Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Feeling the Blues

Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. It is hot so we will have to visit in the house today. You can have a glass of sweet tea if you like or the traditional coffee. The choice is yours. I am feeling the "Blues", what about you? I have been reading some blogs and have seen a lot people posting about their blues, so I decided I would too. I am not talking about those old sad blues, but the color blue.  For a while blue has taken a back seat to other colors. However it is my opinion that blue is a staple and not at all trendy. In fact I don't believe color should be a trend. I think you should find the color you like and stick with it, regardless of what the decorators say. I decided a few months ago I wanted  a blue room.
This is in the blue room. It was sent to me by Mary Lou a long time ago
Old candle box with original paint and stencil
Blue quilt

blue firkin
Love this bowl
Piece of blue coverlet
Winter coverlet and corner cupboard.
Yes I have the blues and always will. Blue is a soothing color to me. Now I love my reds and mustards too, but wanted to share the "blues".
Can't post a blue post with out adding some of these beautiful blues.
A fall day with Blue skies
Blue skies at beautiful Seagrove Beach
So these are some of my favorite blues. I hope you have some blues that make you as happy as it makes me when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Had a scare this week. Boo was gone for 3 days. She is home and doesn't seem a bit remorseful for what she put me through!
PSS: It is still necessary we continue to pray for our fellow bloggers. Some are really hurting
PSSS: Thanks for all the Likes and following on my new FB page. My blog fairy Lynne set it up for me and it has almost 100 likes. You can find it on my side bar