Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ramblings and Memories

You can't go wrong with beautiful music, decorations you love, and the joy of the Christmas season. Thanksgiving just kicks it all off. I love it all as you know if you have been coming Through My Back Door very long. I sometimes think my heart will burst with all the joys of the season. I know this has been a very hard year. A year of loss, but it has also been a year of joy and Thanksgiving. We have Amelia and that is a blessing in itself. Remember this picture?
We never gave up faith that she would be fine. Now she is like this.
Even though she is asleep here, she laughs all the time, when she is awake. She is so happy. So I guess I am saying she makes up for the losses. We never forget those we have lost, never. (and that includes our fur babies)
We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and I can't help but remember the year Curtis and Michael decided to make sassafrass tea. From the roots. It took FOREVER, and oh yes we all had to taste it. Years ago when the kids were small, Curtis, my Dad, and the boys when they got big enough always went rabbit hunting on Thanksgiving morning. That tradition continued until Curtis and the boys finally stopped when the boys were in high school and didn't like hunting. Our family was small but we had big traditions. It was a wonderful time. Now we still have our traditions, Deb hosts Thanksgiving,she has a much larger house, and it is all of us and our extended family. My sister in law and my two nieces, their husbands, children, my nephew and his wife and children. We have really grown but we don't mind all the hubbub and noise. Life is good.
Amanda wanted some pictures from our October beach trip, to Seagrove Beach I had taken, and she sent me this one.I just have to share it, as we had no idea until we came out of our bedrooms to go over to the beach,  that Mollie and I were twins. One day she will look at this and say," YUK! I was dressed like my great grandmother!!!!"
I thought this was so funny. Yes, my bathing suit was turquoise too.(Although you will never see)lol
Many years ago when we built this house and put the microwave in the wall, it looked fine. Years later when we needed a replacement, it was much smaller, This is what I lived with for years.
Cookbooks stuffed around it, to hide looking into the pantry. Not pretty.
Now this is the way it looks, thanks to worlds best son in law.
This just pulls back and you are in the microwave. This was made out of orange osage wood and has not been painted nor stained. This is the color it is. Just happens to be the color I needed. We love this, but you can't find a lot of it. It is the tree hedge apples grow on. He has a man a couple of hours away who has a saw mill, that he gets his wood from and this is where he found it. I love it.
It is so cold here today, I am sitting looking at the fire and drinking my coffee. I love to just "be."
I had been watching this lamp at the Hen forever. I really wanted it, but didn't know where I could use it. I need to be taking out, not putting in. Well I gave in. I am so glad I did, as I just love it.
Don't know where it will go after Christmas, but for now it is here. I am sure I will find a place.
I will show you a few more Christmas pictures. I put the red coverlet back on the bed  for the Christmas holidays. My favorite coverlet is the old brown one. I don't know why. lol
Again  if you have been coming Through My Back Door very long, you know I love red. I like to look and drool at these "true" prim homes but I HAVE to have color in my life. I love the brightness and glow of color.
The Santa on the right was carved by the worlds best son in law and painted by Deb. The other is a mold. The Santa on the shelf is a carved Russian Santa, given to by Carol. She got him in Russia.
Christmas in the bathroom. This is one of my favorite prints. J. Webb, he is a Gatlinburg artisit, did this. I really like it.
The front door inside. The Santa on the right was made by Deb. He is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.BTW she made the stocking years ago, too.(What would I do w/o her)
Well I am glad you chose to come Through My Back Door, where life is still good.
PS: Some exciting things going on Through My Back Door soon. Another trip and company coming. Can you tell I am so excited? I love it when company comes. Hope it doesn't snow.
PSS:Our friend Angela has her surgery Tuesday. Lets all pray for the doctors and a quick recovery.
PSSS: I will show you more Christmas and a give away I won next post. Oh the soap shaped like a sheep. I would love to use it, it smells so good, but I wouldn't dare. Thank you Tombstone Tidings.
I also want to share the Christmas books, as I don't lack much having them read. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Kwistians" (Christians) Should Not Get "Runned" Over

Hello and come on in Through My Back Door.  Get yourself a cup of DD and lets sit in front of the fireplace and chat.

