Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Is A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it is Through My Back Door and I am so happy you stopped by. The coffee is on and it is DD decaf, but barely. Last night I when I was making myself a cup of coffee I dropped the canister. Oh yes I dropped it and spilled almost the whole thing. When I think of how much that stuff costs, it makes me mad at Unfortunately  at my house you can't sweep it up and use it. Oh no TRASH CAN here I come. Oh well, we have enough for today and then I'll pick
up some tomorrow. I guess you can't cry over spilled
Any way, you couldn't be upset for long because the weather is beautiful here. Everything is budding and the bradford pears are gorgeous. As if that isn't enough in itself, Amanda has felt good. We all had supper at Debs Monday evening and this afternoon Deb, Amanda, and the children and I have had a wonderful afternoon together. It is so good hearing her laugh again. She has one more treatment, a week from today. We know prayers have been said and know God has heard them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Remember the bully mouse. You will never believe what I caught him doing today. I was shocked!
He was wearing green and out in the grass searching for  four leaf clovers! His name, he informed me, is Mousie O'Bryant. That Libby created a monster in this one. I am afraid of what he will do next.
I have been rearranging and thinking spring. It is so much fun tweaking and rearranging. I just love doing that. Don't you?
My noodle board. This is a memory board.Found the basket and the noodle board on the Longest Yard Sale. Angela gave me the felt candle, Prim Sue made the dish towel, and Deb the wax bunny. The glass egg is Victorian and had violets painted on it. For some reason Curtis  stripped them off. In his defense part of the painting was gone.
See my Easter cross stitch done by my friend Carla. I love this.
Another thing going on Through My Back Door is there is going to be a wedding in Missouri this summer. Curt is getting married, so Deb and I have been dress hunting.(Curt is Debs son, and yes he was named after his Granddad. Co-Co, they call him) I'd rather look for antiques or prims. Oh my goodness, they just don't make dresses for a "Mature" woman. lol (Not that I am admitting to being the mature woman. It could be Deb, I am referring to.Well it could be) Any way we both found our dresses and we are two happy people. It amazes me how small they make dresses anymore. Is material scarce? Surely I am not larger. Surely not!lol
Another good thing that has happened this week, is I met Tammy, Country Girl at Home, and her family. Well not Colt, he wasn't with them, but the rest, It is so refreshing to see young girls like Joy. She is a beautiful girl and you see her inner beauty right away. She wasn't feeling well Sunday either, but you could still see that beauty. Luke is a doll and just makes you smile to see him. A lot of you followed their journey to China to bring Luke home. Tammy and Jason are both super nice. It was so nice to get to meet them. I don't mean to sound trite, but the fellow bloggers I have met, it has seemed like you have known one another forever. They had come over to visit the Hen.
Joy and Luke. You think he loves her?
Tammy, Joy, me, Sharon, and we all know that little face in front.
I look pretty bad, but I had cooked a country brunch for Amanda and Clay before I went over to the Hen and Andrew had helped me make biscuits.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: Amanda's journey with chemo is coming to an end. Others are just beginning. All of us have been affected by this disease.  Lets all continue to pray for a cure.
PSS: While we are praying for cures, lets not forget Alzheimers. All of us have been touched by this one too.


  1. Great post, Betty! Love the photos!
    Prayers continue for Amanda and everyone facing illness and challenges.


  2. I am not suprised that you met more of your blogger family. You are just that sweet of a person. You look just fine besides you are likee Joy, you have to much inner beauty to ever look bad. Tammy is a wonderful blogger too. You get to meet everyone. I am so glad that Amanda is at the end of her treatments and that she is feeling better. I am still praying for her. You are right, I was reminded today that we always need to pray for others. Prayer is to much of a power source for us to take it for granted. Blessings and you home looks lovely as usual!

  3. Love your Easter displays. Mine are non-existant! Glad you found 'the' dress. I hat shoping for clothes but, like you, would rather be looking for something prim.

    Glad Amanda is smiling. We will continue to pray. Excting that you got to meet Tammy and her beautiful family.

  4. My post should have read 'hate shopping' but I do like hats, though!

  5. I loved reading your post today..and I love your prim spring decor..and what a neat suprise to meet Tammy..she is one of my favorite people too..and Glad Amanda is almost done with her Chemo..does she wear hats?..colors, whats your weather like? can you measure her head for me..I would love to make her a hat and send it to you..I will need your address..just email me at;)

  6. Yes it is a beautiful day!..always love visiting through your back door...I've done that with the coffee..tonight I dumped a bunch of cat food....Glad to hear that Amanda is almost finished..good luck finding a dress.
    Have a beautiful evening,

  7. So glad that mine is not the only floor one can't eat off from. ;o) Bummer about the coffee though....yikes - that's precious stuff! B/w you and the weather this week, I'm really getting spring fever. I've gotten some of my Easter/spring things out, but only some. Don't know where the days go these days (well, I do - b/w appts and visits w/ my mom and appts for my son, and the rest of life, they're just not "going" where I want them to!) Sweet bunnies you have - love, love, love that papier mache candy, so, sweet! Glad to hear Amanda is close to getting this behind her...will work in more prayers nonetheless. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. It's nice you all got together for some good visiting. I wanted to tell you that I found your picture trail. Your home is beatiful. Lots of TLC shows. Good to hear Amanda is laughing. Praying for complete healing. I don't even own a dress that fits any more. My closet shrunk them. Weddings are always fun. Oh you could have scooped up the coffee for staing! I love coming through your back door for these chats. Blessings!

