Monday, March 26, 2012

Prim Addictions

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I know I am, Through My Back Door. The coffee is DD, I can't find my Kona anymore, (sob, sob. whine, whine)
Anyway come on in and lets sit out on the porch. It is nice enough today. Don't you just love being out in the morning and everything looks so fresh and life is just good. Doesn't matter if you have problems, you just feel so happy.
Sitting here, this is what we see.
Very quiet. A flock of turkeys may wander across, or a deer may run down to the creek and through the woods across the road. Otherwise we can just have our coffee and chatter away.
Anyway, are you addicted to prims? Do you have collections you don't even remember starting? One day you realized I have a collection of these! Well, as you know I am going to sell and move, so I am trying to make my house not look so cluttered. It is impossible. You all know my  philosophy by now. Have only the things you love around you, and that includes people. Well it is hard to put things you love away. They are all special. Thought I would share just a very few of my collections with you today.
Baskets are something I just love. This is the only Nantucket Basket I have. A Mothers Day gift from Deb, several years ago.
These were both made by special friends.
An old one. A gift from Curtis.
All  of these were made by special people. The little one on the right on the second shelf, was made by a little Cherokee lady name Miss Maudie and was a gift from a friend. The one on the left was made by my high school history teacher, who since passed away.
 See what I keep in this one!lol This is a handmade one from North Carolina.
The one on the right is a very old one.
Again the one on the right is very old.
This is one of my favorites. Curtis' grandmothers willow egg basket.
 I hate to say this isn't near all of my firkins. I keep flour, sugar, corn meal, etc in some of them in the kitchen. Schwanns ice cream containers fit perfectly in them for liners.
Well I hope you enjoyed your coffee and our visit. I have more collections I will share on another day. I am hopelessly addicted to prims. I admit it. However I am not buying anything anymore, as there is no room, and I don't want to move it.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: My mother and grandmother would be appalled that I am not doing laundry on Monday morning! They ALWAYS did.
PSS:I couldn't post pictures of some of my possessions, without posting one of my favorites,that"owns"me.
 I had moved the ottoman and disturbed See the long deadbolt that was installed on my door AFTER the burglary.
PSSS: Amanda has had a fairly good week since her last chemo.Thanks again for all your prayers. Others in blogland have needs too, so we must keep praying for them.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Pictures and A Celebration

Well the weather may be warm, but the coffee is on. It is plain old DD and it tastes really good on this rainy afternoon. I am so happy to see you, as always, but the rain makes just a nice reason to visit. A lot has been going on Through My Back Door this week. One of the most important being Amanda's last chemo. That was a celebration I will share. Also Curt was home on spring break and we got to spend some time together. We ate and played cards and oh yes we beat Deb and Michael at Spades. Do you see me gloating? The sad part was I got beat really bad at 5Crowns. Oh well, such is life.
Carol and I were to meet Bill and Gloria on Wednesday and that didn't work out this time. We will next trip.
I have been doing a bit more spring/Easter decorating. I just love using bunnies and eggs. Now if my Grandpa Wright was here he'd challenge that, because he would say bunnies don't lay eggs. I am going to do a post on him one day. I loved that man so much. He was funny as could be. He died in his 90's and what hair he had was still jet black. Not fair at
Candy container bunny on top of entertainment center.
Bunny in dough bowl, with my gourd eggs from the Bama Planter. I love those eggs.
This is my bunny in my cheese crock with the hand decorated eggs from Russia. A gift from my friend Carol.
Redware eggs in an old measure.
I have so much fun doing these little vignettes. Most of us prim lovers do. I have discovered we all have this "tweaking gene". lol
Can you find the pewter bunnies in the corner cupboard?
Well that is enough bunnies today. I want to show you the last day at chemo. We had a party.Now I asked if I could post these  and she said sure. (Okay, she was drugged, so I waited until the next day and asked She said
I know I said yes. So here is the last chemo celebration.
This is her with Clay. He got off early to be with her for the last treatment.
She and Curt with her flowers.
Here she is in her cowgirl hat and pink boa, being covered in bubbles. Do you see that smile?
I did not show you these pictures for any other reason but to let you see the results of your prayers. Because we know you have prayed diligently for her we wanted to let you in our celebration. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Deb has been to every chemo except one with her, so she deserved flowers too.
She is one happy mama.