 I love it when you come and we can sit, drink our coffee and just be. You all are very important to me and that is why I want to share this statement. You know how I love my greats. They are all the light of my life. I don't get to be with Gabe and Amelia  nearly as much as I would like, but am with Mollie and Andrew often, as they live nearby. Gabe is in Chattanooga, Amelia is in Il.
 So what is with  this title, you ask. Well the other day, Mollie was reading her bible to Amanda. She said and I quote, " Kwistians should not run into the street. Kwistians should not get runned over". Well of course we all got such a laugh out of this. Then it hit me. The "kwistians should not get runned over" part. We shouldn't but we do. We don't literally run out into the street, but life runs over us. Why do we let it? We especially get "runned over" during the holidays. Decorating, shopping, cooking, parties, church programs, cantatas, they run us over! I think this little girl's statement shows wisdom. "Kwistians should not get runned over". It has pounded in my memory ever since Amanda shared this. This Christmas this "Kwistian" is going to refuse to get runned over. Will you join me? Let's truly enjoy these days. Make a list and go over it. See what you can eliminate. Leave out some traditions if they are being taken for granted or not really enjoyed anymore. It isn't about the gifts, how much you spend, or who can out do who. It is about Christ and His coming, the greatest gift of all.(as a Christian I have to think His giving His life for me, is the GREATEST gift, but if He hadn't come, He couldn't give His live) Send a card, make cookies, (buy cookies)  forget cookies,lol, don't feel you have to accept every invitation, take time to sit in front of the fire and listen to Christmas music, read books, watch Hallmark movies, just be. Just enjoy these days. I love to entertain during Christmas, as I believe God wants us to open our homes as well as our hearts to people, but this year I am cutting back. I don't want to get "runned over". Do you? After all, "Kwistians Should Not Get Runned Over".
I am going to leave you with some favorite pictures of this precious little girl.  I know people (however I do) don't really want to see or hear about other peoples grands, but allow me this one more time.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
 PS: I just got back from eating lunch with Andrew on family day. Amanda alternates and it was Mollies turn at Mothers Day Out. Clay couldn't get off, so I was given the privilege. Know what? He hugged me good bye and said I love you, without me initiating it!!! I didn't want to embarrass him. I love it!
PSS:Angela Thru Nana's Window, is having surgery. Please pray for her
PSSS: Tamra is doing great. Thank you for your prayers. Her hair is growing and she is beautiful. 

