Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Good morning from East Tn and a beautiful morning it is going to be. I am so happy you have come by to have your morning coffee. Of course it is on and you can have a piece of cake with it. Dasko and I love company. He thinks everyone comes to see him. So ignore him and he will lay down, then we can talk. You know I love company, so find a chair you like and lets visit.
I have been reading on some other blogs about favorite things. We all know what our most favorite things are and they aren't things. However this post is about things. I am not a materialistic person as I know you all aren't either. But, prim decorators love things around them that make them and their families happy and comfortable. We can't help it we are nesters and nesting comes out strong if you are a prim lover. Do you agree? Well anyway I am going to share a few of my favorite "things." At the top of the list is this mirror. some of you will remember the blog I did on it. It hung in my grandparents home all their lives and was a gift from my precious Aunt Annie.
My Grandparents, my Daddy and all my aunts and uncles used this mirror. It is at the top of my favorite "thing" list.
 I know I said no people, but I have to share my beautiful Aunt who is 91 and an inspiration to me.
Another of my favorite things is this churn. My Mother gave it to me and I made her sign a contract she wouldn't forget when we got home. We were out of town when she said I could have it.
Just an old crock churn, but so special to me. These old pitchers were used everyday by my maternal grandparents when they lived on "the farm". I love to see them and know that.
Nothing special to anyone but me.
Remember the blog I did about the yellow bowl? It is cracked but a gift of love from an old couple who thought I couldn't afford it at a yard sale. It restores my faith in mankind when I see it. They were so happy to give it to me and it makes me happy everytime I look at it.
Then of course the Dinner Bell. That was blogged about not too long ago.
While we are on bells. This old cow bell has a place on my favorite list too.
Another thing that nobody else would think special, but me.
Added to my favorites is an item that is not prim. I used to collect kerosene lamps and fell in love with this pair of bulls eye lamps at an auction. Curtis paid a lot more than they are worth today, because he knew I wanted them.
They are special. (even not prim)
This coffee grinder was given to me many, many years ago by my cousin Ila. She and I were so close and she taught me so much about cooking and life. Unfortunately she passed away several years ago. Hardly a day goes by, I don't think of her.
We laughed about me grabbing it and running into the house and shutting the door, as long as she lived.
Another favorite thing is this old chair. It was built by my great, great,grandfather for his wife. It had about 10 coats of paint on it and Curtis stripped it and put this bottom in it.
It still has some of the red paint showing through.
Again none of these things are valuable money wise. But to me it is like the commercial says, they are "priceless". I can't end this post without one more of my favorite things. This necklace that I had made from rings that belonged to my grandmother, mother and me. We all loved it and talked about the fact that when they were gone they would always be in my heart.And they are. This was just a tangible reminder, that we all loved.
Well as you have probably already guessed, it was taken when my house was broken into in November. I think this hurt most of all.
I hope you have enjoyed m favorite things as much as I enjoy reading about yours. Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am going to take pictures for the next post at the Hen today! Eye candy next post.
PSS: Amanda has that hard chemo tomorrow. Could you start praying for her today, that it won't be as bad as last time?


  1. I enjoyed your post Betty and enjoyed how you treasure things that some would just discard.They hold such meaning for you and that is really something.I am sorry that that heart necklace was taken.That is a special piece.

  2. Loved our visit Betty, I am in prayer for Amanda. Our God is so good and he will bring her thru. All your precious memories bring back memories of my great-grandmother, who I was so close to. She has been gone now for 38 years but I still miss her. I often think of her home and how I would love just to go back and sit with her on the front porch in her swing! Memories are such a precious treasure. God Bless, thanks for your company today, hope you have a wonderful blessed day!!

