that make sense? I love visiting your blogs and seeing what you have tweaked. I get most of my ideas from you. On a forum I belong to this question was asked. How do you respond to people who call your prim home, Country?Cute? and the list goes on. How do you respond? As for me I only want things around me I just love, and you know that includes people. Life is too short. Decorate the way you love. Instead of worrying about what people call it, I am just glad they come to visit. I love company Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Please keep the prayers going for Amanda. she is having a rough time after this last chemo.One more of the aggressive, and then 4 more of the not so strong. We are almost halfway there. Your prayers have been felt. A big "Hearty" thank you