PSS: to quote Andrew,"At least I know I am safe in my own mind". So that is where I leave you today.
Please come again soon.
PSSS: If you think you are seeing things like bunnies hopping around, you really are. Thank you Prim Doodles.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Coffee, Visiting, and Tweaking

What a beautiful sunny day it is in East Tn  today. I am so happy, as usual for you to come Through My Back Door, and enjoy a cup of coffee with me. Dasko is happy to see you too. He thinks everyone comes to see him, and truthfully a lot of them do. I have been enjoying just being today. The laundry is finished, the bed changed and I put the "summer" side of the coverlet on today. I have also done a little tweaking.
Last week was spent, by Deb and I, looking for dresses for the wedding. We both found something and that was good. The wedding isn't until July, but there is a lot going on between now and then, so had to get it done. I love weddings don't you? Curt and Lindsey met years ago in New York on a mission trip and re connected a couple of years ago. She is about to graduate from nursing school and is like Curt. Christ centered. What a wonderful way to begin their lives together. Curt has two more years of Pharmacy School.
Aren't they cute?
This weather makes me want to clean and clean I did last week. I have told you I am going to sell my house,  and need to be thinning out, but I haven't. I did do some changing.
Nothing like tulips in ironstone to say spring. You know, I love the new battery candles, but I also miss the look of the "burning" candle. So, I have replaced some of my battery candles with real ones again.
This little girl in blue, from Mary Lou is a favorite of mine. The lantern lighters are Libby's of course. They still smell so good.
My paper whites from a long time ago. I can't remember where I got them. A friend of mine who is a florist, was here Friday night and asked me if they were real. I said no, but they are Sharon, (Speckled Hen) made the lamb. I love his face.
This is on my tiny little counter space now. Not a whole lot I can do in there, as when we built this house I didn't want any built in cabinets. DUH! I still like using my old cupboards though. You don't need a lot of counter space if you don't cook!lol
The bottom of this one holds pots and pans. The top the Watt Pottery.
This one is my favorite and holds the everyday dishes on top and the baking dishes in the bottom.
Well, I have more pictures but will share another day. However, remember this bully mouse?
Pretending to be Irish last week.
The Easter Bunny!
Well, it has been reported he is wanted in the UK! My friend Lynne, Prim Doodles Web Graphics, actually spotted this poster.
Can you believe this? They say he is a master of disguise and considered to be dangerous! Oh my.
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Please remember Amanda as she gets her last chemo this Wednesday. We are so thankful for all of your prayers. Again, though some of our blogging  friends are just beginning theirs, so lets continue our prayers.
PSS: My favorite magazine photographer and stylist are going to be in my area doing a shoot this week. I am so excited to get to see Bill Mathews and Gloria Gale,from Country Sampler, who did my shoot, Debs, and my friend Carols, again. I'll post pictures, because Carol and I are going.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Is A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it is Through My Back Door and I am so happy you stopped by. The coffee is on and it is DD decaf, but barely. Last night I when I was making myself a cup of coffee I dropped the canister. Oh yes I dropped it and spilled almost the whole thing. When I think of how much that stuff costs, it makes me mad at Unfortunately  at my house you can't sweep it up and use it. Oh no TRASH CAN here I come. Oh well, we have enough for today and then I'll pick
up some tomorrow. I guess you can't cry over spilled
Any way, you couldn't be upset for long because the weather is beautiful here. Everything is budding and the bradford pears are gorgeous. As if that isn't enough in itself, Amanda has felt good. We all had supper at Debs Monday evening and this afternoon Deb, Amanda, and the children and I have had a wonderful afternoon together. It is so good hearing her laugh again. She has one more treatment, a week from today. We know prayers have been said and know God has heard them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Remember the bully mouse. You will never believe what I caught him doing today. I was shocked!
He was wearing green and out in the grass searching for  four leaf clovers! His name, he informed me, is Mousie O'Bryant. That Libby created a monster in this one. I am afraid of what he will do next.
I have been rearranging and thinking spring. It is so much fun tweaking and rearranging. I just love doing that. Don't you?
My noodle board. This is a memory board.Found the basket and the noodle board on the Longest Yard Sale. Angela gave me the felt candle, Prim Sue made the dish towel, and Deb the wax bunny. The glass egg is Victorian and had violets painted on it. For some reason Curtis  stripped them off. In his defense part of the painting was gone.
