Friday, September 30, 2011

What's Not to Love About Fall

Good evening, come on in and sit down and lets visit a while. It is a perfect evening. Did you get your coffee? I hope you like the Pumpkin Spice, it is Door County and I love it. The Speckled Hen is selling it and I am so happy!lol Today is the last day of September and I have been thinking about fall. I love fall. On FB all the prim people are saying fall is their favorite season and it is mine too. Think about it. What is there not to love about fall? Some of my favorite things to do is drink coffee, hot mulled cider, and hot Cinnamon Spice tea. I like reading a good book, snuggled up with a warm throw, the candles burning and the dog sleeping peacefully. What about you? What do you especially like? I love making homemade apple butter. It is my husbands great grandmothers recipe and it is the best! You know I had to be married to him for 30 years before my mother in law would give me the recipe!lol That is the truth. I guess she thought I was in the family to stay by then.
I love the colors of fall. I live between ridges and the colors get so brilliant. I love festivals,  hot soups, and visits from friends. I get my Gladys Taber books out in the fall and reread them through Christmas. What about you? Do you have books you reread each year? I love Gladys Taber and the StillMeadow books. They are the best. One of my prized possessions is a hand written note from her, back in 1972. Her books make you feel so secure for some reason. I love trips to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, I love sitting on my front porch and just being. Well I guess I have made my point. I love fall.
Another thing I love is Family Weavers throws, coverlets, runners,etc. Well  they have a new pattern and I got a table square today. It is called, Hamblen County Tennessee Trouble. Hamblen county is where Dasko goes to doggie camp when we go away.
It is a dark red. The Hen just got these in today. I really like it.
I also have a thing for carriers or boxes. This is really different but I just loved it when I saw it. It isn't old, but a master craftsman made it. It is cherry and I love cherry and walnut.
What do you think? I thought I might use it to hold paper clips, stapler, pens, etc, by the computer, but for now it is here.
Another thing I have done is, I am using blue in my guest room. I have the old blue quilt back on the bed for winter.
I also use this old coverlet piece on the meal chest in there.
Now I have added this.
I have some neat accessories I want to add when I get it done. I am just in the mood for a little change. I'll post a picture when it is finished.
Thanks so much for coming by to visit. I love it when you do come Through My Back Door, where life is good.
ps: Domino update. I told you Domino went to a new home a couple of weeks ago and they absolutely love that cat. Well today Domino went to the vet to be spayed. Surprise, Domino is a male and had already been neutered! Life is not only good through my back door, it is full of surprises!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life's Little and Not So Little Pleasures

Good Sunday evening everyone and thank you for coming Through My Back Door. You bet the coffee is on and tonight it is Pumpkin Spice from the Fresh Market. It is so fall! Why don't you grab the mug of your choice and sit down and visit. I have been gone the last two weekends to Pigeon Forge. Last week I went on the family girl trip with Beth, Amanda, Deb, and the children. This last week end I went with three women from my card group of 28 years. We have been going this same weekend for 5 years. We stay at the Inn at Christmas Place. That is where we spent last week end too. It is decorated for Christmas year round and is a fabulous place. They are so friendly and make it a special visit. Santa entertains the little ones a couple of nights a week, singing and playing the guitar. They then get snacks. Everyone is so friendly and go out of their way to make it pleasant. Across the street is a wonderful Christmas store and next door to that is a Partridge and the Pear, that offers an excellent dining experience. If you are in PF and can't get reservations, at least stop in and visit. They welcome it. We hadn't been there long last week until Andrew knew the names of James the doorman, Nathan the pool guy, and Nate our waiter. He had so much fun. I am sorry I have no pictures. Bet you all hate that, don't you?lol
I will show you my one purchase this week end at the craft show. This is the weekend of the Nawgers Nob, craft show over in Townsend. (They call Townsend the quiet side of the smokies.) That is why we go up. It is so much fun.
I wish they hadn't painted it but they did. I don't dislike the color, I just prefer things left alone. They had added a nail too, but I like it anyway. What do you think?
To me the last two weekends with family and friends are lifes  not so little pleasures. The pantry box is a little pleasure. It is the little pleasures that sometimes bring joy to you. I love sitting and drinking coffee, visiting, listening to your hopes and your dreams. Those are not so little pleasures. What do you consider not so little pleasures?
Another of lifes little pleasures is candy corn in the fall. I can't be with out
Decorating for fall is a little pleasure. Having things and people around you that you love is a not so little pleasure.
Seeing the old dinner bell up, a few mums and the concrete bee skep from Toni, is a not so little pleasure. The dinner bell brings back wonderful memories I have shared before. The bee skep reminds me of Toni the friend who made it and whom I met at the Pantry Gathering.
We all know how I feel about this fellow. He is the worlds best dog. I know some of you will beg to differ and isn't that a not so little pleasure? We can disagree and still be friends?
Remember this little girl I rescued?
She has gone to her new home and she already loves them and they her. Isn't God good? She may have just been nothing to some one who through her away like trash, but now she is special. Dasko misses her but she is happy. Now that is a not so little pleasure.
You have given me a not so little pleasure by coming through my back door where life is good.
ps: Speaking of little and not little pleasures reminds me. Please be kind to everyone you meet and say something nice. The last words they ever hear may be yours, and you would want them to be kind. wouldn't you?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lots Going On Through My Back Door

