Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude

It is so nice of you to come Through My Back Door tonight and for that I am grateful. I was sitting here having coffee and thinking of all the things I am grateful for, then here you are. I am so grateful to each of you who visit. I am grateful for Kona coffee and for the beautiful red ware mugs, made by Rick Hamelin.
Don't you just love the way they feel in your hand? To think someone actually made each of them by hand.
I am also grateful for this blog fairy who visits and surprises me.  She is just the best.
Nothing makes me happier than sitting in my reading nook, reading a book or blogs.

I am also grateful for this beautiful old quilt given to me by a friend years ago. I am grateful for this early Tn spinning wheel that was a gift from Curtis. I wonder how many women actually used it. It came from an old horse farm.
I am grateful to have this old mirror that always hung in my grandparents house.
 I am grateful for much more.
Far too many to post pictures of, too much to name. Sometimes I think we get so busy, doing, going, and living, that we forget to be grateful. I know we are all grateful for the love of God, our family and our friends, but don't you think we need to take time just to be grateful? That is what I have done tonight and I feel much better for it. We can't think of being grateful without remembering our loved ones who have helped shape us. Many of us no longer have our parents and grandparents who have helped make us who we are. However we can be grateful for having had them in our lives. I don't know about you but I see my paternal grandparents in my cousins. My grandfather had a wonderful sense of humor and it seems all 10 of us have the same sense of humor. I am grateful for that because my sense of humor has gotten me through some tough times.
I am so grateful for this fellow, who is my constant companion.

I am grateful you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I simply cannot end this grateful post without a picture of this girl. I am grateful for the prayers said for her and our family.Prayers still being said.
This is Amanda with Guilianna, who is on Entertainment TV. Yes Amanda gave her the Jesus Calling devotional book.Guilanna is a breast cancer survivor and was at a function Amanda attended.
PSS: Thank you Lynne, AKA blog fairy. Lynne has helped me so much, but wants no credit for it. I am grateful for her.She is responsible for my new header. Did you notice the coffee stain on the diary?
PSSS: Remember the Clinton Festival is this coming weekend. Streets will be filled with vendors, food, and entertainment. Corner Antiques always has a wonderful selection and a huge sale. The Hen will have so many beautiful things. Johnny has made a wonderful buttery plus lots of other things. Come see for yourself if you can.


  1. How wonderful our Heavenly Father has to fill when we take the time to be grateful. Your tweaking in the last post is great. The little box to cover the thermo is prim perfect. Blessings!

  2. I'm not Blog Fairy Lynne, but I am Lynne (Lyn-Dee/Adsgram)who is grateful for the many blogs I follow, and yours is one of my favorites! Enjoy your evening and the rest of the weekend, Betty!

  3. You express your gratitude beautifully. Thank you for reminding me to slow down acknowledge my many blessings.

  4. Such a sweet post, Betty. It is so nice to be reminded sometimes to just stop and say "thanks." Thanks for things we too often thank for granted and for the "little things." Amanda looks so pretty! Love your new blog design. Have a great Sunday.

  5. It always feels so good to come through your back door. Thanks.

  6. Oh..your Amanda looks so cute and sweet! I really like your header. As a matter of fact, today my family and I were looking at our old photos such as those in your header. Your post is full of beautiful pictures. Thanks for the coffee. Yum!


    PS..Love the mirror!

  7. Betty, you are so right--no matter how difficult our lives may seem at times, we STILL have much to be thankful for. I'm thankful that my sons have become honorable young men--just like both their grandpas and their dad. I'm thankful for new friends that care about a new stranger's problems. And I'm thankful that I have a good, strong husband that is my rock.Prayers continue...-Jan

  8. I am grateful for all things, even the bad times. Having those lets me know how strong God is. Because my faith is in the Father I can make it through all things,...and I am grateful.

    Great post. Wish I could come throught the back door again. Love the new header,too. Lynne is so kind.

  9. Hi Betty,
    So glad that Lynne was able to help you out with your blog.
    Great post...yes, we all have many things to be grateful for.

  10. So thankful for all of the wonderful blog friends that encourage me. Absolutely love how your blog is looking. Mine just stays boring. But I am grateful that I have learned as much as I have about blogging. Blessings ~Sara

  11. Yes we need to just take time to count our blessings occasionally.Amanda looks just beautiful,I'm sure she is one of those people that draws you in.Keeping her in prayer.Your new header is wonderful first thing I noticed when I clicked on.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. What a wonderful post, I know you have so many you are grateful for and I know there are so much more that are grateful for YOU. Love your new blog header, Lynne did a great job as always.

  13. Your blog looks wonderful!! Lynne is so talented! And it reflects you so nicely Betty.

    How wonderful to see those two beautiful cancer survivors together!! Be still my heart!

    "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." Melody Beattie

    I am so grateful to have met you through the Internet!!

    warm hugs!!!

  14. Another wonderful post my friend....Yes, it is gratitude that can balance even the most heavy of burdens, isn't it? And yet it is gratitude that we sometimes first foresake when the burden becomes heavy....thanks for the reminder - we all need it now and again. Love the photo of Amanda - she looks so young and energetic and full of life. Beautiful new header!! I need a visit from the blog fairy I think. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Hi Betty! Love your new header! Lynne is full of talent. I enjoyed this post. I have many things to be grateful for and your friendship is one of them. Sure wish I could attend the festival this weekend! Amanda looks beautiful, as always!

  16. what a wonderful post..I too am grateful for all that we have each and every day..and for my blogging family too.;) have a wonderful sunday.)

  17. Oh what a wonderful post friend!
    I too am grateful for so many..
    Your post truly touched my heart.
    Amanda looks beautiful.
    God is good.
    Love to you

  18. How nice of that blog fairy!!

  19. this is a beautiful post! i love your sweet companion too!! :)

  20. Betty that is soooooo right! I myself have been so busy and need to take time to be "grateful" for all! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and smell the roses. And yes, I love your new blog skin! Looks wonderful.

  21. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful. I was driving my car home from taking my kids to school today and passed an older man struggling on his bicycle to get somewhere. I was so thankful for my car right then. And then my home, and that my DH has a job, and that I can stay home witht the kids, etc. It sure makes for a better day. The new header is wonderful. It's nice to have such talented and generous friends. -Steph-

  22. Hi Betty, What a nice post. All of us need to remember
    how lucky we are! As a matter of fact I was trying to update my blog this morning about the same thing and having issues with it. You are a dear and I hope to meet you one day....Blessings.....


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