Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Decorations and Surprises

Good morning to each of you and come on in Through My Back Door and enjoy a cup of DD coffee. I can't find Kona anymore and I love it too. Anyway I am so glad you dropped in. I don't feel you are company any more so help yourself and lets visit. I have a lot to share. There has been a lot going on Through My Back Door lately. I love it! I have all my fall decorations up and I am ready for mugs of mulled cider. Do you all like it as much as I do? I thought I would share a little more of my fall with you. As you know, I am not a good "vignetter".lol I just don't have the knack a lot of you do, but that is beside the point. I'll show you what I have done.
This is my table. Know whats in the pumpkin? Candy pumpkins! Can't be w/o them or candy corn!
Corner cupboard. The worlds best son in law carved the goose. The man who mentored him, a master carver, Gary Falin,who teaches all over the US, carved the shore birds.
Out my window.
Front door. I wanted this on the outside, but the storm door is in the way!This is second best.
You know about my RAK from Pam and Frank last week. Well yesterday I came home and found not one, but two boxes on my porch! I hadn't ordered anything, but knew Linda Parker, at Parkers Paradise had mailed me a give away I had won. Well, one was from Linda and the other from Kristine Berg Doss, over at APP. Well I tore into both of them, so there are no package
Here is what I received from them. Linda sent me a set of red gingham napkins. You know red is my favorite color. Here they are.
There were also two stitcheries!
Is this not wonderful?
Can you  believe this? I couldn't.
These are from Kristine. She sent some cute hand towels too, but they are in the washer. I am going to use them pronto!lol
These are the three pumpkins. I had the perfect place for them.
This is the metal pumpkin. I think it is so cute. I will show you a picture of the group all together so you can see the towels. They are so cute.
See them and the cute little card?
See this little girl. she came here several weeks ago, so thin, her insides had to be touching. She had no fur from her shoulders down. Just skin. It was so pitiful, people who came here thought I was crazy for keeping her alive. Well look at her now! She is going to a new home this week and her name is Domino! One of the domino girls is taking her. Isn't she a pretty kitty?
Thanks to Linda and Kristine for the surprises this week. Thanks to each of you for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
ps: One more good thing this week. Do you get Country Sampler? The Christmas issue is out and Deb and Michaels house is in it! Just had to share.
I am a proud Mother!


  1. What a nice surprises you recieved!
    I love the goose! You do wonderful at making vignettes!
    I am so glad you saved the kitty! I have one that looks just like her. She wandered in about 4 years ago- thin as a rail. She is now our cat!

  2. Aww Betty,
    You can do anything! I love all your photos and stories! I saw Debs' home in CS, BEAUTIFUL!
    I love the kitty~ Domino, she is precious! Look at her beautiful face! I am glad you rescued her!
    Thanks for sharing, the coffee is delicious!
    How nice to get all those pretties! You deserve it!

  3. Hey there Lady...better late than never I guess and I certainly have missed a lot by not being faithful here.

    What wonderful treasures from Linda and Kristine...two very kind and generous people.

    Oh goodness Domino is adorable and how wonderful that he will be going to a forever home.

    I purchased a CS magazine at Walmart yesterday not thinking too clearly that the new one's are not on the newstands yet...just the subscriptions are out - but I bought it and when I got in the car and took it out Doug said 'You have that one you know' why didn't he tell me that BEFORE I paid for it - lol
    I have done that dumb move before - so I guess I will see if one of my friends want my extra.


  4. be proud betty thats what mothers due and how sweet of kristine to send you a RAK , just so sweet

  5. Hi Betty, Love all your surprises you have recieved this week. Friends are wonderful aren't they? Love the fall decor. I am so anxious to get mine started. Running late this year. Love the goose. A talented son-in-law I must say. Love Domino. I had a cat for 13 years and I still miss him. Haven't gotten my Country Sampler in the mail yet, but can't wait to see Deb's home. Hope you have a great week.

