Thursday, March 8, 2012

What I Have Learned About Blogland

Well, it is pouring rain outside and you best hurry on in Through My Back Door or you will get wet. Guess what? There is cherry pie to go with our coffee, so lets eat, drink, and I will just get fatter. Okay an odd title for a blog, I know that. But I have learned a lot the months I have been blogging. You know I used to read blogs and I didn't get how people who had never met could be friends? Know what? I get it now. I belong to a couple of Prim Forums and when we had a gathering last August and met for the first time, it was like old home week. We felt we had known one another forever. Several of us have gotten together since then, and will do it again. Also I have learned bloggers are prayers. I have received numerous e-mails as well as comments that you are praying for Amanda. I have e-mailed you that I am praying for your need, what ever it is. That is incredible. We care. Whatever concerns one of us concerns the other. I like that.I have also learned bloggers can decorate. With a capital D. You won't believe the inspiration I have gotten from other bloggers. You want to know something else? Bloggers consider it a compliment when others copy them. If they have an idea they can't wait to share it. I have been blessed to meet many bloggers face to face. This summer I may get to meet some more. So this is what I have learned about blogland. Do you share the same conclusion I do? I'd like to know.
I have been doing a bit of tweaking. I need to be doing DEEP Spring is coming. The trees are budding and I am so ready for it. Don't you love spring? A new beginning? New life. Easter is around the corner, and we know that represents New Life in the truest form.
Here is a bit of what I have been doing.
These are my red ware eggs in my old measure. I like red ware. Remember those tumblers? I sure
Redid the mantle. Deb thought it was too crowded the other way. Know what? She was right, but  shhhhh don't tell her.
These are just a few bunnies hiding Through My Back Door.
This next picture is just a little change I did. I don't know if I like it yet or not. I would like a school masters desk, but haven't found the right one yet. I also don't want to buy something to move.
See what I mean. The paper quill,(because I am afraid of feathers)lol was made by Civil Folks, and the covered book by Sue Beck, Prim Sue. I really don't know if they will stay here or not.
One more thing I have learned about blogland is that bloggers are so generous. My quill and book prove that as well as the candles on the mantle, by Libby. It was another blogger who redesigned my blog and wanted no recognition for it. I have learned a lot about blogland, Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Next post I will share who is coming Through My Back Door. You will recognize them
PSS: Amanda had her next to her last chemo yesterday and is very sick. Would you please say an extra prayer? Of course you will. You are part of blogland


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Amanda being so sick again after this treatment -- I was so hoping she would have another good reaction, as she did the last time.... Of course, my prayers will continue for her...

    Your little tweaking looks great! Love the redware eggs and the bunnies...

    Although I'm not a blogger, I do read many, and am also a member of a forum.... it is wonderful the way everyone tries to help each other out -- with good advice for decorating, parenting, etc. Does the soul good to know that there are so many nice people are out there..... :)

  2. I would love a piece of that cherry pie and some coffee! Sounds so good right now.
    Your redware eggs are awsome and look great the way you displayed them.
    I agree...bloggers are the best and I have made some great friends too.
    Have a good night and hugs!

  3. Oh Betty, you are so right about bloggers!! Your spring looks are so inspiring, I must get busy with mine.Such fun bunnies. Sure will keep praying for Amanda, hopefully this will be all over soon and just a distant memory. Blessings ~Sara

  4. Yippee...cherry pie!
    I agree with you about blogging. My life has been so enriched by blogging. I've learned so much more about rug hooking...I've made good friends and pen pals. I've won some wonderful giveaways...and held some wonderful giveaways...I don't know which is more fun! Blogging is a blessing!

    Prayers continue for your dear Amanda. I am sending good white healing light and God's blessings her way!

    Love your you have time to come to my house and tweak a bit? I'd love it!

  5. I agree. Meeting you and Sandi was a highlight for me last year. Life tends to bring a lot of valleys and disappointments but also a lot of victories and mountaintops. You were a mountaintop experience for me.

