Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Time Through My Back Door

How good it is to see you dropping in this afternoon. I hadn't planned to post until next week, after Dasko got so many comments on his post, I figured no one would want to hear what I had to say. However, with this beautiful background I had too. My blog fairy is at it again. She does make me look good. At least I think she does. I love her and am in awe of her abilities.Visit her blog where ALL of her backgrounds are FREE.
Anyway, I am remiss, help yourself to a cup of Charleston coffee. I got it for my birthday and was waiting until something special to have it. SO today was the day. When Amanda was under going chemo I would take breakfast ingredients out to their house and cook a country breakfast, just to get her to eat, and to help Clay. Well, Andrew loved it and has been asking me again and again, when can we have one of those breakfast. So today I got up and cooked here, and they came and ate. I invited Deb and Michael too. When I cooked at their house, I always let the kids help make biscuits, so today was no different.

Here they are working hard. They are using my Mother's biscuit cutter. I bet it has cut hundreds if not thousands of biscuits over the years. We had homemade biscuits every meal growing up.

See that jar of honey in front of Mollie? That is a gift sent to me by my buddy Ken. He and Lisa send me a jar every year and I LOVE it. (I call Ken my "honey man".He is the sweetest young man, and so is Lisa.)We enjoyed it today too, along with our cubed steak and gravy. What a wonderful start to the weekend. I need to do this more often.(Have my family to eat) Linz will agree with this as she loves my biscuits, which I don't make as often as I use too.
While speaking of growing up, did any of you like country music? I loved it and was blessed to go to the Grand Ole Opry often. (My dad loved it too).
Anyway, I loved Carl Smith, along with many others, but especially Carl Smith. He was from close by and when he came back to his hometown of Maynardville to do a concert, Daddy got us almost front row seats.Do you remember when we cut out "words" to put in front of our pictures in our wallets? I had a boy "friend", who had "the worm who used to be the apple of my eye", in front of my picture in his wallet! I will never forget We took him to see Carl Smith and that is what triggered that
Lucky me, for my birthday, I got some gift cards to Amazon,(because of my love affair with my Kindle). I found some Carl Smith cd's on there and I am in So I just play my cd's and sing. Kinda like Trace over at
My cousin also has a wonderful cd, called Leave A Well in the Valley. I have been listening to it and singing along too.The words in that song have gotten me through some difficult days. He also wrote a book with that title, that is available on Amazon.
Yesterday I worked at The Hen. She has some really neat drieds all marked down. They are beautiful.

If you need paint, she has a good selection right now. It sells fast.
I still love this redware. I want more!!!lol Especially those tumblers.
Look at all the FW coverlets in stock.
Johnnie made this wonderful stepback cupboard.
I thought you might enjoy a visit out there again. This is the neatest store.If you like you can like her page on FB.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Monday the high school girls are coming to lunch. There will be laughter here that day. Can't wait.You know God's timing is never off and I know he knew it was time for us to reconnect. I bet they agree.
PSS:Amelia is just doing great. Your prayers has helped her get where she is
PSSS: Again, bloggers, some of our blogging buddies are going through some dark days. Will you pray? God knows who they are.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Changes Through My Back Door, Today Only

Come on in and find a place to lie down. There is no coffee, but I can offer you some tasty salmon and sweet potato food. If you are lucky, a little bit of mixed vegetables will be thrown in. I guess you know by now, this is Dasko. Here is my favorite spot to lie.
Just in the middle of everything.

 Sometimes, if  the person I own is on the computer I will lie here.
Or here.
I have to keep my eye on her. Anyway she hasn't had much to say lately so I thought I would take over today.
After we lie around and have our treat, I will take you on a walking tour of my kingdom. Oh yes, I am the king of this castle, and don't you forget it.Everyone who comes Through this Back Door, comes to see me, even if they don't know it. It would be ridiculous to think otherwise.
Are you ready for a walk?
Well, I am waiting. Yes or no.
Glad you said yes, because I am anxious to get outdoors.
We'll start here and just wander down around the creek. I cannot believe no one wants to buy this, but I guess I am happy they haven't. I love to run the boundaries I am allowed to.
Sometimes I just like to sit quietly and take it all in. Do you humans ever do that? Sit quietly. The one I own, seldom does. I think she would be much happier if she would just take time to do this. Don't you? Do you?
Well here we are back, to the front door. Can you believe she shut the gate? Oh, just maybe the wind blew it closed.
Well, I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.(Isn't that what she says everytime?)
PS:She has been a poor blogger lately and lost some followers. Glad it isn't my fault.
PSS: I need to tell you, the baby girl is gaining weight. She (my human) seems so excited about that.
PSSS:I think this weight gaining thing is a double standard.(I think that is what it is called) because when I gain, she cuts my food back.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just A Little Americana