Good morning and come on in, Through My Back Door. The coffee is waiting, plain old DD today, and I am so happy you chose to stop by. There has been a lot going on Through My Back door lately. Remember Sandi,Daybreak Place, and Carla and Daryl, from Il were here a week ago. You can go on my picture trail and see both of their beautiful homes. Then yesterday three other prim friends came by and visited. Yes we had coffee and talked and talked. Then we went to the Hen and they went to Corner and the other shops in Clinton. My friends Linda Baldwin, Lisa Morris, and Cindy Cox came to visit me. Linda has a blog, Pine Ridge Handwovens, which is on my side bar. Cindy and I met at the Hen, and she and Lisa met on TPP. Lisa and I are friends through TPP too, as well as Linda. They live close together, but about an hour from me. Linda and I live a few miles apart and have been friends for a while. My pictures didn't turn out well, but will show you this one.
This is Lisa and Dasko. You can see Cindys We left my house, went over to Lindas. Linda has a beautiful studio where she weaves. From there on to Clinton. I left them at the Hen, because I had to  go to Debs. This sweet girl is in from Il and I needed to see her.
This was taken Christmas. Tonight all the guys are keeping the home fires burning and we girls are going to Pigeon Forge for the night. We are looking forward to it so much, as girl trips have always been special for us. Amanda, Beth, Deb and Me. I think the guys will be just fine for a couple of days, don't you?lol
The other night, there was nothing on TV so I did a little tweaking.
I couldn't get my mantle going. I am waiting on some fresh bittersweet I ordered, to put on it.I love both of these boxes. My husband got them for me.
This is the German cupboard in the reading nook.
The table in the reading nook
Just a few little changes, but I like them. This is behind the couch and the box is the one I bought on the longest yard sale.
Well thanks for visiting today and I hope you think the changes were for the better, through my back door where life is good.
ps: See this beautiful little girl. This is Mollie, Andrews little sister. I have three beautiful greats. They are a big part of the reason life is good.
Last night she looked across at me and smiled big and said,"mamaw"
It made my life light up! She and I have a few little things we do. I cough and she mocks me. I showed her the chandelier a few days ago and said light. Now when I am holding her, she'll point to a light and say light. Do you think we have bonded?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Decorations and Surprises