See my Easter cross stitch done by my friend Carla. I love this.
Another thing going on Through My Back Door is there is going to be a wedding in Missouri this summer. Curt is getting married, so Deb and I have been dress hunting.(Curt is Debs son, and yes he was named after his Granddad. Co-Co, they call him) I'd rather look for antiques or prims. Oh my goodness, they just don't make dresses for a "Mature" woman. lol (Not that I am admitting to being the mature woman. It could be Deb, I am referring to.Well it could be) Any way we both found our dresses and we are two happy people. It amazes me how small they make dresses anymore. Is material scarce? Surely I am not larger. Surely not!lol
Another good thing that has happened this week, is I met Tammy, Country Girl at Home, and her family. Well not Colt, he wasn't with them, but the rest, It is so refreshing to see young girls like Joy. She is a beautiful girl and you see her inner beauty right away. She wasn't feeling well Sunday either, but you could still see that beauty. Luke is a doll and just makes you smile to see him. A lot of you followed their journey to China to bring Luke home. Tammy and Jason are both super nice. It was so nice to get to meet them. I don't mean to sound trite, but the fellow bloggers I have met, it has seemed like you have known one another forever. They had come over to visit the Hen.
Joy and Luke. You think he loves her?
Tammy, Joy, me, Sharon, and we all know that little face in front.
I look pretty bad, but I had cooked a country brunch for Amanda and Clay before I went over to the Hen and Andrew had helped me make biscuits.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: Amanda's journey with chemo is coming to an end. Others are just beginning. All of us have been affected by this disease.  Lets all continue to pray for a cure.
PSS: While we are praying for cures, lets not forget Alzheimers. All of us have been touched by this one too.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I Have Learned About Blogland

Well, it is pouring rain outside and you best hurry on in Through My Back Door or you will get wet. Guess what? There is cherry pie to go with our coffee, so lets eat, drink, and I will just get fatter. Okay an odd title for a blog, I know that. But I have learned a lot the months I have been blogging. You know I used to read blogs and I didn't get how people who had never met could be friends? Know what? I get it now. I belong to a couple of Prim Forums and when we had a gathering last August and met for the first time, it was like old home week. We felt we had known one another forever. Several of us have gotten together since then, and will do it again. Also I have learned bloggers are prayers. I have received numerous e-mails as well as comments that you are praying for Amanda. I have e-mailed you that I am praying for your need, what ever it is. That is incredible. We care. Whatever concerns one of us concerns the other. I like that.I have also learned bloggers can decorate. With a capital D. You won't believe the inspiration I have gotten from other bloggers. You want to know something else? Bloggers consider it a compliment when others copy them. If they have an idea they can't wait to share it. I have been blessed to meet many bloggers face to face. This summer I may get to meet some more. So this is what I have learned about blogland. Do you share the same conclusion I do? I'd like to know.
I have been doing a bit of tweaking. I need to be doing DEEP Spring is coming. The trees are budding and I am so ready for it. Don't you love spring? A new beginning? New life. Easter is around the corner, and we know that represents New Life in the truest form.
Here is a bit of what I have been doing.
These are my red ware eggs in my old measure. I like red ware. Remember those tumblers? I sure
Redid the mantle. Deb thought it was too crowded the other way. Know what? She was right, but  shhhhh don't tell her.
These are just a few bunnies hiding Through My Back Door.
This next picture is just a little change I did. I don't know if I like it yet or not. I would like a school masters desk, but haven't found the right one yet. I also don't want to buy something to move.
See what I mean. The paper quill,(because I am afraid of feathers)lol was made by Civil Folks, and the covered book by Sue Beck, Prim Sue. I really don't know if they will stay here or not.