    Love the redware eggs.

    I am praying for Amanda.

  6. I agree too Betty, I have made the greatest prim friends online. Some I may never meet but I do hope I meet my most special friends, some day. It is amazing how much you can care for someone you never met. You don't have to physically meet to care about someone, I sure have proof of it. Love your spring displays and of course Amanda is in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. I agree with you too Betty! Although I have not had the pleasure of meeting any of my blog friends in person, I do feel like I know them as friends. Your cherry pie sounds so yummy, what's a few extra pound eh? I love how you have done some tweaking and moving things around, looks great to me! I wish I had as many nice things as you have! I will say extra prayers for Amanda :) How did you get those cute shamrocks to float all over your blog? Hope you are having a wonderful evening!
    Blessings and hugs, Trish

  8. Yummy...cherry pie is a favorite of mine! I agree to Betty ,blogging can be eye opening about so much.Love the touches of Spring that you are adding to your home.Amanda and your family continue to be in my prayers.Hugs,Jen

  9. I have found all you have said about blogging to be so true. I have little contact with others so the comments I get are a bright spot in my days. I have been amazed how caring all have been. Prayer is powerful & when we all stand together & lift each others needs our creator he hears & his hands move. Amanda is in my thoughts often & lifting her in prayer. Blessings!
    P.S. I love those pantry boxes & your desk display is wonderful. Afraid of feathers you are. I will warn you my latest post has my chickens included. LOL. Take care.

  10. Betty, I'm sorry to hear Amanda is sick from her treatment. You know I'm keeping her in my prayers and I will be so glad when this is over for her. I love your redware eggs and they look great in that measure. You know I don't have a blog of my own, but I visit many and feel like I know so many folks I've never met. We did have a wonderful time when we gathered last year and I am so looking forward to our next one. When I visited your home, I felt like I'd been there before! We will have many more get togethers, I'm sure!

  11. Hi Betty! If it is ok with you, I'll pull up a chair and share that pie with you! LOVE cherry pie (and I'm ALREADY a bit chubby!!) I'm sorry Amanda's treatment this time was tough--I know when I had chemo, (6 months of it)it was more difficult as we went on--it accumulates in your system. Glad there is only one more..Ill keep up the prayers! I know exactly what you mean about bloggers--I've only been blogging 2 months and many came to my blog to help when Brian got his devastating news. They didn't know me, even though I felt I knew THEM--I've been reading all the blogs for over a year. They selflessly gave me support --I don't know how I would have coped without my new friends!! And that means you too, missy!! :)--hugs, Jan

  12. Hi Betty! I just followed you--I thought I ALREADY was following you but I guess not! Our first show is in Monterey Va.--just over the border from West Virginia. In June we are doing the Delaware Arts Festival--Delaware Ohio near Columbus Ohio. Have a great night!!--Jan

  13. I understand completely! I was amazed at all the sweet remarks and prayers left by blog friends about the recent tornado and Amy. You are one of those sweet people, Ms Betty. I do pray that Amanda feels better soon. Bless her little heart.... these treatments have not been kind. I pray the treatments are taking care of all the bad stuff. Blessings Ms Betty and I love your bunnies everywhere. Come on Spring!!! Yay!

  14. Always love to stop by and know the coffee is on and the door is open.

    Hope Amanda bounces back from this chemo and gets on the road to recovery soon.

  15. So sorry to hear Amanda is so sick. This to shall pass and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Will be so glad when days such as this are just a memory. I agree with you completely about our blogger friends. Blogging is one of the best things I have ever started. (Thanks to you Holly). I feel I know each one personally . A bunch of good folks. Love your bunnies. And I LOVE those redware eggs. Did I see them at the Hen? You need to just go ahead and buy you those tumblers. (LOL) They were beautiful. Love my 2 mugs.

