Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fourth Quarter

It is so good to see you coming Through My Back Door today. The weather is quite warm, but it is nice and cool in the house. You can choose your own coffee. I am having Newmans Own. Get a cup and coffee of your choice and I will make it for you. There has been a lot going on here and it is nice to just sit and visit. No, we aren't watching a football game. I knew you would think that with the title.  We are talking life here. A few months ago I had a couple of high school friends for lunch. Remember?
We were discussing how long we had been out of school and how old we were. Well one of them made the comment we are in the Fourth Quarter of our life. (We were the Class of 57 as sung by the Statler Brothers.) Now don't go trying to figure out our ages.We were all child NOT! We were going to be forever young. Most of us got married right out of high school and of my group of close friends we are all still married to the same man today. We haven't all stayed in touch, but we are pleased when we run into each other and take a few minutes to catch up. I think that says a lot about our lives. I had never thought of life in quarters until that day, but the statement has stuck with me. No, I am not wallowing in pity, thinking I am old and my life is over, that the quarter has ended. Nor were they. It was just a moment of truth. In replaying the other three quarters, like everyone else, there are things I would do differently. Things I wouldn't do again, and things I wish I could do again. I am contented where the game of life has brought me. It has brought me to a milestone birthday this week. I am happy to be able to enjoy a birthday. I am thankful for a family and friends who will help me celebrate. My card group had a party last week. What fun! There will be more celebrating, so I will just have fun and not think of the number!lol
This past weekend, Deb, Michael, Curt and I went to Cape Girardeau, Mo to a shower for Curt and Lindsey. If you remember Lindsey, Her Mom, and sister were here in March for one. We enjoyed them so much. Well, they hosted us at their house, along with Beth and Ryan who drove in from Springfield, Il. Beth had met Lindsey, but not her family.Amanda and Clay had plans with his family this weekend, so they couldn't go. If you could have been there you would have thought we had been friends forever.(At least a quarter)lol. You never heard such laughing and carrying on. The guys bonded and all of them went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast while the girls went to the Breakfast Shower. If you want to see pictures go over to Whitneys blog. She has posted some.
Keeping Up With The Bandermann's
Whitney is my blog buddy. You will see pictures of the beautiful shower as well as both families. When I go away Dasko has to go to doggy camp. It is an hour away, one way, but worth the two hours to take there.He has heated and air conditioned runs,depending on the weather, as well as an outdoor run.He is quite comfortable there and she doesn't crate them. She is there almost 24/7. Laura used to raise and show Rotties, so I trust her with him.  She loves him and he gets excited when he goes. I like to think he misses me and won't eat, but it isn't true. He is always happy to see me and get home, but I think he likes going to doggy camp. He got to see an old friend this weekend while he was there. Dasko is such a sweet boy. He is not an alpha dog at all, but he is very protective of me
(Not so much my belongings)lol  There is a beach trip around the corner so he will be going back to Laura's.
All quarters of my life, I have loved antiques. I carried a pitcher and bowl home from Ohio on my lap when I was 12 years old, that had belonged to my grandparents. Would NOT let it be wrapped and packed. Don't know why my parents didn't pull rank and make me pack I am still looking for a couple of things. Don't need them, but would like to have them. I would like a settle and a school masters desk. If I move I might find a place for them. If this house doesn't sell, there is just no room.
One of my favorite antiques is my bed. I love this big old walnut pegged bed.
I have shared before, that it was made in Hawkins county, Tn, about 1835.
I love any southern furniture. I especially like Tennessee furniture. I have a couple of dressers I am especially fond of. They were made in Ohio. One is signed and dated by the maker, and it is walnut too.
There is something about an old handmade piece of furniture, that speaks to me. This was made in Canfield, Ohio, in 1835.
See the quilts in the corner cupboard? They were all done by my Mother and Grandmother, back in the 1920's.
I always loved this one. It is a called Sun Bonnet Sue. At least that is what they called it.
One thing I love to look at is my Mother's old yellow ware bowl. she made biscuits in this. I am so happy to have so many of my family thing. They all have wonderful memories. I am happy to have had three wonderful quarters and the fourth quarter has just begun. We all know it takes a long time to play a quarter, so please continue to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I want to offer my condolences to Vicki, Out My Window,
She lost her cat of 21 years, Miss Prissie today. We all know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. We are so sorry Vicki
PSS: I have a few new goodies and some more old quilts to share next time
PSSS: Please continue prayers for our blogging buddies who either they or someone in their family is fighting cancer. Amanda is doing wonderfully. 


