Sunday, March 4, 2012


Welcome in Through My Back Door. It is so windy out there tonight. To me it is cold, too. You know the coffee is on, it is DD Hazelnut, and yes it's decaf. You never have to ask after 3:00. I remember when I could drink regular coffee right up to bedtime. Not anymore. That is just a memory. I love remembering, do you? Not life changing memories, just stuff you remember. Well a few posts ago I mentioned my Great Aunt Cleona and said one day I will do a blog on her. Todays the day. She was my Grandmothers older sister and she truly marched to the tune of a different drummer. I am not making fun of her in any way, as I loved this lady. She still has living grandchildren and I wouldn't want to hurt them, but she was the way she was. She was a musician. Played the accordion. I loved hearing her play. She would come visit us and bring it with her. My dad had to get up really early, so they went to bed early. Aunt Cleona and I liked to stay up late. Well, she would play the accordion and I would sing and dance, and we would laugh until we cried. Of course we kept my parents awake and of course my dad was so NOT happy, but it is a wonderful memory for me. She and her first husband wrote music and I still have some of the pieces they wrote. His name was Emmett and he was my grandpas uncle. My grandpa used to laugh all the time about his uncle being his brother in law. She was also a preacher. See what I mean? A very interesting lady. I am a lot like her and so are a lot of you! What you say? She collected before collecting became popular. We used to all laugh because she had so much STUFF! She might have 6-8 lamps in one room. Probably only one or two actually worked. She was not a hoarder. She was very clean, she just liked stuff. The same with clocks. Many of them in the same room and just maybe only one I don't have a lot of lamps and clocks, but I have pantry boxes, firkins, treenware, you get my drift? My first piece of pewter came from her. One piece, now look at me.
This tea pot. She also gave me a cream and sugar.
 See what she did? Oh mercy.
She gave me these wonderful German spoons. They had been my great, great, grandmothers.
She gave me a lot more than things. She gave me her time. When I would go to visit my grandparents in the summer she always had me to spend the night. My cousin Lucille would go with me and we would giggle and giggle and act afraid of the "ugly" people in the frames on the wall. I would love to have them now.One last thing. She was living out of town and was coming to my grandparents for Christmas. Well her bus schedule got mixed up and she got there early. Sometime in the morning the household was awakened by someone singing carols. It was her. When she came in my Mother thought oh goodness she has gained a lot of weight since I saw her. It wasn't weight. Instead of bringing a suitcase  she just wore everything! That is the truth. My grandmother was appalled and when she went back home, she took a suitcase. I think it was a good idea, especially for today the way luggage gets lost all the time.
Another memory from my childhood was going to the well machine with my Daddy. He would fry us eggs in his shanty,and they were the best. He couldn't cook anything, but In the summer time when they would bring the mud out of the hole and empty it, I would walk in it and loved to feel it squishing between my toes.It was smooth as silk. I have no pictures of that and I guess it is a good
Memories are our connection to our past. Our childhood and our family. If you are lucky enough to have a sister or a brother to share those memories with, do it. When you are an only child you don't have that luxury. You know what hurts me? To hear of brothers and sisters who don't speak. I find that tragic. There may be a perfectly good reason for it, but to me it is still sad.
We are blessed to have our memories. Life changes and passes quickly and for some of us our memories are all we have. Do you ever think of what kind of memories you are creating? What will your friends and family remember? When my kids get together we laugh ourselves silly. They don't all remember things exactly alike and a lot of times I remember it completely different from them, but we remember. That is what is important.
Spring is finally coming. I am so excited I can hardly wait for warm days. I can't wait to sit out here and have my coffee in the morning.
Or to sit out here in the evening and watch the sun go down.
But one day this will be a memory too, as the decision has been made to sell. There is just too much land to be mowed.
See what I mean, and this isn't half of it. So anyway a new journey may begin and it may not. If it doesn't sell, it isn't in Gods plan. I  am not sad, it is just life. Another journey and more memories to make.
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door today where life is good. Hope you weren't bored.
PS: I want to give a shout out to Lisa Martin from Johnson City, who came into the Hen when I was there and said she came because she reads my blog. It was nice to meet you Lisa and I KNOW you love all your goodies.I hope you come back again.
PSS: With all the deadly tornados we had over the weekend, don't forget to pray for those without homes, and who have lost their loved ones. Also don't forget to thank God for what you still have today.
PSSS:Please remember to continue to pray for Amanda. She has chemo this Wednesday and it went so much better last time.We know why don't we?


  1. Hi Betty,

    Wonderful post, memories are a mystery at times, why do we remember one thing and not the next, I do think of it all the time, I so want to be making great memories for my grandchildren,,thanks for sharing your memories of Aunt Cleona.


  2. Hey Ms. Betty!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I feel like I know your Aunt Cleona and I know I would have loved her too!

    I had to laugh at you talking about you and your cousin laughing at all the ugly people on the wall! I like to remember my times at my grandmother's house on the lake. My grandad had a bait business so it was a neat place to go. But one thing that we did when we spent the night.....we took the pictures down at night in the room where we slept because we felt like the eyes followed us everywhere we went! lol!

    I know the decision to move wasn't an easy one. But you have your priorities straight. Family is the most important so no matter where you are, you will be fine! It's just thee next chapter in your life. And it will bea new adventure - just think of the fun decorating you will have! :)

    Enjoyed our phone conversation and I appreciate all your help!

    And I am praying for Amanda. Will do so specifically on Weds!


  3. Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories! You are blessed to have had such a wonderful relative in your life!