  3. Hi Betty, I just love looking at your treasures, love how each has a special memory attached to it. I am a big nester, and I really love items that someone has given me or been passed down to me. Will be keeping Amanda in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Vicky

  4. I enjoyed your favorite things and hearing about them. Prayers for you and Amanda today. Elizabeth

  5. First of all good luck to Amanda. I love your favorite things. They all have such special meaning. This was a fun post to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing. -Steph-

  6. Sending up a prayer for Amanada! Great favorites.The bowl makes me smile to because it shows there are still people who give of the heart.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. I love all of your favorites, too. I'm so sorry about the heart necklace. Some things just can't be replaced. :-( I love all of my family pieces, too. They hold lost of valuable memories. Enjoy your day, Betty.

  8. Love this post. I, too, have many things that are special to me but I find that the pieces I like the most are the ones family and friends touched and used. I also love broken things, things that are mended, things that were given a second chance. Like me!

    I am sad about your necklace but you have the memory of it and the ones who made it special.

  9. Ohhh...your necklace made me sad. Sad that you lost it..and sad because Kaden's Dad had given me a necklace very similiar. When things started getting bad between us I gave him the heart...and kept the chain. I told him someday..when everything was ok, I wanted the heart back. I know I'll never get it back..but really wish I had it...because I would pack it up and send it right over to you...Maybe it wouldn't be the one you recieved...but it would be a little reminder...and it would give me something good to do with my heart!!!! Katie

  10. I love this post Betty. I think each of us has special treasures that no one else would consider special but the memories they hold for us are what matters. So sorry you had to lose that beautiful necklace. Praying for Amanda! Blessings, Shirlee

  11. I agree Betty. It is the things that have a special story behind them that mean the most. Especially those things that were used by our family and passed on to us..... and you could never be materialistic.....no way! I am so sorry about your necklace. It was beautiful. Blessings and I will be praying for Amanda tonight and tomorrow.

  12. What a beautiful post! My prayers will be with Amanda as she goes through her next treatment.

  13. Love all of your memorable collections. It is so nice to fill your home with wonderful memories. I have so many "things" I have received as gifts through the years that maybe don't go with my decor, but I wouldn't get rid of them for anything, they are filled with love. So sorry about the necklaced, but nobody can take away your memories.Still praying for God's wonderful blessings ~Sara

  14. Beautiful post Betty!! Prayers for Amanda.


  15. Betty, I enjoyed the stories that go along with all of your favorite things. The memories associated with our "things" are what make them so special.

    Praying for Amanda that this treatment will not be as bad for her.

    Hope you are having a great week,

  16. Betty,
    Loved your post of your favorite things. I can see how they each hold a special place in your heart. I remember the old churn that sat in a special spot in my grandmother's house. Mama has it now. This post makes me stop and think about my favorite things as well. Might have to do a post too! Can't wait to see the pictures from the Hen. Really can't wait to come and visit! Will try and come VERY soon as I will need to get away soon. Thanks for your prayers through this time. I will post about it when I can but am so thankful for the prayers being sent up for me now. You are such a sweet lady and hold a special place in my heart.

  17. Betty, I loved all your favorite things and the stories that go along with them. I am so sorry about your necklace but at least you have the wonderful memories.

    Continued prayers for Amanda.


  18. Beautiful post! First, Praying for Amanda, I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Thanks for sharing about your favorite things, love every story behind them. Sorry about the necklace.

  19. Another great post Betty, I love how you enjoy your things and they hold great memories for you. I am so sad you were violated and your jewelry was stolen, that just sickens me. As for Dasko, if I came over I'd probably be petting him the whole time til he walked away from me! I just love dogs and he looks so sweet. Enjoy your day..

  20. Good morning Betty...what wonderful special memories - it is so true that someone else would look at these things as just that...'THINGS'...but such memories they hold in our hearts.
    So sad that the one thing that was deepest has been removed from your home by thoughtless, heartless people. Shame on them.
    Thanks for and enjoyable post.

  21. Betty, what a great post! I loved looking at your special things. i just hate it that your necklace was stolen...I really feel your pain. My engagement ring (which I didn't have on because I was pregnant and my fingers were swollen) along with a beautiful antique cameo ring that belonged to my great grandmother were stolen years ago also.



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