Friday, July 19, 2013

A Little Christmas in July

Good morning and come on in. Lets have a cup of coffee and just visit. We can sit out on the porch because there is a little breeze. Before we go out I want to congratulate Vicky Huckaby, for being in Country Sampler this month. You can find her blog, Green Creek Primitives, on my sidebar.
I have sat out here a lot this year. My butterfly bush is being invaded by hummers and butterflies. The lavender is surrounded with honey bees. Curtis would love it as he always worried when there weren't honey bees or  frogs croaking. BTW, you can have a piece of pie with your coffee if you like. Fresh peach. My friend and neighbor, Jackie, brought me over a bag of fresh peaches and I made a cobbler. Yummy.
So many of you are having terrific heat waves I thought I would send you cooler thoughts. Christmas! I know you think, she has lost Anyway, here is a bit of Christmas in July.

Well, hope this cooled you off a bit, just thinking of Christmas! Oh wait! A fire doesn't cool you off!
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Amelia is doing great, thanks to so many prayers. Thank you  so much
PSS: I am so excited, it is almost time for the Worlds Longest Yard Sale.
PSSS: It is going to be Christmas in July in Clinton on the 27th, of this month. The Speckled Hen is going to be fantastic. So make plans for a get away and come cool off, thinking about Christmas. It really is a fun time in Clinton.


  1. Seeing the snowy pic reminded me of how our Winter was...we were all longing for Spring and Summer...remember? Love all the pics of is coming sooner than we think...less than six months...whew! So glad the blooms and sights of Summer give you sweet memories of Curtis. Little Amelia is such a trooper.. I know God has great plans for her. How are you Ms Betty? I pray your days are sweet and happy. Love you my dear Sister in Christ! You are such a sweet kindred Spirit and blessing to many! We are heading North on the 127...Excited!!! Blessings!

  2. Peach cobbler,,, one of my favorites. Just when I was thinking about fall decorating,,, here you go showing Christmas. Hmmmm,,,, maybe I should skip fall and start on Christmas.{smile} I know one little red head who would love it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love your Christmas pictures. Makes me want to decorate now! I think I could keep Christmas stuff out all year! I am so ready. It's such a happy time of year. Are you going to the longest yard sale? I have been once and loved it. Would love to go again. Have a good day!

  4. That's funny Betty, I was thinking of you yesterday when my magazine came and was looking at a picture in it while your blog was loading. The picture is on page 51, I want to paint this ugly mahogany paneling ... I have 3 rooms liiving room, bedroom and enclosed front porch where they just thought it would be the bees knees to panel here. I love the color on those walls, would look good for my living room or the porch. Maybe a winter time project.

  5. Thanks for helping to cool us off! It is almost unbearable in Michigan this week. I even closed the shop for today. It is supposed to start cooling off a little by tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend, Dawn

  6. Love your Christmas pics. I was thinking of posting snow pictures but you beat me too it. LOL.

    Wish I could come to TN again. Love it there in the Smokies.


  7. I love your Christmas pictures so pretty.
    Sending you lots of love x

  8. We just returned from Sturbridge, Mass..... We wanted to go to Old Sturbridge Village, which we haven't been to in years.... The heat was unbearable!! I think we were there with about 12 other people!! We will go back in the fall when we are able to enjoy it more.... I didn't even shop the way I would've liked!! TFS the cold winter pics! It's over 100 today here in NY and those photos sure look nice!
    So happy to hear that little Amelia is doing great!!

  9. I always love seeing Christmas pictures any time of the year. Yours are always warm and welcoming. I especially love your lights on the small tree. I am going to have to find them this year. So glad to hear little Amelia is doing great! Blessings~Sara

  10. Thanks for the cooler thoughts.We have been just unbearable heat here,supposed to break on sunday.Peach cobbler yummm.Our peaches haven't been good this year I'd love to make some dumplings.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Betty, is there any cobbler left? YUMMY! So hot here too... Love the teaser of winter, it will be here soon enough... I will say I don't like weather this hot, never did, at least in winter you can add clothes... I can't keep taking off with out get arrested! LOL!
    I am so excited for Vicky! She is such a sweet heart, I got my magazine today. I will read everything tonight... you can I spy in the rocking chair in Oliver's room a OLM misfit pumpkin :) Hugs! OLM

  12. So much fun Betty...thanks for sharing.

  13. Ha ha~ at first I thought you really had decorated your house this July. Then I realized these were pictures from Christmas. I am glad for the cooler thoughts. It was 84 degrees at 8:30 this morning and 100 degrees by 5 o clock. Whew!!!

  14. 3 of my girlfriends and I get together once a month, go out to eat and get each other a little trinket or two to open when we go back to the house for coffee and dessert. Well, this month we celebrated Christmas in July...complete with a tree, holiday decorations and of course we all wore some festive Christmas jewelry. Luckily, we always go to the same restaurant and they know us well. Otherwise, while the temperature was still up to 93 degrees at 6 pm, someone else may have thought the 4 of us in capris and T-shirts with jingle bell earrings and necklaces had snapped!

    The peach cobbler was delicious, Betty and I loved your decorations...stay cool! ♥

  15. Merry Christmad in July Friend.
    I am starting my preparations here today.
    I make a lot of my gifts so need to start early.
    Woolie Christmas Love

    Yumm I loved the pie

  16. What a nice cooling post! We had temps of 96 and with the high humidity it felt well into the 100's, there is a break coming though so I am happy! I love your porch, I so miss mine from the last apartment I lived.
    Have a great weekend my friend!
    Be blessed,

  17. I love sitting on the porch with you....and the pie was great. The Christmas snow cooled me off. Hugs


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