Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Time Through My Back Door

How good it is to see you dropping in this afternoon. I hadn't planned to post until next week, after Dasko got so many comments on his post, I figured no one would want to hear what I had to say. However, with this beautiful background I had too. My blog fairy is at it again. She does make me look good. At least I think she does. I love her and am in awe of her abilities.Visit her blog where ALL of her backgrounds are FREE.
Anyway, I am remiss, help yourself to a cup of Charleston coffee. I got it for my birthday and was waiting until something special to have it. SO today was the day. When Amanda was under going chemo I would take breakfast ingredients out to their house and cook a country breakfast, just to get her to eat, and to help Clay. Well, Andrew loved it and has been asking me again and again, when can we have one of those breakfast. So today I got up and cooked here, and they came and ate. I invited Deb and Michael too. When I cooked at their house, I always let the kids help make biscuits, so today was no different.

Here they are working hard. They are using my Mother's biscuit cutter. I bet it has cut hundreds if not thousands of biscuits over the years. We had homemade biscuits every meal growing up.

See that jar of honey in front of Mollie? That is a gift sent to me by my buddy Ken. He and Lisa send me a jar every year and I LOVE it. (I call Ken my "honey man".He is the sweetest young man, and so is Lisa.)We enjoyed it today too, along with our cubed steak and gravy. What a wonderful start to the weekend. I need to do this more often.(Have my family to eat) Linz will agree with this as she loves my biscuits, which I don't make as often as I use too.
While speaking of growing up, did any of you like country music? I loved it and was blessed to go to the Grand Ole Opry often. (My dad loved it too).
Anyway, I loved Carl Smith, along with many others, but especially Carl Smith. He was from close by and when he came back to his hometown of Maynardville to do a concert, Daddy got us almost front row seats.Do you remember when we cut out "words" to put in front of our pictures in our wallets? I had a boy "friend", who had "the worm who used to be the apple of my eye", in front of my picture in his wallet! I will never forget We took him to see Carl Smith and that is what triggered that
Lucky me, for my birthday, I got some gift cards to Amazon,(because of my love affair with my Kindle). I found some Carl Smith cd's on there and I am in So I just play my cd's and sing. Kinda like Trace over at
My cousin also has a wonderful cd, called Leave A Well in the Valley. I have been listening to it and singing along too.The words in that song have gotten me through some difficult days. He also wrote a book with that title, that is available on Amazon.
Yesterday I worked at The Hen. She has some really neat drieds all marked down. They are beautiful.

If you need paint, she has a good selection right now. It sells fast.
I still love this redware. I want more!!!lol Especially those tumblers.
Look at all the FW coverlets in stock.
Johnnie made this wonderful stepback cupboard.
I thought you might enjoy a visit out there again. This is the neatest store.If you like you can like her page on FB.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Monday the high school girls are coming to lunch. There will be laughter here that day. Can't wait.You know God's timing is never off and I know he knew it was time for us to reconnect. I bet they agree.
PSS:Amelia is just doing great. Your prayers has helped her get where she is
PSSS: Again, bloggers, some of our blogging buddies are going through some dark days. Will you pray? God knows who they are.


  1. Your breakfast sounded and looked like fun.Isn't it great to have little helpers? Both Andrew and Mollie have grown so much.
    I'd love to visit The Hen's sale.I love dried greenery.Pity you're so far away.One day maybe.Thanks for the plug.xx

  2. Oh YUM YUM!!! Homemade biscuits are a fave! Always love peeking in a wonderful prim store! Now I know you had to come home with something!!!! so what was it? OLM

  3. Good to hear from you again Betty. Give Dasko a pat for me.

    Looks like you had a good time at your breakfast. Neat making memories like that.

    Nice little shop you work at. The redware reminded me. The other day at the auction where I got my blue stoneware they sold one slip decorated redware plate with pie crust edge that had some chipping and ya know what? It still brought $550.00. I was totally amazed.


  4. Hi Betty, it is always great to hear (read) from you!LOL Your blog looks beautiful and I am now a follower of your Blog Fairy's blog...she does really nice work! Love how the kids help with the biscuits using that awesome old biscuit cutter! Thanks for sharing everything!
    Be blessed,

  5. Aww yummyyy super yummyyy
    I wish I can come and visit this deary ace..
    Sending g you lots of love x

  6. hi bettyj. your blog does look wonderful. love the header also. the redware is so pretty. homemade biscuits are so yummy, and something i just cannot make very well, lol. thanks for sharing your photos. prim blessings.

  7. Oh man that breakfast looks good! I was just showing Ryan the pictures and he couldn't believe how old Mollie looked! I was telling him how you said your mom made homemade biscuits EVERY day growing up. I remember talking to my grandma about that a couple of months ago...she said her mom got up every single morning and made homemade biscuits! times have changed. I don't know if I've EVER made homemade biscuits, but I'd love to learn! Lindsey called last night and said she and Curt were in Springfield and got to visit baby glad she is growing and doing so well! Prayers are continuing, and looking forward to seeing you all SOMETIME soon! =)

  8. What sweet pictures of the little ones making memories! Your blog looks great!

  9. hi Betty! Yum! I love Breakfast ! I love breakfast for dinner too! There is nothing better than hot fluffy biscuits dripping with butter..I love them and they love my hips! ;) I enjoyed the glimpses of the store and I can attest to the CD by your cousin...very calming.---Jan

  10. God Bless you Betty, have a great day. Beautiful post. Trisha

  11. Hi from your long-lost friend in CA. Good to get to read you again and wish I had some of those home-made biscuits! There is nothing like home-made! The shop you work in looks like so much fun, I bet you love it. Come visit me! {{HUGS}} Joy

  12. Hi Betty,
    I'm a tad late getting here but it's always worth it when I finally do.
    This post was packed full of nostalgia wasn't it?
    How fun to make those memories with your grands and great grands....
    Always a nice outing to work at the Hen isn't it?

    Well lady, nice chatting with you again...have a fun, happy and safe 4th of July

  13. I cannot imagine being close by the shop....I definitely would be broke...:( I had my first experience with chalk looks okay.. I think milk paint is much better. So glad Ameilia is doing so well. She will be a trooper or the Lord some day. What a testimony!!! Thanks for your prayers. I appreciate you!!! Blessings!

  14. I would so be in trouble if I lived near The Hen!

    Loved seeing your great grandchildren there cooking in the kitchen with you! You're so awesome! Making lots of memories they'll never forget! :)

    I've had you on my mind and in my prayers...just wanted you to know!



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