Monday, November 18, 2013


Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. You know the coffee is on and we are using the Christmas cups. Yes, I know it is before Thanksgiving, but please humor me. You can have a cinnamon roll too. How about that?
You know I have decorated for Christmas and I will not apologize. I don't host Thanksgiving here anymore, so I decorated. Anyway it was good for a broken heart. Yes I am still missing that Dasko. He was always ready for his picture to be taken or was lying in the floor when I was taking them, and I elected not to make him move.
Well since I have been decorated, I have been listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books. (I will tell you about these books in another post. I am in a forum with the writers and have enjoyed these.) While I was sitting in my recliner the other day, looking at my tree, I started thinking of trees past. I grew up with Cedar trees. It was all my dad would have. We cut them on our property and we had pines too. I always wanted a pine tree. Never got it until I got married. Cedar was the tree of choice at my house growing up. My mother had beautiful ornaments to put on it and there was always lots of presents under it. Even if we were going to Ohio to my grandparents, we had a tree. My daddy loved Christmas and I think that is where I got my love for it. My mother wasn't raised to have a tree so it was whatever with her. NOW the food that was another story. Everyone got their favorites. Especially after I had children and then when they had children. Fast forward to my children. It was a family affair getting the tree. When they would cut one Curtis and the kids would go and I would stay home and make fudge. One year I thought I would surprise them and made a blue cheese cheeseball, you can probably guess the rest of the Dodds first words when he came in was, "who threw up?". Never did that again. We always had colored lights and the ornaments were memory ornaments. Wreaths were made in school and we always had a gum drop tree. I got my pine tree, but I always wanted blue lights and blue balls on it. Never happened. Well, when the kids leave home I will, I thought.  I repeat, Never I remember buying trees to plant when the first 2 grands came along. I remember the first artificial tree and how guilty I felt. Now I am using a twig tree, along with feather trees. Have I regressed or progressed? Who knows. I still would love to have a cedar tree, but I shared with you what the man said. Cedar trees and central heat are not good.
Deb and I were talking about how much we miss Curtis this year. even though he was in the nursing home for 6 Thanksgivings before he died, memories are coming back of good times. I personally think God gives us these good memories and takes  away the bad as a gift. Curtis loved the kids and grand kids coming home. He liked to  Christmas shop and always wanted to pick out the boys gifts.  Back to my  daddy. He always looked forward to us getting there on holidays. Of course every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner was there. No matter what time we arrived, he would meet us on the porch and say,"Where have you been? You should have been here 15 minutes ago."  That was everytime, whether we were late or not. Now one of the kids says it and we all laugh. There is nothing like memories. I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good. BTW What kind of memories are you making?
PS: Saturday Carol came out and we made applesauce/cinnamon ornies.
It was a cool, dreary day and we ate vegetable soup, drank coffee and made these. We also had a great visit. I am so grateful God made our paths cross 30 years ago.Some on the kitchen tree.

PSS: Let us all pray for the victims of those terrible storms yesterday. I cannot imagine how devastating and frightening that must be
PSSS: My next blog post will be, "Christians should not get "runned" over".  A Mollie direct quote.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Deck The Halls

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Oh yes the halls are I had to do something and that is what I chose to do. Grab a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll. I have made a yellow cake with caramel icing but that is lunch for the domino girls, or chicks as we call ourselves. We call ourselves that  because Dottie got us an ornament one year that said that. I am so thankful for all the e-mails, pm's and cards you all have sent. Life has been hard, but it has to go on. So I am going to try to get back to my original blogging. Fun and lots of decorating.
I have not done the outside yet, but it will look like this. I do the same thing every year. I guess I need to change it up a bit.
I haven't put out as much  this year and I haven't gotten all my fresh greenery cut. It will be a while before I do that. Then I will have to replace it a couple of times, as it dries out so quickly. I wanted a cedar Christmas tree and the lot manager told me cedar dried out too quickly and would catch fire, with the central heat. I use  lot of cut cedar and just replace it, as I have 2 nice cedar trees that sprouted under the porch and Curtis saved them. My holly tree is beautiful this year too. I have a bit in already, but not much.
Can you see the pink ornie on the tree? My friends Gina and Billy sent me that when they heard I had Dasko.  We worked together during the Christmases Hillary was destroying our trees. They thought it was so funny. When they heard I had  new rottie they sent him that. He being the good dog he was, never bothered However he did eat the gingerbread ornaments that were low enough. It was okay, they were edible. Hill never cared if was edible or not and no matter how we barricaded the tree, she got to it. I guess that is what memories are made of.
I always debate on whether to decorate this feather tree or just leave the candles on it. I have decorations to go it, but I do like it plain.
This over the pantry doors.
Hope you enjoyed this bit of Christmas. There is more I will share later.
I spent last Wed- Sunday in Pigeon Forge with the card group. Remember we have played cards 28 years and have been going on a fall trip 25. Took no pictures, except a  few on my phone. Haven't figured out how to get them off yet.(Deb will show me one day.) We had such a good time, ate, shopped, talked, played cards and laughed. I don't remember when I have laughed so much. It was so needed by me. Them too, as all but 2 of us are still working. 3 out of 5 are teachers, physical therapist, or vision specialist, with the school system and if you or anyone you know works in education you know how stressful that has become. It is so sad, because when I worked we had so much fun with the kids, there were smiles and laughter all around. Don't think it is that way  anymore.
That is sad because a happy environment is important. If any of you or any one in your family teaches, you understand what I am saying. It is a universal problem.
It is so good to have you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am so thankful for my blog fairy who makes my blog look good. Go over and visit her blogs. Tell her you came from Through My Back Door
PSS:Please remember to pray for our fellow bloggers. I have heard from some this week and they are going through some difficult times. Some are facing life changing events, some surgery, but what ever the crisis, pleaase pray for them.
PSSS: During this Thanksgiving/Christmas season, lets all let someone know how much they mean to us. It may be someone who sits in the same seat at church every Sunday, that is always there with a smile, it may be someone you haven't seen in a while, but let them know. I am going to try to do that. Will you?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Smile Because It Happened