  16. Betty,
    So sorry to hear that Amanda is feeling so sick from her treatment. Saying prayers for her.
    Love your bunnies!! I started doing some Spring decorating today.
    There is nothing like our on-line friends...they are the best and most caring bunch that I have ever known!! And getting to meet some of them as been awesome!! It was like we had known each other forever.

  17. So sorry to hear Amanda is feeling so sick, continued prayers for her and your family.

    I LOVE those redware eggs in the measure, you have so many wonderful treasures.


  18. I really loved this post Betty.
    We are so blessed here in blogland with our friends.
    I so love those redware eggs. I have never sen any like those before. Super cool.
    I am lifting Amanda in prayer. So sorry to hear how sick she is. Sending her a hug too
    Blessings Trace

  19. Good morning Betty, I pray Amanda is feeling better ASAP. Poor dear has been so through so much already. I just hope for every sick feeling, lots of cancer cells are being kicked to the curb!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE your redware eggs! I don't think I have seen real ones like that. Just wonderful!

    And in the 4 years I have been blogging, I have found it to be one of the best experiences and I now can call several blogger gals my friends! Through Webshots, Forums, blogging and FB, I have connected with so many gals who make my life better. It truly has been amazing. I am so glad you have met some wonderful people in person as well! I hope someday we meet!!

    warm hugs,

  20. May God's healing touch be upon Amanda today. Thanks for sharing your pretty pics Betty.


  21. I pray your Amanda is having a good day and will soon be completely well. I agree about blogging friends, although I have not yet met any in person, I consider some of them my best friends,we have been through a lot together.

  22. Hey Betty
    Prayers being prayed. That rain was crazy over two inches here. Ya going to watch the boy play ball tonight?

  23. I have learned a lot about blogging too over the past 9 months. I love the colors of you home. The reds are so rich and inviting. Prayers for Amanda are being said. Hopefully the last one won't be so bad. -Steph-

  24. Hi Betty. I am so sorry Amanda is so sick. She is in my thoughts and prayers often. I can't wait till this is over and we are seeing pictures from Disney! :) Darbee asks about Andrew often as well and wants to know when she can "see" him. Ha! Maybe someday soon. I too agree with blogging. I have made some very sweet cyber friends thru my blog. I am so happy to have the chance to get to know all of these ladies and especially to have had the chance to meet you and Deb in person. Have a great weekend.

  25. Betty, So sorry Amanda isn't feeling well. We will all pray still for her and for you. It sure doesn't hurt anything does it? You post some beautiful photos. Love your home. I so agree with all you said about Blogland.Have a great day.....

  26. Betty: What can I say...I know God will pull Amanda through this sickness from the Chemo and will continue to hold her hand through the LAST one! She has endured so much and I am so glad she also has a wonderful grandma to help her through. And may God bless you and give you strength for yourself and Amanda as she finishes these horrible treatments. Love your home, the tweaking and spring-y-ness. (Is that a word?) LOL
    Many {{HUGS}} Joy

  27. You voiced my thoughts about blogland exactly as I feel. I have been so impressed with the love and support I have felt from blog friends and their prayers.

    Your home is beautiful just like you. I always enjoy seeing your pictures.

    I will continue to pray for Amanda as I always do. Please give her a hug from me. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  28. You voiced my thoughts about blogland exactly as I feel. I have been so impressed with the love and support I have felt from blog friends and their prayers.

    Your home is beautiful just like you. I always enjoy seeing your pictures.

    I will continue to pray for Amanda as I always do. Please give her a hug from me. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  29. I agree with you 100%. I used to tell my friends and my family to be very careful who you converse with on the internet, you never know what could happen. Now look at me, hehe! My favorite friends are the ones that I have never even met in person. I love how we all share the common bond of primitives that bring us close together so we can share even more of ourselves. With that, we are able to open up and share our lives and therefore, we can pray, encourage, and support one another. It totally amazes me that I actually have more friends that I've never met than I do friends I see all the time, lol. As strange as it is to me, I am always thanking God for my friends that I've never met. I am extremely blessed with so much love from you girls!


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