  6. Hello Proud Mommy~ the feature in the Sampler of their home is wonderful~love the kitchen cupboards!!
    Oh, you are so sweet Betty taking in the cat, feeding & caring for her getting her back to good health~ Domino is a pretty kitty~
    Your displays look wonderful~ love all your goodies~
    hugs to you~

  7. Hi Betty, I always love your blog posts, you make everyone feel so welcome in your home. I think you are great at vignettes, don't sell yourself short! Everything looks beautiful. You are such a lucky lady to receive such great goodies, I know you are a good friend in return. Congrats again to Deb, I can't wait to get my CS and see her home in print. I love that you took care of the little kitty and found it a good home. I was thinking you would keep her but not sure how your pup would like that. Thanks again for a great post today!

  8. Hi Betty,
    Your Fall decor is perfect - everything is beautiful. What wonderful surprises you received from sweet friends. I haven't received my CS yet, but can't wait to see Deb & Michael's home.

  9. Thank you for the kind invitation. I was in such a hurry this AM that I only got one cup of coffee. I love that hazelnut, don't you? Gorgeous decor for my favorite season. I love those long neck gourds!
    I planted bird house gourds for the first time and I counted 16 large ones this morning. And they are blooming again! I don't imagine they will have time or temperature to mature. It's supposed to be 31' tonight! A bit early for that but I have been telling everyone that the mice are moving in and the spiders are spinning big webs and those are both signs of an early cold!
    Haven't gotten my CS yet but I will be checking it out thoroughly. You must be so proud.......
    Warmest blessings, my friend,

  10. Wonderful surprises.Loving the dough bowl with putka pods.I just got my issue of country sampler Ican't wait to see your daughters house.How exciting! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. I'm not usually an afternoon coffee drinker, but it's so cold and windy today, it just might take the chill off. Besides, it's a good companion to drinking in your wonderful fall decor. Beautifully done Miss Betty. And wonderful lovelies you got from Linda and Kristine....lucky you! So happy to hear that Domino has a home....Awww....she's a pretty one - looks like a perfect little fall and Halloween gal. I don't get CS anymore....rats. Will definitely be on the prowl for one though (or maybe I'll just wait until Karen forgets she has one and buys another!) ;o) You should be proud!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Betty, everything looks so nice. Isn't it fun that we both received RAK's from Kristine this week. She is such a sweetheart,...just like you.

  13. I crave coffee every time I read your blog. Luckily, coffee at 11 PM has no effect on me. I love all the pictures of your home. Yellow is my favorite color, but red is a close second. Maybe that's from growing up in the late 50s/60s when places like kitchens and bathrooms and things like cars were bright primary colors. As fall comes in and the weather cools up a bit, I'll be coming up to Tennessee ; I like to go antique shopping in Sweetwater (off the interstate between Chattanooga and Knoxville). My ancestors were in Sevierville but moved here in the winter of 1816. I still claim my heritage there. Marshel ( )

  14. Wow, Betty! It's just like Christmas at your house, with all the packages! Great vignettes! I sure wish my CS would come. I can't wait to see the pictures and read the story. I love Deb & Michael's house! Coulda stayed forever! LOL

  15. Love coming home to surprises on the porch!! What great surprises they are and totally deserved.
    I got my CS yesterday and loved Deb and Michael's home!

  16. Wow!! What great surprises. I am happy for you. Your house looks great!!

  17. Your home looks so beautiful with all of the pretty fall decorations. In the past I've put out my fall decorations in Sept. but this year I haven't been up to it yet. However, you are inspiring me. It seems that our accident has changed everything this year.
    Thanks for letting me come in through your back door and have a nice visit. Hugs, Lura

  18. Your autumn pieces look lovely Betty as does sweet Domino.I'm so proud of you for sticking with her.She needs some serious love and I know she'll get that in her new home.-Lynne-


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