Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Kwistians" (Christians) Should Not Get "Runned" Over

Hello and come on in Through My Back Door.  Get yourself a cup of DD and lets sit in front of the fireplace and chat.

 I love it when you come and we can sit, drink our coffee and just be. You all are very important to me and that is why I want to share this statement. You know how I love my greats. They are all the light of my life. I don't get to be with Gabe and Amelia  nearly as much as I would like, but am with Mollie and Andrew often, as they live nearby. Gabe is in Chattanooga, Amelia is in Il.
 So what is with  this title, you ask. Well the other day, Mollie was reading her bible to Amanda. She said and I quote, " Kwistians should not run into the street. Kwistians should not get runned over". Well of course we all got such a laugh out of this. Then it hit me. The "kwistians should not get runned over" part. We shouldn't but we do. We don't literally run out into the street, but life runs over us. Why do we let it? We especially get "runned over" during the holidays. Decorating, shopping, cooking, parties, church programs, cantatas, they run us over! I think this little girl's statement shows wisdom. "Kwistians should not get runned over". It has pounded in my memory ever since Amanda shared this. This Christmas this "Kwistian" is going to refuse to get runned over. Will you join me? Let's truly enjoy these days. Make a list and go over it. See what you can eliminate. Leave out some traditions if they are being taken for granted or not really enjoyed anymore. It isn't about the gifts, how much you spend, or who can out do who. It is about Christ and His coming, the greatest gift of all.(as a Christian I have to think His giving His life for me, is the GREATEST gift, but if He hadn't come, He couldn't give His live) Send a card, make cookies, (buy cookies)  forget cookies,lol, don't feel you have to accept every invitation, take time to sit in front of the fire and listen to Christmas music, read books, watch Hallmark movies, just be. Just enjoy these days. I love to entertain during Christmas, as I believe God wants us to open our homes as well as our hearts to people, but this year I am cutting back. I don't want to get "runned over". Do you? After all, "Kwistians Should Not Get Runned Over".
I am going to leave you with some favorite pictures of this precious little girl.  I know people (however I do) don't really want to see or hear about other peoples grands, but allow me this one more time.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
 PS: I just got back from eating lunch with Andrew on family day. Amanda alternates and it was Mollies turn at Mothers Day Out. Clay couldn't get off, so I was given the privilege. Know what? He hugged me good bye and said I love you, without me initiating it!!! I didn't want to embarrass him. I love it!
PSS:Angela Thru Nana's Window, is having surgery. Please pray for her
PSSS: Tamra is doing great. Thank you for your prayers. Her hair is growing and she is beautiful. 


  1. I think some of us Kwistians really do enjoy being 'runned over' (a little) by the celebrations of the season. As much work as it can be, I host the family Christmas party at my home. With 5 siblings, spouses, children/spouses and grands, we are a large group, so we celebrate it early in the month so that everyone can be at their own homes for the actual day. Plenty of little 'aside; get-togethers keep me in touch with folks not seen a lot during the year, and my annual Christmas ornament exchange is always well attended by gals who don't need to bake more cookies for another swap. On Christmas Day we host our son's family of 4 and his in-laws for dinner...not a large group, so it caps off the day just right! May sound like a lot to some, but I am happy to let little Mollie know that I am not feeling runned over and keep Jesus as the real reason we gather together in the first place... Another wonderful visit, Betty, and love to you and yours! ♥, Lynne

  2. Such a blessed post! Out of the mouths of babes! Mollie has it so right! I'm glad you reminded us again of Christ's reason for coming at Christmas!
    Thank you

  3. It's ok to post pics of the grands, they are adorable, and so smart.

    I am really tired of stores trying to outdo each other trying to get us to part with our money and tons of advertising and now it is before Halloween. And why or why would anyone want to camp out all night for several nights to be the first to buy something that will be obsolete in the next few months. Glad my kids are all grown and don't want presents, so there is still something but on a small scale.

  4. Thank you for the post. As a Kwistian I tend to get run over by people that know they CAN run over me because they know I'll not "fight" back.

    We are a retired couple with 3 grown "kids" in CA and one here in PA. We have 2 grandchildren in CA but our DIL has kept them from ever having anything to do with us so we don't have the pleasure of doing anything "Christmas-y" for them. I don't even decorate any more and for Thanksgiving my DH and I are going out to eat for the first time in 38 years. The Holidays are not a very pleasant time for us. In 2006 my mother passed away on Dec. 14th and then exactly 2 weeks later on Dec. 28th my DH's mother passed away. Three years ago on Dec. 26th we had to have our beloved kitty put to sleep. I'd just as soon hibernate until January :(

  5. Aww such a blessed post my dear friend..
    Sweet hugs x

  6. I may need my Momma to come and help me get out of the street! ;-)

  7. I do love this post! Grands are wonderful!

  8. Just a perfect post my friend.
    I don't wanna get runned over anymore.
    The devil is trying to knock me down, but Thankfully God is bigger.
    Thank you Lord above for our precious grands.
    Thank you friend for sharing yours.
    And making me smile,
    Woolie Blessing
    Granny Trace

  9. What a wonderful idea. I don't want runned over either. Been feeling that way with the job.

    Betty you share your grands as much as you want...they are precious children. Out of the mouth of babes.

    Remembering Angela.


  10. Oh keep sharing your sweet Grands. I'm sure not up to getting run over. Concentrating on making some traditions for my youngest. Wonderful photos.

  11. Sometimes the littlest ones are the wise ones..smile..I've been feeling like you this year.It isn't about the rush or the presents or how much we can do.It's all about the love. Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Oh Betty! I love this! I needed to read this today. I am feeling overwhelmed with all I 'need" to do... so I am going to rethink and see what I can do to enjoy the season more! Hugs my friend!!! OLM

  13. Oh Ms Betty, I think this is one of my favorite post from you.... I agree so much.. It is just a shame how we allow the Christmas season to turn into such a turmoil instead of celebrating the season...I love your challenge to cut and enjoy instead of allowing "things" and a schedule to overwhelm us... I am definitely going to take a strong look at the things I can cut....This "Kwistan" does not want to get "runned" over either.. Love that! It is amazing what our babes can teach us....Blessings!


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