Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Homes Tell Our Story. What Does Mine Say?

Hello and come on in Through My Back Door and have a cup of coffee. We can have a cup of hot tea with fresh honey too, because Ken, who I call my "honey man" sent me a small jar of honey. I am going to have some with a hot biscuit today. Ken's honey is so good and he is so sweet to remember me when he robs his bees. Thank You Ken. He is such a fine young Christian man.(I love his wife too)
As you know I belong to a couple of FB decorating pages.(I know you know because I have been complaining about the lack of kindness shown) any way, the most popular answer to any question is to paint it black. Not only among younger decorators.If we all did the same thing, how boring it would be. Everyone has their own ideas and what works for one may not work for another. Our homes are unique, they are us, but I had never thought of the fact they "Tell our Story". Jane Bruce, who is a member, and I don't know her, came up with this comment on one of the pages yesterday. Our homes tell our story. Five simple words, but yes they do. OUR STORY. Not someone else's. Someone else may like bright colors but you like muted, so which do you use? The one you like of course. It made me stop and wonder what story does my home tell.You all have been coming Through My Back Door for almost four years. You know what you see when you pull in the driveway.
Run down, decrepit, shabby, should be torn down old smoke house. Doug says it is a blacksmith shop. Anyway this tells a bit of my story right away. I like old and I like red. When I see the tobacco basket, I think of a friend and her sister who gave it to me. Part of my story, generous friends. Thank you Dottie.
When you walk Through My Back Door you learn more of my story. You see I truly do have a back door house. No one ever uses my front door. (Except for the people who broke into my house 3 years ago)lol. No one. When you walk in, the first thing you see is.
This is the view from the back door. I get different responses, one being, it looks bigger inside than out. My favorite response is , it feels so homey. Come on in and you can sit down and decide your response.
This may be on if I am not expecting you, but  I will turn it off. (I think I am one of the few people left on the planet, that likes drop in company)If I am expecting you it won't be on. I think when we have guests, we need to pay attention to them and not TV. What story are you reading as you come in? I hope you see someone who loves old things and treasures the past. I use the word treasure loosely, as I know what the real meaning of treasure is and it isn't things. We all have to have a place to live and I think we need to make it as pleasant and peaceful as possible.If it is hot outside I will offer you this.
Sweet tea. Actually my family calls this Betty's Heavenly Tea. Sweet tea is a staple in the south. You saw my sign.
If it is fall or winter you get coffee served in this. I love drinking from these red ware mugs. I have to admit I always think of the song, "You are the  potter, I am the clay". You can feel where the Pied Potters hands molded this cup. It traveled from Ma to East Tn to become part of my story.
Or you might get hot mulled cider served in this.
So what has my story said so far? Hopefully, that I love company, am hospitable and put thought into how my friends are treated. I hope that is how it reads.
When you came in the back door and looked into the living room you saw a red chair and sofa. I think the story says, Betty loves red. You also saw a blanket chest beside the chair. That blanket chest tells a story, along with most pieces of furniture in my house. It was found in a garage next door to where Curtis grew up. It was painted white. What do you think would have happened today, if I posted a picture of it as it was on one of my FB groups? I promise 95% would respond paint it black. Curtis saw the beauty under it and stripped it 23 years ago. It has a gorgeous patina on it. It is mixed woods, walnut and tiger maple.  I hope my story says respect for old hand made pieces. It is about mid 1800's and is southern. There is controversy whether it is Tenn or Va. Doesn't matter. Loving hands built it and loving hands restored it to it's original beauty and that too is part of my story.
This is a close up. Curtis used to say wood spoke to him. Know what I think? I believe it did.
If you look to your left, you will see more of my story. An electric fireplace. I can hear you now, why on earth is an electric fire place part of my story? It is like this. I always wanted a mantle to decorate and there was no place to put a chimney,  I didn't want a "fake" one so no fireplace. Well one day a truck pulled in my front yard.
 It was Debbie and Michael with an I love you gift. Yes an I love you gift. Part of my story is my family. I have the best family and I love them so much. Everyone of them. See I have a story that goes beyond decorating and home. So do you. I will continue my story on another post. What does my home say to you? Does it make you want to come in and visit? I hope so, because I love it when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Look around your  home today and think of your story. If you wish to share with me you can
PSS:I will continue "My story" on another post as there is more to share
PSSS: I hate to ask, but I know you are prayers. There is so much going on "in my story" right now and so many friends who need prayer desperately. Kenny, Marianne, a little boy Levi who has had a 2nd transplant, and many, many others. This is one thing we can do for one another. Thanks so much