Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Makes You Think Crafts

Happy Sunday evening everyone and welcome Through My Back Door. Hurry and get in out out of the rain, grab a cup of coffee and sit down. We have a lot to talk about today. It has been raining a nice steady rain here for a little over two hours. Dasko won't go out, so I hope it stops for a little It is looking more like fall in my little house. I will finish the outside, except for straw and cornstalks, tomorrow. I have to wait on my son to bring those. He has lots of them. I have bought some mums and can't wait to decorate outside. In the fall we think of craft shows, and that means crafters. I, as most of you know, don't craft. It just isn't something I do. It is a known fact that creators have to have appreciators and that is what I am. I am blessed to know so many wonderful people who are creators. My daughter is one. She can do anything. And does. She is like her daddy. Well, anyway at our gathering a few weeks ago a lot of the girls brought some things to sell. I need nothing, so I only bought a concrete bee skep from Toni and a cute little apple box. I will post a picture of them soon. I also bought a pumpkin and some acorns from Linda Stinson. Well, when I got home, I ordered more. Linda is a master crafter. She lives in Mount Joy, Pa and sells at shows and maybe in a shop or two. I am sorry I don't know that for sure. I want to show you what I ordered from her and how I have used them. Her pumpkins are wonderful.
Another pumpkin
I just love these little ornies.
 And the acorns!
Well she makes wooden things, beautiful prairie bonnets, and it is all just wonderful. My daughter surprised me with a mustard blanket crane, Linda made. We don't have it up yet, but I'll take a picture when I do. Remember these little pinkeeps from the gathering?
See what I mean? Doesn't she make the best things? Well when I ordered my order and it came, she also sent me this.
I was so surprised, but I am enjoying it so much. It is on the kitchen counter and I see it all the time. It makes me smile. You see, you are never too old to dream.
Another creator I am pleased to know is Libby Bryant, Rusty Shed Prims. She makes the most wonderful scents. Oh goodness I wish  you could smell through this computer. My house smells so good. (Not like a dog at all), but of the scents Libby brought me. She and her husband came over one day and we had the best time. We swapped a few things and I got the best end of the deal.
She made this wickless candle to burn in my candle warmer.
This one has a wick and is in the bathroom. It smells ssoooo good!
These lantern lighters! Oh My Gosh!
Several tart warmers that I will never have the heart to melt. I will use them for bowl fillers. Here is one.
Can you see the little sheep? I'll share more of the bowl fillers later. But these are wonderful. I am going to hang them on my fireplace.  Just haven't yet.
They still have the plastic on them! I tell you, they smell so good. Lol she made me a couple more wonderful things I will share later. These two special people have helped me create a fall setting that I am truly enjoying,and I love them both for it.
Something exciting is happening Through My Back Door this week. I can hardly wait. Let me just say, some truly special people are coming Through My Back Door, where life is good. I hope you will too.
ps: Remember this picture, I posted back in May?
My grandson Seth and Andrew? I love this picture. Anyway Seth has always said he wanted to be an actor and has been in many plays and done commercials. He has told us that his plans have changed. He feels God has called him to the ministry. We are so proud. Will you help us pray for him please, as he prepares for seminary?


  1. Love your fall goodies!
    I need to finish getting mine out.

    How wonderful.
    I will be sure to remember Seth in my prayers.

  2. Wonderful Fall additions. I love them all.
    How wonderful for Seth. You must be so proud.
    HUgs to you

  3. Time for me to decorate too, I loved yours. I'll remember Seth in my prayers tonight... good for him!

  4. Love the way you have displayed Linda's acorns. I have some, too and just put them out today. She is sure talented! I loved all of her goods. Congrats to Seth. How honorable! Thanks for the eye candy!

  5. Thanks for the cozy visit, Betty....It's been cool (ok COLD!), windy, and rainy here as well....Love your simple touches of fall. Linda's pumpkins are sweet, so simple. And nothing warms a home like a candle....My prayers for Seth - what an honor and a privilege. You all must be so very proud....Wishing you a blessed holiday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Betty: Love, love, love your new fall goodies. I am dying to put mine out but still struggling with 100 degree weather! UGH! You must be so proud of Seth and happy about his decision; many prayers will be with him.
    Be sure to check out http://theoldefarmhouse.blogspot; finally posted and have two more in my head. Happy Fall, Joy

  7. Betty ... I love your fall things! That pinkeep is especially wonderful! Does Linda have a blog or a website? I am so excited that Seth has felt the call to the ministry ... as excited as if he were my own family! I will definitely pray for him. I am so happy for you! Blessings, Shirlee

  8. Beautiful fall decorating, Betty! It must be so special to have so many items created by your friends!! The pumpkins are wonderful -- and there's nothing like great-smelling candles burning around the house. So cozy and inviting....

    What wonderful news about Seth!! Prayers for him as he starts out on his new journey!

    Have a great Labor Day!

  9. Just wnated to stop by and say hello. How wonderful about your Grandson. I will be praying for him. I am so excited for your family. My husband and I completed Bible College and then Seminary. Your home looks wonderful and I think I shall get out the Fall decor later on this week. Blessings!

  10. What wonderful fall goodies. I am glad you are blessed to have such creative people in your life. Thanks for the pics. -Steph-

  11. Hi Betty,
    Love all your Fall goodies. Everything looks wonderful. I know you are so proud of Seth. We will keep him in our prayers.


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