Good morning to each of you and come on in Through My Back Door and enjoy a cup of DD coffee. I can't find Kona anymore and I love it too. Anyway I am so glad you dropped in. I don't feel you are company any more so help yourself and lets visit. I have a lot to share. There has been a lot going on Through My Back Door lately. I love it! I have all my fall decorations up and I am ready for mugs of mulled cider. Do you all like it as much as I do? I thought I would share a little more of my fall with you. As you know, I am not a good "vignetter".lol I just don't have the knack a lot of you do, but that is beside the point. I'll show you what I have done.
This is my table. Know whats in the pumpkin? Candy pumpkins! Can't be w/o them or candy corn!
Corner cupboard. The worlds best son in law carved the goose. The man who mentored him, a master carver, Gary Falin,who teaches all over the US, carved the shore birds.
Out my window.
Front door. I wanted this on the outside, but the storm door is in the way!This is second best.
You know about my RAK from Pam and Frank last week. Well yesterday I came home and found not one, but two boxes on my porch! I hadn't ordered anything, but knew Linda Parker, at Parkers Paradise had mailed me a give away I had won. Well, one was from Linda and the other from Kristine Berg Doss, over at APP. Well I tore into both of them, so there are no package
Here is what I received from them. Linda sent me a set of red gingham napkins. You know red is my favorite color. Here they are.
There were also two stitcheries!
Is this not wonderful?
Can you  believe this? I couldn't.
These are from Kristine. She sent some cute hand towels too, but they are in the washer. I am going to use them pronto!lol
These are the three pumpkins. I had the perfect place for them.
This is the metal pumpkin. I think it is so cute. I will show you a picture of the group all together so you can see the towels. They are so cute.
See them and the cute little card?
See this little girl. she came here several weeks ago, so thin, her insides had to be touching. She had no fur from her shoulders down. Just skin. It was so pitiful, people who came here thought I was crazy for keeping her alive. Well look at her now! She is going to a new home this week and her name is Domino! One of the domino girls is taking her. Isn't she a pretty kitty?
Thanks to Linda and Kristine for the surprises this week. Thanks to each of you for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
ps: One more good thing this week. Do you get Country Sampler? The Christmas issue is out and Deb and Michaels house is in it! Just had to share.
I am a proud Mother!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back Door Friends

What a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon to have you come Through My Back door. I am so happy you are visiting because it is so quiet here right now. Oh, don't forget your coffee, you know where to get your cups, and yes it is still DD. I am having a cup myself and it is much better when you can share with friends. This has been a Prim Perfect weekend, starting on Thursday afternoon. The first thing happened was when the mail came there was a box. Now, I hadn't ordered anything, and had no idea what was in it. I saw the return address, and by the size of the box,(dare I hope?) I tore into it so fast there is no picture. When I opened it here was what was in it.
It says Crowe Gathering! It was from my special friends and prayer warriors, Pam and Frank Hendrix, ShadeTree Primitives! Their blog is Civil Folks. I cried! I had seen it on the forum and asked if it was for sale and was told NO!Can you imagine how happy I was when I opened this? I don't think you can. Now here is the rest of the story. Sandi Stevens, from DayBreak Place, was on her way from West Va. to spend the weekend with me. Carla and Daryl Herron,from Il. were on their way too. There was truly going to be a gathering. Carla and Daryl stayed with Deb and Michael. Here is Daryl and Michael putting this sign up.
This is Carla, me,Deb, and Sandi.
Is this not a wonderful gift? Prim friends are the absolute best! I don't know if any of you have met any of your prim "sistas" or not. If not I certainly hope you do. We met Daryl and Carla in Il in March, and again at the Gathering in Lexington. That was the first time time we had met Sandi. We all connected immediately, and it is like we are family. The husbands hit it off too and Deb and Carla were happy about Phil, Sandi's husband, couldn't make it this time. He will next time.Thursday night we all went to Deb and Michaels for dinner. We ate talked and laughed until we cried.
Friday we shopped Clinton. I tell you guys, The speckled Hen and Corner Antiques are becoming known all over the They had such a good time. All agreed that Corner Antiques has the best deals and atmosphere of any antiques store. The Hen is a shopping experience they all loved. It was my house for dinner on Friday night. The guys worked for theirs by hanging the sign. We girls were laughing too hard to work! Carla teased me about eating off the pewter, so Sandi and I agreed we'd use it, even if it had to be hand (We are so scarificing)
Deb took this so she isn't in it. Can you tell by our faces how much fun we were having?
 There was some serious talking going on here.
Carla and Daryl left yesterday, but Sandi stayed until today. That is why it is so quiet here this afternoon. Dasko and I miss them already. We all met on The Primitive Pantry prim forum, so we have a lot in common, but it is like we have been friends for  years. I cannot explain the feeling of long time friendship. I wish it for the rest of you. Yes, Deb and I are planning a trip to West Virginia soon and we will also be in Illinois. I wish each of you could visit Through My Back Door, where life is good.
ps: This date will always be etched in the hearts and minds of all Americans, as well as the rest of the world. Let us honor those who lost their lives, by living ours to the fullest and being with those we love.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Makes You Think Crafts

