Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why Boxes?

Good morning, and I am so happy you stopped by. The coffee is DD this morning and I still have my pj's on. Don't you just love the morning when you are sitting quietly, drinking coffee in your pj's with family and just visiting? I do. It is one of my favorite times of the day. I like dusk too, when the lights are on and you are relaxing with a good cup of coffee. Sometimes I have tea in the evenings instead of coffee. If you want to make me happy, have a cup of coffee or tea with me.
It looks like it is going to rain here today, but that is okay too. I love all kinds of weather. Not storms, but soft rain, light snows, you get it. I can take rain, but I don't like severe storms or wind. I am surrounded by lots of old trees, so winds make me
I have been cleaning and noticed I have so many boxes. Not counting pantry boxes, just old boxes. I love them! They speak to me. I am not counting knife/cultery boxes, but I have a lot of boxes. I thought I would share just a few today, and see if anyone else likes old boxes. I bet there are lots of us who
 I found this on the Longest yard sale one year. I love going on that.I have found a lot of wonderful things. I always go with Deb and Michael and we come home with hardly room for us to sit. True story. One year they bought a pie safe. The dealer and Michael were trying to get it up on top of the suv. I was sitting in the booth with the dealers Mother when I heard the man say to Michael. I don't think we are going to be able to get it up there. Michaels quick reply was,"We have to. Its either this or my mother in law!" Gotta  love that guy.lolBTW They got it up there. The lady looked at me and I just rolled my knew I was safe)
 All of the above boxes were found on the LYS, over a period of time. The knife box and spice box are two of my favorite things in my collections. I looked for a long time for the "perfect" spice box. I just love it.

The tiger maple carrier and candle box, as well as the above early stenciled candle box, came out of the same house in Ohio many years ago. They are among my favorites.
Well I hope I haven't overloaded you today, but thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I want to give a shout out to Betty Price, who lives in Nashville. She came to the Hen yesterday and reads my blog. she has a blog too and here is the link
Samplings from Spring Creek
PSS:Amanda had her surgery on Tuesday. She has had a rough time but is getting better. Again I want to thank you for your prayers. I also want to remind you of several of our blogging friends who are fighting this battle too. So will you please continue your prayers?
PSSS: Has the new blogger driven any one other than me crazy? I thought I would never blog again, until my friend Libby came to my rescue. Blogging friends are the best!


  1. Good Morning Ms Betty! Yes, it is raining here too. I worked in the yeard yesterday so, breaktime today. I love all the boxes. So glad to hear things are gong smoother for Amanda. I will continue to pray for her. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  2. Good Morning Betty Friend
    Oh I just love coffee with you.
    I so love your boxes but still giggling over the MIL story..too funny.
    Have a great day
    Prayer & Hugs

  3. Good to see you posting this morning Betty. I am having my coffee as I type. Glad you got your kinks worked out. I so love all your boxes. I only have 2 and you remember "the look' I got from the last one I drug in. Yours are wonderful. Would be hard to pick the one I like most. Enjoy your day. Sounds like a good one to stay in and snuggle.

  4. Hi Betty, saying my prayers as usual for sweet Amanda--Brian started back to work yesterday and even with a still numb hand, it went well. Another step in the right direction!! I love boxes too!! In fact, I almost bought another one this past Thursday, but Al steered me away from it! :) I LOVE the tiger maple one and the one with the leather (?) strap handle. Al is always threatening to tie me to the bumper of the van like a deer when I make him stop at flea markets while we are doing a show!! I once bought a HUGE lidded grain box at a flea on the way to a show--good thing we sold enough that day and were able to cram it in!! We actually had to fill the box with product to get everything home!! He was NOT a happy least not until I painted the box and sold it for $200 !! :) I tend to go for the BIG 3 feet long!! Have a wonderful weekend...enjoyed your pics!--Jan

  5. your boxes! Funny story about not having room to sit. My sisters and I always wonder who's item it will be that leaves everyone else sitting on the corner of there seats or having something poking them in the head on the way home! Seems my sister Beth always wins. She always seems to be the first one in the door at all the best stores. You should see us...elbowing, pushing...not behaving at all because we don't want the other to get in first and get ALL the good stuff!!! Have a wonderful day!!! Katie
    ps..Im still in my jammies too.
    pss..I'm glad Amanda is doing ok.
    psss....i like your psssss's, lol!!!

  6. After dad had his cancer surgery he was not himself for about a week.I thought he was affected for life.LoL.But he came through about 10 days later and has been getting better since.So hopeful the same for Amanda it's hard but she has so many prayers lifted up for her and has came so far already...Love the boxes I buy them all the time too.Hubby gets made because he'll buy for resell and I take them.Have a great weekend Betty! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Beautiful displays with your boxes! So homey...
    I am so happy Amanda is feeling better! Hugs!!
    Love the pie safe story ;)
    I'm having a hard time with blogging too...:(

  8. Do you know...I have just realised that I have a lot of boxes too. I must do something about them one day like you have. Now isn't that a funny thing....I hadn't realised it...well...well...well !! Joan

  9. Hi Betty, I love all kinds of weather also--rainy days are good for working inside on all my projects.

    Was so nice to meet you and enjoyed our visit at The Hen.

    Am so happy for Amanda (and all the family). Will continue to keep her and others battling cancer in my prayers.

    PS I have lots of baskets--my husband says I am a basket case!

  10. Coffee sounds good right now! wish you were here.


  11. Hi Betty! I love all of your boxes, but that tiger maple carrier is my favorite! I always look at boxes when I shop, but I'm just out of room to put anything. :( I'm glad Amanda is feeling a little better, but will keep her in my prayers.

  12. Love all your boxes!! I've never been to the Endless Yard Sale and I'm hoping to go this year... but will stay here in Ohio for it.
    Speaking of is very chilly here and a cup of hot tea sounds wonderful.

  13. Got a pot of coffee on as I type....
    I do love boxes and your post has made me think of how many I really have incorporated in every room and building here. Yours are lovely.
    There is a sale weekend here called Spoon River Drive and it crosses several states. I've never gone on it but I know many who have. Someday.... yes, someday, I will get out there and check it out!
    Have a wonderful day, Betty!

  14. Love all of your boxes. Hubby and I went on the longest yard sale trip several years ago before Darbee Rae was born. It was a lot of fun. Would love to go again and take Darbee. Have a great Sunday. Hugs.

  15. Betty, your boxes are simply wonderful. I too love old boxes. I don't have many though, but have enjoyed your collection. My fav is the last one. Such a pretty color.
    Prayers for Amanda. -Steph-

  16. Betty~ LOVE your wooden boxes! You have such a great collection of them. Just love looking at your pics. You have some wonderful treasures! Can I go on the longest yard sale with you someday? Always wanted to go but live too far away. My car would be filled to the brim in no time flat so I wouldn't get very far! LOL! Glad Michael didn't tie you to the roof of that SUV..that would have been a pretty sight! LOL!


  17. I knew it....a girl after my own heart. Haven't met many a box I haven't loved (and that hasn't followed me home....) - I always justify them saying I can PUT stuff in them.... ;o) You have a wonderful assortment - even though I'm a little blue shy in some ways, that last stenciled candle box is high on my list of favorites! Still praying for Amanda.....Hugs ~ Robin

  18. The rain turned to snow here & now the sun is shining but it is a bit cold. I love old wood boxes. You have a wonderful collection. I never drink coffee but I enjoy visiting you. I will just bring my iced tea. LOL. Prayer lifted for Amanda. She has been through so much. Blessings!


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