Friday, February 10, 2012

Here a Tweak, There a Tweak

Good morning and am I glad to see you this morning. It is so cold out but the coffee is on and yes, it is the Seattle Best Cinnamon. Hopefully you like it too. Grab a redware mug and help yourself. Lets sit by the fireplace and just visit. I need some advice. (May not heed it, but I need it)lol My house has the blahs! Does yours? I have always enjoyed using red because it is always so cheery. I have a ton of red in this house. My Grandma Wright did not like red, I think she thought it was too flashy, and she was such a classy lady. I have often wondered what she would think of all my  red decor.
Big Red Couch! I like it though.
Red Pantry box.
Red No, Grandma would not be happy with all of my red. She was a green person herself. She said it never went out of style.
I come from a long line of nesters and tweakers, as my Mother and Grandmother loved their homes. My Mother loved everything floral. I do not do florals. We had them every where. Wall paper, slip covers, floors, drapes, you get the picture don't you? LOTS of florals. It just occurred to me, I am just like her except with red!lol
I just redid what is on my table.Red? Oh
The coffee pot was my very first piece of pewter. It was from my great aunt. I may just have to do a blog about her sometime. She was some what eccentric, but I loved her and loved seeing her come to visit. Her name was Cleona and she was my Grandma's sister.
My pewter collection has grown to this, since that first piece.
 Any way, that one coffee pot caused major damage. Isn't is funny how one particular thing can start a life time collection? Kind of like life isn't it? One particular thing, good or bad, can cause a life time of good or a life time of damage.
I have had these candles from Libby since July. I  didn't know what to do with them, for sure. Oh they smell so good and I wanted to have them near the sitting area of the living room. I came up with this. I have seen others display them on their mantles.
Sure is a lot of red in these pictures. guess my question is, should I tone it down? Is it over whelming?
Don't know if you have noticed, but I have passed the 200 follower count. I am so humbled by your visiting and having coffee with me. Thanks to each of you from the bottom of my heart.
There are some changes coming  Through My Back Door. I will share with you soon, but thanks for the visit today Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Should you ever come in by the front door, which I never expect, this is what you would see.
You know what? We do.(Deb painted this years ago)
PSS" Amanda has 3 more treatments. The first of the less harsh was Wed. She had a horrible reaction. They waited a while and started it again. she had a another reaction. Stopped and started again and she was okay. Today she is in horrible pain. Thank you for your continued prayers.


  1. Your house is beautiful just the way it is. If you like the red, keep it. It looks lovely to me. I always have had 1 or 2 colors to keep throughout the house. I have a various tones of sage green and burnt orange throught the house right now. Before it was forest green and burgandy. I think having a color scheme brings it all together. Thanks for sharing your pewter collection, it is awesome. -Steph-

  2. Definitely not to much red! Every home needs some red, don't you think? for my home.....lots of red too. Your home is great and I look forward to your wonderful decorating posts. I am so sorry to hear about Amanda's reaction to her meds. I had her on my heart and mind yesterday. Almost emailed you. I pray things get better for her. Keep us updated with Amanda and keep all the red just the way it is! Blessings!

  3. By the way, your new background and header is great! How did you do that? Love it!

    1. Are you kidding? LOL! Too much red? NO WAY JOSE! LOL! I like the red, and your home always just looks so cozy! I like your new header!
      I am sorry Amanda is having such a horrid reaction to the meds, I pray that she will soon be done with all this, and she will hopefully realize what a blessing she is to many others. She does know that her heavenly father has a plan through all this~ we may not understand that at this time, but HE does!
      I like hearing your family tales~ so I look forward to hearing of Grandma Cleone~ what a beautiful name.
      I have enjoyed my cinnamon coffee, and I like the tapers hanging on the mantle. Libby does an excellent job with her candles.
      Have a great week, and thanks for always being so encouraging!

  4. I always loved red as a child but now,like you have red,I have black! If you love it,go for it....add more!!!!!Paint the town red!!LOL!

  5. Love all the red, Betty! I think it's just such a happy, positive colour....hmmm, it must reflect your personality! ... and Cleona, what fine and unique name... hhmmm, great name for a dollie... Thanks for the update on Amanda too. I think of her from time to time, sending prayers and good thoughts her way.

