Monday, March 26, 2012

Prim Addictions

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I know I am, Through My Back Door. The coffee is DD, I can't find my Kona anymore, (sob, sob. whine, whine)
Anyway come on in and lets sit out on the porch. It is nice enough today. Don't you just love being out in the morning and everything looks so fresh and life is just good. Doesn't matter if you have problems, you just feel so happy.
Sitting here, this is what we see.
Very quiet. A flock of turkeys may wander across, or a deer may run down to the creek and through the woods across the road. Otherwise we can just have our coffee and chatter away.
Anyway, are you addicted to prims? Do you have collections you don't even remember starting? One day you realized I have a collection of these! Well, as you know I am going to sell and move, so I am trying to make my house not look so cluttered. It is impossible. You all know my  philosophy by now. Have only the things you love around you, and that includes people. Well it is hard to put things you love away. They are all special. Thought I would share just a very few of my collections with you today.
Baskets are something I just love. This is the only Nantucket Basket I have. A Mothers Day gift from Deb, several years ago.
These were both made by special friends.
An old one. A gift from Curtis.
All  of these were made by special people. The little one on the right on the second shelf, was made by a little Cherokee lady name Miss Maudie and was a gift from a friend. The one on the left was made by my high school history teacher, who since passed away.
 See what I keep in this one!lol This is a handmade one from North Carolina.
The one on the right is a very old one.
Again the one on the right is very old.
This is one of my favorites. Curtis' grandmothers willow egg basket.
 I hate to say this isn't near all of my firkins. I keep flour, sugar, corn meal, etc in some of them in the kitchen. Schwanns ice cream containers fit perfectly in them for liners.
Well I hope you enjoyed your coffee and our visit. I have more collections I will share on another day. I am hopelessly addicted to prims. I admit it. However I am not buying anything anymore, as there is no room, and I don't want to move it.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: My mother and grandmother would be appalled that I am not doing laundry on Monday morning! They ALWAYS did.
PSS:I couldn't post pictures of some of my possessions, without posting one of my favorites,that"owns"me.
 I had moved the ottoman and disturbed See the long deadbolt that was installed on my door AFTER the burglary.
PSSS: Amanda has had a fairly good week since her last chemo.Thanks again for all your prayers. Others in blogland have needs too, so we must keep praying for them.


  1. Love all your collections Betty and Dasko too.


  2. Oh how I envy you your porch! We have a cement stoop and I long for a covered porch. Someday! LOL

  3. The specific collections I have are all small in number & I have yet to purchase one basket or wooden bowl although I keep looking for them! I'm like you Betty ... not really buying anything anymore what with the move on the horizon (fingers crossed) & downsizing is my train of thought right now. So glad Amanda is doing well!

  4. Hope Amanda is doing well.I have a prayer list that I use every couple of days so I don't forget any of our blog friends.You have such wonderful collections but I agree the best loved thing is Dasko.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Hi Dasko!! Nice to see you, even though SHE moved you and disturbed your nap!! We love your mom's collections!

    -Bart and Ruby

  6. Your porch looks so inviting. Would love to sit and chat! Love your basket collections. Love how lots of them have a special meaning to you. Hope you have a great week. So glad to hear Amanda is feeling okay.

  7. Love all your baskets, bowls and firkins!!! Green with envy over your firkin stack!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  8. Oh Betty,
    What a beautiful porch and view!!
    Love all your collections.

  9. Always enjoy seeing your home and collections. I am trying to use all of my items instead of just 'collecting' them.

    It is such a comfort to use a treasured piece of wood worn smooth from years of touching, a loved linen for warmth on a cold wintry night or a china cup, crazed and tinted from the tea of years ago.

    I'm scared of dogs but Dasko was so sweet when we visited.

    Prayers always, for Amanda.

  10. I love your curtains....where from did they come?

  11. Afternoon Betty Friend
    Oh I was a lil late for coffee but I sure did enjoy my visit. Beautiful treasures you have there. Love the firkins. But most of all your furry boy Dasko!
    Hugs Trace

  12. Hi Betty, I love all of your collections - I couldn't put them away either. Glad Amanda had a good week - we continue to keep her in our prayers. I did do laundry today - that is usually one of my Monday chores.
    Have a great week,

  13. Your front porch is as welcoming as your back door Betty. I love the view. Can see why it's the perfect spot for morning coffee. I went out on our front Saturday morning and came right back in. Everything is covered in "yellow". Am trying to wait for all the pollen to fall before I mop and clean out there. I did hang a new flag out but that was the extent of it. Love all your collectibles. Yhe firkins are my favorite. So want to find some for myself. So proud to hear Amanda is doing better. Hope you have a great week.

  14. Love your firkins!! I have a collection of them too...10 right now, but I hope to find more.
    So happy to hear that Amanda is feeling better.
    Dasko is adorable!!

  15. You sure have some great collections Betty! I could just spend hours looking around your house and admiring and hearing all your great stories.

  16. Betty, I love your porch, so inviting. I love to sit on mine in the morning and sip on my coffee just looking out at the field and woods, so calming. I love all of your neat baskets too. I love to collect baskets, even if I am not sure what to do with them. At least they are there if I need one. Thanks for the visit on your porch and the view.
    Country at heart

  17. I always love my visits with you. Especially on the porch watching the wildlife. You sure have a wonderful collection of prims. :) Blessings ~Sara

  18. Loved seeing your collections. So home-y. :)
    I can't believe you disturbed that fur baby. He is precious, looks like a big baby. We have one too.

  19. I would LOVE to be sitting on your porch watching deer or turkey, how fortunate you are to have that! Love all your touches of red also. =]

    I enjoyed looking at your collections Betty! My sister is a basket collector also so your pictures made me think of her. Love your old wooden bowls and firkins, wonderful prim pieces!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend~

  20. Ahhhh.....I knew we were kindreds....baskets, bowls and firkins (although my "collection" of the latter is extremely limited - very hard to come are the bowls)..... You have such impeccable taste my friend - and an uncanny knack for display. Sweet Dasko....the bigger they are, the bigger the baby inside..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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