Monday, July 8, 2013

Want To Take Another Walk?

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Make yourself a cup of K coffee and lets visit. I know you are surprised the coffee isn't on, but I have had to be off of it a few days. I will drink my Powerade(YUK) and you have the coffee. The rain has stopped this morning and that is a welcome sight. We have had rain for so long, it is nice to see it stop. I thought we would take another walk, down memory lane, if you like. (Amanda, this post is for you) I was surprised  Trisha, Apron Strings and Favorite Things knew someone who lives in Coshocton. I have the happiest memories of that town. I spent every summer for 16 years there. When I was 16 my grandparents moved to Tennessee to be close to us. They didn't stay but about 4 years and grandpa got homesick and they moved back to Coshocton. They stayed about 10 years, then moved back, as they were getting up  in years. My grandmother died at 88 and my grandfather at 93. I loved those two people so much.
I told you when I went on the mail route grandpa would take "riders" from town to town. He carried the mail from Post Office to Post Office. Started in Coshocton and ended in Dundee,Ohio. The towns in between were West Layfayette, Freso, Baltic, Pearl, Shanesville, Sugar Creek, Bars Mills, and Dundee. He ran that twice a day. Morning and afternoon. I would go on the afternoon run because I couldn't get up so early. As I said he would take"riders" and they would give him tips. When I was along he gave them to  me. I would save them and that would be my money for movies and going to Newberrys on Main street. Then of course over to Isalys. What fun as I lived way in the country and it was 30 minutes to Knoxville, but here I could walk.  I had a friend Ruth, who lived in what is now Historic Roscoe Village, who helped entertain me. She was a city girl and "up" on all the latest fads. She taught me to wear my skate key around my neck on a plaid shoe string. Remember that? Also to roll up my jeans and put a huge safety pin in the Did any of you do that?Her grandparents and mine had been friends since they were young. There were lots of picnics and fun things to do. When we had a picnic there was always a metal Thermos(gallon) filled with green tea. Yes, they drank green tea years before it became the "healthy" thing to do. Must have worked.
One of my memorable trips to Main Street, was meeting two motorcycle policeman. I was probably 12 at the They let my friend and I have our pictures taken on their motorcycles! They wouldn't be allowed to do that today, probably.I was probably 14 when I was standing in front of Newberrys and I heard a whistle. You know the WOW  whistle. I stood up taller and heard it again. I thought I must really look good, when my friend Ruth, said, "Don't get excited, it is just that bird"!lol Oh well.
I hope you have enjoyed your walk down Memory Lane with me. It is so much fun to go back. I will say this. Many years later my cousin Judy and her family lived in what was then Roscoe. She lived in a duplex next to the Warehouse Restaurant.  When the children and I would go to Ohio in the summer,(yes the tradition continued,lol)Not for the whole summer, only for a week to 10 days, we would always spend the night with Judy and her children. Now it is a gift shop. It feels strange to shop in a building that I used to have such a good time in.  I still get a thrill from going back to those places I have so many happy memories.
As I mentioned earlier I have been under the weather for a week. I am getting better and going to get motivated in my house. Hopefully soon I will have some new pictures to show. Mean time, I leave you with pictures of some of my favorite things.
This old New England blanket chest has been around a long time. One of my favorites.
My candle snuffer collection. Each one is special. The one in the middle is silver and the first one we got. Curtis started this collection for me with it.
Love my table, when it is set for soup with the pewter.Mollie calls it "pu-dor". We are teaching her Her favorite thing is have a cup of "coffee" with us. (milk with a dallop of coffee")lol
My Nannies bonnet.(paternal grandmother)
Childs stepback, Olivia initiated the building of. All 4 granddaughters and me got one. She insisted Co-co make her a cupboard. Called  often to check on its progress.
Childs blue willow tea set. Need to look for more pieces. The original pieces were in a box lot we bought at an auction in Ky, many years ago.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am going to get to meet a blogging friend this week. She is coming to Clinton. I am excited and you all will recognize her and her blog.
PSS:Please continue to remeber Tamra and her family.
PSSS: I hope I haven't bored you with the walks. We won't walk for a


  1. Betty,
    I love this post! I loved reading about your grandpa and his mail route. I love to hear stories of years gone by. I miss my grandparents dearly and would love to hear there stories again. I have a few places in my life that have been converted to something else. Even visiting my childhood home, even if from the outside, brings back such memories. Picturing the rooms inside again.

