Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Little Mustard?

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Ready for a cup of coffee and a visit? It is always nice when you have company and I am happy to see you this morning. I have been gone to Pigeon Forge with Debs family and just got home Monday evening. We had a good time and ate too much. There was a lot of laughing going on and I read an entire book. I am grateful they continue to include me in their get a ways. We had home made pizza one night, and hamburgers and hot dogs one night. On Saturday night we went out to dinner. I love hotdogs. Have never met one I didn't Ball park, race track, doesn't matter, I like them all. So keeping with the hot dog theme, lol, how about a little mustard. I love the color. I starting using it years ago before it became the color, and my family thought I had lost my mind
. Curt would refer to it, "as that ugly color Mom likes". Curtis would say he was afraid to stand still "afraid he would be painted mustard!" That makes me think of how everyone paints everything black today. Drives me nuts to see good wood painted black. That is another
Anyway my love of mustard in decor still stands. I am a creature of habit. Most of you know that by now if you have been visiting long enough. I do NOT like change. I get used to things a certain way and just leave it forever. So, anyway, I will share some of my favorite mustard.

My entertainment center

I love this old chair. All handmade and pegged together.
Another chair I love!
Well, you can see I do like mustard. Know what else I like? You coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Would you please pray for those who lost their homes in a tornado Sunday night? That is only about 30 minutes from me.
PSS: I am entertaining my Sunday School class this week and I am so excited to have them visit in my little home
PSSS: I have enjoyed several trips this summer, but am home for a while. No matter how much you enjoy going, there is nothing like coming home.