Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Trip down Memory Lane


Happy 4th of July to each of you. I am glad you took time to come Through My Back Door and have a cup of coffee. This is one of my favorite holidays and I have lots of wonderful 4ths to remember. Today a special one came to my mind. I always spent my summers in Ohio with my maternal grandparents. As you know I was their only grandchild and they loved having me. I loved going and always came home outfitted for school. Grandma would take me shopping and buy the appropriate things, then Grandpa would take me and buy what I I can still see Grandma scowling over a dress or two he let me
Anyway I was always there for the 4th. We would go to the fairgrounds in Coshocton to celebrate. One year the people across the street, who owned a funeral home and (where I got a tour that grossed me out)lol invited me and my friend Ruth to go with them and eat supper. Grandma and Grandpa would come out later for the fireworks. I can still feel how important I felt riding in the back seat of that big black Cadilac and going through the gates of the fair grounds.  I remember their names, Arthur Dawson and his wife Hilda. What a treat for two young girls.this was an act of kindness they never expected to live on so many years. Never has hot dogs and hamburgers tasted so good.
Another vivid memory about Coshocton is Isaly's ice cream shoppe, that was on Main St. We would get ice cream everyday and those cones were big! I swear that is where my addiction
My grandpa carried the mail through the Amish country and I would go on the mail route with him. I always hated it when they spoke German/Dutch and I couldn't understand what they were saying. I also remember a lot of the post masters calling me names, like "little ridge runner", "hillbilly","moon shiner" etc. Always in a kind way. They would ask if I had my shoes on, which I did, but only because I had
Another Coshocton memory is walking downtown. I lived in the country and this was so exciting to me. My friends and I could walk to the movies, and roller skate in the streets. What wonderful memories.
Well, enough of memory lane. I will share just a few red, white and blue pictures that I like.

Now does this make you smile?

I just love this picture of the patriotic clothes pins. Or pegs, as my blog fairy calls them.

This is small town America.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good, and God Bless America.
PS: Amelia is over 4 pounds!
PSS: MAny of our blogging friends are still in need of our prayers
PSSS: I am ready to do some thing different in the house. Stay tuned


  1. Hi, Betty,
    Such special memories of your grandpa. In Ohio where I am, there is a steady rain today...such strange weather! Happy 4th to you!

  2. I loved this post. Isn't it fun to travel down memory lane? Delivering mail in the Amish country must have been so fun. I would love that. I want to visit that area one day. It is a very wet 4th here and all of the celebrations in our town are cancelled. :( We are making the best of it and celebrating at home. So happy to hear Amelia is doing so good. She will be home before we know it! Have a happy day.

  3. Happy 4th to you and your followers.A shame everyone seems to have rain.For once,we have sunshine and it's supposed to be getting hot. Really enjoyed sharing your memories. Holidays at Grandparents' houses were always the best.

  4. I love when you go down Memory Lane! It gives me a new perspective of my grandmother!

  5. Happy 4th July to you all dear friend
    Big hugs x

  6. What wonderful precious memories. Some of my most fondest times where spent with my Grandmother or Granny as we called her...Beautiful pics and beautiful children. Little Amelia is growing..Praise the Lord. Excited that you have your "groove" back for the house....Praying for you...keep praying for me. Blessings and Happy Fourth!

  7. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories Betty. Those were the good ole days eh?

    So happy Amelia is growing. Soon she will be going off to school.


  8. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays. I like you have so many wonderful memories. We always had a big 4th cook out and the pool would be nice and cool after the hot day. Then we always did fireworks. Ray loved his fireworks. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


  9. What great memories! Also love seeing a picture of Sharon's new shop! Hope to see it in person one of these days!

  10. Oh memories can take us anywhere, can't they ? And no one can take them away from us. How wonderful. What adorable little Americana sweeties. Blessings~Sara

  11. Betty; I enjoy your blog so much. Reminds me of my childhood when I spent the summers on my aunt's farm. Fresh milk every morning.

  12. Hi Betty, I enjoyed a trip down memory lane with you. I have a friend who, he and his wife live in Coshocton, OH. His name is Paul Long. Sometimes it is a small world, if you ever back up that way, you may run into him. He and his wife are very nice. God Bless you Betty. Have a great week, Trisha


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