It is so good to see you. Of course the coffee is on and we are having Kona again, along with some chocolate chip cookies. It is always good to have you come Through My Back Door. I haven't put out too much for the 4th, but thought I would share what I have.
This is on the patio. Michael made it years ago and I am still enjoying it.
The table set in another simple look. This Uncle Sam was carved by the worlds best s-i-l.
This one just fits in this display. Yes another carved by the wbs-i-l.
This is one of my Sebastian figurines. I am thinking I am going to get them back out after the house is off the market.
As you can see I don't have much out this year, but for me right now, this is enough.
I am looking forward to this week as I don't have a lot going on. One thing I have to do is get this house cleaned.
I was reading Holly's blog yesterday,
Holly's Hobbies and Darbee Days
and it made me think about how your life can change in an instant. Go read it and you will see what I am talking about. I wonder how many times God saves us from a disaster, that we aren't even aware of.
This morning was a perfect morning to have coffee on the porch. When I look out over my yard I wonder why I have that sign in it. I had to take a few more pictures of my daylillies, because that is what I saw.
Again I just enjoy these so much.
Amanda and her cousin Hannah gave a baby shower for Beth today. Beth was supposed to be here, but of course wasn't able. Everyone brought their gifts unwrapped and then we wrapped them. Curt and Lindsay will take them up soon. There was a huge crowd and she got so many nice gifts.
Amelia is doing well. She now weighs 3lbs and 4 oz. We thank all of you for your prayers.
I was supposed to show you something new, but it hasn't come in, so maybe next time, when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Let us all be thankful for our family and friends this week. Maybe saying an extra prayer for them.
PSS: We are going to take a field trip down to Dodd and Renda's real soon. They have got some wonderful new (antique) pieces. 
PSSS: Next visit I hope to have more to share. I have been a "blah" blogger lately.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Every day is a Happy Day Through My Back Door. I have had a good night's sleep in a good bed and I get up ready to face the day. Do you? I just love morning. I always have. Even when Curtis' mind was bad and life was hard, mornings were peaceful. We could sit and have our coffee and just be. Maybe our conversations made no sense, but they were taking place. So I still enjoy mornings and I am always happy when you come by, have a cup of good Kona coffee and visit. It makes for a happy day.
Life has been busy Through My Back Door. Last week my niece got married. It was a beautiful ceremony and they both glowed with happiness. Friday night was a party for them, then Saturday night the wedding.
Sunday my cousin Verleen from Michigan was on her way back and stopped here for a couple of hours for lunch. It was impromptu as we were going to eat out, but our plans changed. It was nice just to sit, relax, and visit. She had been to a family reunion on her Mothers side.(We are related by our fathers)She had to be back to work and had to get on her way.
After she left a friend and I decided to run to our favorite store.Chico's! Do any of you like their clothes?
Monday my cousin Carol Sue and her husband stopped in on their way back to Michigan. They were spending the night. We sat around and laughed until almost midnight. It was wonderful reliving old memories and making new ones. She remembered things I had forgotten and I things she had forgotten, so it was quite rewarding sharing and reliving.We drank a lot of coffee, as that is a true family There is nothing better than being with family reminiscing.Nothing.
Here they are getting ready to hit the road after being up so late the night before. They are the parents of Dayna, who visited me not long ago.Carol is busy with her Macomb County Ostomy Group,(An osotomy  support group)serving as president and speaking to other groups. Wayne stays busy working on their rentals and mowing, so I was glad they took time to visit. Love having company come Through My Back Door.
Last week while Deb was still in Illinois, I had Michael, Dodd, Renda, and Clay for supper. Amanda and the children were in Bible School. I have told you before how Clay will come get my car, detail it, bring it back and say,"Here is a 200.00 detail job for nothing." Well he did it again. I was so happy to have a clean car, I took a
Look at the reflection in that shiny car!
Michael teases me all the time about not cooking. He says tell people looking at the house, that the stove is like brand new. It had only been turned on 4 times, at Christmas!lol
My day lillies are gorgeous. I love them and they give so much for so little.
I wanted to show you my butterfly bush. It didn't get cut back last year and it is HUGE! Hummers love it as well.
I finally changed my centerpiece on the table.
Simple, huh?
I will leave you with a few of my favorite things.
My great grandmother's flat iron.
Well it was wonderful having you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Thanks for all the wonderful comments, emails, etc about Ryan and Amelia's picture. She is thriving and we are so thankful.Please continue your prayers.
PSS: Hopefully I will have something new to show you next post. I am excited.
PSSS: Again please continue the prayers for all of the girls in blogland who are experiencing hard times. Also for Tamra.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Special Fathers Day

