Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day "Leapings"

Wow it is good to see you this morning. Come on in, get your coffee, and lets just sit and talk. We can "leap" from one thing to another. After all it is leap day. Leap day is special in our family, as our youngest grandchild was born on leap day.She is having her 5th birthday today. I don't know if being born on leap day had anything to do with it but she has been a delight. First of all, she is the only blonde in our family. All my other grands have dark hair and eyes, except Olivia. She has green eyes like her daddy and her granddaddy. She has always been
wise beyond her years. Even telling a boy Beth was dating once, he should date Amanda."With Beth, we call them the flavor of the month" she told him.She was 4 or 5 at the time. When she started kindergarten she cried everyday. (It didn't help matters, her daddy was the principal.) She called me one evening and told me she didn't cry that day. This went on for a week and I finally asked her what had happened. She  told me,"My mommy had a little talk with me." I said."What did she say?" She said,and I quote,"My mommy told me I had to learn to be flexible." So, I said, "And what does flexible mean?" I heard a deep sigh on the other end and then,"In the beginning I had no idea what flexible meant,EITHER! So my mommy told me I had to learn to bend with the day." I could only think, my granddaughter thinks I am an idiot,that doesn't know what flexible meant.Anyway I want to wish her a happy birthday today.
See what I mean. She is just full of herself and life. She is a sophomore in college now.
Thanks for letting me share Olivia. It is raining here today, but warm.
I went outside and pulled weeds from around my rosemary and lavender.The yard looks horrible right now. I need to clean out around the day lillies as they are coming up. The bank is full of daffodils, but I didn't get a picture.
I have been tweaking again. Haven't taken any pictures. I will.
I am going to show you some of my favorite things. (I told you this post was a leaping one)
The mirror that hung in my paternal grandparents home.
My table, I bought back after we had sold it years ago. Curtis had made booties to make it taller.
A little cupboard, my daddy used in his "shanty" to keep his coffee, lard, salt and pepper. He was a well driller and would pull it to sites in the winter where he could be warm and have his coffee. I inherited my love for coffee.See that envelope in the left hand corner. That is a hand written letter from Gladys Taber. I treasure it. She wrote the Stillmeadow books, you know.
My wick trimmers/candle snuffers
Wouldn't you like to know about the child that wore this? I know it had to
You don't have to wonder about this one. It was
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good and letting me "leap" around today.
PS: I am going to have some exciting news to share next post. company is coming Through My Back Door again.
PSS:Amanda has done exceptionally well this time. It is prayer. Please don't let up, as we have 2 more treatments
PSSS:couldn't not show one of my VERY favorites loves. This was one day he jumped in the car and would NOT get out. I had to go take the trash and give him a ride. Love that dog!
PSSSS: Is this proper?lol Just learned Livvy, who was our local TV, WBIR's leap day baby,the day she was born, and has been featured every leap year since, is going to be on again today at 4:00 pm.


  1. Happy Birthday to Olivia! I'm so glad Amanda is doing better this time. Still praying here. Enjoy your day, Betty!

  2. A wonderful post! I can identify with your grandaughter, I only have one, 3 grandsons,she is the only one in the family with blond hair,everyone else has dark hair. She is a treasure! I love Gladys Tabor books!

  3. Happy Birthday Olivia!! WOW! What a lucky girl(and pretty) --just think how great it will be for her when she is a mature woman--when she is MY age, she can say she is 15!! :) Love all your goodies--especially your daddy's cabinet. I have MY daddy's little cabinet from his barber shop and it is special to me too.Looks like you have a happy pup on your hands! smiles, Jan

  4. Betty--Sorry I forgot to say I'm so glad Amanda had a good treatment this time! (where is my mind!?)She stays in our prayers.--Jan

  5. So nice to enjoy my coffee with you this morning! I just returned from feeding the horses in the rain. I have spent my first week of retirement going over to the barn, about 15 miles from home, to get used to the morning feed schedule. Of course there are 10 horses to feed there; I'll only have three when we get them home! Love seeing all your pretty primitives; I too love that charm and simplicity. I love that you are preparing for spring! I have to clean up this wreck first. I'll hope to chat with you tomorrow! Katrina

  6. Good morning Betty. Sure did enjoy visiting with you this morning. Happy Birthday to Olivia. Loved seeing photos of some of your favorite things. My favorite of course is the little cupboard that was your Dad's.Such great memories of a piece so special. And of course Dasko. Just a big baby. So glad to hear Amanda is doing better. Keeping her in our prayers. Gloomy day here as well. Storms on the way, but I woke this morning with Sunshine in my heart and feeling so blessed. Life is good. Have a wonderful day.

  7. I enjoyed all your photos! You have so many family treasures ... you are very blessed! Olivia is beautiful ... a very happy birthday wish to her! So glad Amanda's chemo was easier this time around. Blessings, Shirlee

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures Betty and thanks for sharing Olivia, happy birthday to her. So glad Amanda is doing better. Love your dog.


