Monday, September 22, 2014

The "Goings Ons" Through My Back Door

Oh my goodness it is so good to see you as it has been a while. Of course the coffee is on and  get a cookie, lets visit for a while. Not quite cool enough to have this on.
But we can sit and have our coffee anyway.
You may sit in my favorite spot. How is that?
I will sit here, if I can get Boo to move.
There has been so much going on Through My Back Door, some good, some not so good. I am going to share the good times first. Ok? After having been sick for so long I am glad to say I am well. FINALLY.
That is the worse stuff I did do a bit of fall decorating.
This wreath has since been straightened.
I will save the rest for another post.
My friend Sandi came over from W. Va for a few days. We had such a good visit, I actually got her to stay up until midnight,lol We had a fun day with Deb at Lulu's for lunch, then to Debs for dessert, and that evening went to Dodd and Renda's for supper. Sandi had never seen their house and they have really accumulated some wonderful pieces. They are displayed to perfection. Some of their very early pieces just make me smile because I know how much Curtis would love them. I have to say, he taught Deb and Renda a lot and they listened.
Then to add icing on the cake, my two living Aunts had birthdays 2 days apart. My cousin Gina and her daughter Leah, had an impromptu luncheon for them.
My beautiful aunts. Annie on the left 94 and Jean on the right 85.
She had set a beautiful fall table. Another wonderful part of this is, Gina lives in the house her father and mother, (their sister) built. Unfortunately Aunt Hazel died far too early from a car accident. Anyway we all loved seeing the house now and  The Aunts enjoyed rehashing special memories. Uncle Ralph was a builder and a perfectionist, so the house is well built and since Gina grew up there it is special. We had such a wonderful day. My Aunt Annie's daughter Shirley, Deb, Gina, Leah and myself made up the party. I can assure you I don't know when I have laughed as much. It was a perfect day. I neglected to say, Aunt Jean lives in Va and we don't get to be with her as often as we'd like. Thank you Gina for making this day so special.
Amongst all the good times there were some sad. My friend Dottie, whom you have met through my blog, lost her son. Please continue to pray for her and her wonderful family, whom I love.
Also you remember praying for Kenny Anderson, and he passed away last Friday. These families are my close friends and it hurts when your friends hurt. I know you are prayers and I know you will remember them. Thank you so much.
I know you will remember too, to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I have a beach trip in my future
PSS: My bittersweet in my photos came from my friend Marla Gilbertson
PSSS: I know each of you will enjoy this fall weather as much as I will Lets just soak it up!