Saturday, April 19, 2014


Good Saturday morning before Easter. Come in and have a cup of coffee and I will show you my precious quilts. I call them precious, not because of their monetary worth, but because of the hands that sewed them. My Mother and Grandmother. Last week I gave Deb my Grandmother's thimble. It was sterling silver. Yes, that was my
This is one of my favorites.   Dutch doll as my Mom called it. Some people call it Sun Bonnet Sue. This is the corner cupboard where I have them stored.
This is the last one she made.
This is an 1800's quilt given to me by a friend to use as a cutter. It is perfect on the rope bed.
I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my quilts. Again not monetary value, but sentimental, which is more important to me. You know what else is important to me? You coming Through My Back  Door where life is good.
PS: Please continue praying for Jason and Lori and the rest of the family