  9. Betty, what a precious story about Olivia. She is a beautiful young woman. I am so glad Amanda is doing better - will continue to pray. Thank you for showing us some of your favorite things - I always enjoy a peek inside your home.


  10. Great post! Happy birthday to your grand daughter, she sounds wonderful. Love pics of your things as always and Daska always makes me smile. So glad you have him to keep you company and make you laugh.

  11. Happy Day, Olivia. Aren't grands wonderful? Still praying for Amanda. Love your favortie things.


  12. Good morning Betty! Happy birthday to Olivia. What a pretty girl. Enjoyed your post today. Love your favorite things especially your dad's cupboard. What a neat story. Dasko is so sweet! I showed his picture to Darbee. She said, "Woa! Can I see some more?" Ha! So glad Amanda did much better this time. Keeping her and your family in my thoughts and prayers! Have a good day!

  13. Happy Birthday to Olivia!! So glad to hear that Amanda did better this time around. Keeping her in my prayers.
    Love the pic of cute!! My little doggies love to go for a ride in the car too.
    We had a bad storm here around 3 to 4 am, but it is sunny and warm outside now. They thought we would get another round of storms with tornado warnings, but those are staying just south of us.

  14. Happy Birthday to Olivia~ what a Ham & she should be she is cute!
    Dasko is so silly ~ giggles~ adorable~
    love your tweaking~
    Prayers for Amanda~
    smiles & hugs
    Have a great day~

  15. Betty,
    Another great post! Just gotta love that smile on Dasko's face. I hope we leap out of the way of the storms that may be coming!

  16. I love your leaping post!! Happy Birthday to Olivia!Enjoy your coffee and keep tweaking. Prayers still being said. Blessings ~Sara

  17. This post just makes me smile. :-) Happy birthday to your Livvy!

  18. What a beautiful 5 year old granddaughter you have:) I love the baby dresses they are so cute. How special to have your own. Thanks for sharing your favs. -Steph-

  19. I have not heard the word shanty for so long. In the mountains where I grew up there was a area where older folks lived. They were called the shanty people. They had very little other than their homes (shanties). The walls were held together with hinges allowing them to take them apart & move on. Out door fires & old wood stoves for heat inside the shanty. They were humble folks who sat on their makeshift porches & waved as you passed by. They are all long gone now & many have forgotten them. Memories. Prayer for Amanda. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. Blessings!

  20. Happy Leap Year Birthday to Olivia.
    My oldest daughter was born today too ( 40 years ago..yikes)
    Your dog looks like he was ready to go..aren't they funny!
    Love that table too.
    Have a good night.

  21. What a beautiful girl Olivia is.... Happy Birthday to her! We have had lots of rain here today. We missed all the really bad stuff. Thank goodness! My yard is such a mess. Of course, I am still trying to turn this old chuck of coal around here into a beautiful diamond. I keep reminding myself that this is not our home....Heaven is. I still want things to be nice here. Blessings to you and all your Grands!

  22. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Olivia!
    What a blessing.Love all your treasures too. Beautiful table. Praying for Amanda, Connie and Tricia. What strong woman!
    Love & Hugs to you

  23. A Belated Happy Birthday to Olivia! She is so special, beautiful, and I love her name! Feb, 29th people are special...I have two friends on that day. Your post is darling, as usual, Oh, that I could write like you do! Cheers for Amanda with continuing prayers.
    Dasko has your number...just look at that SMILE!

  24. I haven't heard the word shanty in a long time either.
    You have the neatest posts Betty! Have a great weekend!

  25. Happy belated Birthday to Olivia, sounds like a fun girl!

    I need to get outside and clean around my yard also. Spring has just sprung on us and I didn't have time to clean out around the flowers.

    I enjoyed the treasure around your home. That mirror is old, I love those old mirrors that have look... I guess the backing is coming off? I'm not sure what makes them do that, but I think it's neat.

    How neat to have the old cabinet that your dad used every day! Very nice collection of wick trimmers. I don't think I've ever seen that many together at once. They are very, very hard to find around here.

    Lol, my dog is the exact same way. I'll have the doors open, carrying stuff in and he jumps in. I'll be done and he will not come out. I have even shut the doors and left him in there a few minutes, came back later to open the door and he just sits there still, lol!

    I enjoyed leaping around with you Betty =] Have a wonderful weekend~

  26. Happy Belated Leap Day to you Betty - and Belated Birthday Wishes to Olivia as "5" never looked so good! ;o) You truly have some amazing treasures - that table is amazing - so wonderful you were able to "reclaim" it - and your collection of wick trimmers is amazing....I have looked for YEARS for some in these parts - to no avail.... As you can see, I'm still playing catch-up - promise I won't bug you by commenting on each and every post I've missed as I read, but had to stop at this one at least to wish your beautiful granddaughter a happy birthday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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