  9. Another great post Betty, love every one you write. :)

  10. Everything is budding and turning a beautiful green color, love the beginning of spring! Betty, that's so wonderful to hear such great news about Amanda!

    Oh girl, I really despise clothes shopping. I'm with you... let's go look for prims or antiques but not clothes, ugh! I agree that the sizes are shrinking, hehe!

    How fun to meet another blogger! I hope to be able to do that at least once this year. I enjoyed your spring decor, everything looks lovely and cheery! =]

    Enjoy the rest of your week~

  11. Betty, so glad Amanda is having some good days - we continue to keep her in prayer. I love your Spring decor - that bunny on your table is awesome. So glad you found a dress - shopping for a specific clothing item can certainly be a chore.

  12. Hi Betty! I'm glad you and Deb found your dresses. I know you will both look beautiful! Your Spring decor looks great. I'd almost forgotten about that stitchery. I'm so glad I had that chance to meet you for the first time! I'm so happy for Amanda. I know she is looking forward to having this behind her. I continue to keep her in my prayers.

  13. Betty another wonderful post.Love your Spring decor ,the noodle board is especially special with all the wonderful memories.How fun that you and Tammy were able to meet,she is so sweet. Keeping Amanda in my thoughts and prayers.Hugs,Jen

  14. Hi Ms. Betty!

    We really did enjoy meeting you! You are just as bubbly as sweet as I imagined you would be! You look's me that looks tired! :) Why is it that the kids always make a good picture? lol!

    And have a shop like that near me! That would be wonderful! Ms. Sharon was a sweet lady too!

    I'm still praying for Amanda! Glad you all enjoyed time together and could laugh together! I can just picture it all as you shopped for dresses!

    Love your posts! They sound just like you! :)

    Hugs and Blessings!

  15. Umm...that was supposed to say bubbly AND sweet! :)

    Have a great evening!

    Love, Tammy

  16. So glad to hear Amanda is doing well--just one more!! She must be so happy about that! Joy and Luke are just the cutest kids! Joy is already becoming a real beauty.It looks like you all had a great time! I know what you are saying about dresses--mine are made of the incredible shrinking fabric too!! Al is taking Brian tomorrow to the specialist to see about chemo. I was planning on going but came down with a bad cold--Brian doesn't need to get sick now. :( Enjoy your night--Jan

  17. How fun to meet Tammy.
    Love your prim Spring decor!!
    Will continue to keep Amanda in my prayers...and also for a cure for everyone with this illness. My hubby's best friend passed away from lung cancer and my best friend lost her son to brain cancer. And will paray for those with Alzheimers father-in-law has the early stages of this.

  18. I always love your posts Betty! That was great that you got to meet up with Tammy and her family :) I hear you on not being able to save what hits the floor, with all our animals, nobody wants to get a mouthful of fur, lol. Love your spring decorations, I have yet to get mine out, lol. Continuing to keep Amanda in my prayers and am praying for all those affected with Alzheimers and all the illnesses out there!
    hugs, Trish

  19. I am so glad Amanda's treatments are about to end. Thank you God!! I truly can not believe the number of women that have been diagnosed with breast ca lately. It seems every day someone new that I personally know...or know of. I may have mentioned this...but one of my coworkers was diagnosed five years ago. Her and I were talking one night..she told me had she been diagnosed ten years ago...she wouldn't have survived. We all would love to see a cure...but it is amazing the advances that ARE out there! Thank you God!!! It's a peaceful night in babyland..which makes me happy...because I could take a minute and sneak in your back door...shhh...don't tell the supervisor..ohh...and seeing as I'm here all night, I brougth my own fully loaded coffee, hehe!!! Katie

  20. Good morning Betty,
    What a great post today (well...always great posts) but this one was so nice because you shared about meeting Tammy and her wonderful!

    Congratulations to Curt on his upcoming wedding. Not sure what I would do for a dress at this stage of my life - I'm not happy when I see what's available out there anymore. Everything is for the YOUNG, SKINNY and the TALL. Of which I am not either of those 3 things.


  21. Betty, Glad you got the dress shopping all done and out of the way. I am sure you and Deb will be as pretty as the bride. Only a Mother/Grandmother can feel the joy of a simple smile or laugh when it comes from those we love. So thankful that Amanda is feeling better. Knowing she is almost through with the treatments has got to bring happiness to all of you. Meeting Tammy and family had to be a wonderful experience. I wasn't blogging when they went and got Luke, but I couldn't wait to read the entries and keep up with their travel. Great picture of all of you. Love seeing all the Spring in your home. So pretty. Have a great weekend.

  22. How wonderful to meet more blogging friends! I love your Spring decorating!

  23. I thought you looked pretty darn good in the picture Betty. Love your tweaking.


  24. Betty, The last couple days here have been beautiful! I have enjoyed working in the yard and my flower beds trying to get them cleaned up. Spring has snuck up on us don't you think? Blessings to you and the photo of all of you is good and NO you don't look bad. You look very happy....

  25. Prayer works and I will keep praying. So happy for Amanda. Love all your spring touches and visiting with you today. I agree I think you look wonderful. Must be the good friends.
    Hugs Trace

  26. Betty , Im a new follower found you through sweet Linda Parker ...not sure how I never made it over here before now ...but Im here now and thats what matters I cant wait to get to know you better and read more posts from you ! Wonderful post and prayers being said ! have a great week! hugs lil raggedy angie


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