Monday, March 19, 2012

Coffee, Visiting, and Tweaking

What a beautiful sunny day it is in East Tn  today. I am so happy, as usual for you to come Through My Back Door, and enjoy a cup of coffee with me. Dasko is happy to see you too. He thinks everyone comes to see him, and truthfully a lot of them do. I have been enjoying just being today. The laundry is finished, the bed changed and I put the "summer" side of the coverlet on today. I have also done a little tweaking.
Last week was spent, by Deb and I, looking for dresses for the wedding. We both found something and that was good. The wedding isn't until July, but there is a lot going on between now and then, so had to get it done. I love weddings don't you? Curt and Lindsey met years ago in New York on a mission trip and re connected a couple of years ago. She is about to graduate from nursing school and is like Curt. Christ centered. What a wonderful way to begin their lives together. Curt has two more years of Pharmacy School.
Aren't they cute?
This weather makes me want to clean and clean I did last week. I have told you I am going to sell my house,  and need to be thinning out, but I haven't. I did do some changing.
Nothing like tulips in ironstone to say spring. You know, I love the new battery candles, but I also miss the look of the "burning" candle. So, I have replaced some of my battery candles with real ones again.
This little girl in blue, from Mary Lou is a favorite of mine. The lantern lighters are Libby's of course. They still smell so good.
My paper whites from a long time ago. I can't remember where I got them. A friend of mine who is a florist, was here Friday night and asked me if they were real. I said no, but they are Sharon, (Speckled Hen) made the lamb. I love his face.
This is on my tiny little counter space now. Not a whole lot I can do in there, as when we built this house I didn't want any built in cabinets. DUH! I still like using my old cupboards though. You don't need a lot of counter space if you don't cook!lol
The bottom of this one holds pots and pans. The top the Watt Pottery.
This one is my favorite and holds the everyday dishes on top and the baking dishes in the bottom.
Well, I have more pictures but will share another day. However, remember this bully mouse?
Pretending to be Irish last week.
The Easter Bunny!
Well, it has been reported he is wanted in the UK! My friend Lynne, Prim Doodles Web Graphics, actually spotted this poster.
Can you believe this? They say he is a master of disguise and considered to be dangerous! Oh my.
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Please remember Amanda as she gets her last chemo this Wednesday. We are so thankful for all of your prayers. Again, though some of our blogging  friends are just beginning theirs, so lets continue our prayers.
PSS: My favorite magazine photographer and stylist are going to be in my area doing a shoot this week. I am so excited to get to see Bill Mathews and Gloria Gale,from Country Sampler, who did my shoot, Debs, and my friend Carols, again. I'll post pictures, because Carol and I are going.


  1. hi, Betty~ Cute Couple~ the Mouse is to silly, love it Master of Disguise~
    Enjoy the time with your CS friends hope someday to meet them~ and yes take photos~
    Many prayers~

  2. They are a cute couple, more importantly, they are a devoted couple. A marriage built on the foundation of Christ is a great start.

    I always love your displays.

    Mousie is a mess!

    Amanda's name is on within mind, in my heart, and on my lips in prayer.


  3. They are a very cute couple. I love your prim displays.
    Thoughts and prayers for Amanda.

  4. Your house is looking lovely and springy! :)

    LMBO at the mouse poster!

    Have a beautiful day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. The "wedding" couple are darling and how beautiful they will be on their wedding day! I am glad you found a dress, last year I had to bring home at least 8 dresses before I finally found something appropriate for my granddaughter's wedding...half way up the thigh just didn't do it for me! LOL
    Your house looks so good with the little tweaks and Easter dec. Love the tulips in the white pitcher...I have the same!
    This week will be the charm for Amanda and the nightmare will be over. Prayers work!
    Thanks for stopping by and the sweet words!

  6. Cute young couple. Wishing them much happiness. Counter space is little here. I have always said the kitchen is for someone who dose not cook but wants to they have a kitchen. Nothing beats the soft glow & flicker of a real burning candle. Thinking of Amanda & prayer lifted. I am not sure I could leave such a beautiful home like yours. I can understand the reasons you have shared. Your fav cupboard is great. Love the red tulips in the white picture. Blessings!

  7. Good afternoon Ms. Betty. They are a very cute couple. Wishing them much happiness! I too have very little counter space. I too don't cook very much, so it's never much of a problem. Ha! Everything looks so nice and "springy." I will be thinking of Amanda on Wednesday. I know she will happy to have this chapter behind her. Have a great afternoon!

