Friday, May 4, 2012

Mustards, Reds, and a little Blue

Eve over at Lee Hill Primitives was showing her blues today. BTW, she is the supplier of our coffee tonight , good fresh brewed Kona. Lets use the mustard cups, do you want too? I have some sugar cookies too, so help yourself. Anyway back to the blues. I have used mustard for years. Long before it became an in color. I just love it. It says old.
My 4.00 yard sale chair. Of course that was a few years ago.
Mustard curtains. The same kind all over the house. Mustard lamp shade, but you can't see it.

Mustard wood work. Well you get it I have a lot of mustard. We won't even get into red. I have so much red, and you have seen a lot of it. I won't bore you with that. Blues, I didn't think I had a lot, but when I started looking, I had several blue item. I had sold two of my blue pie safes, but I still have a little blue.
A Blue corner cupboard, built by the worlds best son in law and full of books.
A piece of old blue coverlet. It was initially going to be  made into a pillow.
This blue collar is pretty special. Well the fellow wearing it is.
This old blue frame hold one of my favorite pictures. A barefoot boy and his dog.
My very first Cross stitch.
Childs Blue willow tea set.
My paternal grandmothers sunbonnet, made from a feed sack. She is the one who had the mirror.
Well I have shared a few of my favorite blue things. I am "yearning" for some more blues.
Yesterday brought another RAK. I am humbled by these,as I do nothing to deserve them. This one was given by someone who didn't want any recognition.
Yes, I know the middle spoon is This was made by Jen at
She does wonderful work and this is a perfect red. I really like it. BTW can you see the nail holes I need to fill, from a previous lantern hung there? Go over to Jens web site and check her out, would you?
I am so glad you stopped off Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I am going to share some of my quilts with you soon. Most were made by my Mother and Grandmother'
PSS: Tomorrow is the festival. Clinton was full of people today. It has become quite the antique place
PSSS: Don't forget to continue to pray for our blogging buddies that are fighting some serious health issues. Some of them have family members who are ill too and I know bloggers are prayers.


  1. Everything is beautiful. I, too, have used mustard for many years because it truly is an 'old' color.

    Love your new spoon holder. Jen is a special designer.


  2. We just had the kitchen in the house we are moving to done in mustard. It is a David T. Smith kitchen and it is just wonderful..... love the color so much!!

    Your home is so beautiful.... everything is done just right. Love all your blues and the new spoon holder done by Jen....

    Have fun at the festival tomorrow! Wish I lived closer and could be there.... Happy weekend!

  3. Love it all, Betty! I love the spoon rack and I am going to go check out her things. Have fun at the festival.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  4. Some of my favorite colors...mustards, RED, and blues!! Thanks for sharing! Katie

  5. Everything is beautiful Betty! I think it's nice that you have a variety of colors in your home rather than just one or two. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilts!

  6. Great pics Betty and thanks so much for mentioning my website and sending people my way. Glad you like the spoon rack! Enjoy your weekend! Jen

  7. oh i love your collection of things! how neat to have your grandmothers bonnet and i love that you still have your first cross stitch!

  8. Amazing what we find when we take time to notice.After reading Eve's post I had to stop and look to see if I had blues.I had alot more than I thought will have to get pics soon.Always love my visit with you.Enjoy the festival.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Everything looks so nice Betty. Love the old rocker. Brings back memories of my childhood. My grandmother and old maid aunt both had similar rockers. As a child I was not allowed to sit in either. (LOL) I inherited my grandmothers and it is so special to me. Have fun in Clinton. Hope you get photos to share.

  10. Love Mustards too..and reds.
    Your pictures are great!

  11. Your blues,reds, and mustards are soooo pretty. I never though of all those shades together, but they do make for a beautiful home. The bonnet you have from your Grandmother is just wonderful. That is the neatest gift you could ever recieve. -Steph-

  12. I could just move right into your is always so inviting and warm!! That's why we decorate this way, isn't it!?! I lean mainly toward reds but love the mustards and blues also. I'm stuck in a blue phase that I am trying to get out of right now!!--Jan


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