Monday, May 11, 2015

Am I or Am I Not? Prim That Is

Good morning and come on in Through My Back Door, you know where the mugs are help yourself to coffee and a a piece of cake. If you don't eat it I will.(lol) When I started this blog, it was all about decorating. There wasn't many people I knew who decorated like I do and it was fun to connect with those of you who do through out blogs. Now so many of you have stopped blogging and so many of you don't read blogs anymore. I know everyone is busy and life gets crazy and that is okay. So many of my own friends don't read my blog anymore and I have no complaint about that. It is what it is. However, many of you have changed your decorating style and are going lighter. That too is good if that is what you want to do. I, however, haven't changed. I still love the things I did when I started this blog four years ago. My question is, Am I Prim or Am I Not? I am searching for my decorating I don't think I am nor have I ever been prim. So, what am I? I have no idea. To me Prim is bare, colorless, and make do's. I LOVE color, especially red. I have red everywhere. I love the good antiques, I don't want doors falling off cupboards, nor do I want chippy paint. True prim might only have dull red, or as it is called today, attic finish. I never heard that definition until the last few years. I love farmhouse and so many people describe that as mostly white. The farm houses I knew growing up had wall paper on the walls and mostly oak furniture, except in the "parlor"(the farmhouses I knew, had parlors) and there was the good stuff.
Do you see anything prim about this room?
Honestly, tell me the truth. Am I prim or am I not? I posed this question on a Decorating group I belong to on FB and to tell you the truth I was surprised at the comments. Kathyanne said she was high country and I liked that. I have been referred to as high country. In fact Curtis always called our house high country.
I don't think my bedroom is prim at all. I do use coverlets but they are not especially prim.
This room could be prim. The quilt is 1800's and the great wheel late 1700's or early 1800's. I don't know. I am going to try to put a twin bed in here, but Deb doesn't think I can. We will see what happens. It is actually an old rope bed. So will it be prim or not?
A firkin full of cotton, might be prim. Is it?
But is this?I agree it doesn't matter as so many in the FB group said.The style we have is our own. I have never been trendy. I like what I like and could care less if it is in style or not. The same with clothes. I am just curious. I was described as eclectic, which I would have never thought, colonial, farmhouse, and lots of other adjectives. One lady said I had too much stuff, and I have never been told that before. I have nothing compared to so many others. That comment surprised me. BUT is also made me look and I do have a lot of stuff on my wall of love. Today I am removing some pictures and redoing that wall. One person said I was Crowe-onial and I liked that! Made me think I am me, mixed with a little Colonial. Thank you Al.It isn't important what my style is not t all. I really don't have to have a name for it. I guess I was just a curious how my look was perceived. So I still don't know if I am prim or not, But I do know I love it when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I actually have done some tweaking. Pictures to come later.
PSS: I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I did
PSSS: Next blog will be a field trip to see Debs new pieces of furniture.