  6. Love love love all the red Friend.
    Red is my very fav color too. The coffee was as wonderful as ever. Sorry to hear about Amanda. Ugh
    I hate the C word! Praying for her.
    Hugs to you

  7. Hi Betty! The way you have your house is just beautiful! No way is there too much red!! I love the color, too, and think everyone should have some in their home!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Amanda being so sick... prayers, as always, for her good health.

    Your pewter collection is just wonderful.... I always said I wasn't much of a collector, but realized recently that I actually have small collections of MANY things!! Pewter is one of those collections -- not nearly as lovely as your's, however. Having collections is like a hobby.... My sister and I always say that at least we don't have an alcohol, drug, smoking habit... our habit is collecting primitives!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Betty!!

  8. I love your prim "red" home..truly..I wouldn't change anything..I too do not like florals..but love fresh flowers..and I love decorating with red..its my favorite color as your new blog look and header..I hope Amanda gets to feeling better soon and that she gets a clean bill of health and the next set of treatments go much easier..have a wonderful weekend;)

  9. Oh Betty! It is WONDERFUL!!!! I don't decorate with alot of red anymore, but I ALWAYS admire it in other homes...Your home is just beautiful!!!I'm going to go back and read and admire again!!!hugs,Jen

  10. Red was my husbands favorite color. I think your house is gorgeous. My Nanny also loved red she would have loved your home.


  11. Betty,
    I love the red. Your home is so wonderfully cozy. I really like painted furniture in its original wear pattern, too.

    So, as you said, one thing can lead to another. I find it is better to let go of negative ideas because they seem to attract other negative vibes. I love starting a collection, it is the fun of the hunt for me, and it tends to grow and GroW and GROW!!!

    Thanks for this blessing of a post.


  12. Love, love, love red, it is my favorite color! I love your wing chair and the red, here and there. I recently painted a wall in my house, red! It all looks wonderful, I wouldn't change a thing,(unless you find something else,) red, that is!.. :)


  13. I think the red is perfect. It's such a warm red tone that you are using and it fits your house, which, by the way, is perfectly decorated!! I'd love you to come and tweak my house, if you would, please!!
    I'm drooling over your pewter. I just started collecting it, as it fits my new house so well!
    I so enjoy your house tours!

  14. I love all your red too. Your home is so beautiful, I just love looking at all your pictures. Your blog looks GREAT too!!

  15. hi, Betty~ Pretty REDS~ love your pewter collection~ envious of it~ giggles~
    have a wonderful weekend~

  16. Betty, I think a little splash of red is fine. I too get the I HATE MY HOUSE occasionally. I always change things around to keep from getting bored. I love your new header with the red. We have snow today with a winter advisory and temps near zero. Very windy here today and drifting snow. Brrr! I was going to take a trip to the city today, but with the cold I may have to wait until tomorrow. Don't want to get stranded at night in that cold.
    Stay warm
    Country at heart

  17. I love your home and I love red <3...seems to me if there was TOO much red you would know it! Sending prayers.

  18. There is only ONE solution to your red dilemma...pack it all up immediately and send it directly to me. You see...I too...have an extreme love of red. So is there too much red??? Not in the least. Love love love, and everything is absolutely beautiful!

    Praying for Amanda!!!

  19. I'll be 100% honest I used to be a 'green & burgandy' girl but over the past year 'RED......speaks to me' Every where I go my eye catches something red, now I have 3 x pairs of red shoes, 2 x red bags, red earings & necklaces & my fabric collection has far more red than ever. I really like Kathy Schmitzs red she uses in her fabric, it's not to bright or to dark
    So I say leave the red it looks fantastic

  20. Too much red? Tone it down? Tone down red?? Never!! But... I am a lover of red with it in every single room of my home (except my teen daughter's room who loves hot pink and lime green, haha). I LOVE all your red and your pewter collection is wonderful!

    Sorry to hear about Amanda. Praying for better days ahead.

  21. THIS WAS FUN...I can't get enough red in my home...most everything I pick up in a shoppe is Red...or black...but mostly Red.
    Love all your decorating Betty.


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