One more thing I have learned about blogland is that bloggers are so generous. My quill and book prove that as well as the candles on the mantle, by Libby. It was another blogger who redesigned my blog and wanted no recognition for it. I have learned a lot about blogland, Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Next post I will share who is coming Through My Back Door. You will recognize them
PSS: Amanda had her next to her last chemo yesterday and is very sick. Would you please say an extra prayer? Of course you will. You are part of blogland

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Welcome in Through My Back Door. It is so windy out there tonight. To me it is cold, too. You know the coffee is on, it is DD Hazelnut, and yes it's decaf. You never have to ask after 3:00. I remember when I could drink regular coffee right up to bedtime. Not anymore. That is just a memory. I love remembering, do you? Not life changing memories, just stuff you remember. Well a few posts ago I mentioned my Great Aunt Cleona and said one day I will do a blog on her. Todays the day. She was my Grandmothers older sister and she truly marched to the tune of a different drummer. I am not making fun of her in any way, as I loved this lady. She still has living grandchildren and I wouldn't want to hurt them, but she was the way she was. She was a musician. Played the accordion. I loved hearing her play. She would come visit us and bring it with her. My dad had to get up really early, so they went to bed early. Aunt Cleona and I liked to stay up late. Well, she would play the accordion and I would sing and dance, and we would laugh until we cried. Of course we kept my parents awake and of course my dad was so NOT happy, but it is a wonderful memory for me. She and her first husband wrote music and I still have some of the pieces they wrote. His name was Emmett and he was my grandpas uncle. My grandpa used to laugh all the time about his uncle being his brother in law. She was also a preacher. See what I mean? A very interesting lady. I am a lot like her and so are a lot of you! What you say? She collected before collecting became popular. We used to all laugh because she had so much STUFF! She might have 6-8 lamps in one room. Probably only one or two actually worked. She was not a hoarder. She was very clean, she just liked stuff. The same with clocks. Many of them in the same room and just maybe only one I don't have a lot of lamps and clocks, but I have pantry boxes, firkins, treenware, you get my drift? My first piece of pewter came from her. One piece, now look at me.
This tea pot. She also gave me a cream and sugar.
 See what she did? Oh mercy.
She gave me these wonderful German spoons. They had been my great, great, grandmothers.
She gave me a lot more than things. She gave me her time. When I would go to visit my grandparents in the summer she always had me to spend the night. My cousin Lucille would go with me and we would giggle and giggle and act afraid of the "ugly" people in the frames on the wall. I would love to have them now.One last thing. She was living out of town and was coming to my grandparents for Christmas. Well her bus schedule got mixed up and she got there early. Sometime in the morning the household was awakened by someone singing carols. It was her. When she came in my Mother thought oh goodness she has gained a lot of weight since I saw her. It wasn't weight. Instead of bringing a suitcase  she just wore everything! That is the truth. My grandmother was appalled and when she went back home, she took a suitcase. I think it was a good idea, especially for today the way luggage gets lost all the time.
Another memory from my childhood was going to the well machine with my Daddy. He would fry us eggs in his shanty,and they were the best. He couldn't cook anything, but In the summer time when they would bring the mud out of the hole and empty it, I would walk in it and loved to feel it squishing between my toes.It was smooth as silk. I have no pictures of that and I guess it is a good
Memories are our connection to our past. Our childhood and our family. If you are lucky enough to have a sister or a brother to share those memories with, do it. When you are an only child you don't have that luxury. You know what hurts me? To hear of brothers and sisters who don't speak. I find that tragic. There may be a perfectly good reason for it, but to me it is still sad.
We are blessed to have our memories. Life changes and passes quickly and for some of us our memories are all we have. Do you ever think of what kind of memories you are creating? What will your friends and family remember? When my kids get together we laugh ourselves silly. They don't all remember things exactly alike and a lot of times I remember it completely different from them, but we remember. That is what is important.
Spring is finally coming. I am so excited I can hardly wait for warm days. I can't wait to sit out here and have my coffee in the morning.
Or to sit out here in the evening and watch the sun go down.
But one day this will be a memory too, as the decision has been made to sell. There is just too much land to be mowed.
See what I mean, and this isn't half of it. So anyway a new journey may begin and it may not. If it doesn't sell, it isn't in Gods plan. I  am not sad, it is just life. Another journey and more memories to make.
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door today where life is good. Hope you weren't bored.
PS: I want to give a shout out to Lisa Martin from Johnson City, who came into the Hen when I was there and said she came because she reads my blog. It was nice to meet you Lisa and I KNOW you love all your goodies.I hope you come back again.
PSS: With all the deadly tornados we had over the weekend, don't forget to pray for those without homes, and who have lost their loved ones. Also don't forget to thank God for what you still have today.
PSSS:Please remember to continue to pray for Amanda. She has chemo this Wednesday and it went so much better last time.We know why don't we?