Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enjoying, Embracing , and Enlightened

Well, hello. did you smell the coffee and decide to stop by? I am so glad you did and you know what? It is KONA! Come on in, grab a mug, and let me share not only the coffee, but where it came from, with you. I played dominoes today. Those of you who know me, know I love playing games almost as much as I love primitives. When I got the mail, this was in the mail box!
I was so excited. Let me clue you, I was even more excited when I opened it.This is what was inside. Can you believe it?
So this is the coffee I am sharing with all of you. It is so good, and if you haven't tried it. You should. Then this beautiful pinkeep. I absolutely love pinkeeps. This one not only looks beautiful, it smells so good. I love it. Where did this come from, you are wondering. I know you well it is from Eve over at Lee Hill Primitives. 
Here is a close up of  the pinkeep.
This is where I have it for now.

Go check her blog out and let her know you enjoyed the coffee. You know a gift like this warms your heart each time you pour a cup. So, the Enjoying part, is the wonderful gift from Eve.
Vacations are right around the corner. It makes me so happy to travel with my family. Deb, Michael, Dodd, Renda, and I usually go to the beach in June. This year it is going to be a little different. Instead, Dodd, Renda, Olivia, and I are going, in May. Deb and Michael can't go because of some other things going on. Michael can only get so many days vacation, and we are going to Disney in June. Michael, Deb, Amanda, Clay, Mollie, Andrew, Beth, Ryan, Curt, Lindsey, and I. We are going to celebrate Amanda's recovery from the chemo, surgeries and as a reward for the whole family. I am so looking forward to that. Also in June we are going to Ill as Beth has finished her residency. We are going up for her banquet.Deb, Michael, and I. She has signed with a group of Internist and will practice in Il until Ryan finishes his orthopdeic residency. I Embrace the time spent with my children and grandchildren.July brings a wedding in Mo. August a TPP Gathering in W. Va, and September a trip to Niagra Falls, Toronto, New York City and who knows where we will be. My sister in law and I are taking this jaunt. We have such a good time when we travel together. Hopefully back to the beach in late September, with Michael and Deb. See what I mean. VacationS are just around the
When blogger changed its format, I was devastated. I couldn't find any icons. Well Lynne and Libby got me on the right page. I finally sent Libby pictures of what my screen looked like and my screen was so big, it was not letting the icons show! Can you believe it? I bet everyone in blogland thought I was stupid, when I It really is a change for the better. Well, see, now I am Enlightened! At last!
I haven't been home enough to do any more tweaking.I have some plans, but haven't followed through. Want to work on the porch and the patio tomorrow. I'll take pictures.
I do want to share a picture of Mollie.

She had on Amanda's hat and that is my phone. she is looking at Dasko's picture on the screen. She'll get it and say, "Dasko, Dasko". Don't let that fool you she doesn't like him up close and
This Andrew and I at his Easter Egg hunt. Isn't he growing? He will be in kindergarten this fall. He is my buddy and is the sweetest little boy, and he can say the funniest things.
Thought you might enjoy my friend Sandi's spring table decor. She can make a strong statement with elegant simplicity.
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Remember this week end is the Clinton Spring Festival. Food, streets closed with vendors, sales. If you are in the area I know you will enjoy it. Like I have said before, go by the Hen and Corner antiques. They would love to see you. Tell them I sent you.
PSS: I want you all to know I love you coming through my back door, having coffee, and visiting.I do enjoy your comments I read every one. Thank you for taking time to visit.
PSSS:Again I can't close with out asking you to continue pray for our fellow bloggers who are still fighting their battle with cancer. Still taking chemo and radiation, so they really need us not to quit.



  1. Betty,
    I am very happy that the package arrived safe and you can enjoy your goodies. As I mentioned on the card, I was in a store and saw the coffee and remembered you, and how we know is your favorite I decided to send one to you. As you say I'll try and let you know my experience, LOL. Take care. Eve

  2. Betty that was an awesome surprise from Eve! I love her blog too and her creations are wonderful. You sure have a very busy rest-of-year, lol! With all those vacations....I'd get tired of going on vacation (not). Those babies are precious and I know how much you love them. Continuing prayers for all, Libs

  3. Betty--Wonderful goodies--and I LOVE Central Park and the retro McD's!! We're through the area often!! Wow Betty--You have quite the busy summer schedule!! Hope you all have a wonderful time. I saw Mollie's pic on facebook--she is just so sweet--it reminded me how our boys ran around with the bottle swinging from their clenched teeth! :) You are so sweet to always remind everyone to keep those struggling with health problems in their prayers. Thank you. Prayers continue!--Jan

  4. Wow you are going to be one busy lady! All of your trips sound like so much fun. Hubby, Darbee Rae and I are leaving on Sunday for Panama City. We can't wait. Darbee and I have never been and it's been many years since hubby has been. Mollie is so cute! Darbee had those same bands to go around her sippy cups! Love them. Andrew is so handsome as well. They are growing up so fast. Have a great evening.

  5. Wow have one busy/fun summer coming up!! How exciting!! We will be leaving for the hills of Tennessee soon...I hear them calling my name. lol...
    Love Sandi's Spring table pretty.
    Mollie is so adorable in Amanda's hat!! And Andrew is as cute as can be!! They sure do grow up too fast.

  6. What a wonderful visit with you as always.
    Coffee was wonderful.
    Love the sweet gifts and the picture of you and Andrew. You look beautiful in orange.
    Praying for those still battling and healing.

  7. Good morning Betty, How sweet to share that special coffee with all of us. You know it won't last long being so generous. (LOL) Loving the fact you are going to be one busy tourist in the coming months. All the trips sound wonderful. So proud for Beth. I know she has worked so hard and many many hours to achieve this goal. Mollie is a doll and Andrew so cute!! Have a fun day in Clinton this weekend. My heart will be there. Oh and I love your header picture. Have a great weekend

  8. Betty, I always love coming in your back door and visiting with you! I just love positive people. And since I am one of those still dealing with Chemo I so appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers and requests for more from your readers. What fun vacations you have planned and you have the best traveling partners too.


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