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door this cool November morning. It  has been a rough couple of weeks here, but I am getting through it. Thanks for the prayers, the e-mails, and all the pm's during this hard time, and I am trying hard to Smile because it happened and not cry because it is over.
Get a cup of coffee and let me tell you about my boy. He was a God send to me about this time almost 7 years ago. My Hillary was getting old, Curtis had gone into the Nursing Home, and I didn't want to come home to an empty house, so I began my quest for a young rottie. I didn't want a puppy, as Hillary had driven me crazy going through the puppy stage. I asked God to send me the right dog. I finally narrowed it down to three and called my wonderful vet, Dr JoAnn Hibbs. She said, "I don't like the sound of any of them. Give me some time and don't do anything." The next morning my phone rang, and it was Renee, the girl we had bought Hillary from.  Now, Renee doesn't part with her dogs. (She raised one litter of puppies, of which Hill was one, and was so picky about the homes they were going to, she never did another litter) She had bought Dasko to show and he hadn't gotten big enough, and she was willing to give him to me!!!!!Later she said she didn't know what came over her as she never parted with her dogs. NEVER. My response was, it was a God thing and she couldn't have changed it if she wanted too! So, from November through December, he came to visit me. New Years Day 2008, he moved in. What a gift he was. We bonded immediately, he was 4&1/2, well behaved, good mannered, and a perfect dog. He was my constant companion. He loved everyone and almost everyone loved him.
He thought everyone who came Through My Back Door, came to see him, and to tell the truth a lot of folks did.
I want to share some pictures with some of his friends, and some pictures that are special to me.
I am not wanting this to be a sad post, but a thankful one. I am thankful to have been owned by him for 6&1/2 years. I am thankful I got to share him with you readers and so many of you have said you felt like he was your dog too. Thank you.
The center of everything!lol
I call this the guilty Rottweiller, he had just eaten one of Karens mug mat' was his blanket)
At the cookie swap.
Wanted to take a ride and wouldn't get out until I took him for one! He loved to go.
Hey Mom, take my picture.
This is one of my favorites, I call it "Surveying His Kingdom". He ran this path everyday along the creek. It was okay it was his property. Last week he stood outside and looked down to the barn, like "I sure wish I could do that one more time."
Those are my feet, he is laying by. This was at a jewelry party.
This is Angela Phillips with him.(Thru Nana's Window)
This is his last picture. Carol came and spent two whole days with us. They had a special bond, as she had lost both of her dogs this year. Thank you Carol, for always being there for me.
Mary and Dottie were here to welcome him home from the hospital. Shirley was too, but she didn't get in the picture. (This wasn't posed, I just snapped it as they were comforting him)
I had the best picture of him and Sharon and can't find it. I loved the way he was looking at her in it!
Well I am grateful you let me share my Dasko with you and I am glad you came Through My Back Door, although it is lonely right now, where life is still good.
PS:It has taken me several days to do this post. I am still broken hearted
PSS: Renee who gave him to me, Laura who boarded him at doggy camp, and my vet Dr Hibbs, have all cried tears with me, I thank them because they understand how deep the hurt is
PSSS: You have no idea how your messages have helped. Trace I love the little woolen angel and she is watching over this household in the living room. Thank you all for your  prayers