Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lots Going On Through My Back Door

Good morning and come on in, Through My Back Door. The coffee is waiting, plain old DD today, and I am so happy you chose to stop by. There has been a lot going on Through My Back door lately. Remember Sandi,Daybreak Place, and Carla and Daryl, from Il were here a week ago. You can go on my picture trail and see both of their beautiful homes. Then yesterday three other prim friends came by and visited. Yes we had coffee and talked and talked. Then we went to the Hen and they went to Corner and the other shops in Clinton. My friends Linda Baldwin, Lisa Morris, and Cindy Cox came to visit me. Linda has a blog, Pine Ridge Handwovens, which is on my side bar. Cindy and I met at the Hen, and she and Lisa met on TPP. Lisa and I are friends through TPP too, as well as Linda. They live close together, but about an hour from me. Linda and I live a few miles apart and have been friends for a while. My pictures didn't turn out well, but will show you this one.
This is Lisa and Dasko. You can see Cindys We left my house, went over to Lindas. Linda has a beautiful studio where she weaves. From there on to Clinton. I left them at the Hen, because I had to  go to Debs. This sweet girl is in from Il and I needed to see her.
This was taken Christmas. Tonight all the guys are keeping the home fires burning and we girls are going to Pigeon Forge for the night. We are looking forward to it so much, as girl trips have always been special for us. Amanda, Beth, Deb and Me. I think the guys will be just fine for a couple of days, don't you?lol
The other night, there was nothing on TV so I did a little tweaking.
I couldn't get my mantle going. I am waiting on some fresh bittersweet I ordered, to put on it.I love both of these boxes. My husband got them for me.
This is the German cupboard in the reading nook.
The table in the reading nook
Just a few little changes, but I like them. This is behind the couch and the box is the one I bought on the longest yard sale.
Well thanks for visiting today and I hope you think the changes were for the better, through my back door where life is good.
ps: See this beautiful little girl. This is Mollie, Andrews little sister. I have three beautiful greats. They are a big part of the reason life is good.
Last night she looked across at me and smiled big and said,"mamaw"
It made my life light up! She and I have a few little things we do. I cough and she mocks me. I showed her the chandelier a few days ago and said light. Now when I am holding her, she'll point to a light and say light. Do you think we have bonded?


  1. Oh Betty, Mollie is adorable! What fun you will have with her as she grows : ) Your home is lovely. I also like bittersweet. I planted 5 plants by the back fence, males & females, but no berries yet. I think I saw someplace that it may take a couple years for the berries to show up. We will hopefully be moved far away by then & someone else can enjoy them. I'll buy new plants ... lol! Love the things in your home. It is, as I've said before, very warm & inviting. So glad you were able to spend time with some friends! Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Good morning, Bette. Your tweaks looks wonderful, the DD is always my fave, and what a little doll Mollie is! Enjoy your day!


  3. Your house is so very beautiful! I wish ours could look as good... but we are far from it. It is so peaceful looking and like a family lives there who loves it, as I'm sure they do.

  4. good morning ~ your tweaking is perfect and Mollie is a living doll. thanks for sharing.

  5. No better way to spend time than with friends - and you certainly have been blessed as of late! Your little tweaks look wonderful - but I'm so loving those boxes on your mantle. Wow. Mollie is a little cutie patootie!!! So sweet! Love the pigtails! Hope you have an awesome "gals' time out!" Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. My goodness Betty
    You have been having lots of company haven't you? LOL! I am glad you all got to get together! Love your fall touches, and that baby is just too precious! My goodness, she is growing so fast!

  7. Your home always looks so pretty!! Love the tweaking and fall touches....
    How special for you to have a gal's night out (sounds like such fun!), and to be blessed with all those friends who stopped by for a visit.....
    Your little Mollie is adorable!! Love her little pig tails and sweet smile.... I think you have definitely bonded!
    Have a nice week ahead, Betty.

  8. Betty, Mollie is so adorable - aren't our grands such a blessing? I love all of your tweaking and your mantle looks great! Have a great time with your girls.

  9. Betty, Mollie is a doll! The picture made me smile. I am so glad I got to meet that little sweetie in person! I love your tweaking. I never get tired of looking at your home. I know you and the girls are having a wonderful time. Enjoy your visit from Beth and tell them all hi for me.

  10. Hi Betty, Thanks for dropping by my blog, always enjoy hearing from you. I love the items on your mantle, bittersweet will look great there. Bittersweet is one of my favorite things I love to decorate with in the fall, never had the real thing though. Mollie is so cute, take care, hugs Vicky

  11. Mollie is so sweet. I wonder if she got that from her Mamaw? I'm sure of it!

    Counting the days!

  12. Hi Betty......your house looks wonderful all dressed for fall.
    You have had a lot of fun company this season.
    You need to hang a sign....The Back Door Inn!
    Mollie is adorable.........would love to kiss those cheeks.

  13. Hi Betty, Mollie is beautiful! Your home always looks so inviting!Thanks for stopping by today..
    I feel like I know you!

  14. I'm so glad you had more prim friends to visit.Dasko certainly enjoys the company doesn't he? He's areal ladie's man!!
    Love all the photos of your home Betty.We prim gals love tweaking!
    I hope you had a wonderful time at Pigeon Forge too.Mollie's so sweet.Love her little bows.


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