Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happenings Through My Back Door

Oh my goodness I am so happy you have stopped by. Guess what kind of coffee we are having? Kona! I found some. Linda Rudmon, Behind My Red Door, told me who carried it. I was so happy, because I love that coffee. I like strong coffee and it is wonderful Oh well, anyway, come on in and have a cup.
Life is beginning to jump around here. We are so close to Easter, one week. That means family time and don't we all love that? When the grandkids were little we always had lunch here and then Easter egg hunts. Now we don't do a family dinner, as everyone goes to a different church, and it makes it so late. Amanda is having Deb, Michael, and I for dinner one evening before Easter. That will be fun as Andrew is already talking about hiding eggs. Don't worry, he knows the true meaning of Easter, and he knows it isn't about eggs and candy.
Curt and Lindsey had their first shower this weekend. Her Mother and sister came from Missouri to attend. We had met her mother Renee', but not her sister Whitney. Well, Whitney is just an older copy of Lindsey, and of course we loved her. She has a blog, where she shares the milestones and everyday life of her one year old daughter, Brynn.
Keeping Up With The Bandermann's
If you get a chance pop over and see this delightful young family, and the joy they have in their daughter. Whitney reads my blog and told Curt she wanted to come and have coffee Through My Back Door, while they were here. She laughed and said I was on her bucket list. Well, let me clue you, I have been on some lists before, but never a bucket list. lol Anyway here she is drinking her coffee and chit chatting.
Whitney, Lindsey,me, and Renee.
Don't you agree our family is getting a double blessing with this marriage? We don't only get Lindsey, we get the whole family!
Deb and I are traveling to Missouri in May for a shower there. What fun. This is Curt and Lindsay before the shower.
It is still beautiful weather here. I will not complain. I love it. I will share some more "happenings". Wednesday evening I hosted my card group. Remember this group has been playing together for almost 30 years. Just as we were about ready to sit down to eat, the electric went off. Of course it stays daylight later now, but we ate, and sat around the table and talked until dark. Then they went home. We couldn't have coffee, because I am rural and have a well. No electric, no water. No water, you got it, no We just laughed and visited.
Another thing that happened this week, I had won a give away from OldGoatPrims. It was their PAFA group give way and my winning was from Deana. She does beautiful work. I had nothing like this at all. I am not sure they will stay where they are, but for now it is their home. I won the bee skep, and she threw the bee in as a surprise. I was thrilled.
Isn't this wonderful? I have it on the top shelf of my dry sink. I love it.
This bee is so cute! I am thinking I am going to put a hook up and hang it from that. He needs to be able to fly, don't you think? It wasn't only the winning that made me so happy. Deana lives close to Coshocton, Ohio, where my granparents were from. It thrills me when I find someone who knows that town, that I loved so much growing up and that brings me such wonderful  memories. So on that give away I was doubly blessed.
This bunny couple are not prim, but I have had them for years, and just have to use them every year.(BTW the pedestal was my grandparents and is from Coshocton)
I wanted to show you what I am using for my fireplace screen this summer. My little red settle that Merle and Kathy Trout made me.
I absolutely love this little thing.
There are so many more "happenings" to come and I want to share them with all of you. One of them is our celebration trip to Disney, this summer. Another is the wedding, and a trip to the beach. The Primitive Pantry is planning another gathering. See so many happenings.
I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I want to do a shout out to my friend Anna Ruth Thompson and a warning. Anna Ruth is having knee surgery this week and I wish her a quick recovery. The warning is, I heard a certain mouse was looking for scrubs and a scalpel! Oh no!
PSS: Another reader of my blog lost her husband this morning. Wilma, I am so sorry, but you were the best caregiver ever. My prayers are with you.
PSSS:As we begin our journey into this holiest of weeks, lets be ever mindful that Jesus paid the ultimate price for us.


  1. SO glad you found your Kona! =] I was just gonna say fortunate for you in gaining a wonderful and beautiful family but you beat me to it. Enjoy your trip to my home state, it really is a beautiful state and I miss it so much. Curt and Lindsay are so adorable together!

    Sounds like a good time with your group. We are like that here too. As long as we can get together and laugh till we cry and eat then we are good, hehe. Congratulations on your bee skep/bee win, so cute! I also love that adorable little red settle, it's so sweet and works perfect for in front of the fireplace. Much better than what I have in front of my fireplace right now... an old chippy white window that is waiting to be hung above the fireplace. =]

    Sounds like you have some fun trips coming up, enjoy them all~

  2. Betty,

    I love your little skep and the bee is adorable.

    We are getting ready for our Friday and Sunday musical at church. Lots to do but it is glorious work.

    Sounds like you are going to be busy for awhile, that's good. I'd rather be busy than sitting on a stump! How 'bout you?

    Easter blessings to you and your family.


    1. Love your cute win Betty! Glad you were able to find your coffee :) Sorry to hear the power went out on cards night...I know what it's like living in the country on a well, I keep telling my husband we need to get an out house for emergencies with so many people in the house, lol. Keeping Wilma in my prayers at this saddened time m and also keeping Anna Ruth in my prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery! Have fun on your trips and so glad you had a great time with meeting some more family :) I don't often hear the name Brynn, I love it since my daughter's name is the same :)
      have a wonderful night!
      hugs, Trish

  3. Betty-can you believe a customer of ours in Hawaii sent us 10# of Kona coffee, but since we don't drink coffee, we gave it to a friend! We now know how coveted that coffee is! Your newly extended family is a group of great lookin' gals! The soon- to- be-wed couple is so cute together. Hope they will be happy forever!!--Jan

  4. Hi Betty! Sounds like a busy summer for you! The wedding will be here before you know it! Whitney and Lindsey could be twins. They look identical. I bet the shower was fun. They are such a nice looking couple. Have a wonderful Easter week.

  5. Looks like your family is getting a wonderful addition and then some! What a sweet group you make! So much to look forward to - and it will be here in no time. I am saddened to hear of Wilma's husband - I'm hoping it's not the Wilma I'm familiar with, but fear it is, as that is not that common of a name. Will keep her in my prayers.....Wishing you a wonderful April....Here's to Kona! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


  7. So glad you found your coffee. We just can't start our day without our coffeee. I have my fav plain DD today.
    What a wonderful family you have. You are blessed friend. Praying for Wilma and Anna Ruth.Have a wonderful dinner with Amanda and her family. She too is in my prayers.
    Have a wonderful Easter sweet Friend.

  8. God morning Betty! I am so glad you got your Kona!! You have so many wonderful things happening in your life - family friends and the blessings of Easter!! What a wonderful time!! Enjoy each and every moment, just as I do my visits here! Wamr hugs across the miles!!

  9. What fun happenings you have all around you. Your family is wonderful. I love the fireplace screen:) Wishing you a happy Easter. -Steph-

  10. What a beautiful family. It sounds like you have been having the most wonderful of times. I'm's probably a good thing you didn't have the coffee made when the electricity went off. Cuz if your friends are anything like makes me have to...well you know!!!! All your friends would have had to head on the other side ofthe red door!!!! Lol..have a wonderful Wednesday. Katie

  11. I'd love to come for coffee. You sound so warm and welcoming. I have only been blogging for a week and the amount of care and concern that I have read out there for each other overwhelms me! I will add myself to your followers and look forward to reading more about you. Joan


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