Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Every day is a Happy Day Through My Back Door. I have had a good night's sleep in a good bed and I get up ready to face the day. Do you? I just love morning. I always have. Even when Curtis' mind was bad and life was hard, mornings were peaceful. We could sit and have our coffee and just be. Maybe our conversations made no sense, but they were taking place. So I still enjoy mornings and I am always happy when you come by, have a cup of good Kona coffee and visit. It makes for a happy day.
Life has been busy Through My Back Door. Last week my niece got married. It was a beautiful ceremony and they both glowed with happiness. Friday night was a party for them, then Saturday night the wedding.
Sunday my cousin Verleen from Michigan was on her way back and stopped here for a couple of hours for lunch. It was impromptu as we were going to eat out, but our plans changed. It was nice just to sit, relax, and visit. She had been to a family reunion on her Mothers side.(We are related by our fathers)She had to be back to work and had to get on her way.
After she left a friend and I decided to run to our favorite store.Chico's! Do any of you like their clothes?
Monday my cousin Carol Sue and her husband stopped in on their way back to Michigan. They were spending the night. We sat around and laughed until almost midnight. It was wonderful reliving old memories and making new ones. She remembered things I had forgotten and I things she had forgotten, so it was quite rewarding sharing and reliving.We drank a lot of coffee, as that is a true family There is nothing better than being with family reminiscing.Nothing.
Here they are getting ready to hit the road after being up so late the night before. They are the parents of Dayna, who visited me not long ago.Carol is busy with her Macomb County Ostomy Group,(An osotomy  support group)serving as president and speaking to other groups. Wayne stays busy working on their rentals and mowing, so I was glad they took time to visit. Love having company come Through My Back Door.
Last week while Deb was still in Illinois, I had Michael, Dodd, Renda, and Clay for supper. Amanda and the children were in Bible School. I have told you before how Clay will come get my car, detail it, bring it back and say,"Here is a 200.00 detail job for nothing." Well he did it again. I was so happy to have a clean car, I took a
Look at the reflection in that shiny car!
Michael teases me all the time about not cooking. He says tell people looking at the house, that the stove is like brand new. It had only been turned on 4 times, at Christmas!lol
My day lillies are gorgeous. I love them and they give so much for so little.
I wanted to show you my butterfly bush. It didn't get cut back last year and it is HUGE! Hummers love it as well.
I finally changed my centerpiece on the table.
Simple, huh?
I will leave you with a few of my favorite things.
My great grandmother's flat iron.
Well it was wonderful having you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Thanks for all the wonderful comments, emails, etc about Ryan and Amelia's picture. She is thriving and we are so thankful.Please continue your prayers.
PSS: Hopefully I will have something new to show you next post. I am excited.
PSSS: Again please continue the prayers for all of the girls in blogland who are experiencing hard times. Also for Tamra.


  1. Morning Betty,
    How fun to have family stop and visit...and then a trip to Chico's - we had one near us but it went out - I bought many things from them when it was here. I love that the things are Cotton and Linen's.
    Oh my a detail wonderful...are you a spoiled lady...yep! But rightly so!!!


  2. So happy you are having a great day. It is always peaceful in the mornings. I think that is why Jesus says to come to him early when we rise up... Amelia is going to be such a sweet blessing. God has a plan for her! Your always have such beautiful and meaningful pieces to share with us! Keep praying for me.. Have a great one! Blessings!

  3. Good morning! Glad you had wonderful visits with family! Always fun to reminisce. I (and my 6 siblings) grew up with most of my cousins, so we share many happy experiences together.
    Lovely flowers.... daylilies never fail to please! Your butterfly bush is amazing! TFS all your favorite things from your home... they are just great. Lucky you to get your car detailed for free!! We have a friend who does that, but it usually costs us a little something! :)
    Have a great day.... so glad to hear little Amelia is thriving!

  4. Visiting you has made me smile today ...It's so good to hear that Amelia is doing well and that summer has bloomed so pretty with dear Betty!
    Many Happy days to you!

  5. Mornings are the best part of the day. Glad you have had a lot of company ... always good to think about old times.

  6. Hi, Betty,
    So glad you got to visit with family. I agree. There's nothing quite like catching up on old times! Time just seems to fly by.
    Your flowers are beautiful! Our lilies should be blooming soon. They're orange tiger lilies. They're so hardy. They just keep coming up year after year.
    I will keep Amelia in my prayers. What a precious gift.

  7. Hi Betty, It is fun to have company , isn't it? It is fun to remember all of the things in our past, too.. I am praying for your little new one and others in your, too.


  8. happy to hear that you having a great day..
    I love mornings always ...It's so good to hear that Amelia is doing well and that summer is looking so beautiful ..
    Love xx

  9. Hello Sweet Betty....It has been awhile and I do apologize for that. Just haven't been holding things together very well here in Nod as of late. But, somehow, I know I'm still welcome through your back door. And how I love the visits...seems to refresh and renew my soul. I did read about your loss...I am so sorry. Sorry also that I had not the courage to express my sympathies to you then....but please know that you were in my thoughts and prayers. Your butterfly bush is gorgeous....for some reason, they don't grow well in these parts. (Well, truth be told, NOTHING is growing well in these parts this year....we had snow less than a month ago, and it is still cold...and dreadfully rainy. Even my peonies haven't bloomed yet.....) Hope all is well in your world - and I do promise to try to keep up better in the days to come. I miss my blog buddies so much. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Hi Betty!
    You are one busy lady.
    I love the mornings too, sunrise, a good cup of coffee first thing and the weekends. Especially the weekends.
    Your daylily colors are so pretty.
    I cut down my butterfly bush and it is not growing at all and it was huge last year.
    So nice to have family visit you.
    Loved your post!

  11. Good Morning Betty Friend
    I just love visiting you in the mornings.
    So love coffee with you and joining you in prayer for so many.
    I also love hearing you stories. :)
    What a sweet son.
    Thankful to the LORD for HIS hand on your dear thriving Amelia.
    He is soo Good!
    Woolie JOY

  12. I am just getting back to visiting with my blogging friends after my husbands illness. I have missed your blog,so glad to be back!

  13. Oh ms. Betty, you are a inspiration to me! I love your outlook!! So glad Lil Amelia is doing so well! hugs my friend! OLM

  14. Hi Betty! I'm so glad to be back to reading my favorite blogs. It has been a rough few weeks. It looks like you have been having good family time. You are so blessed to have them surrounding you. We have 3 weeks to be at home before we are off again...we need some quiet time in this house. Prayers, of course, for sweet Amelia and for Tamra. My favorite daylily is a very old variety called "Hyperion"...lemon yellow, huge flowers. and I once counted 800 flowers on a single plant!---Jan

  15. Can Clay come over to my house and do detail work on my car too? Haha! Kidding aside, whether it's simply sharing a meal or getting a $200 detail job for free, it's always nice to have family over and be reminded of the good things in life. -Prince @ Lexus of Ann Arbor


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