Friday, May 25, 2012

Prim goodies

Good morning everyone and come on Through My Back Door, yes we have coffee, any kind you want. I have to get out and find some DD in this size. I love the Keurig, but I miss my DD coffee. So far I have a lot of Newmans Own and Green Mountain. My mission is to find DD and I have been told I can get it. I haven't had time to go to Walmart yet. I will hope to have it next time you visit. Another birthday has come and gone. What fun. I had a wonderful, relaxing day. Just what I needed. Deb and I spent it together, laying at the pool, having lunch, and then  dinner. The night before my birthday Curt, who is getting married in July, and I went to the Nursing Home and then out to Olive Garden for dinner. Some of you in blogland know, others do not, that my husband of 54 years is in a Nursing Home and has been for going on 6 years. I don't talk about it, it is what it is. He is contented and safe. The safety part being most important. I don't think for one minute God did this, but I KNOW God provided the way for him to be cared for.  The sad thing is, he doesn't know us. Curt of course is named after him and they have always been very close, so it is sad for all of us, but especially the grands. They were all so close to him. Anyway Curt and I had a wonderful dinner and got a chance to really visit.
Another trip is coming up soon. I will be going to the beach with Dodd, Renda, and Olivia. Seth, poor baby, had to work. I just love spending time with my family. They are good to give me so much of theirs.You know time is the one gift you give, that you never get back. We will do another birthday celebration there. It just keeps on I wanted to show you my prim gifts. I was so excited and surprised, when Sharon,(Speckled Hen) gave me this wonderful floor cloth.
It is perfect. I had put my blanket chest over in front of the sofa,but it hid too much of the floor cloth so I had to rearrange.(Now isn't that sad? lol)
This is a close up. I was going to buy it, she knew I wanted one, but I hadn't told her I was going to get it.  I was so surprised and so HAPPY. I moved the blanket chest back where this table was.
My friends, Marcia and Jerry, who own Corner Antiques gave me these beautiful pewter Mint Julep cups. I love them! They are so pretty. I put them on the table in front of the sofa.
 I found this beautiful old coverlet piece at Corner Antiques, along with these clay pipes for my box. It is really a knife box, but I put these pipes in it. I thought this coverlet was such a pretty faded red.
The pipes
This box I found on the Longest Yard Sale one year. You can't really see the beautiful red color it is. It is one of my favorites things.
Well I will show you what is on the small walnut blanket chest, that was in front of the sofa, but now against the wall.
The pewter measure was a just because gift from my friend Dottie. The pinkeep from Eve and the make do bowl is from the Seraph. I have had the old cheese crock for years.
The Speckled Hen has a new piece of to die for furniture to bring in. It is not new, (just to them). I absolutely love it. You will too.
They had just unloaded it and I had to see Isn't is spectacular? It will look so good with some old wood bowls in it, won't it?
I must get my day started, but I am so happy you came Through My Back door where life is good.
PS:Have a safe and memorable Memorial Day. Pray for our military and their families, as well as our blog buddies that are ill.
PSS:My house loves the flag. I love that dog too.

PSSS: I will leave you with a smile. Mollie was worn out after making a huge mess with the


  1. Sounds like you have had a good birthday so far. Betty I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Trust me when I say I know how hard it is to let them go. I think you are a very strong woman and I admire how you are handling the situation. Oh and Mollie is too cute. Who ever knew tissues could be so much fun.


  2. Happy Birthday Betty. Enjoy your family. I'll be sitting up late tonight waiting on Jessica to arrive:)

  3. Happy Birthday! it sounds as if you had a wonderful day and some wonderful gifts too. I love the floor cloth. Blessings to you and all your loved ones!

  4. Sounds like you have had a wonderful birthday with more celebrating to come! Love all of your goodies. The floor cloth is just prim perfect. Love the picture of Mollie. When Darbee Rae was little, she loved playing with the tissues in hotel rooms. hehe! Have a happy weekend!

  5. Oh-and I meant to tell our DD here, they sell K-cups! You might want to check them out!

  6. Happy Birthday--love the floorcloth

    Time is the most precious gift

  7. Happy Birthday--love the floorcloth

    Time is a precious gift!

  8. Happy Birthday Betty! The last picture is too funny!!

  9. You can also buy DD k-cups in our DD shop.... maybe you can even find them online?
    Sounds like a wonderful birthday you had.... sad that your husband doesn't remember anyone.... we have dealt with that a couple of times in our family, and it is not easy at all. But I am glad that he is safe and well-cared for. My husband's aunt was a nun and in a convent when she kept disappearing on them..... finally she went to the Mother House where they could keep her safe.....
    Beautiful gifts you received!! Both from others and from yourself!! Your house looks fantastic decorated for the holiday, and the pic of Mollie is adorable!!
    Enjoy the long weekend!!

  10. might find that you "just have to" go buy that dry sink!!!!!! It sure would look good with all of your other antiques. Your little Mollie is adorable.....and I love the floorcloth and the pewter pieces.

    Have a good holiday weekend!


  11. Hi Betty--I didn't know about your husband. I'm so sad that he can't be home with you--but you are right...the most important thing is that he is safe and well cared for. I think I missed giving you my happy birthday wishes!! Happy Birthday!! That floorcloth is wonderful--I had plans to make one for my kitchen, but many plans this year got sidetracked. Other things are far more important!! Prayers always....Jan

  12. Good morning Betty. So glad you have had a good birthday and it sounds like the celebrating will continue for a while to come. Way to go!!! Love that floor cloth. I have thought about then every since I saw them on our last visit to The Hen. You know that day I questioned their durability. Looks great where you placed it. Saw where Holly told you about Darbee Rae's love of kleenex in hotels. That photo of Mollie is precious. Now with Darbee Rae it is Wipes. Can't be caught out without them. (LOL) Hoping you have fun plans for the weekend. Stay safe.

  13. Happy Birthday, Betty!! So glad it was a good birthday.
    I was thinking about you yesterday, when I was close to where you live.

  14. Happy Birthday! I love your floorcloth.

  15. You have a Seth? I have a Seth! Seth's are good...(actually right now mine is in the dog house, but after a good talking to later today when Mama gets up, it will be better!)

  16. Betty,
    I am sorry about your husband, It is wonderful that you have family and friends to keep you company. I love your attitude. All the photos are so good. Happy Late Birthday!


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