Monday, March 2, 2015

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Good Monday morning and welcome Through My Back Door. I know its Monday, but I don't want to do laundry. I would rather visit, so come in, get a cup and help yourself to some coffee. It is still Cracker Barrel, but we do have Kona on hand now for a later visit. Found some the other day.
It is so good to see you this morning, but it was really good to see when I looked out my window, the ground. Still snow on my driveway, but not nearly as much. This weather has been something. Deb and I were talking about how bad February was, but we concluded we had nothing to complain about. We had power through out, plenty to eat, and lots to do. So, with that said, I am so happy to see Spring around the corner. A few bunnies have been hopping around too. I think bunnies and sheep in early spring.

I did my mantle completely different this year. Sat back and looked at it for a while and went back to the original and just added a couple of bunnies and a Deb Peterson pinkeep. Do you do that?
I have cutesy on the table for now. Don't know how long it will last eaither.

Well that is just a bit of Spring Through My Back Door where life is good. Thanks for coming to visit and have coffee with me this morning.
PS: I have a couple of trips coming up. One this month and one next. This month we are going back to Pa. Next month going to Va.
PSS: I said my word this year was kind. I am trying to be kinder, as it is so easy to get caught up in things not so kind. How about you. Do you have a word?
PSSS: There has been no renovations through my back door, due to the weather. It was too cold to have  hole in the back of your It will get done.