Happy Sunday evening everyone and welcome Through My Back Door. Hurry and get in out out of the rain, grab a cup of coffee and sit down. We have a lot to talk about today. It has been raining a nice steady rain here for a little over two hours. Dasko won't go out, so I hope it stops for a little It is looking more like fall in my little house. I will finish the outside, except for straw and cornstalks, tomorrow. I have to wait on my son to bring those. He has lots of them. I have bought some mums and can't wait to decorate outside. In the fall we think of craft shows, and that means crafters. I, as most of you know, don't craft. It just isn't something I do. It is a known fact that creators have to have appreciators and that is what I am. I am blessed to know so many wonderful people who are creators. My daughter is one. She can do anything. And does. She is like her daddy. Well, anyway at our gathering a few weeks ago a lot of the girls brought some things to sell. I need nothing, so I only bought a concrete bee skep from Toni and a cute little apple box. I will post a picture of them soon. I also bought a pumpkin and some acorns from Linda Stinson. Well, when I got home, I ordered more. Linda is a master crafter. She lives in Mount Joy, Pa and sells at shows and maybe in a shop or two. I am sorry I don't know that for sure. I want to show you what I ordered from her and how I have used them. Her pumpkins are wonderful.
Another pumpkin
I just love these little ornies.
 And the acorns!
Well she makes wooden things, beautiful prairie bonnets, and it is all just wonderful. My daughter surprised me with a mustard blanket crane, Linda made. We don't have it up yet, but I'll take a picture when I do. Remember these little pinkeeps from the gathering?
See what I mean? Doesn't she make the best things? Well when I ordered my order and it came, she also sent me this.
I was so surprised, but I am enjoying it so much. It is on the kitchen counter and I see it all the time. It makes me smile. You see, you are never too old to dream.
Another creator I am pleased to know is Libby Bryant, Rusty Shed Prims. She makes the most wonderful scents. Oh goodness I wish  you could smell through this computer. My house smells so good. (Not like a dog at all), but of the scents Libby brought me. She and her husband came over one day and we had the best time. We swapped a few things and I got the best end of the deal.
She made this wickless candle to burn in my candle warmer.
This one has a wick and is in the bathroom. It smells ssoooo good!
These lantern lighters! Oh My Gosh!
Several tart warmers that I will never have the heart to melt. I will use them for bowl fillers. Here is one.
Can you see the little sheep? I'll share more of the bowl fillers later. But these are wonderful. I am going to hang them on my fireplace.  Just haven't yet.
They still have the plastic on them! I tell you, they smell so good. Lol she made me a couple more wonderful things I will share later. These two special people have helped me create a fall setting that I am truly enjoying,and I love them both for it.
Something exciting is happening Through My Back Door this week. I can hardly wait. Let me just say, some truly special people are coming Through My Back Door, where life is good. I hope you will too.
ps: Remember this picture, I posted back in May?
My grandson Seth and Andrew? I love this picture. Anyway Seth has always said he wanted to be an actor and has been in many plays and done commercials. He has told us that his plans have changed. He feels God has called him to the ministry. We are so proud. Will you help us pray for him please, as he prepares for seminary?