    I hope you don't mind, my k-coffee is iced. It is hot here in PA. Stinkin' hot! We had a few days of sun, but then the temperature went up to 96. BLECK! Now we are back in a pattern of hot, humid, and stormy!

    I love your collections! I have one candle snipper. Of course, I wasn't sure how you used it since my candles are in jars and are cake candles. Your snippers are beautiful and unique!

    Thank you for the tour and coffee! I will visit again soon. It is always lovely visiting you!

    Love and hugs!

  2. I LOVED the walk and hope we DO get to take more, Betty. I used to go with my grandparents on their deliveries when I was young...Grampa cut alders and Grammie made hundreds of cemetery baskets all year round for florists all over NH. In the Winter he cut mountain laurel and evergreens, and she made wreaths and roping to sell as well. Hardworking and busy as they always were lots of good meals and fun was always in store at their house! Also, hoping you are getting better quickly and that you can have your coffee again soon. Prayers for Tamara and enjoy your blogger buddy's visit! ♥ Lynne

  3. Beautiful post Betty, I enjoy having your blog so much, have a wonderful time visiting with your blogging friend. Blessings, Trisha

  4. I love walks down Memory Lane! I enjoy telling my stories, and I enjoy hearing other's.... This post was wonderful, Betty. It gave me a "warm and fuzzy" feeling reading it! There's nothing like happy memories with family and friends!! TFS...
    Hope you are feeling better soon,

  5. I loved it! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Feel better soon!

  6. Always love to go down Memory Lane with you! What beautiful collections you have! Hope you get feeling better real soon.

  7. i loved it too :)
    get well soon.
    hugs x

  8. Oh, Betty I enjoyed the walk, if I remember correctly it was J.J. Newberry's at least the JJ sticks in my mind from somewhere back in time.

    Hope you start feeling better and get back to having the coffee on.

  9. It is a small world....that is what I love about the blogging many wonderful connections. I love Trisha.. she is a wonderful lady...I love your walks down memory lane..what a great way to keep up with wonderful memories and share them with others. I hope you feel better soon. Love all your favorites. So glad the rain is gone but coming back around here for a couple of more days. I mowed tired of the rain...Blessings!

  10. Oh Ms. Betty, I enjoyed this walk so! Can't we do it again soon?
    I am sorry you have been under the weather, so hope you are on the mend... If you are not drinking coffee...something is just not right, hugs my friend! OLM

  11. Betty;
    I love your walks down memory lane. Reminds me sometimes of my younger years. We would go back to Rimersburg Pa. Stay the weekend with family. Good memories. Keep telling us stories. Hope you feel better, then you can post more often :) Love ya

  12. Oh Betty I enjoy your walks down memory lane. Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures too.


    Ps hope you feel better real soon

  13. So enjoyed my walk with you..Sending up a prayer you feel better soon.Warm Blessings! Amy

  14. Betty,
    I so enjoyed your walk! Sadly, I was not fortunate enough to spend time with or get to know my grandparents. But,your walk reminded me that we are making wonderful memories for our grandchildren to look back on and smile :)

  15. I love going on walks with you!!! They are so enjoyable, and you have the gift of telling a story and making us feel like we're with you. I hope today finds you feeling much better.

    Hugs, Marla

  16. Betty, I love hearing about things like that. Your walk was beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. I wonder if my grandchildren will like to hear about how things were for me when I was a child. I have so many memories of my grandparents as a child. We didn't see them too much, but it was so special when we did. I think I have more clear memories of time with them than anything. Glad you are feeling a bit better. You have the most special collections. -Steph-


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