Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Where Oh Where Has The time Gone?

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. I feel I must apologize for having been absent from blogland so long. If you follow me on FB you know why, but if you don't you must be wondering what on earth is going Through My Back Door.
Well let me bring you up to date after you get a cup of DD coffee and you have choices of a slice of lemon meringue pie or a chocolate cupcake. Come on in and lets play catch up, okay?
At the end of January I went to my dermatologist for my 6 month check up, that I have faithfully been doing for a long while. I had in the past had some basil cells and 2 or 3 squamous cells removed. Well to make a long story short she found a melanoma on the bottom of my foot. I was stunned because I had that freckle forever and I don't fit the criteria for melanoma. I am so thankful for my observant Nurse Practitioner, Melissa, who zeroed in on it, insisted on biopsying it, thus getting it early. It was a stage 1A. Again I am so grateful and thank God daily. Now I want YOU to go get a check up ASAP. I could not put my foot down as there were over 27 stitches for 2 weeks, so I went to Debs. I knew I was having shoulder surgery and I did on the 15th of Feb. So there I was, a Flamingo! One leg and one arm. Did I tell you these were on the same side? My right. As I am left handed I could feed myself. (And that is about all I could do) Anyway I am progressing quite nicely an start therapy on my shoulder this week.
I was able to go to Hershey, Pa the middle of March with Dodd, Renda, Deb, and Michael on an antiquing trip. Well I sat a lot but they did a lot of shopping. I did buy a set of chairs and a high chair, along with some red ware and pewter. Sadly I have only been taking pictures with my phone and can't share today. I will get some on here for my next post. I did meet the nicest people on the trip and the kids found some wonderful pieces of furniture. I have no room for anything unless I get rid of something and I really have nothing I want to get rid of.
This is one of my favorite shots of my living room. I will leave you with this and I will be back with pictures of my new chairs. I really like them so much better.
I am sorry to have been gone so long and I hope I will be better at blogging than I have been. It is always so nice to have you come Through My Back Door where life is good.