  8. Afternoon Betty,your home is so Spring looking and beautiful as always.Sweet couple,they look very happy together.Will be keeping Amanda in my prayers.Hugs,Jen

  9. A very lovely couple! I enjoy visiting your home. Everything is so lovely, I too enjoy real candles! Sending prayers!

  10. Hey Betty love your kitchen cabinets. What issue of Country Sampler was your home in? thanks


  11. What a cute couple. You truly are blessed with some special family. Everything looks so springy, and your home is beautiful. Will keep the prayers going. Enjoy the photo shoot, Blessings ~Sara

    1. Good evening Betty! What a cute couple and I wish them much happiness :) Love your spring decorations and what a silly mouse you have there,lol
      Have a wonderful evening,
      hugs, Trish

  12. Congrats to the cute couple!! Weddings are so much fun...wishing them much happiness!!
    Love all your Spring decor and that mouse of disguise is just too silly. I love if he disappears, he just might of ran away to my house. LOL...
    Saying prayers for Amanda.

  13. Just wanted to say hi Betty. Haven't been by the Pantry for awhile and have missed you! Love your tweakings, but everything always looks great. So glad Amanda is coming to the end of her chemo. All of you are in my prayers. Enjoy the lovely weather!

  14. Hi Betty, so happy you all have a nice wedding to look forward to. It will be such a happy occasion! Loved seeing more pictures, your home is gorgeous. Best of luck to Amanda with her last treatment.

  15. Loved seeing all your photos & that mouse wanted poster is hilarious! Curt & Lindsey are a beautiful couple. I wish them many blessings in their lives together. Still sending prayers : )

  16. Oh Curt and Lindsey do make a cute couple! That wedding will be here before you know it!

    All of your tweaking looks great! This spring weather has put me in the cleaning mood as well. Today is a get-rid-of-a-lot-of-toys day around here! :)

    Praying for Amanda tomorrow! Glad it's the last one!

    I emailed you! Have a great day!


  17. Beautiful couple!
    I am finally getting in the Spring mood's been gorgeous here! I really LOVE the tulips in the ironstone...hmmm, note to self: look for an ironstone pitcher! ;)
    I too love the girl in the blue dress photo. I bought it in a large size for my living room. LOVE IT!
    Prayers for Amanda! Hugs for you!

  18. Hi Betty, Curt and Lindsey look so happy together. Love seeing a young couple so in love ready to become one and share their lives together. A new beginning with so much to look forward to. I still remember the feeling just before marrying Mr. P. We felt we could conquer the world. And 38 years later, I can truthfully say we have overcome some major obstacles together. Love your phots. That little bunny redware plate is too cute. Hope you enjoy your time with your Country Sampler friends. Would love to watch a photo shoot. Bet it would be interesting. Keeping Amanda in my prayers. As soon as she feels up to it a big celebration will be well deserved for her and all of you. And a trip to FLa. is getting closer and closer. Have a great week.

  19. Sounds like Curt and Lindsey are going to have a wonderful start to their marriage, that is wonderful!

    Oh my, those pretty red tulips in the white ironstone pitcher is beautiful! I agree with you on the battery operated candles which is why I don't own any. There's just something homey about a real candle burning. I love the old wooden box with kitchen utensils... some of my very favorite things! How nice to have such big cabinets to put your dishes in, love them!

    Enjoy the first week of Spring~

  20. Good morning Ms Betty. I have not had an opportunity to visit. Your home is lovely as always.... I did not know you were selling your home. How did I miss that. Where are you going? What are you doing? Tell me more. Your little mouse is quite the mischieveous little fellow. You just never know where you will find him. I am glad Amanda is finishing up her chemo. I pray all continues to be good for her. Blessings and have a great weekend. You will have to feel us in on the photo shoot.

  21. Curt and Lindsey are a charming couple - and sounds like they will have the best possible foundation to start a life together filled with blessings. As always, I enjoy the photos of your home....You truly have some amazing pieces. Funny - you don't have counter space b/c you say you don't cook; I say I don't cook because I don't have any counter space. ;o) And no wonder that mousey is wanted....he's cute as the dickens....I'm sure he'd be "wanted" by everyone! Too cute! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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