    Oh that pewter makes me swoon! How wonderful to have some family pieces!!
    Best wishes selling and finding the perfect home for the next chapter of your life. And of course Amanda is still in my prayers! please keep us posted after treatment! Warm hugs, Linda

  4. Neat blog today Mom! I have a sweet memory of going well digging with Grandaddy! And if there is any difference in opinions about history played out .....the boys mean well!! lol Love you!

  5. Thank you for sharing your sweet memories. It stirred up some great memories of my own.
    Prayers for Amanda and blessings for you, dear lady!

  6. What wonderful memories...thank for sharing this with all of us. It brought back memories of the time that I spend with my grandma.
    Keeping Amanda in my prayers.

  7. Good Morning Betty!
    I always enjoy your blog but I think this was my very favorite post of all. I am sipping my coffee and giggling as I picture your sweet Aunt. What wonderful memories you are blessed with. I love your pewter.
    Praying for Sweet Amanda.
    Blessings Trace

  8. Betty, I loved this post. As you know, memories are things I cherish the most. I love the story about wearing all the clothes at one time!

    Your pewter is beautiful, I just got a footed serving bowl at GW.

    You are right. God has a plan for you and He will guide you into the next chapter. He always has and always will.

    Wish we could visit again soon but until then I will be 'remembering' our wonderful visit.

    Praying for Amanda continually.


  9. What a lovely post Betty! I always enjoy visiting with you : )

  10. Looks beautiful love all your silver

  11. Wonderful memories.I want to be that wonderful care free auntie to my nieces.Since they don't have a "mom" I want to be the one to create the memories that will last.I've given up on my winter nesting so I'm looking forward to spring too.Keeping Amanda in prayer! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Love hearing your stories, Betty! I can just imagine the scenes in my head. Beautiful pix too. Makes me think that I should dig out some old family ones myself. And always, prayers for Amanda.

  13. I just loved hearing about some of your memories Betty, how wonderful. I am always thinking and wondering if what we are doing as a family will become one of my kids memories of growing up-you just never know.

  14. WONderful memories! Beautiful pieces, you are so lucky to have and enjoy them thinking in your family stories.

  15. Hi Betty. I enjoyed your post. Memories are such a treasure. I try my best to make happy memories each day that Darbee Rae will always treasure and keep near to her heart. I know everything will work out with your house. God knows what's best. Have a great evening.
    Will certainly be thinking of Amanda on Wednesday. Praying this week is even better.

  16. Wonderful post! Love hearing your stories. That pewter collection is awesome. I'm just getting started on pewter and I'm enjoying every piece I find! We still have snow on the ground...but I saw a bluebird on Spring is on it's way!

  17. Oh Betty. What deep thoughts today and such lovely stories. I wonder what memories we are creating for our children. They are good ones, but not what I want . I want them to have a farm with lots of land and places to explore. To live right by thier Grandparents and cousins. But alas, life is what it is and that can't be changed.
    Hopefully all goes well with the decision you have made to sell. Good luck. -Steph-

  18. This is the most special post of yours I have ever read. Blessings and peace in the journey.

  19. Memories are precious. Your pewter collection is amazing. Extra special pieces from a family member is even better. Your outdoor seating areas are so pretty. I wish you the best with the plans to sell. Good to hear God is by Amandas side. Prayer being lifted. Enjoyed your visit. Blessings!

  20. Hi Betty,Thank goodness for memories...I love this post and as usual you display some beautiful things.
    Blessings to you and I hope your move goes very smoothly when the time is right. Happiness is what we make it isn't it? As always prayers for you and your family...

  21. Good Evening Betty, Well is seems that your Aunt Cleona and my Aunt Inez could have been sisters. I so enjoyed your post. Your memories brought back so many of my own that was packed away in my mind. I just sat here and chuckled at the thought of Aunt Cleona wearing all her clothes. Oh for those days of long ago. You will be fine whether the move comes full circle or not. Your faith in God will get you through and the support of your family. God sees the future and he knows what is best for you. You are such an uplifting and positive person. I have told you before you are an inspiration to so many of us. You, and Amanda are in my prayers.

  22. Thank you for another wonderful post. You brought me on a journey thinking back about some of my wonderful aunts and the special times we shared. You always have that special way of being positive, even during challenges and uncertainty, and I know where your heart is. Amanda & family is still in my prayers.

  23. Hello Dear Betty....Remember me? Sorry I have been so remiss in my visits. I am having a difficult time finding that "balance" I need. I hope (and somehow know) you will forgive me. Truly enjoyed your post - although I do sense some bittersweetness to it. Ahhhh - your Aunt Cleona sounds like a fine woman - I think I would have loved her well. (Strange - I had a great aunt Leona, and a great aunt Cleone.....) Memories truly are part remembrance and part magic, are they not? And all in all, each a gift from God. I pray for peace during this unsettling time for you....I know you've been brought to this edge before, and here you are again....I know wherever the journey takes you, your baggage will be packed wisely. My prayers also continue for Amanda - and that is a constant whether I'm here to visit you or not. Take good care....I'm off to read up on what I have missed of late. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - are those real plants on your deck/patio??? Yikes....we're still hip high in snow in these parts!) (And PSS - if you need to downsize your pewter collection in the event of a move, let me know.... ;o))

  24. I am new to your blog, but luv reading it!!! You have such a beautiful way with words and memories are our window to the past and on the saddest days they help keep us going with a smie on our face...

  25. Hi Betty, What a beautiful post--made me think of some wonderful times I had with family that are gone now. Aunt Cleona ,bless her, was an independent thinking woman before her time!! What a great person to have as a relative! Your pewter is beautiful--I have a few pieces I received as wedding gifts, but nothing old. I'm so glad to hear Amanda is having an easier time with her treatments--Brian will be starting chemo soon--hope his goes well also. smiles--Jan


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