Monday, November 18, 2013


Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. You know the coffee is on and we are using the Christmas cups. Yes, I know it is before Thanksgiving, but please humor me. You can have a cinnamon roll too. How about that?
You know I have decorated for Christmas and I will not apologize. I don't host Thanksgiving here anymore, so I decorated. Anyway it was good for a broken heart. Yes I am still missing that Dasko. He was always ready for his picture to be taken or was lying in the floor when I was taking them, and I elected not to make him move.
Well since I have been decorated, I have been listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies and reading Christmas books. (I will tell you about these books in another post. I am in a forum with the writers and have enjoyed these.) While I was sitting in my recliner the other day, looking at my tree, I started thinking of trees past. I grew up with Cedar trees. It was all my dad would have. We cut them on our property and we had pines too. I always wanted a pine tree. Never got it until I got married. Cedar was the tree of choice at my house growing up. My mother had beautiful ornaments to put on it and there was always lots of presents under it. Even if we were going to Ohio to my grandparents, we had a tree. My daddy loved Christmas and I think that is where I got my love for it. My mother wasn't raised to have a tree so it was whatever with her. NOW the food that was another story. Everyone got their favorites. Especially after I had children and then when they had children. Fast forward to my children. It was a family affair getting the tree. When they would cut one Curtis and the kids would go and I would stay home and make fudge. One year I thought I would surprise them and made a blue cheese cheeseball, you can probably guess the rest of the Dodds first words when he came in was, "who threw up?". Never did that again. We always had colored lights and the ornaments were memory ornaments. Wreaths were made in school and we always had a gum drop tree. I got my pine tree, but I always wanted blue lights and blue balls on it. Never happened. Well, when the kids leave home I will, I thought.  I repeat, Never I remember buying trees to plant when the first 2 grands came along. I remember the first artificial tree and how guilty I felt. Now I am using a twig tree, along with feather trees. Have I regressed or progressed? Who knows. I still would love to have a cedar tree, but I shared with you what the man said. Cedar trees and central heat are not good.
Deb and I were talking about how much we miss Curtis this year. even though he was in the nursing home for 6 Thanksgivings before he died, memories are coming back of good times. I personally think God gives us these good memories and takes  away the bad as a gift. Curtis loved the kids and grand kids coming home. He liked to  Christmas shop and always wanted to pick out the boys gifts.  Back to my  daddy. He always looked forward to us getting there on holidays. Of course every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner was there. No matter what time we arrived, he would meet us on the porch and say,"Where have you been? You should have been here 15 minutes ago."  That was everytime, whether we were late or not. Now one of the kids says it and we all laugh. There is nothing like memories. I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good. BTW What kind of memories are you making?
PS: Saturday Carol came out and we made applesauce/cinnamon ornies.
It was a cool, dreary day and we ate vegetable soup, drank coffee and made these. We also had a great visit. I am so grateful God made our paths cross 30 years ago.Some on the kitchen tree.

PSS: Let us all pray for the victims of those terrible storms yesterday. I cannot imagine how devastating and frightening that must be
PSSS: My next blog post will be, "Christians should not get "runned" over".  A Mollie direct quote.


  1. Hi Betty, know you miss your beloved boy so much, he is wagging his stub of a tail looking down on you decorating for the holiday......your home looks so inviting and cozy, Hugs Francine.

  2. Aww your home is looking so warm and cozy ..
    Sending you big hugs dear x

  3. Your home looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas! Love those applesauce/cinnamon ornaments!

  4. Awww dear friend. The memories, some so very good and happy, some not so.

    It took me quite awhile to get over my sweet Bug's death and I'm sure it will with you and Dasko, howvever God will help you just like he did me.

    Love your ornaments. I made a bunch last year for my tree.


  5. First of all, I am so glad you have a great friend like Carol....she is a blessing for you.. Love the cinnamon ornies...I have some me and my Grand-daughters made several years ago...they still smell wonderful.. Your home looks of our winter jigsaw puzzles... The Grands think it is odd if I do not have one out at Thanksgiving and Christmas.. They love working on them.. Have a great one! Blessings!

  6. Loved my visit with youi today! Memories are wonderful! It is amazing how a scent or a song can bring us back to a different time and place. Wishing you new "happy memory making" with family and friends. Blessings~Sara

  7. A wonderful post Betty! I really enjoyed reading about your memories & even got tears in my eyes while reading. On our second Christmas together, John & I bought a live pine tree, placed the root ball in a large bucket, & decorated it with blue lights & blue balls. We then planted the tree in his parents' yard. That was 36 years ago ... it must be huge now! Your home looks so lovely ... so warm & comforting. You are very blessed, my friend!

  8. I love that your decorating is done! I wasn't looking forward to mine... until today... I am ready. I think my dad might come for Thanksgiving... Getting him out of the house is never easy! and I have offered to my nephews to come back and decorate the tree with us. The last couple of years we do it on Thanksgiving night :).Hugs to you my friend, I know it's been a tough time and you have been on my mind :) OLM


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