Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ramblings and Memories

You can't go wrong with beautiful music, decorations you love, and the joy of the Christmas season. Thanksgiving just kicks it all off. I love it all as you know if you have been coming Through My Back Door very long. I sometimes think my heart will burst with all the joys of the season. I know this has been a very hard year. A year of loss, but it has also been a year of joy and Thanksgiving. We have Amelia and that is a blessing in itself. Remember this picture?
We never gave up faith that she would be fine. Now she is like this.
Even though she is asleep here, she laughs all the time, when she is awake. She is so happy. So I guess I am saying she makes up for the losses. We never forget those we have lost, never. (and that includes our fur babies)
We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and I can't help but remember the year Curtis and Michael decided to make sassafrass tea. From the roots. It took FOREVER, and oh yes we all had to taste it. Years ago when the kids were small, Curtis, my Dad, and the boys when they got big enough always went rabbit hunting on Thanksgiving morning. That tradition continued until Curtis and the boys finally stopped when the boys were in high school and didn't like hunting. Our family was small but we had big traditions. It was a wonderful time. Now we still have our traditions, Deb hosts Thanksgiving,she has a much larger house, and it is all of us and our extended family. My sister in law and my two nieces, their husbands, children, my nephew and his wife and children. We have really grown but we don't mind all the hubbub and noise. Life is good.
Amanda wanted some pictures from our October beach trip, to Seagrove Beach I had taken, and she sent me this one.I just have to share it, as we had no idea until we came out of our bedrooms to go over to the beach,  that Mollie and I were twins. One day she will look at this and say," YUK! I was dressed like my great grandmother!!!!"
I thought this was so funny. Yes, my bathing suit was turquoise too.(Although you will never see)lol
Many years ago when we built this house and put the microwave in the wall, it looked fine. Years later when we needed a replacement, it was much smaller, This is what I lived with for years.
Cookbooks stuffed around it, to hide looking into the pantry. Not pretty.
Now this is the way it looks, thanks to worlds best son in law.
This just pulls back and you are in the microwave. This was made out of orange osage wood and has not been painted nor stained. This is the color it is. Just happens to be the color I needed. We love this, but you can't find a lot of it. It is the tree hedge apples grow on. He has a man a couple of hours away who has a saw mill, that he gets his wood from and this is where he found it. I love it.
It is so cold here today, I am sitting looking at the fire and drinking my coffee. I love to just "be."
I had been watching this lamp at the Hen forever. I really wanted it, but didn't know where I could use it. I need to be taking out, not putting in. Well I gave in. I am so glad I did, as I just love it.
Don't know where it will go after Christmas, but for now it is here. I am sure I will find a place.
I will show you a few more Christmas pictures. I put the red coverlet back on the bed  for the Christmas holidays. My favorite coverlet is the old brown one. I don't know why. lol
Again  if you have been coming Through My Back Door very long, you know I love red. I like to look and drool at these "true" prim homes but I HAVE to have color in my life. I love the brightness and glow of color.
The Santa on the right was carved by the worlds best son in law and painted by Deb. The other is a mold. The Santa on the shelf is a carved Russian Santa, given to by Carol. She got him in Russia.
Christmas in the bathroom. This is one of my favorite prints. J. Webb, he is a Gatlinburg artisit, did this. I really like it.
The front door inside. The Santa on the right was made by Deb. He is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.BTW she made the stocking years ago, too.(What would I do w/o her)
Well I am glad you chose to come Through My Back Door, where life is still good.
PS: Some exciting things going on Through My Back Door soon. Another trip and company coming. Can you tell I am so excited? I love it when company comes. Hope it doesn't snow.
PSS:Our friend Angela has her surgery Tuesday. Lets all pray for the doctors and a quick recovery.
PSSS: I will show you more Christmas and a give away I won next post. Oh the soap shaped like a sheep. I would love to use it, it smells so good, but I wouldn't dare. Thank you Tombstone Tidings.
I also want to share the Christmas books, as I don't lack much having them read. 


  1. Hi Betty. Yep I remember that picture when Amelia was so tiny. Isn't God sooo good. You and Mollie look adorable.

    Love what you SIL did with the microwave and also you new lamp is so pretty as well as your Christmas touches. Looks like you have some old world santas too.


  2. I look forward to every post, Betty! I'm glad you are doing well. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. I also look forward to your post! I love all your Christmas decor! Amelia looks great as do you and Mollie! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Afternoon Betty, love all your Christmas through out the house, I to decorate the bathroom......Sweet post, enjoy visiting you, you always have a cup of coffee for me, Hugs Francine.

  5. Aww such a sweet post ..
    Big hugs for you all x

  6. I just love coming through your back door into your warm beautiful home. So glad the wee babe is doing so well....prayers answered. Have a great thanksgiving

  7. I have been remiss in not keeping in touch...Loved this post, Betty. I am moving to MN. on Dec. 12 and will have a new email address. Will send it to you. (You can contact me through my blog.) Haven't posted. Been way tooo busy. Doing most of my packing, sold my house in 1 week, arranged to have my car shipped, etc., etc. Will be in touch after I get moved. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your family. Hugs, Joy

  8. Wonderful post!Happy Thanksgiving.Blessings,Jen

  9. Beautiful post Betty, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Oh Betty, I don't even know what to comment on first. Your family is just so precious and what a wonderful legacy of how you raised your family.
    And of course, how can I not comment on the house pictures. I swear I'm going to stop by for a visit as soon as we get settled in TN. I love what your SIL made to cover the microwave. I've been wanting Mark to make one to cover the tv in our bedroom for years but maybe after the move he'll finally get around to it. I think that having decorations that are handmade by family or friends is what makes a house a true home. And sweetie, you have a beautiful home just brimming over with love!

  11. Happy Happy Thanksgving Dear Friend.
    Oh the joys...thankfully they always lift us help.
    God Is Great!
    What a beautiful family you have.
    Woolie Blessings

  12. Yes, I remember that pic of Amelia and her dad....My how she has grown... She is a real beauty.... I love your beach attire. I think you look great! Your home is beautiful as always...Have a great time with your guests.....You are truly blessed and are a blessing to others. Your positive spirit just jumps off the page...Have a great one! Blessings!


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