Monday, January 16, 2012

From the Heart(s) of My Home

Morning everyone, come on in and have a cup of DD coffee and lets visit for a while. It just makes my day to visit first thing of a morning. Isn't home wonderful? It is apparent all of us love home and we should. To me one of the best things about a vacation is the coming home. I love it when I pull up and everything is just as I left it, waiting on my return to bring it back to life. Anyway, I thought I would share some of the hearts within my home today. I like pillows and have a few. I won't show you all, just my favorites.
Love this one made from an old quilt. I miss the "blues". May have to go back to some. (However you know I LOVE red, and red and hearts just go together)
Deb made this one when I was collecting Heart N Hands.(see the right hand corner chewed off. My old rottie Hillary, did that). Sandi gave me the coverlet one behind it.
This cupboard tuck is a truly special "heart" item. It was made by Deb Peterson, but gifted to me by my blogging friend Shirlee.(Her blog used to be Farmhouse Ponderings, but has a new name now). The heart was made by Dolly Mace, and the settle of course was made by Kathy and Merle Trout.I love it.
This mini pantry box with hearts, was a gift from, and made by, Pam and Frank. It is one of my favorite things.
 These are the coverlet hearts I couldn't find. See why I was in a panic? Linda Stinson made these.
 More of Dollys bowl fillers.
A Deb Peterson pin keep. This little mouse threatened to to gnaw his way out if I put him in the blanket chest until next Christmas. That isn't all, he threatened to tell Santa I wasn't good this year, so here he is, still out. The bully!I just love him!
These little hearts were carved years ago by Gary Falin. Gary is a master carver, traveling all over the US teaching carving. He did my shore birds too, and is a close friend of Deb and & Michaels.
This is my latest and was made by Phil Stevens, Sandi's husband.
Well, I have certainly enjoyed sharing my heart(s) with you today. I hope you will come back soon Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Two more hearts in my home that I adore.
PSS: The Speckled Hen is planning to re open this Thursday at the new location on Market St in downtown Clinton. My friend Jerry at Corner Antiques, says, Historic Downtown Clinton Tn.
PSSS: Amanda had a rough time after her 3rd chemo. Thank you so much for the continued prayer. One more aggressive one to go.


  1. Love all your hearts, Betty! (especially the last 2) :)


  2. Good day Betty, Love all your hearts. Yesterday while shopping, I saw a piece of a coverlet for sale in one of the booths at a good price. I was going to get it and make me some hearts from it. I walked away to see what Mr. P wanted and forgot about going back. At the end of our shopping I thought of it and we never found the booth again. At the check out we saw where they had maps and little pencils so you could prevent this from happening. A little late for me.
    Can't wait to see pictures from the Hen. Hopefully I can see it in person soon. Holly is determined for us to have a girl trip as soon as this one is over.. Poor Amanda, will be so glad when these treatments are over. She is constantly in my prayers. Take care

  3. Beautiful hearts Betty! So sorry to hear about Amanda : ( I continue to pray for her. Blessings, Shirlee

  4. I love all the hearts especially the two at the end. Where would we be without our wonderful pets? Praying for Amanda today. I pray things smoothe out for her and the next treatment is flawless. Post pictures of the new shop. I am definitely planning a day trip to "historic Clinton" this Spring or Summer. Blessings to you, Betty, have a great day!

  5. Home is where your heart is......I have been very sentimental about my home this thankful for the things I have here and the family that fills it. Thanks for the post Betty. -Steph-

  6. Hi Betty, Love all your hearts, my favorite is the hearts made from a coverlet in the envelope, really neat. I hate Amanda is having problems, I know she will be glad when all this is over with. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs Vicky

  7. A very heart warming post. So glad that you found those hearts in the envelope they are adorable. I also have a little mouse and he is going to stay out all year round, I will keep changing him up for the seasons. I need to find him something for valentines hhhmmm....Thanks for sharing, I always love to visit. Still praying for Amanda. Blessings~Sara

  8. Your items are beautiful. I love some blues also and especially love the blue mixed with brown or black. Very nice. Hope you had a nice day!

  9. Loved seeing all your hearts Betty, you sure have some great collections!

  10. Betty I've enjoyed looking at all your pics! Everything, as usual, looks wonderful.
    Hugs Libs

  11. Love all of your hearts. I can't wait to come back and visit The Speckled hen. I really enjoyed our visit. I am already planning a trip for "the girls" as soon as mama is back home! Might just venture back up that way. Have a good evening.

  12. oh I love your valentines and love your home..and I love your two furry babies too..we had a rotty..his name was winston..have a wonderful rest of your day and great rest of your week;)


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