Good evening and I am so glad you came Through My Back Door. I want to share a special fathers day. All of you know Beth and Ryan's baby came way too early two weeks ago today. You have been praying for them and so I had to share this special moment.
He captioned it, "Safe in Daddy's Arms". You know what? I think she knows it.
Happy first Fathers Day, Ryan. I love you.
PS: Thank you for your continuing prayers. It seems I have been asking a lot lately.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Lights Up My Life

Good morning to all of you and I am so happy to have coffee with you this morning. Life is getting back to normal as much as it can. There is a sadness,but that will last a while, but there is peace in knowing that we will have "joy in the morning."
Today I see my day lillies all getting ready to open. This one was early and the rain was hard on it yesterday, but it is still beautiful.
Day lillies just light up my life. I am not a gardener, and they don't require much care, and I love them.
This old dog lights up my life. He moves when I do. If it is only from chair to chair. Yes, he is an expense and a lot of work, but that is so small in all the joy he brings.
This is Clays sister's children with Mollie and Andrew. I love these kids.(They too call me Mamaw Betty) They certainly light up my life.
Quite the fisherman! This fellow is such a blessing to so many. Love him.
My little beach bums.She doesn't have a boo-boo. (She just accessorizes with Dora bandaides.) lol
Look out ocean, here I come!!!! Love this one.
See, I told you I had some neat pictures to
Had lunch with these friends yesterday. We have such a good time when we get together. I strongly suggest if there are old friends in your life, (even if you haven't seen them in years) that you miss, call them. Reconnect. It will certainly Light Up Your Life.
I am playing with my mantle again. Trying to summerize Sandi told me to leave it alone, but I can't!!!
Thought this would be a change. I am horrible with mantels. Always thought I could really decorate one until I got one!lol Isn't that the way it is?
I told you I bought running shoes and a pearl and leather necklace at the beach. I will spare you the picture of the shoes, but here is the necklace.
I really have enjoyed it. I have it on in the pictures as you can wear it with anything.
Dodd is going to be checking to see if my soles on my shoes are He and Renda are so in to me
This was sent to my by Linda Parker, a long time ago. I have looked at it often lately. Linda has a blog Parkers Paradise.
I am trying so hard to do this. Redware lights up my life! Love it.
I know it isn't things that light up our lives. However having things that you love around you makes you happy. I treasure your friendships, and I am thankful for you, because you DO light up my life, Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Amelia has had some bumps, but is doing well. Prayers are being said  because they are felt. They are working. God is SO GOOD.
 All we can say is Thank You.
Just got this in and had to share.My sweet family, Ryan, Beth, and Amelia.
 Amelia had a good enough day for pictures.
PSS: Please continue to pray for Tamra. She is doing great. While you are praying please remember her grandparents, who are suffering right along with her. They are precious people, and I love them.
PSSS: I am so excited. I am having my cousin from Michigan come Monday and spend the night. Catch up on memories is around the corner. Can't wait Carol Sue.