  1. So glad to here about Amanda. I don't know about you but I think I'm having basketball withdrawal. Come enter my giveaway if you like.

  2. As always, I enjoyed your post. What a neat perspective on life. I've never thought about it in that sense. Love the pictures of your bedroom. I agree. There is something about homemade furniture that keeps a special place in your heart! Sounds like you had a great trip. I am so glad to hear Amanda is doing good. Have a good week.

  3. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had another wonderful trip!


  4. Loved your post Betty! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday this week : )

  5. Hi Betty...What a wonderful post! I skipped over to the other blog and now I know your whole family...well, kind of! I can not wait to see all the wedding pictures! Betty, I love your bed and the dresser in that room, too. or do you call it a bureau? The quilts are so special to you, I am sure. Not everybody can say they have quilts made by their mother and grandmother. Very nice. And the bowl? What a beauty full of wonderful memories. I had my grandmother's yellow ware bowl and I dropped it and broke it many years ago. I still am sad about it. Well, it is nice to see your antiques. I collected before hubby and I were married, too. Wonderful hobby!

    Happy Birthday and may you have a wonderful year!


  6. No matter what quarter you are in--make the best of it!

    Good Dasko likes camp, happy to hear you had a great trip to MO.

    Love your Hawkins Co bed

  7. Good evening Betty, You have a wonderful outlook on life. Such an inspiration to us all. Love all the items that are so special to you. I , too, Have so many old quilts from my grandmother and great aunt. Priceless! Glad you had a great trip. Enjoy celebrating this week for your birthday. A very Special Happy Birthday to you. Wishing we could meet for lunch. Have a great week.

  8. Happy Birthday, Betty.... wishing you a year full of health and happiness!!
    Thanks for sharing pics of your antique items..... beautiful pieces of furniture, and wonderful quilts made by your mom/grandmother.... how great that you now have them!!

  9. You knew I would love your quilts and the Tennessee and Ohio furniture. I have bought a lot of nice things but those that are from my mother and my grandmother and grandfathers and on back are the priceless ones. Marshel at Bamaplanter

  10. Well we might be in our 4th quarter.... but I surely would not want to go back. I would like to be young and thin again but I wouldn't want to have to do any of it over really. Would you? Each quarter has been special in it's way and challenging as well. I like my retirement quarter.

    So glad Amanda is doing well. I think your home is lovely. Have a great week Hugs, Lura

  11. Love that bed!!!!
    I have some old quilts, too and they are some of my favorite things!

  12. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Betty!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    What wonderful friends and family you are blessed with.
    Love all your treasures. Especially the quilts made by your mother and grandmother. Just beautiful stitches.
    Oh the yellow ware bowl your mom used to make biscuits with.
    How awesome.A true treasure!
    Yeah for AMANDA! God is good.
    Praying your special day is just as wonderful as you are.
    Love & JOY

  13. Hey Mrs. Betty! I'm drinking out of my NEW coffee cup from YOU, and reading your blog at the same time! What a GREAT weekend, and can't wait to see you in July. I LOVE the idea of the "quarters" of life...I'd say I'm in the second...the raising a young family quarter...and I want to enjoy every second of it! You are an inspiration and happy belated birthday!

  14. Hi Betty--reading your blog is always a pleasure!! Love all the pics of your antiques--they sure make a home warm and inviting. With all your family antiques you must feel like you are living in a family hug!! :) I am so thrilled Amanda is doing so well!! Thank you so much for always stopping by at my blog and your continued prayers for Brian. I will continue prayers for Amanda until this ordeal is a far far distant memory!! :)

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your classmates. I had a beautiful school masters desk in my shop. You could have bought it and I would have delivered it to you. I would love another trip to Tenn., however I sold it. LOL.


  16. What a fun time Betty. I hope in my fourth quarter I can be as happy and content with life as you. I am so happy that most of your friends are married to the same man. That makes my heart swell. It's not a common thing anymore. Your mother's yellow ware is very pretty. TFS. -Steph-


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