Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Pictures and A Celebration

Well the weather may be warm, but the coffee is on. It is plain old DD and it tastes really good on this rainy afternoon. I am so happy to see you, as always, but the rain makes just a nice reason to visit. A lot has been going on Through My Back Door this week. One of the most important being Amanda's last chemo. That was a celebration I will share. Also Curt was home on spring break and we got to spend some time together. We ate and played cards and oh yes we beat Deb and Michael at Spades. Do you see me gloating? The sad part was I got beat really bad at 5Crowns. Oh well, such is life.
Carol and I were to meet Bill and Gloria on Wednesday and that didn't work out this time. We will next trip.
I have been doing a bit more spring/Easter decorating. I just love using bunnies and eggs. Now if my Grandpa Wright was here he'd challenge that, because he would say bunnies don't lay eggs. I am going to do a post on him one day. I loved that man so much. He was funny as could be. He died in his 90's and what hair he had was still jet black. Not fair at
Candy container bunny on top of entertainment center.
Bunny in dough bowl, with my gourd eggs from the Bama Planter. I love those eggs.
This is my bunny in my cheese crock with the hand decorated eggs from Russia. A gift from my friend Carol.
Redware eggs in an old measure.
I have so much fun doing these little vignettes. Most of us prim lovers do. I have discovered we all have this "tweaking gene". lol
Can you find the pewter bunnies in the corner cupboard?
Well that is enough bunnies today. I want to show you the last day at chemo. We had a party.Now I asked if I could post these  and she said sure. (Okay, she was drugged, so I waited until the next day and asked She said
I know I said yes. So here is the last chemo celebration.
This is her with Clay. He got off early to be with her for the last treatment.
She and Curt with her flowers.
Here she is in her cowgirl hat and pink boa, being covered in bubbles. Do you see that smile?
I did not show you these pictures for any other reason but to let you see the results of your prayers. Because we know you have prayed diligently for her we wanted to let you in our celebration. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Deb has been to every chemo except one with her, so she deserved flowers too.
She is one happy mama.
PSS: to quote Andrew,"At least I know I am safe in my own mind". So that is where I leave you today.
Please come again soon.
PSSS: If you think you are seeing things like bunnies hopping around, you really are. Thank you Prim Doodles.


  1. I am so happy that Amanda had her last treatment. She looks wonderful and I know all your love and support means the world to her. Loved all your bunnies and eggs too!

  2. Hurray for the last treatment!! Amanda looks great -- and everyone's smiling face lets us know how happy you all are that chemo is over! I send my very best wishes to Amanda for good health and happy days ahead!

    Love your bunnies and eggs.... I haven't done much decorating (one or two bunnies that weren't packed away made their way out!) because of our impending move, but I love seeing them in blogland. Your decorating is always so nicely done....

    Happy Weekend!!

  3. Yeah!! Thank you Lord!! Prayers have been answered. Always a time for celebration. Thank you for keeping us updated. Wonderful collection of bunnies and eggs. Happy Spring ~Blessings ~Sara

  4. Hooray for Amanda , very good reason to celebrate and shes so beautiful wearing her boa and bubbles but mostly wearing that smile ...a strong woman for sure ! Love all your vignettes ! Have a wonderful weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie

  5. Prayers still coming plentifully for Amanda. I do love that smile of hers. She is surrounded by love...and it works miracles. Thank you for updating us.
    White healing light and God's blessings to her and your whole family!

  6. Betty, I am typing through tears. Thanks to Amanda for sharing the photos with us. You can see the joy and the love in everyone's eyes and the smiles on their faces. I am so thankful this is now behind Amanda. She is so blessed to have such a loving and caring familyto be there for her and to celebrate her success. A great big hug to Deb also. I can not imagine how she has felt thru this as well as yourself. But God is good and he has been right there thru the valley and I know he will be holding you up high now on the mountain top as well. Life is good. Love your photos of your home as well. Have a blessed weekend.

    I too am crying tears of JOY for your precious AMANDA!
    Please tell her she is a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING STRONG INSPIRING WOMAN TO ME! I have prayed for her and feel like I know bits of her. So happy for her. She shines with Gods love and beauty. GOD IS GREAT!
    Blessings Trace

  8. oh what a joy to see Amandas smiling face..what a sweet trooper throughout all of this.and what a loving family to support her..I love love your easter/spring have a flare and talent for decorating..I am posting right you will see the hat.;) and I sent you an email too;)

  9. Wonderful to see Amandas beautiful smile. What a blessing to have all you gathered around her in support & prayer. Thanks for sharing your celebration with us. Prayer will still be lifted. Blessings!

  10. Came back to say sweet bunny displays. My fav is the bunny in the crock. I collect crocks. I may have to get a bunny for one of my crocks. Thanks. Blessings!

  11. I love all of your spring pictures but most of all I LOVED the celebration pictures. Tell Amanda thanks for sharing. I am so happy for Amanda and your family. She has such a beautiful smile. I am celebrating for her as well. :)

  12. Betty...So glad to hear that Amanda's last treatment is done. Thanks for sharing the celebration with all of us.
    Love your Spring/Easter gatherings!! Looks like Spring has sprung at your home.

  13. Wishing you a very Happy Easter with your family and Amanda.

  14. Love your bunnies, especially the one in the crock with the eggs from Russia. My favorite picture on this post is of Amanda in her cowgirl hat and boa, awesome! I bet nothing could be better, than seeing her with that big smile and knowing that it is her last treatment! Thanks for including us!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  15. Soooo happy for Amanda and all of you! An event worth a celebration. Praise!
    Love your bunnies, especially the candy container.

  16. Continuing to pray for Amanda and all of your family.


  17. I don't think a smile was ever worn so beautifully as on Amanda's lovely face. Woo Hoo!!! Now THAT is definitely celebration worthy!! What a strong family you've raised dear Betty....I will continue to pray for Amanda's continued healing and strength. Love your bunnies popping up all over. I have gotten some of mine out, but by no means all. Come to think of it, there might still be a few stray black cats from Halloween hanging around. Might just make them some bunny ears and call it good. ;o) Hope your weekend is off to a great start my friend....Smiles & Saturday Hugs ~ Robin

  18. hi, Betty~ A call for celebration I will raise my glass of lemonade a toast to Amanda~ Hugs to her & all of you~
    Terrific spring touches~ love the pewter~
    have a wonderful weekend~

  19. Oh Betty, what a wonderful reason to celebrate. I am typing through my tears as I rejoice with you. We continue to pray for Amanda's complete healing. And I love your bunnies too!

  20. What a day for celebration. I am so happy for your family and especially for Amanda. It takes great strength and courage to make it through. I love your bunny collections. My favorite is the vignette arrangement though. I think you are right about us prim lovers and thier genes. -Steph-

  21. More "tweaking" and a Happy Amanda! What could make up a better post! Happy for all of you

  22. Betty, I just loved seeing all your little spring vignettes! But, what I REALLY loved was seeing Amanda's beautiful smile celebrating her last chemo treatment!! She is a brave girl and my prayers will continue for her to get stronger and put this whole thing behind her. It is time for her to get back to her normal life of caring for and loving her family. She looks SO GOOD!!! happy hugs, Jan

  23. Cute bunnies and spring displays, Betty!

    Yay for Amanda! So much power in prayer, what an awesome God we serve!!

  24. I'm just getting around to seeing these great pics! Thanks for sharing as I "heard" about the hat and boa! LOVE that smile. God is an awesome God and I can't wait to see what He does next. Have a great day.


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