Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tweaking and Retweaking

Gosh it is good to see you on this cool, foggy evening. Coffee is on and you can have a dish of ice cream if you like. I have told you I have an ice cream addiction. It is my food of choice. Ranks right up there with my coffee.Well new blogger is driving me crazy, how about the rest of you? I can't upload any pictures on it, so I am back on the old, which they tell me will be completely phased out soon. How can blogger do this to me? Anyway, I was trying so hard "to get" it, becoming more and more frustrated by the moment, so I stopped and ate ice cream. Not one dish, but two! lol Didn't help at all. Blogger still doesn't care.
Anyway I did a lot of changing around a couple weeks ago. Tweaking, we bloggers call it. didn't like it, so redid it. Want to see? I may not be able to blog on the new blogger dashboard, but I CAN move
I moved the spool chest back to its previous 20+years location. Put the same stuff back on it.
Put the white blanket chest back where I had it, but changed what was on top of it.
Moved the tavern table where the white blanket chest was and I really like it. I have set the lamp on a pantry box, suggestion of my friend Sandi, since I took this picture, and I am happy with it.It may just stay this
Changed the coffee table  display.
See I have been retweaking up a storm. It beats eating another dish of ice cream, for petes sake.
Last week when I did my boxes blog, I didn't show this box/shelf. I love the old treen candlestick, butterstamp, and cordial. The candlestick is very old and has a burn spot on it where the candle got too low. The cordial cup is late 1800's. It came from Ohio.I bought the little box in an antique store in Clinton several years ago. The little carrier I bought from my friend Kim, at Corner Antiques. I think it is cute.

This is another box I didn't show. Deb took the back off and it hides my thermostat!
 Redid my stove board too. It is an antique noodle board, (another longest yard sale find,as well as the basket). Do you see the burn circle on the bread board? I bet a cast iron skillet with corn bread was set on it. No, I didn't do it, but it looks to me like that could have happened.BTW, I can make a mean pone of
If blogger and I don't become compatible, there may not be many more trips Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: My friend across the pond is trying very hard to "educate" me with this new blogger thing. Well she sent me a step by step e-mail, and instead of hitting open, I hit delete. She was kind enough to resend it. I think she has a delete Betty button on her Can't blame her. Thank you, my friend.
PSS: Amanda is doing well. Again thank you for the prayers.
PSSS:Next weekend, the 5th of May, is the Spring festival in Clinton. I certainly hope some of you get to come. You wouldn't be disappointed. If you do come by Corner Antiques and say hi.Also stop by the Hen.


  1. Oh blogger. Just when we figure things out they go and change it on us.I have been using windows live writer to write my posts on and then post them to blogger. You just have to download it. I don't like what they have done to us. First facebook and now this. Good luck figuring it out.Love the idea of eating ice cream and leaving the world behind though, good choice.Your home looks nice and springy, I love moving things around. Glad to hear the family is doing well. Blessings ~Sara

  2. Hi Betty, ice cream sounds good--I tease Al all the time that he is an ice creamaholic!! I just love your tweaking! All your lamps are beautiful and I love your thermostat cover--I need to get one!! I'm so glad Amanda is doing well, Brian finally was able to go back to work and slipped right back into it!! That is such a relief because we were worried about his dexterity Fingers are still numb) I'll keep praying for both "prayer partners"!! :)--Jan

  3. I love all your decorating and your "wood"
    boxes and things from your earlier post. You sure have the knack for prim decorating....Oh my, you better stay busy and not eat any more of that ice cream!, sure sounds good, though. I see that blogger changed me to the new look. Now I have to try to figure out how to do a post, since it has been a long time since I posted.
    Wish me luck!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  4. Everything always look so nice and 'right at home'. We will be in Clinton, GA that weekend for Civil War Days.

    We've had some blogger problems, too, but we'll see what happens.

  5. Love all your re-tweaks, all looks great. What would we do without our friend from across the pond? Hope you figure everything out, sounds complicated!

  6. Don't understand why Blogger felt they needed to change things, seems to me the old one was working just fine! Glad we have furniture to move,

    Glad to hear Amanda is doing well

  7. Good morning Betty.....I have just a few minutes before I have to leave for the day but wanted to check in with you and see what was happening in your world.
    Love your tweaking....gosh the patina on all your wood pieces is so pretty. I love the little Pewter pitcher in the cubby...very nice.

    I was just commenting to someone else about blogger - I am not familiar with the interface of blogger and just now found out how to get my "reading list" on there...took me many, many clicks before I found it.
    Here's what i told the other gal...
    "Well I haven't used blogger to create my posts for a couple years always gave me fits and I could never get the pictures or the paragraphs to land I use WINDOWS LIVE WRITER and it's way easier than blogger and it loads everything up to my blog when I click publish...and I can even see my graphics/background so I know what it's going to look like.
    I'm loving it and would not use blogger again - but then again - who knows what will happen with these programs...I just may have to use it"

    So if you don't like using blogger to do posts and edit them...use WINDOWS LIVE WRITER ... never had a bad moment with it.


  8. Betty, Thank you for visiting my blog and leave your comment. I appreciate your visit. Your antiques are one of the most beautiful in the blog land. Love how your blog looks and you are right we will lived with things that we loved. Could you please email me your address I have something for you. Hugs, Eve

  9. It all looks wonderful Betty! Sure wish I could come for a visit!

  10. Oh now Darbee Rae would be your best ice cream eating buddy. Hehe. She LOVES it. I still haven't got the new Blogger figured out either. Why do they have to change? Ugh. Love your tweaking. Everything looks so pretty. We are getting ready to have a HUGE yard sale this weekend, so mine is far from pretty right now. Haha. Wish we could come for the festival in Clinton. I'm sure it will be great. So glad Amanda is feeling good. Have a great day! ~Hugs~

  11. Well I certainly hope you figure out the new blogger. Because I can't imagine not taking visits through your back door!!! Katie

  12. your tweaking and retweaking.
    Everything looks great!!
    Hope you can figure out the new blogger. I have a Wordpress blog and never have the problems with it like others do with blogger.

  13. Betty - Lovely home and displays. Isn't it funny how we move things around and you like it better the first/original time around? I always enjoy your pics!

    Blessings -

  14. Betty,
    Everything looks wonderful. I love how your place looks so stramlined and not cluttered. Beautiful.

  15. Another wonderful visit friend.
    Your home is always so warm and welcoming.
    You give me great ideas too.
    I love the coffee and wow the ice cream was great too.

  16. Everything looks just beautiful I am always going around the house tweaking look like I clean more lol

  17. HI Betty..i love all your pictures..they are wonderful so cozy..thanks for sharing them :0 )


  18. Aha!! So here it is! The mysterious, disappearing post by Betty! You don't know how many times I saw the title of this post appear on my list of blog updates, but I would click on it, and there would be nothing there! Sorry to hear you are having such a time with the new blogger. I was surprised with the unsolicited change last Tuesday - thankfully, though, I haven't seemed to have much problem with it. Things look a bit different, but guess they're all still there....

    As always, I so enjoy your tweaks - gives me a chance to see your beautiful home and treasures in a new way. How I wouldn't love to wander around in there and have you tell me each piece's story....

    Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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